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Mortal Magic

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Pov: Narrator

Hecate is an ancient Goddess. Despite common misconceptions, she has existed since the time of Chaos’s first creations. As such, her influence, magic, and powers are nearly limitless. They exceed that of even the so-called Big Three Gods of Olympus. It is therefore fitting that she has several followers and devoted worshipers all across the Cosmos. She may be widely revered and worshiped, however many forget the true extent of her power and influence. Among that which most tend to forget about her is her ability to read the future. To her, it is as easy as looking up at the sky and seeing the rain as it falls down on her olive skin. Although the future is in constant change, she knows that which is unmoving. She knew from birth that she would mother several children, both by her husband Thanatos and those they chose to adopt. None, however, have been a true heir of her or her husband. 

After many glimpses into the future, spanning over eons, she finally struck metaphorical gold. She foresaw a son that would master, and wield, Magic, Death, and Life so powerful that he would eventually even be able to best even her and her husband in battle. The only downside she could see was the fact that their beautiful child would be born a demigod and would have to earn his immortality. Worse yet he was to be raised by mortals! Centuries more of scouring for an alternative and she knew they were running out of time. 

As time went on her husband Thanatos became increasingly worried. He knew not what ailed his beloved wife but hoped desperately for her to return to sanity. She had begun acting despondent it had gotten so bad. Finally, he had enough and approached their best friends Queen Persephone and King Hades of the Underworld on double date night. Upon hearing the issues their friends were having at home and seeing Hecate for themselves, their royal majesties were quick to explain to him how to get to the root of the problem. He thanked them, then left with his wife though the shadows taking her back home and into their bed. 

“Wha- we’re home already?” Hecate asks looking around herself bewildered upon arrival.

“Yes. The date was cut short. You have been troubled for eons now my beloved moon,” Thanatos says sadly. “In recent years you have been despondent. I know it is mere years my love but I fear this new development. I have ignored it for too long. You usually handle whatever ails you yourself. I find myself both worried and concerned for you now that you have not.” brushing aside her long curly hair away from her face before sitting down on their bed himself. “What is bothering you, my love.” Thanatos bequests taking her hand in his own and kissing it gently.

"It is our heir,” Hecate explains as she dabs at her red-rimmed eyes. “The Fates have allowed me visions of what he would look like and how incredibly influential and powerful he will be.” at her husband's bewildered expression she sadly continues taking his hands back into her own. “He is to be born a demigod and raised by mortals, Thanatos. With King Zeus’s laws intact we will have no contact with him until his eleventh summer. Even then it will be through letters and gifts until he gains his immortality. I have scoured for centuries more and there is no way around his fate. If we avoid his birth no heir will be fit to replace him."

Thanatos neon green eyes widen in shock and he instinctively leans back onto their bed finding himself falling as deep in thought as his brother Morpheus falls into a dream. "How powerful will he be?" He asks at length, his neon green eyes piercing Hecate’s glowing purple. 

"He will succeed even my own power in Magic. His control over Life and Death will be unparalleled by all those before him, including us. If what I saw is to be true, he shall be the only true master to your Hallows. Thanatos, he is to bring about a new golden era. That era will otherwise remain unveiled without his birth.” She explains empathetically.

Thanatos cocks a thin eyebrow. "The Hollows are notorious for not taking a master,” he says. Thanatos created the Hollows before the birth of the Titans. After the Titans fall, everyone from God to mortal has tried to gain their allegiance. But to no avail. The Hollows simply refuse to have a master and have killed off all who tried to weld them absorbing their strength, power, and lifespan.

Hecate's laugh is light, mysterious and a tad hysterical. "Exactly," she confirms before sobbing. “But mortals! He won’t even know of us until his eleventh summer! Help me, my beloved. What shall we do?”   
Thanatos leans onto her side threading his fingers through her raven locks deep in thought. His alabaster skin is shadowed by her shoulder-length jet black hair. Minutes pass by before Thanatos finally comes to a conclusion. "We have little choice but to allow this." 

Hecate's responding smile is radiant yet sad, as she nods her head in understanding. She is looking forward to having another child. Hopefully, he will forgive her for temporarily abandoning him when they inevitably reconnect. 


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“You know what? No. I've changed my mind. We are not doing this. Let's go home.”

“It’s too late for that my love,” Hecate responds shaking her head sadly causing her raven locks to fall in front of her face. "I am no more happy about this than you, but the Fates have had their say and I have divined with them to check their work.”

“They’re mortals Hecate!” Thanatos exclaims throwing his arms into the air dramatically.

“Thanatos, you knew he would grow up with them before we started this.” She scolds “We even picked out our ideal candidates and narrowed it down to this small group beforehand.” she reminds him of raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow as she clings desperately to their still sleeping child.

“I won't have my heir- our heir” he hastily corrects as she narrows her glowing amethyst eyes and growls. “raised by mortals Hecate! Just look at them! Their waving sticks around like barbarians!” Thanatos points out still hoping to dissuade her.

Hecate takes a look at the group equally confused upon noticing that tidbit. The mortals are trying to identify the source of the shadows and mist surrounding them. They’re welding their magic with dead wooden sticks from magical trees. “Perhaps they don't know any better? They are certainly old enough and strong enough to have surpassed their need for a directional device or a channeling device.” she slowly decides on.

“Give me one good reason why we should let these people raise our son.” Thanatos fumes.

“All three of us will be killed for treason if we try to raise him." she reminds him with an eye roll.

Thanatos finally calms down enough to pick up on the fact that their small spat is scaring the mortals. “Perhaps we should introduce ourselves, now?” he hesitantly asks seeing as the mortals have been reduced to their baser instincts and are now trying to physically run away as they calmly stroll after them.

“You're unbelievable.” Hecate huffs as the two Gods clear away the mist and the shadows startling the small group of magical mortals into freezing and assuming battle positions once again. “Hello,” Hecate says dropping her disillusionment first. Her appearance causes the group to collectively gasp. “My name is Hecate. My husband and I,” she says unveiling her startled husband causing him to scowl at her “are quite sorry for scaring you however we needed to ensure you were fit for the task we need to be done for us.” She explains diplomatically.

“You're Hecate? As in the goddess of magic?” The hazel haired werewolf asks after subtly sniffing the air, likely memorizing their scents for future use.

“Amongst other things yes,” she responds with a smile.

“Why do you need our help Lady Magic?” the wielder of one of her husband's Hollows asks hesitantly.

“You are familiar with the concept of blood purity, correct?” she asks for clarification instead of answering.

“Yes.” the redheaded woman hesitantly replies sparing her a confused look. Hecate feels for her on an emotional level. This mortal woman is obviously bewildered why a goddess of her station would ask such a simple question. As an undervalued member of the Olympian council and the Titan monarchy before that, she has experienced such emotions daily for several eons now.

“I apologize for asking however we needed to be sure so you could understand our delicate situation. Blood purity exists even among the Gods. It is somewhat different for us, however. For us, there are Gods and Goddesses to your pureblood witches and wizards. Next, in line, there are minor deities to your half-bloods. Following that there are demigods to your squibs and mortals to your muggles. It has been several centuries since I have found myself needing to explain this. Has it made sense thus far?” she asks hesitantly.

The group nods their heads after she is finished. They are looking to her son she still clings to desperately in her arms with various expressions of dawning comprehension.

“My wife foresaw our son’s birth and pieces of both his mortal and immortal life. He has been born a demigod but will reach Godhood status sometime before his eighteenth year. While we have raised all  our demigod offspring in the past, that is no longer an option even for our beloved heir.” Thanatos sadly states reaching over to lovingly caress their son’s forehead and sadly trace his white lightning bolt birthmark. Hadrian's eyes flutter behind his closed eyelids as his Father traces the birthmarks lines past his pale eyelids and down his otherwise unblemished skin. “You must understand we have never abandoned our children, even those that lived and died as demigods,” Thanatos says looking up suddenly. Hecate memorizes her husband and son as her husband pleads for the mortal magicals to understand their plight.

“Someone is forcing you to abandon your son?!” The werewolf's mate demands of them clearly horrified and enraged on their behalf. “The pup’s just an infant!”

“Padfoot calm down.” His mate orders sternly his aurora spiking from concern to worry.

“I'm not going to calm down! Someone is forcing Lady Magic herself into abandoning her heir! Why aren't you guys upset? They came to us begging for help. We need to do something!” The one identified as Padfoot rages looking ready to storm into Olympus itself for them.

“Sirius people have been killed for disobeying the Gods.” The redheaded woman patiently explains to the one just identified as Padfoot…’ although that could be an alternative name…’ Hecate ponders the thought to herself as the sole woman of the group continues. “Just shouting in their presence can be seen as a declaration of hostile intentions.”

“I know, but this is Lady Magic we’re talking about, Lily. Without her, none of us would exist, let alone have met! We have to do something.” Sirius otherwise known as Padfoot exclaims trying to rally his friends into action.

“I believe they already have a plan.” The half-vampire states having been the only one quiet up till now.

“That is correct,” Thanatos confirms knowing they need to move this along despite their own reluctance to do so. “Recently it has been made illegal for Gods to raise or even interact with their demigod offspring. In fact, purposely having a demigod child is currently a death sentence for the child and the mortal parent should one be caught.”

“Oh, my Gods that horrible!” the one identified as Lily gasps out before blushing red and quickly saying. “I’m sorry, please continue.”

Thanatos nods his head and continues. “It is for that reason we have sought your group out. If you are willing, we would like for the five of you to raise our son and heir. His name is Hadrian, son of Hecate and Thanatos.”

“It will be an honor to raise your heir.” The werewolf states with a small bow. Both Hecate and her husband, Thanatos, sigh in relief.

“Of course we will raise him. What’s his full name? I mean does he have one? I’ve never heard of a God or Goddess having a last name now that I think about it.” Padfoot who is otherwise known as Sirius excitedly rambles. 

“Demigods typically take on the family name of their mortal parent. As for his secondary name we have decided to allow your group of friends to give it to him. However, he must accept it as his own or it won't take. If he likes it, it will stick with him for eons so please choose wisely.” Hecate explains as her son opens his neon green eyes and yawns before looking about himself curiosity.

“Does your family have a theme for names?” The wielder of her husband's invisibility cloak Hollow asks adjusting his round glasses. 

“A theme?” Hecate asks hopefully.

“Yeah, my mom’s family, for instance, has always named their daughters after plants. Sirius’s family names their children after stars or constellations. My husbands family as well as Remus, and Severus families have always named their son’s after their fathers or uncles.” Lily explains 

“Olympian Gods typically name their children something Greek or Roman depending on what personality was in control at the time of conception,” Thanatos explains, a small smile adorning his face at their thoughtfulness.

“What about Reggie? It's the perfect combination of everyone's family traditions.” the half-vampire states hesitantly.

“Reggie?” she asks confused

“We have never heard that name. Is it a new Greek or Roman name?” Thanatos asks equally confused likely wondering if they have missed an addition.

“It's a nickname for the Greek constellation Regulus.” Sirius who is otherwise known as Padfoot sadly explains. “Regulus was my little brother and Severus's husband and mate. He died recently trying to bring down a crazed maniac claiming himself to be this century's Dark Lord.”

“The name of an honorable warrior who shall be my sons deceased mortal uncle. Well, what do you think little one? Do you like the name Hadrian Regulus?” Hecate asks lovingly. She's soaking up as much time as she can with her son and heir. She smiles happily when Hadrian smiles and claps his hands happily before being surrounded by a soft glow similar to that of a magical naming ceremony.  “Very well. Now which of you are to share his third name?” she asks knowing how important a third name is to mortals.

“Well with a name like that he has to be a Black.” the wielder of Thanatos cloak of invisibility laughs out. 

“Agreed.” Both Lily and the half-vampire state as one.

“Well, my last name isn't just Black anymore it’s Black-Lupin.”

“Then he will be Hadrian Regulus Black-Lupin,” Thanatos says sadly knowing their time with their son is coming to an end.

“Please let our son know he is loved by both of us even though we can't be there to show him ourselves,” Hecate begs of the kind-hearted and powerful mortal magicals. “Hadrian will need to be brought to a demigod camp to train in his powers when he old enough. If someone doesn't come and find you, you will need to take him there yourself. There is Camp-Jupiter in San Francisco California and one in New York along Long Island named Camp-Halfblood. Being of both Roman and Greek origin, Hadrian is eligible for either. Both camp half-blood and camp Jupiter operate year-round. That said, most of its occupants only arrive for the summer sessions.”

“In addition to watching out for his powers, you will need to watch out for strange beasts and monsters. They tend to target demigods especially. We will begin contacting Hadrian Regulus during his eleventh summer.” Thanatos says giving his son one last kiss to his forehead. “We have been told by the Fates that any sooner will be detrimental to his safety and health.” Everyone looks up in shock and fear as a lighting storm appears out of nowhere. 

“We must go. Please take care of our son for us.” Hecate says passing her infant babe to the werewolf as her husband hands over a trunk full of everything their son could ever need to the werewolf's mate, Sirius Padfoot. The two vanish into the shadows right as a bolt of lighting lands on the spot they just stood. As quickly as the lightning storm appeared it’s gone. "Did we really just adopt a demigod?” Remus asks looking down at the squirming infant babe in his arms.

"Yes, and we will raise him to the best of our ability come Dementors or storming Hippogriffs,” Sirius says soundly staring at the confused and crying baby with a smile. “Oi, does anyone know how to take care of a baby?” the twenty-one year old asks causing them all to simultaneously realize just how in over their heads they've just landed themselves.

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Date: October 31st, 1998, Samhain known as Halloween to muggles.

Time: 7:30 am

Pov: Heir Hadrian Regulus Black-Lupin

Age: 2

Little Hadrian Black slowly wakes up to the sound of his Aunt Lily in distress. By the time he opens his lightly glowing neon green eyes, it's quiet again. He looks up confused at the strange man in front of him not recognizing him and finding his magic unfamiliar. The strange man seems equally confused by him. The new person looks down at the floor then back at him in bewilderment before shrugging and waving his wand at him. His vision is then suddenly overcome with a neon green light, the color of the killing curse and the color of his own eyes. His first coherent thought is, ‘Ow.’ His head is then promptly overcome with searing pain. He instinctually lashes out with his magic at the source of his pain as his blood and tears blind him. Crying out for his Paddy and Moony he begins to calm down feeling what his father, his Paddy, refers to as his magic centering over the source of his agony. A soothing coolness spreads over his body as his demigod soul and pureblood magic fight with the parasite, the toddler none the wiser.

Hadrian opens his eyes still hiccupping and sniffling. He does not like this new feeling at all! Looking around himself he finds his crib covered by the walls and ceiling of his Uncle Prongs nursery. Walking himself over to the edge of his crib he peaks through the debris curious about his predicament. The first thing he sees is his Aunt Lily fast asleep on the floor. Her pretty blood-red hair is splayed around her and her dull green eyes are wide open. Next to her lies the body of a man still wearing his evening cloak. Hadrian blinks recognizing the man as the one who was standing in front of him with his wand a minute earlier. To him, he did not look tired just fussy but there he is asleep on the floor. It looks rather uncomfortable.

A sudden thudding on what must be the stairs turns his attention away from his sleeping Aunt and the strange man. Hadrian looks up just in time to see his Uncle Severus collapsing in front of his Aunt Lily. He silently observes as Uncle Severus gathers Aunt Lilly into his arms and begins gently rocking her begging for her to wake up, for it not to be true, and apologizing again and again. To make matters even more confusing Uncle Severus keeps claiming to be a bad friend for being late. Hadrian watches on in silence before understanding slowly begins to dawn on him. With tearful eyes and a wavering voice, he calls out to his Uncle. At least he tries to. It comes out more as, “Un’le Sev.” Thankfully he manages to get his attention. Black eyes, like the night sky, snap up to meet his, shock clearly written in their depths. “Un’le Sev he’lp  Au’n ‘illy?” he asks worriedly.


“Un’le Sev.” he dutifully repeats unsure why they are saying each other's names again but complying nonetheless. He’s found grownups often have trouble understanding him and his playmates. 

“How? It doesn't matter. Are you hurt?” he asks before shaking his head and talking too quietly for the infant demigod to hear.

“‘urt h’re.” Hadrian says pointing to his head.

The toddler then watches as his Uncle Severus begins to move the walls and ceiling that have somehow moved themselves around him back in place with his wand. They both look up when they hear the loud roaring sound of a familiar motorcycle and the familiar voice of his Paddy downstairs.

“Padfoot is that you?!” 


“I’m Upstairs! Hurry! Hadrian’s injured and covered in debris!!”

Moments later there are heavy footfalls on the stairs before his Paddy bursts into the room.

“What are you- Oh my Gods that’s Lily.” His Paddy’s sob reminds Hadrian of his Aunt Lily's fate causing him to sob quietly as well. He hopes she gets better soon.

“Sirius focus, please. Your son is bleeding from his head and is covered in debris. I don't know how much longer the remaining walls will stay intact. Help. Me!”

By the time his Paddy and Uncle Severus manage to free him, they're forced to grab him and apparate downstairs. Upstairs there is a loud ‘Boom’ as something really heavy falls. They are all crying tears of joy and sorrow at the situation when the *POP* of a portkey outside snaps his Paddy and Uncle Severus into battle positions. Uncle Severus continues holding him tight to his chest while his Paddy growls low in his throat.

“Sirius,” someone calls from outside “Dumbledore sent me to investigate some alarms going off.”
Hadrian watches as his Uncle Severus and his Paddy share a suspicious look.

“Why would Dumbledore send Hagrid?” his Paddy whispers to Uncle Severus “Hagrid can't use magic how’s he supposed to help?! Where's the Ministry or that damn Order James was supposedly a part of!”

‘Hagrid can't use magic?’ Hadrian thinks to himself confused. ‘Why can't Hagrid use magic?’

Pov: Lord Sirius Orion Black-Lupin

Nicknames: Padfoot and Paddy

Age: 23

“I don't pretend to understand what's going on in the barmy man's mind. Try to see what he wants. I’m going to gather up Hadrian's belongings and take him back to my place until its safe for him to go home again.” Severus responds.

“Thank you,” Sirius says to his childhood friend. Severus just nods his head and summons Hadrian’s belongs before charming them to pack themselves into Hadrian’s trunk as they arrive. “Call the Aurors! James and Lils are dead!” Sirius yells to Hagrid.

“I can't do that! Dumbledore told me to bring Harry to him if something had happened!” Hagrid yells back.

“What?” He asks himself before noticing Severus has finished summoning and packing everything belonging to Hadrian and is closing the trunk. “Go on and take Hadrian back to your place. I’ll deal with this idiot and find out what happened to Peter. It was his job to keep their location bloody well hidden.” 

As soon as they've gone with a soft *Pop* of apparition Sirius continues arguing with his half-giant friend. “For Merlin's sake Hagrid! James and Lillian are dead! Go get the damn Aurors!”

“It’s Dumbledore’s orders!” Hagrid persists like their former school’s Headmaster’s words hold any power in this situation. “Little Harry ought to be checked out anyway. That ain’t no ordinary cut on his forehead.” Hagrid adds on as an afterthought. 

Sirius takes one last look around the destroyed cottage before the stress gets to him and he storms outside. “Whoever the hell Harry is he isn't here!!! James and Lillian are and they’re dead!! Go to the ministry and get the damn aurors!!”

“Wha’da mean Lil’ Ary ain't in there?!” Hagrid roars enraged.

“Who the hell is Harry?!” Sirius yells back looking his friend in the face as they argue. “You know what?! I don't care! Two of my best mates are dead! If you won't get the authorities, I will!!” he yells before spinning around and storming past a dumbfounded Hagrid and onto his flying motorbike.

Unbeknownst to either of them, the entirety of the neighborhood of Goridics Hollows was listening in. Phone and Floo calls are quickly made and stories about the Potter's deaths quickly spread. This results in several simultaneous realizations. Including that no one had ever heard of Lady Lillian being pregnant let alone the Potter’s having a child. As word and questions spread throughout the night thousands of memory charms began coming undone all over Great Britain on both muggles and magicals alike. Sitting in his office in a school in Scotland a certain headmaster continues plotting little Hadrian's fate none the wiser.

Chapter Text

Date: July 1st, 2002

Time: Midday, 12:00 pm

Pov: Heir Hadrian Regulus Black-Lupin 

Age: 6

Hadrian Black-Lupin is a special wizard simply for the fact that he has five parents. His father his Paddy, his Dad his Moony, his Uncle Severus and the mysterious couple who were forced to give him up when he was an infant. For as long as he can remember he’s been raised by his Paddy, his Moony, and his Uncle Sev. When he was little he would often spend the weeks of the full moon with his Aunt Lillian nicknamed Lily and Uncle James also known as Prongs. Sadly during one of his visits, they were attacked by a madman claiming to be the Dark Lord. Aunt Lily, Uncle James, and their attacker all died that night. As the sole survivor of the attack and the only person in known history to have ever survived the killing curse, he was hailed a hero of Wizarding Britain. This brought him and his family, several unwanted enemies and worshipers. His parents didn't want him to grow up in such an environment so they moved to America with him. Uncle Severus decided to come along after being falsely accused of leading the attack to his Aunt Lily and Uncle James cottage. 

He and his family are originally from the British Isles, while their ancestors are from the various countries scattered about the UK. Despite living in North America for the past six years neither his parents nor his Uncle Severus have lost their accents, habits or heritage. Because of this, he has developed a prominent British accent himself as well as ordinarily British habits. This often confuses people when they first meet him. He doesn’t mind even though it tends to isolate him from the other children. He’s of the mindset to not make friends with people who disapprove of him and his personality. The way he sees it, if they want to change him they’re not real friends, to begin with.

Hadrian's family, like most people with dark magical core’s, have an instinctive aversion to the sun as it weakens their strength and magic, even if only marginally. Meanwhile, storms, rain, shadows, and moonlight serve as natural power boosts to their magical cores. Still, he has always tried to play out in the sun for short periods of time with the other children. This always horrifies and worries his family while also confusing his Paddy. Both his Moony and his Uncle Sev have explained to his Paddy that this is a clear case of nurture vs nature or something to that effect. They have asked him to stop playing in the sun though. Despite his willingness to be hurt, it is still detrimental to his health and they don't want to lose him. 

For the past six years, they have moved around the country trying to find the perfect home. At the last parent-teacher conference of the year, the teachers at his last school referred to him as a shy, antisocial child with the potential to be an academic prodigy. The teachers kept citing his literacy and their astonishment at the assignments he handed in. Their only concern was his dyslexia, ADHD and his inability to connect with his peers. In response, his Moony and his Uncle Severus have put their joint feet down on moving again. They want him to be able to settle in, make friends and grow to his fullest potential. They’re also tired of moving every year. That means wherever they end up today, it will be their new home for the foreseeable future. 

For the past month, the house-elves have been packing everything away. Over the years they've worked out quite an efficient system. Until yesterday they were all able to live on in virtual normalcy. Yesterday Uncle Severus brewed the last of this month's potions in the laboratory and sent them out to all his customers by Floo travel and Owl post. Moony triple-checked their new state’s policies and laws on magic and creatures online while he cooked broiled newts for dinner with deviled eggs and a small side salad. Meanwhile, he and his Paddy turned into Lighting and Padfoot respectively and played out in the rainstorm until the sun came out. 

His animagus form is a Grim puppy with a lightning bolt scar and killing curse green eyes. His Paddy’s form is a Grim (the mythical Black Dog) with grey eyes, and his Uncle Sev’s form is an Old World fruit bat named Prince after Uncle Severus’s mother’s maiden name. Moony doesn't have an animagus form simply because he is a werewolf and doesn’t much see the point of having a second animal form. He’s also thoroughly convinced he’ll be a wolf anyway.

Because they're moving into a muggle and magical neighborhood they've been forced to use moving trucks again. After the last disaster with a muggle moving company, his Paddy hired a Squib and Wizard moving company Uncle Sev found online. Meanwhile, they’re driving the newly remodeled black jaguar hearse to see the sights along the way. The Jaguar hearse is the only model of car both Uncle Severus and his Paddy have ever agreed on. Coincidentally it’s become the family car. They’re moving from Hemlock Dr. in Sleepy Hollow Illinois to number 0006 Cemetery Lane in Misty point California. It’s been a long drive but thankfully they're almost there. 

Hadrian watches on in rapt attention from the back bench as they pass a magical wildlife sanctuary. He hasn't seen half of the species on the reservation before. He makes a mental note to check it out before they leave California. He entertains himself with mentally naming the magical animals he recognizes. Half an hour later they come across magical farms then eventually parks and shopping districts all with houses and mansions interspersed. The trip is noticeably longer then it would have been were they muggles because they notice when they inevitably pass through the anti-muggle wards. To muggles where the wards are nothing exists, they simply pass through miles of land in seconds. Sometimes he finds himself envying them. Like right now. 

“Are we there yet?” His Paddy whines again from where he’s sprawled out on the middle bench half dosing.

“It’s your family’s mansion. You should know the answer.” Uncle Severus says without looking away from the road or taking his hands off the wheel.

“We’re almost there, Sirius. Honestly, you're worse than the cub at times.” Moony says looking up from the map and double-checking the street signs. Hadrian pouts and looks back out the window at all the cemeteries they're passing longingly.

“Okay, it’s- yeah. Alright. Um. Now just keep driving along this cliff here then take a right at ‘The next Cemetery’.” Moony happily directs.

“Which cemetery is the next- Nevermind.” Uncle Severus says interrupting himself as he takes a right at the road sign stating ‘The next Cemetery’. 

Hadrian snickers to himself in the back seat and leaned his elbows on the tinted window with a broad smile on his face watching as the scenery passes by. The vast foggy pastures, thick woods, muggy swamps and numerous blossoming cemeteries surrounding the neighborhood look fun to play in. He absentmindedly daydreams of playing games with faceless friends as the scenery passes. 

“Okay, now we need to turn left at these crossroads and we should be right at it,” Moony informs them putting the map down in his lap thus snapping Hadrian out of his nice daydream.

“We’re here?” Paddy asks sitting up noticeably excited as they turn into a nice upper-class neighborhood.

“We’re in the neighborhood. Alright. Now we just need to look out for ... number 0006.”

“It will be on the left.” Uncle Severus states after a moment's pause as they continue to drive past mansions and houses interspersed with misty land, large family cemeteries, thinner tree lines, and smaller swamps. 

“Cemetery lane. You know I was a bit confused by the name of the neighborhood at first but considering we’re living on the outskirts of so many graveyards it makes sense.”

“You were just worried the Mutt had us moving into an early grave.” Uncle Severus jokes as they pass more homes with higher numbers. 

“You know you were worried about the same thing.” Moony jokes right back still searching the left side of the street for their new home.

“Hey, it looks like we’re not going to be the only new neighbors,” Paddy comments happily as they begin to pass several houses with moving trucks in front of them.

“I wonder why everyone moved out. This is such a quaint little neighborhood.” Uncle Severus states confused before abruptly saying “Ah-ha!” And pulling into a large circular driveway. Sadly the view is blocked by the trees and cast iron fence.

“Alright, you ready to see our new home, pup?” Paddy asks abruptly changing the mood as he hops out upon reaching their new house.

“Yeah!” Hadrian cheers following his Paddy out of the hearse.

“Alright, hold on. Close your eyes and follow me,” he says pulling Hadrian and Moony to the front of the house. Uncle Severus follows behind them at a more leisurely pace an unseen amused smile dancing across his gaunt face. “Annd we’re here. Well, what do you guys think?”

Hadrian looks up and feels a wide smile tug on his face. The massive three-story mansion is built like a Victorian Romanesque Revival. It is made from polished purple and black stone. Most likely quartz and marble from the feel of the natural magic in the air. In some places, wooden accents and siding, more common to the Victorian era, have been built to blend in with the stonework. Their new home boasts three towers, a built-in carport, a wrap-around porch, and eight fireplaces. At least that’s what’s visible from the front lawn. The stone and wood Victorian-esque wrap around porch stops at the side carport on the right and leads to a large attached greenhouse on the left. The porch itself is held up by columns and has a circular entryway in the front of the house leading into the porch. Likewise, the carport and several of the windows are circular or rectangular with round tops and all sport decorative accents. 

Hadrian looks behind himself seeing herbal and potion plants, bushes, and trees leading up to the ancient rust-free cast iron fence. The three-sided arrows at the tips of the fence look sharp enough to impale any intruder. Despite all logic, the wrap-around fence is otherwise covered by overgrown poison ivy and oak, each fighting the other for its rightful place. The yard itself is filled with wild and cultivated potions ingredients mixed among poisonous plants. Still, he can see a large area off to the side that is clear of anything his parents or Uncle Severus might want to harvest. It even has an old swing on it. If he asks he’s sure his Paddy will change the rotted wood and rope swing out for his chain-link tire swing.

Hadrian looks back at the house  “It's very …. Purple.” He decides on. It’s clear he’s commenting on the fact that the wooden bits are painted a dark purple to go along with the purple and black stone quartz. Meanwhile, the trim is black marble-like the black terracotta tile on the multiple roofs. The columns and accents are either emerald or forest green. It’s hard to tell on such a nice overcast day.

“That it is,” Paddy confirms putting his hand on Hadrian's shoulder and throwing his arm over Moony. “I had it repainted and retiled from the hideous pink, yellow and white the last Black’s who lived here had it.”

They all pause and make various horrified faces at the thought.

“I like it. It looks much better this way.” Hadrian says at last.

“A bit too much purple for my taste but it’s a nice color so I doubt anyone will mind. If anything they’ll be upset you raised the property tax by having it retiled and repainted.” Moony agrees before kissing his husband on the cheek.

“Nah, that just means the neighborhood's property value went up,” Paddy argues with a wide grin.

“Agreed. Now, shall we go inside or will we stay out here dawdling until the sun comes back out?” Uncle Severus asks looking to the sky warily.

“It hasn’t been out all day and I doubt it will come out anytime soon,” Paddy says as we follow him up the flagstone walkway and onto the dark wooden porch steps. “I made sure to thoroughly research this city before moving our family here. According to the weather reports, this city is known for being overcast near year-round. We’ll get just enough sunlight to keep the plants alive. Now, where did I put the keys?”

“It sounds amazing Padfoot, and I still have the house keys, remember?”

“No?” Paddy says spinning around confused.

“Well, I do.” 

“Shall we see the inside?”


Chapter Text

Date: June 22, 2002

Time: Midday, 12:00 pm

Pov: Edward Wolfgang Munster

Nickname: ‘Eddie’

Age: 7

“If you’ll all just calm down we can explain.” A stout Auror says walking into the room with his partner who waves off the team of scientists and unspeakables who have been here poking and observing us since we woke up. Eddie watches well hidden within the circular wall his family has made around him. He chances a look back at Marilyn who is shielding him from behind with her back to the shadows of the wall. She looks enraged, determined, and ready to take him away to safety at any moment. 

“Please do, because from our point of view we just woke up to find ourselves kidnaped in our sleep and used as some sort of research projects!” Mom shouts incensed speaking for us all. 

“Lady Munster, what is the last date you remember.” The taller of the two asks pulling a clipboard down from the wall.

“Oh, for- Not you too,” Dad complains annoyed as the family tightens their protective circle around him, Marilyn, and the wall of gathering shadows.

“Please, humor us.” The taller Auror requests.

“Why should we? We wake up in here like some sort of bizarre experiments and now you want the date? You better give us a damn good reason Sonny.” Grandpa growls baring his fangs.

“Sir, from our perspective you have been in this laboratory for going on forty years now.” The stout Auror slowly admits shocking us all. Eddie pinches himself and whimpers when he finds himself still here and not back in his bed at home in Washington State. Marilyn tightens her grip on his shoulders, her claws digging into his strange new clothes. “Your lucky the local Aurors found you when they did.” The shorter man continues. “The muggles were going to have the local police search your home. After finding all five of you looking like you were asleep in bed … well … you're lucky an undead family like yours wasn't found by the muggles. To be honest with you.... well you looked quite dead even for creatures such as yourselves. Luckily we knew better.”

“Moving on.” The taller Auror sneers. “You’ve been here in New York at the MACUSA headquarters since the case was brought to the attention of the president of that time. It was Kennedy wasn't it, Keith?” The taller Auror absentmindedly asks as though their world hasn't just been shattered.

“Forty- What do you mean we fell asleep for forty years?! How does that even happen?” Mom asks still clearly distressed. Eddie finds himself agreeing with his Mother. They just woke up in an unfamiliar laboratory and are now told this. So far Mom’s been the sole rational one given their situation. Dad is now looking around at everyone and everything in shock, befuddlement or confusion. Eddie looks over at Grandpa who isn’t handling himself much better. He’s begun wandlessly picking things up and otherwise testing out their surroundings. He’s likely searching for validation of the Aurors claims. He’s personally still of the mind that he may just wake up to find this to be a very realistic and very strange dream. If it’s not, he knows he can count on his family to help him through this.

“I just don’t understand how this could have happened.” Mom repeats as Eddie follows his Dad’s gaze to the opened window displaying this new times odd cars out in the parking lot. He and his family gawk as Grampa turn on the Television which is mounted on the wall! Like …. like a picture or a trophy. In fact, if it wasn’t for the news being played he wouldn’t have even recognized it as a Television. 

“Look,” the taller Auror huffs out pinching the bridge of his nose annoyed as they all turn their attention back to him and away from the flat Television. “You didn't just fall asleep. You were chronologically frozen in time. I’m not quite sure how much more simple we can make this for you.” He snaps out.

“We don’t need simple. We need a thorough description of what in Hades name happened to us.” Grampa states before angrily flipping the television off with the remote.

“I agree.” Dad says sensibly “Until now you guys made it sound like we all overslept by forty years. Which you have to admit is a bit ridiculous.” Dad says with an unnerved laugh.

“You want it spelled out for you? Fine! You and your family,” The tall Auror spits out clearly annoyed. “invented a potion that freezes time. Somehow the diamond potions container broke during the night. When that happened you were all frozen in time. It took two months for someone to notice your disappearance. We sent a full team over as soon as we could. We have been working on thawing your family out ever since. We have already had the time freezing potion and the other inventions and potions in your family's home patented and copyrighted in the Munster family name.”

“Forty years of our lives just …  gone.” Mother whispers horrified as what the Auror said washes over us.

“With nothing to show for it too!” Grandpa adds incensed, his honor as a workaholic wounded.

“Actually your potions and various inventions have been doing remarkably well on the market and the goblins managing your accounts have brought in trillions. If I were you if keep paying whoever you have in charge of your accounts.” The stout Auror adds continuing sending glares at his partner.

“What about our home and belongings?” Dad asks. “We have things that took centuries to collect.” 

“Given that your from prominent family lines and well-respected members of both societies the cost of housing you and your belongings have been free of charge thus far. But you’ll need to find a new home soon so you don’t wear out your stay. I’m sorry to tell you this but the muggles had already sold and begun redesigning your home before we had time to stop them.”  The shorter of the two men inform them.

“What about our pets? I just can't imagine little Eddie getting over the loss of Spot.” Mom asks.

The shorter one flips through a folder before asking “You had a black cat, a Hungarian Horntail dragon, a raven and an Old World fruit bat correct?”

“Yes, are they alright?” Grandpa asks worriedly.

“All are accounted for and have been looked after to the best of our ability.” the taller one explains

“What my partner means to say is that they're alive and still in good health. The unspeakables didn’t get them un-frozen until just a few hours ago. Once they worked out the process on your belongings it was fairly easy to do.”

Chapter Text

Date: June 24, 2002

Time: 1:00 pm

Pov: Lillian Munster nee Dracula

Nickname: Lily. 

Age: 243

Appearance: 28

“Now we just take this turn here and were right at it. Cemetery Lane.” Mr. Grey says as they pull into an upper-class neighborhood that she and Herman would never have been able to afford before this whole fiasco.

“Oh, it looks delightful,” Lily says happily clasping her hands together as they pass even more cemeteries, woods, and swamps. “But are there any stores close by? I’d like to still get my shopping done close to home after all.”

“The main shopping district of Misty Point is five minutes by car or fifteen by bus. Most magicals chose to use the floo however as fireplace travel is near-instantaneous which is always much quicker. You're still just a short drive away from several other major cities. The muggle city of San Francisco is just a three hour’s drive, bearing traffic that is. Los Angeles is about seven hours more. The magical cities of Avalon and Crescent Moon can be easily reached by floo of course. If you wanted to fly I’d say about half an hour on the average broom to Crescent and two hours to Avalon.” The realtor Mr. Grey explains.

Lily nods her head as she writes all that down on her yellow notepad. She then makes another note with her quill to buy an updated map, preferably one that expands and zooms in.

The realtor stops the car in front of a two-story house with a plain white picket fence that looks brand new despite the years of growth around it. The yard is filled with orderly flower beds, not a vegetable or herb in sight. One side boasts white and yellow daisies the other purple, pink and orange tulips. The straight concrete walkway looks freshly laid and leads to a covered Victorian half porch in front of which are neatly trimmed pink hydrangea bushes. The exterior of the house looks like it was once a nice dark grey or black but it has been repeatedly whitewashed till it's bordering on white and kept clean of all climbing ivy. The windows are all perfectly rectangular in shape and the windows of the house even hold boxes of more assorted tulips. The flower boxes continue even on the second floor. The arched roof is done in light brown tiles that gleam reflecting the little sunlight the neighborhood gets out onto the lush green lawn and orderly flowerbeds. 

“Oh no.” Lily gasps as they get out of the car. “I am sorry Mr. Grey, but this house is just hideous. My family couldn't possibly live here,” she says aghast. ‘ Did I explain my family’s needs this badly? ’ She wonders to herself.

“What?” Mr. Grey asks seemingly confused “Oh no miss Munster, that is 0002 Cemetery lane. It’s the home of the muggle family the Magruder’s. The agency is well aware that it's going to need a complete gut job and remodel once they move out. We’re here to look at number three. It’s across the street.”

Lily turns around and sighs in relief relaxing immediately. The stained dark wooden mansion looks like it was begun as a normal muggle colonial home in the 1700s with at least five fireplaces. It then clearly evolved to hold a large Victorian porch detailed with emerald green and gold trim and three towers fit for trapped princesses. The mansion proudly displays several victorian windows ranging from round, rectangular with a round top, to square. All the trim is done with either emerald green or gold paint. The yard boasts many edible and herbal trees, plants and brush. Some even baren despite the cool overcast summer that she has been assured is normal for this area. Her view of the yard itself is hindered by the old oven brick and black cast-iron gate. She can already imagine little Eddie and preteen Marilyn playing out in the yard without her having to worry. The property looks like it backs into more lovely swampland and forests.

“Welcome to 0003 Cemetery Lane Miss Munster.” The retailer says drawing her attention away from the house and yard. “This home was built on the remains of an old magical fort and already houses several dead muggles, creatures, and wizard bodies. They’ve been preserved by the areas natural magic in its cemetery. Each either sold themselves to be an experiment post mortem before their deaths, are of unknown origin and identities or had no legal rights, to begin with. This lot has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a dungeon, a laboratory, and a formal dining room. In addition, there is a greenhouse, a library and an acre of fenced in yard outback. Of course, the mansion also has the usual amenities. A sitting room, a greeting room a living room, a main and guest kitchen, guest rooms and house-elf quarters. Each of the main bedrooms have their own ensuite and walk-in closet. Everything in the house is up to date in the magical and muggle worlds. The generator can run up to 19 billion volts but I personally wouldn't put it over 13 billion.”

“Well, this is admittedly much better.” She says happily. 

“Now, I’m required by law to tell you, number 0003 was the home of a serial killer couple. They were the last owners. The husband and wife duo used their home, this house I'm about to show you, as the main killing site and burial grounds. The murders took place for a little over a decade. They were caught when they decided on killing one of their neighbors after being kicked out of their home. You’ll find out more about it at the local library or by talking to the neighbors in the area.”

“Did they break the law by killing?” Lily asks worriedly wondering if they misread the local laws.

“No. But they were muggles and as such, they were held to the standards the muggle law sets. Personally, I don't see a problem with a little murder now and then especially for food. You have to remember Miss Munster, this is a muggle and magical neighborhood and again they were muggles. If I were you I’d tell your family to be careful around the muggles and not to let anything slip to one of them your not planning on killing.”

“That’s good to know and thank you for the advice. It’s well appreciated. The house looks old. Is it?” She asks trying not to get her hopes up. So far the house itself has everything they're looking for and more. 

“Yes, it is.” The real estate agent says happily. “It was originally a vacation home of the Teslas. The Tesla's are one of Misty points older families. They've long since moved on and left the mansion to the state. It was rented out to families for 20 to 50 years at a time. Now, the entire property is for sale by the state of California. It's the first time the full property has been on the market since it was built.”

“I notice the distinct lack of stonework on the colonial piece. Have the original wards at least survived?” She asked worriedly.

“While the stonework bearing the newly remodeled fence has been taken down over the centuries, it still boasts the original wards laid down in 1652. I know their not the oldest by far, but they are goblin created and goblin laid. As you can see Miss Munster, it is still a gorgeous home. We’ve had the paint touched up a shade darker and the wards improved up to the latest additions just this year. While the City of Misty Point has several lay lines and natural planetary energy, Cemetery Lane has by far the strongest. It’s why the prices are so high for buyers.”

“It has fewer trees and brushes then what we’re looking for…. ” Lily decides after looking the house’s exterior over and thinking over the added security Mr. Gray mentioned. It’s nice, impressive even, but she hasn't seen the interior yet so she won't make a decision based on its history, exterior and security alone. “I’d like little Eddie to still feel at home wherever move to.” She says knowing if this house doesn't have that the next will. It’s not like they can’t afford it now. Not that one should ever be frivolous. But this is a house, not an entire wardrobe.

“Yes well, sadly the last residents as I have said were muggles and they cleaned the forest right out of the front yard. They were quickly kicked out for breaking their lease by doing so.” He hurriedly adds “The good news about that is we made sure the electric was all up to date before letting the muggles move in and before putting it back out on the market. If it's the forest your little Eddie will be missing, you'll be happy to know this lot is one of several in this neighborhood that backs into your own personal forest.”

“Really?” She asks finding herself happily surprised. 

“Oh yes. By law, each home in Cemetery Lane is required to have at least one acre of forest, half an acre of swampland, a cemetery, an acre of yard to play in and two additional acres for personal pleasure. Do you want to see the inside or shall we move on.”

“I’d like to see the inside.”

“Alright, let's go in. Follow me.”

Lily follows the realtor up the stone walkway smiling when she sees the moss-covered stones and hears the flutter of a family of bats overhead before gathering control over herself. ‘ It won’t do to make the man think he’s already sold the home to us. ’ She mentally reminds herself.

He pulls open the solid oak door and she can't help it, she gasps in delight. She may have married into a middle-class family but she was born Lady Lillian Dracula and she recognizes good taste when she sees it. The stairs are adorned by twin vultures and there is a stained-glass skylight that she can feel filtering the sunlight into moonbeams taking up the majority of the ceiling. The stairway itself is solid wood and has a wraparound balcony that she just knows her father will love. If the rest of the house is as amazing as this she knows they’ll be buying.

Chapter Text

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 9:00 am

Pov: Lady Morticia Addams nee Frump

Age: 29

Appearance: 22

Morticia gently feeds her African strangler another bite of a cheeseburger meatball only for her beloved pet to swallow the bite whole. “Cleopatra, do chew your burger. Don't gulp them.” Morticia firmly scolds. Almost immediately Cleopatra begins coughing, hacking, and choking on her food. Morticia hastily, yet still gracefully, places the plate of food down on a marble end table. As soon as that's taken care of she begins forcefully patting CIeopatra’s neck until she coughs up the food. “Darling, now do you see what happens when you gulp? Quite enough lunch.” she decides before sashaying over to Gomez. “Well, what do they look like?” she asks peering out of the vine-covered conservatory windows alongside her husband.

“Oh, just ordinary no-maj moving men.” Gomez says before taking a puff from his cigar, ”One's tall, one's medium.”

Morticia brushes her waist-length raven hair behind her ears before correcting Gomez. “No, darling. I mean, the new next-door neighbors.” 

“Oh, I haven't seen them yet. They have some interesting things, though.” He says with a happy gleam in his hazel eyes and a wide playful grin.

“Really?” She asks hopefully intrigued before peering out the windows again.

“There's an item you could really do things with,” Gomez says gesturing to the no-maj trunk with his cigar.

“Oh, I do so hope they're imaginative,” she says wistfully. “It's about time the no-maj’s begin catching up to at least our 4th-century advancements.” 

“The real estate agent said they were newlyweds. At least they're romantic.” 

“Really?” she asks looking to her beloved husband intrigued. “How nice,” she says when she sees him give a nod and take in a puff of smoke. “I know just how they feel. The joy of moving into a new house. I'II never forget my first night in this lovely house.” She says fondly before remembering something that still upsets her. “We thought it was haunted.” 

“Well, you can't have everything,” Gomez says wisely.

“I only hope they'll be half as happy.” She says smiling lovingly at her beloved.

“How could they be anything else? With us right next door.” Gomez says looking to her with equal fondness before abruptly moving in to kiss her. As usual the kiss quickly turns heated and she finds herself being lifted into his arms. Sadly their free time is interrupted. Much to her displeasure. From Gomez’s low growl he’s equally upset. Still, he places her back on her feet kissing up her arms in reverence, causing her to shiver.

They both turned as one from their activities to look out the windows again when the wards warn of someone threatening rapidly approaching from outside the fence. Together they focus on the family of three rapidly marching up to their gate. All three no-maj are wearing small undergarments on their hands and the husband also wears a pair outside his clothing. “Oh, dear.” She says worriedly “Look, darling, the Normanmeyer’s are back.” she says turning to face Gomez in her worry.

Gomez is already pulling out a cigar and lighting it. “Well,” he says before breathing in a long puff of smoke as he continues peering out the window with her. “at least they don't have pitchforks and torches today.”

“They seem to have also left behind those awful signs they do so enjoy carrying around,” she says watching as they make their way up the front path before sharing another worried look with Gomez as they pass the view available from the conservatory windows. “Do you believe they have decided to stop their awful protests of Uncle Fester and our kind?” She asks hopefully.

“One can only hope,” Gomez says with a wistful shrug before offering her his hand which she gladly takes. “Come, Cara mia. Let’s see what our neighbors want today.” he finishes as the lovely door-trumpet sounds.

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 9:15 pm

Pov: Lord Gomez Addams

Age: 32

Appearance: 23

“Mr. and Mrs. Normanmeyer, to what do we owe this visit?” Morticia asks from her chair once little N.J. has been safely escorted upstairs to the playroom and tea and cookies safe for no-maj’s have been served by Lurch and Thing.

“Mr. and Mrs. Addams,” Norman Normanmeyer begins before pausing and continuing to look around their living room wildly. His teacup and saucer shake violently in his hands. 

Morticia spares him a concerned look before refacing their guests. “Are you both feeling well?”

“What?” Norma Normanmeyer asks pausing in blowing on her raspberry tea apparently insulted. “Of course we are. Why would you even ask that?”

“Well you must admit, you both seem a bit jumpy,” Gomez says absentmindedly reaching for a cigar only to remember his manners and the Normanmeyer’s unusual non-smoking preferences. “And you rarely come over for social visits these days.” They had thought for years that the Normanmeyers were trying to be good neighbors and were simply misguided. It took their more friendly neighbor’s Judge Harold Womack, Mrs. Marigold Womack, and Miss. Lenore Pomeroy coming over and holding an intervention for them to realize otherwise.

“Yes,” Norma says sparing her husband Norman a pointed look as she smooths down her pastel pink tea length swing dress. It clashes horribly with her vibrant red hair and bright pastel purple eyeshadow. He knows Morticia would point this out and offer her a makeover had they still been friends. “well, this is not just a social visit.” she says firmly before taking a small sip of her fragrant raspberry tea.

“That's right,” Norman says with a firm nod as he loosens his lime green tie and adjusts his red and orange striped collar. “We’re here to talk to you about the new neighbors,” he says placing his untouched teacup back down on the silver tea tray.

“Oh?” Morticia asks. Gomez watches as she picks her teacup back up and takes a sip to keep herself from asking more. Being married for so long one learns their spouses tells.

“What about them?” he asks hoping to prompt the Normanmeyers into explaining before finally drinking his own green tea.

Norma takes a deep breath as though preparing herself. “Well, would prefer it if you let them come to their own conclusions,” she says with finality. She then nods to herself as though that is the end of their conversation and reaches to add more sugar to her tea.

“Conclusions on what?” Morticia asks confused before opening her poison ring and adding a dash of cyanide to her tea as Norma suddenly jolts and squeaks like a field mouse. Norma would have nearly dropped her porcelain china had Thing not reached out and caught it just as it passed the oak and marble table. “Thank you, Thing,” Morticia says fondly. “Is the raspberry tea too hot?” Morticia asks as she hands Normia her cup back. 

“No, no. It's fine.” Norma asures staring resolutely into her teacup not even bothering stirring in the added sugar.

“Humm.” Morticia hums absentmindedly at the white lie. She takes another sip of her green tea with a frown before schooling her face back into a pureblood mask of indifference.

“Well,” Norman says looking around hesitantly “We would like it if you held off on mentioning…. The- Well the lawsuit between our families.” Norman Normanmeyer hesitantly explains.

“But of course,” Gomez says with a laugh finding himself amused by their worry. “What would be the point of even bringing up our less than stellar history?” 

“That's- That’s exactly what we were thinking.” Norman agrees while looking about the room shakily as though something or someone will jump out at him.

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 10:00 pm

Pov: Wednesday Friday Addams 

Age: 7

Wednesday is lying on her stomach half under her mother's chair as she draws a portrait of her family with granite and charcoal pencils. Meanwhile, Lurch is dusting and polishing the stuffed two-headed tortoise and Pugsley is reading his new potions book. They all look up when the door-trumpet sounds. Lurch groans to himself before answering the door. 

"Hello," a man's voice greets. "My name is Herman Munster. Is this the Addams residence?" the man asks from the front door as she goes back to her drawing and Pusgly pulls out a dagger and carves a no-maj repelling ward inside the new potions book before going back to his reading.
"Yes. What is it that you wish from the Addams?" Lurch asks

“Oh, well we’re the Munsters. Their new neighbors at number three. Are the Addams home?” an enchanting female voice asks.

“All of the Addams residents are home. Come in and make yourself at home. I will inform Mr. and Mrs. Addams of your presence." Lurch says handing their hats to Thing as he hangs up their coats and cloaks.
“That won't be necessary Lurch,” Father says causing Wednesday to look back up as he leads mother into the living room from the kitchen. “But feel free to prepare some tea and juice for our guests.”

“Welcome, welcome. Please do come in.” Mother greets as she moves to sit down mindful of my place under her chair.

“Oh my. You have such a lovely home!” The enchanting voice says as she enters the living room giving way to a Lady vampire. ”Oh, where are my manners? I’m Lily. This is my husband Herman,” she says gesturing to a man who looks stitched together. “my father Count Samuel Dracula.” Said Count gives a nod of acknowledgment at his name before continuing looking around clearly impressed. “This charming little boy is our son Eddie, he’s seven. Finally, this is our niece Marilyn. She just turned thirteen.”

“Charmed.” Mother says “I’m Morticia, this is my husband Gomez. Below me is our daughter Wednesday she's also seven. Little Pugsley who is eight is over by his father’s chair. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to meet Uncle Fester and Mamma, they are upstairs playing darts. You have already met Lurch and Thing at the door. Lurch is preparing our drinks. Please, have a seat. Gomez, Thing do take their food for them.”

“We just moved from Washington and we weren't sure what people around here liked, so we brought Rhinoceros sandwiches and casserole of yak.” Lily Munster says causing both Wednesday and Pugsley to perk up at the thought of the comfort food. 

“I’m of the mind that you can't go wrong with either.” Mother says taking a sandwich for herself. Wednesday takes one last look at her finished drawing before crawling out from under the chair. She smiles as she passes it to Mother before abruptly turning and taking a sandwich for herself. Father is already dishing out the casserole onto plates and is passing it around by the time Lurch comes in with tea, cider, and juice.

“Nightshade Tea, Henbane Juice or Apple Cider?” Mother asks as Lurch sits down the silver tray.

“I’ll have tea, please.” Mrs. Lily Munster says dabbing her mouth with a handkerchief.

“I believe, I’ll have the same as my daughter.” the Count says smiling briefly.

“Henbane juice. It’s my favorite.” Mr. Herman Munster says before taking another bite of the casserole of yak. “Lily, I believe you have outdone yourself this time. This casserole is simply your best.” Mr. Herman Munster complaints.

“Can I have cider?” Eddie asks

“Oh me too. It seems so long since I’ve had any cider.” Marilyn says smiling happily.

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 11:23 pm

Pov: Pugsley Pubert Addams 

Age: 8

“Mother! Father!” Pugsley exclaims running into the living room from outside alongside Wednesday and Eddie.

“What is it dear, are you alright?” Mother asks hurrying over to check us over. Pugsley frowns embarrassed until he looks over and sees Mrs. Lily Munster doing the same to Eddie as Marilyn watches on amused. 

“We’re okay. Really.” Eddie asures his mother.

“You won't believe what Eddie and I saw outside!” Pugsley erupts once his mother is done checking him over.

“I was there too!” Wednesday protests angrily, still under their mothers' inspection.

“Yeah, Wednesday saw them too!” Pugsley says happily as mother deems them safe at the same time Mrs. Lily Munster pulls away from Eddie.

“What did you see?” Father asks already exited.

“We saw a pack of Grim’s at number six!” Eddie exclaims

“There wasn't a whole pack.” Wednesday objects “There was only two.”

“Still the new neighbors have a Grim and a grim puppy!” Pugsley exclaims equally happy

“Really?” Mother asks intrigued sharing a hopeful look with the other adults.

“They also have a werewolf and a half-vampire living there too!” Eddie says when everyone turns to face him confused he explains “I could smell them. I think the Grims were just animagus forms, not real Grims. They smelled like Mother and Grandpa when they're in their animagus forms.”

“Well, this is certainly wonderful news.” Mother says happily

“Indeed it is.” Count Samuel Dracula says equally happy “I do believe this calls for a celebrity get together. How does the fourth of this month sound? We can get to know everyone and celebrate the muggle’s founding their country at the same time.” 

“What a fantastic idea!” Father says happily

“I agree.” Mother says happily “I would love to trade recipes outside of the neighborhood's no-maj ladies league.” She says wistfully

“We simply need to ensure we invite only the neighborhood's magical community to the magical celebration.” Mrs. Lily Munster says.

“Lily’s right. There's no sense in making a mistake that can break the statue of secrecy.” Mr. Herman Munster states

“Pugsly, Wednesday my darling terrors, I want you to go invite that nice family over while it's still nice and dreary out.”

“Com’on Wednesday, I’ll race you.”

Chapter Text

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 11:15 pm
Pov: Heir Hadrian Regulus Black-Lupin

Nickname(s): Adrian or Lighting

Age: 6

Lighting runs around kicking up mud and grass in his new backyard. He’s happily chasing after Padfoot and barking in excitement in his animagus Grim puppy form. They run around an oak tree a few times before jumping over the dead trees scattered around their forest and through their private swamp. They skidded to a stop in a large mud puddle near the house when they hear Moony call everyone back inside. They share a happy look before their faces morph into panic releasing they're coated in mud. Paddy nods his head back toward the pool and Hadrian barks happily in agreement trotting obediently behind. They jump in with a large splash. They swim around and dive under the salt-water until their fur is suitably clean. Once they're cleaned off they climb out and shake off. Finally suitably dry they shift back into their human forms.

“Com’on pup, let's go see what Remus wants,” Paddy says ruffing his damp shoulder-length raven hair before striding forward.

Hadrian grins broadly as he follows behind before breaking into a grin at the smell of food. “Smells good, Moony.” He says as they enter the kitchen through the sliding glass doors. “What is it?” He asks peering up at the stove as Paddy wraps his arms around Moony from behind and kisses Mooney's neck.

“I’m trying out an old Black family recipe for baked Goanna lizard tail. The recipe is muggle and calls for parsley dipping sauce but I think it will go great with my mother's belladonna sauce.”

“Sounds familiar. But where did you even get the recipe?” Paddy asks confused “My family hoards recipes like they hoard their spells.” 

“I found a tin box full of old Black family recipes under the cabinets,” Mooney says gesturing to a large tin box now on the counter. “Given my track record with finding hidden recipe boxes I’m sure I’ll find more hidden around the house.”

“Are you sure it’s safe to use, Remus?” Paddy jokes “No spells or curses if you don't follow the recipe?”

Moony turns around and mock glares before smiling. “Of course I’m sure. Go on and get properly washed up.” At their panicked looks, he crosses his arms careful of the metal tongs in his hands. “Don’t think I didn’t see you two clean yourselves off in the pool.”

“I don't know what you're talking about.” Paddy defends with raised hands as he backs out of the room. 

Time: 11:35 pm

Hadrian is practicing his violin lessons when their doorbell chimes for the first time. Only at first he doesn't recognize it as a doorbell. Instead, he assumes someone put on a record of an orchestra playing Tchaikovsky’s Sugar Plum Fairy midsong. When it repeats the same measure five more times he growls annoyed. Before going to investigate the source of his ire he first puts his violin and sheet music away not wanting to see them damaged. Once that's done he follows the music to its source ultimately finding his whole family standing at the open storm door. 

“-are so sorry for the wait and for making you listen to that awful racket.” Paddy is saying to whoever is in front of them. “I mean honestly what were my ancestors thinking? Painting the house pink and yellow and now this!”

“Do you not enjoy classical music sir?” a boy sounding about his age asks curiously.

“While we like a good classical piece as much as the next person we would never put that bar as our doorbell.” Moony asures the boy. 

“We’ll need to put that on the growing list of things to fix.” Uncle Sev says turning to face Paddy giving Hadrian a small window view of their guests. He waves at them and receives two small smiles in return. “Now, what can we help you with? Are you lost?” Uncle Sev asks worriedly.

“Oh, no sir. We live nearby at number one.” the boy states.

“Our mother sent us over to invite you to come to visit later today.” the young girl with long black pigtails continues where her brother left off. “We were playing a game of chase with our new neighbor Eddie when we saw you and your son in your Grim animagus forms through the tree lines.” All three of his parents stiffen only to relax marginally when the rest of her words register.

“At first we thought you were just regular Grims.” the boy adds on.

“Yes.” the girl agrees with a nod of her head “We were even going to ask our parents for one, but then Eddie said he could smell your forms and a half-vampire as well as another werewolf.”

“You said your mother asked us to come over. Do you know what we’ll be discussing?” Moony asks summoning their cloaks.

“Our parents are planning a get together for the neighborhoods magicals this Thursday. They believe the no-maj celebration of the founding of their portion of the country will cover anything we do.” The boy explains.

“Will you be coming?” the girl asks as Mooney's hands everyone their cloaks

“Of course, lead the way.” 

Date: July 3rd, 2002

Time: Midday, 11:38 pm

Pov: Mr. Hubert Peterson

Age: 23

“I can't believe you rented this house without asking me first!” Amanda erupts as she plops a box down still outraged over the fact. By the sound of it, it was full of their dishes. Hopefully, nothing broke.

“Honey, I’m sure the house is fine. The owners just had it renovated last year. Besides I’ve been assured the murders that lived next door were arrested and taken to jail. They haven't lived in that house for going on two years now.”

“Horrible house on our right to. You suppose anybody lives in it ?” she asks instead of calming down. By the sound of things, she’s unpacking the dishes in the kitchen to get her mind off things.

“Honey, I didn't even know that house was there,” Hubert says coming into the kitchen and leaning his weight against the entryway arch. “As I remember it, the renting agent had the shutters closed on this side.”

Amanda snorts in obvious disbelief before turning to face him and yelling in her anger. “Married by a Justice of the Peace, and no honeymoon and now I spend my wedding night in this house!” 

“Well, it could have been worse. You might have had to spend it in one of the houses next door.” he counters feeling his own anger getting to him.

*KABOOM* They both rush to hold onto the white quartz countertops as the house shakes.

“What was that?” Amanda asks hesitantly once the shaking has subsided and their ears stop ringing.

“It was an explosion from the monstrosity on our right,” Hubert says rushing into the living room to grab his black coat. “I'II go over there and see what's happening,” he says turning around to face Amanda as he pulls it on.

“I'II go with you.” Amanda says rushing to pull on her pink coat as she mutters “In sickness and in health, for better, for worse, we're stuck in this thing together.”

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: Midday, 12:00 pm

Pov: Lord Gomez Addams

Age: 32

Appearance: 23

“There we are now, down you go.” Gomez says to Aristotle “There we are now.” Gomez coos as he washes him off.

“Do you see them yet?” Morticia asks as she scans the neighborhood.

“No, but Pugsley and Wednesday did just leave,” Gomez responds washing off yet another one of Aristotle's tentacles.

“No, I meant the new neighbors who moved into our lovely cottage next door.” Morticia clarifies. 

Gomez dunks Aristotle under the soapy bubbles once more as he answers. “No.” 

“Maybe they'll see us and come over.” She says hopefully.

“I still think we should just have gone over and introduced ourselves.” He says still confused as to why they didn’t. It’s not like they don’t own the house after all.

“Oh, darling, no. That's much too forward. This is better.” Morticia informs him. Gomez shrugs and takes her word for it. She is wiser when it comes to things like this after all. “Oh, here they come,” Morticia says happily perking up.

“Oh, how do you do?” Gomez says reaching out to shake the man’s hand before abruptly pulling it back and wiping the soap off first. He doesn’t want to accidentally burn the man’s hand off after all. Being a no-maj he doesn’t have the same biological chemistry as them. “I'm Gomez Addams.” He introduces finally giving the man's hand a hearty shake. “This is my wife, Morticia.” He introduces with a proud wave to his beloved wife and bonded. 

“How do you do? Hubert Peterson. This is my wife, Amanda.” Mr. Hubert Peterson says proudly gesturing to his own wife. “We were just married.” Mr. Hubert Peterson says proudly and happily.

“Oh, how exciting!” Morticia says equally happy for them. “You never do that again.”

“Never mind the small talk. Find out what blew up!” Mrs. Amanda Peterson orders of her husband.

“Oh, right!” Mr. Hubert Peterson quickly exclaims. “We were just wondering about those little explosions?” He asks timidly.

“What explosions?” Morticia asks confused as he continues to bathe Aristotle. 


“Those explosions!” Mrs. Amanda Peterson exclaims clearly terrified.

“Oh, that must be Uncle Fester playing with his new dynamite caps,” Morticia explains covering for the yet another one of Fester's potions mishaps. As Fester does enjoy creating fireworks and playing with explosives it’s not too much of a white lie. Gomez grins at Morticia's quick thinking.

“What?” Mrs. Amanda Peterson asks blankly.

“He got them at the discount house. They are not quite up to par.” Gomez adds playing along. 

“You mean there's somebody exploding dynamite inside your house?!” Mrs. Amanda Peterson exclaims backing up clearly terrified.

“Of course, Where else would he do it?” Gomez asks grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, I see you're washing your pup.” Mr. Hubert Peterson says grabbing his wife’s hand and pulling her back as he gestures toward their wheelbarrow filled with soapy water. 

“Oh, good heavens.” Morticia says properly scandalized “That isn't a pup. It's an octopus.” She gently corrects.

“You have an octopus for a pet?” Mr. Hubert Peterson asks seemingly confused.

“Oh, no. It's our son's pet.” Morticia proudly explains.

“Go ahead, shake his tentacle.” Gomez offers as Aristotle peaks out from under the soap bubbles unusually shy.

“Take it away!” Mrs. Amanda Peterson screams clinging to her husband in terror.

“Darling, dry Aristotle off first.” Morticia scolds 

“Oh, I'm sorry.” He says embarrassed by his mistake. “Excuse me.” He says grabbing a towel and drying Aristotle off. “There we are now,” Gomez says happily as Aristotle rolls about in the towel. “He's really very friendly.” He explains gesturing to a now playful octopus as Mrs. Amanda Peterson stares at Aristotle fearfully. 

“Let's get out of here!” Mrs. Amanda Peterson shrieks as she tugs on Mr. Hubert Peterson’s coat sleeve. 

“Yes, well, nice meeting you both.” Mr. Hubert Peterson says awkwardly as his wife begins backing away still tugging insistently on his coat sleeve.

“Nice meeting you.” They call back as one.

“Seems like a nice chap,” Gomez says pulling out a cigar once their gone. “She's a bit odd. Little high-strung.”

“It's their wedding day, a new house. And, Aristotle,” Morticia says turning to address Pugsley's pet. “you were very, very bashful. I had so hoped she'd be someone I could exchange no-maj recipes with.” Morticia says wistfully as they make their way back inside with Aristotle. “Our family does have so little of them after all.”

Date: July 3rd, 2002

Time: Midday, 11:38 pm

Pov: Mrs. Amanda Peterson

Age: 22

“Hubert, you never should have rented this house without letting me see it!” She scolds

“Honey, remember the fantastic deal we got?” Hubert asks turning around as he puts away the extra blankets and her grandmother's quilts in the linen closet. “Where else are we going to find a house this nice for what we’d pay for rent on a one-bedroom apartment here in California?”

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to pretend they're not there.” She says regretfully remembering all the other houses they looked at. Thinking about it that way makes her realize how smart her Hubert was jumping on the deal while he could. 

“That's my dear, brave girl,” Hubert says coming over and kissing her cheek. She smiles up at him happily and suddenly shy. Despite being married they’ve never-

*Knock* *Knock* *Rap-a-tap-tap*

“What was that?” She asks suddenly afraid as the mood shifts.

“What was what?” Hubert asks still doe-eyed and caressing her cheek.

“You know what!” She exclaims backing up and looking around. “Those sounds under the house?” she explains feeling a little foolish at his confused and bewildered expression now that she's said it. 

“Termites?” Hubert asks confused now looking around.

“I knew it.” She says shaking her head sadly. “The house is crumbling.” 

“No, it can’t be termites, Amanda. I had the house inspected before we moved in.” Hubert explains.

“Well I heard something and it came from over there.” As soon as those words are out of her mouth a trap door opens in their living room. Amanda immediately jumps to hide behind Hubert.

“Howdy. I'm Uncle Fester, from next door.”

“God, Hubert, he's that dynamite nut! He’ll blow us up!” She shrieks out terrified.

“I just came over to say hello.” The mad man continues as she grabs the bat they keep by the door.

* WHAM *

“Nail that shut!” She orders her shocked and bewildered husband.

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: Midday, 12:38 pm

Pov: Lord Remus John Black-Lupin

Age: 28

“Hello, Lurch.” Wednesday greets the giant zombie handing her cloak to him as they walk into the Addams mansion.

“Please come in and make yourself at home. Mr. and Mrs. Addams are waiting for you in the parlor with refreshments." Lurch explains as he hangs up their offered cloaks.

“Thank you.” Remus thanks the zombie before moving further into the house. He shares an impressed look with Sirius and Severus at the decor and elegance of the home.

“Welcome, welcome. Please do come in.” the Lady of the house greets from her chair in front of the hearth.

“Paddy, Moony, look at all the cool decorations they have!” Hadrian exclaims happily.

“Your son has good taste.” The Lord of the home says as he comes into the parlor smoking a cigar.

“Thank you,” Sirius says taking a seat. Remus follows after him and then Hadrian and Severus.

“We have Nightshade tea, Apple Cider, and Henbane juice. Which do you prefer?” The Lord of the home says bringing everyone's gaze away from the amazing decor and back to the refreshments.

“I’ll have Nightshade tea,” Sirius says grinning happily before freezing in his chair and beginning to smell of panic and embarrassment. ”Merlin, where are my manners? Here we are in you're home and we haven’t even introduced ourselves! I’m Lord Black-Lupin, but you can call me Sirius. This is my husband and fellow Lord Black-Lupin, Remus.” Remus smiles proudly and gives a small wave. “Our blood-adopted son and heir to the Black-Lupin line, Hadrian.” Hadrian grins widely and waves before going back to playing a game of exploding snap with Wednesday and Pugsley. “Finally this is our childhood friend and Hadrian's godfather Lord Severus Snape-Prince.” Severus gives a small nod of acknowledgment at his name before continuing looking around clearly impressed. 

“Well, we are delighted to make your acquaintance. Please help yourself to the refreshments.” The Lady of the House says before pouring herself a cup of Nightshade tea. “I’m Lady Morticia Addams, this is my husband Lord Gomez Addams. Thing is in the kitchen helping Mama with dinner. Fester is on his way to introduce himself to the new neighbors renting our cottage home next door. You’ve already met our butler Lurch as well as our daughter and heir Wednesday in addition to our son Pugsley. Pugsley’s eight and Wednesday is seven. How old is your son?” She asks as Pugsley and Hadrian’s cards explode in their faces and they begin laughing.

“Oh, Hadrian’s only six but he’ll be turning seven here soon,” Remus says happily pouring himself a cup of Nightshade tea and adding half a cup of cream and five sugar cubes.

“Oh? How soon? He looks quite a bit older.” Lord Gomez Addams says adding a dash of cyanide to his tea.

“He turns seven at the end of this month,” Severus says taking a sip of his tea before adding his own arsenic and cyanide.

“Really? I had thought he was little Pugsley's age at least.” Lady Morticia Addams says before taking a delicate sip of her tea.

“That’d be the demigod blood in him. From what we’ve read on the subject they age a bit faster before preparing to freeze into Godhood.” Sirius explains sadly.

“Ah, a true demigod! That explains it.” Lord Gomez Addams declares as Lurch comes in with a plate of sandwiches. “It must be hard, watching him rush through his developmental years.” Lord Gomez Addams says gesturing to Hadrian with his cigar.

“It is.” Remus agrees as Lurch places the plate of sandwiches down.

“Oh thank you, Lurch. Isn’t he simply thoughtful?” Morticia compliments delicately ending the painful conversation.

“If that’s all.” Lurch groans before leavening.

“And bashful.” Lord Gomez says grinning around his cigar.

“Rhinoceros sandwiches anyone?” Morticia asks.

“Of course,” Severus says happily taking half a sandwich cut into a triangle, as all three children line up to take a sandwich for themselves. 

Remus smiles into his tea knowing the Addams have just won his family over. “I’m afraid you’ve found our weak spot. Our family’s favorite meats are rhinoceros, lizard, and yak.”

“Really?” Lord Gomez Addams asks happily. “In that case your our kind of people. Morticia and her mother make the best eye of newt stew you’ve ever had!”

“It's a family recipe.” Lady Morticia Addams says modestly. “As for the sandwiches, normally I’d prepare my own. But these were brought over by our nice new neighbors, the Munsters, at number three.”

“The Munsters? You don’t mean Lord Herman and Lady Lillian Munster do you?” Hadrian asks confused as he takes a sandwich for himself.

“You know them?” Remus asks equally confused. He doesn’t remember Hadrian ever mentioning the Munster family.

“I know of them.” Hadrian gently corrects “They invented a time-freezing potion that works similar to a time turner. Apparently forty years ago the diamond potions container broke during the night while they were all asleep.” Here Severus snorts into his tea and mutters something about potions safety and proper potions storage. “They just recently came out of the whole ordeal.” Hadrian continues “From what ‘Potions Weekly’ said they slept through the entire thing. I did an essay for extra credit on their family.”

“I was so proud of you for that,” Sirius says proudly beaming. “Your argument that they should be left alone by the public made it to the MACUSA president. With the exception of their assigned mind healers and the few reporters brave enough to approach them they’ve been left alone so far.”

“Why don’t I remember any of this?” Remus asks thoroughly confused and now worried about the state of his mental health.

“It was Mooney's time of the month.” Severus patiently explains as he sips at the last of his tea. “I would love to discuss potions with the Munsters at some point. Many of their inventions were simply groundbreaking.”

“Then it's settled,” Lady Morticia Addams says pouring herself another cuppa. “we will just have to introduce-”

“I’m telling you Lurch, I have NEVER been so insulted!” A high pitched man's voice complains from down the hall halting their conversation.

Remus sits up straighter as his inter-wolf picks up the smell of blood and an injured wizard approaching the parlor. “Someone in your family’s been injured. They’re bleeding.” He informs the Addams matriarch. It’s become clear to both Mooney and Remus that Lady Morticia Addams is the true head of the family.

“You don’t think those Peterson’s did something to Fester do you.” Lord Gomez Addams asks his wife worriedly. Both are already putting down their teacups on the oak tea tray and standing.

“Good heavens, no. They seemed much too friendly for that.” Lady Morticia Addams responds.

“Friendly?! They hit me over the head!” A bald man smelling of potions, explosives, and chemicals states coming in. He’s leaning heavily on Lurch and being tended to by an elderly witch who resembles a Hag. Lady Morticia Addams immediately stands and moves to his side worriedly.

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: Midday, 12:52 pm

Pov: Lord Severus Tobias Snape-Prince

Age: 29


“They managed to crack his skull, but just barely.” The elderly witch says as Lurch helps Fester into one of the chairs.

“Good heavens.! Lady Morticia Addams says scandalized as she inspects the wound.

“I am a Potions Master and a certified Med-wizard and Doctor. I keep several of my healing potions and muggle medications on me. Perhaps I could be of assistance?” Severus offers as a disembodied hand comes rushing into the room with a healing kit. 

“Yes, please do.” Lady Morticia Addams says as she steps back from inspecting the head wound for herself. 

Severus nods his head and immediately gets up inspecting the wound for signs of early infection. He pulls back from the head injury alarmed. “I have the antiseptic I need on me, but I’ll need tweezers. There are pieces of rusted metal lodged in Fester's skull.” He says worriedly.

Lady Morticia Addams gasps out in shock. “I think it would be best if the children were to leave for a bit.” She says decisively while Severus works on removing the shards of rusted metal from Fester’s fractured skull with a pair of tweezers the disembodied hand passed to him. “Thing, be a dear and take the children to the playroom.” Lady Morticia Addams orders of the disembodied hand.

“I’ll go with them,” Remus says as the sound of children climbing the stairs fills their ears. “Don’t want them sneaking back down here while Fester is being operated on,” Remus explains.

“What in Hades name did they hit you with, Fester?” Lord Gomez Addams asks putting his lit cigar back in his breast pocket once the children are gone.

“I don't know. I just opened up the trap door and said, "Hi there," and wham! Don't sound very friendly to me.” Fester says remaining shocking still while Severus operates.

“You must have frightened them going through Pugsley's tunnel.” Lady Addams declares after some thought. “Next time, Fester, knock.” Lady Morticia Addams scolds.

“I did.” Fester defends

“Really?” She asks shocked “Gomez, we have ourselves some very peculiar neighbors.”

“Peculiar? They're a couple of nuts.” Lord Gomez Addams says disgusted by the thought as Severus hands him the bloody tweezers and allows him to inspect his blood free hands. Blood, after all, is more valuable than gold and not just as a good food source. Blood is all the proof one needs to identify one’s self in the magical world. Blood can be used in rituals, curses, resurrections, and summonings. Blood carries the magic, life history, and DNA through the bodies of the living. Magicals guard their blood with their very life. He doesn’t want to be falsely accused of stealing Fester's blood.

“There's only one thing to do.” The old witch says as Severus reaches for a vial of skelogrow, to regrow, repair and renew Fester's skull.

“Get rid of them.” Fester and Sirius say as one. 

Severus nods his head in agreement with the decision and passes Fester the vial of skelogrow.

“I can't. I signed the lease this morning.” Lord Gomez Addams explains.

“I'II get rid of them.” Fester offers before downing the potion vial.

“I'II go with you, Fester.” The old witch offers.

“Right, Mama.” Fester says as he picks up a human musket gun. Severus merely raises an eyebrow and puts his empty potions vial away. “I haven't used this beauty since the taxman was here.”

Severus shares a raised eyebrow with a thoroughly amused Sirius. It seems the Addams are much like their own family in regards to the way they deal with personal affronts.

“Fester, Mama, control yourselves!” Morticia scolds chasing after Fester.

“Yes, think of what you're doing.” Lord Gomez Addams says following behind his wife as though to stop the other two from leaving.

“You know, they're right. We better not go over there in broad daylight.” Fester says thoughtfully as Severus sits back down in his chair and takes his now refilled teacup from Sirus who is watching the exchange animatedly. “They're liable to ambush us.” Severus snorts into his new cup of tea.

“We'll wait till it's dark.” Grandmama Addams decides with a nod.

“You will do no such thing! They're our neighbors.” Lady Morticia Addams scolds as the house’s doorbell, which seems to be a trumpet sounds. “Excuse me, my dears. Probably them, coming over to apologize.”

“We'd better go out in the backyard and practice, anyway,” Fester says picking up his musket gun

“Just in case.” Grandmama Addams agrees.

Chapter Text

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 7:14 pm

Pov: Lord Sirius Orion Black-Lupin

Nicknames: Siri (by Remus), Padfoot (by friends and when in his hellhound form), and Paddy (by his adopted son and heir, Hadrian)

Age: 27

“And then the realtor, a Mr. Wentworth, came in and said the maniacs had already signed the lease.” Sirius continues as he blow dries his hair with the hot air from his wand. Despite now living in America where wandless magic is more common, he’s really attached to his wand and likes to still use it for simple things. “Everyone was planning a good clean murder to get rid of them. Even Severus was in agreement after he pulled rusted metal shards from Fester's skull.”

“What stopped them?” Remus asks his hazel eyes flashing gold as Monny agrees with the thought of disposing of a threat to his pack.

“Lady Addams convinced us all to go round around to theirs. She invited us over for a game of poker with the Petersons.” Sirius says pulling on his good Black jeans making a mental note to buy some more. “With any luck there's been some sort of cultural misunderstanding.” Sirius says as he pulls on a long sleeve Black collared shirt over a white T-shirt. “Doubt it though.” Sirius says pausing in front of the mirror thoughtfully. “I mean who greets someone by wacking them upside the head?”

“So essentially we were invited over for game night as an excuse to have backups in case they attack again.” Remus concludes once Sirius is finished with explaining what happened while he was upstairs playing with the children. 

“Well yeah, basically.” Sirius says as he compares two of his ties. ‘Blood Red or Black with Dark Grey Skulls?’ He ponders to himself in front of the full length mirror before deciding on the Black tie. After all it was a Father's Day gift from Hadrian even if Remus or Severus likely helped him pick it out.

“And you already agreed we’d go.” Remus states accusingly beginning to pace their master suite.

“Remus, it’s game night with actual adults. They even have children Hadrian's age.” Sirius defends “Besides you said, Hadrian has finally started making friends his own age with their children.” He says excited and happy at the thought as he compares his purple, and Black leather jackets. Both have spikes and patches but the purple one is admittedly much nicer. Of course that’s because it’s newer and has less memories. Sirius frowns thoughtfully before shrugging. He pulls on the Black leather as he exits their newly built walk-in closet. 

“I just don’t know.” Remus says as he worriedly paces in their bedroom suite. Sirius finally finishes knotting his Black tie as Remus makes his sixth lap through their rooms. As usual he's already managed to get dressed. And as usual it’s in a sweater and jeans.

“Remmy, look, we took Hadrian over earlier and everything was fine.” Sirius says coming over and taking hold of Remus’s shoulders causing him to halt in his steps. “You even said their playroom gave you ideas for working on Hadrian’s own.”

“Yes but those Petersons,” Remus says looking down at him worriedly. “Severus said he and Lord Addams sent the metal off to be tested. What if they laced it with something, Siri.” Remus frets.

Sirius rolls his eyes at the thought. “Remus, that’s absurd. Why would they even do that?”

“Normal metal doesn’t hurt our kind Siri! You know that! What if they’re Snatchers, Hunters, Puritans, or some new-age anti-magic fanatics?” Remus frets beginning to pace again. 

“It is weird that it even cut the skin, let alone the skull.” Sirius admits thinking it over from Remus’s point of view.

“Exactly!” Remus declares as Sirius joins him in his pacing before pausing and hestently asking. “Should we ask them to invite that nice Munster family over just in case.”

“Just in case.” Sirius agrees moving to make the Floo call. He keeps telling himself it’s just for Remus’s peace of mind. Secretly he’s now worried for his family’s safety as well. Afterall, muggles have hunted and killed everyone different from them every time they realize they aren’t the sole intelligent species in existence. It’s why so many of their kind left earth or are in hiding.


Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 7:30 pm

Pov: Lady Lillian Munster nee Dracula

Nickname: Lily. 

Age: 243

Appearance: 28


“What did they do, hit him with a beaters bat?” Lily asks over the phone shocked by the news as she picks out her best dress. To think a human muggle managed to actually cause one of their own to bleed! Thankfully she did her nails just this morning. This entire get together is very short notice but she can’t blame the Addams and the Black-Lupin families for wanting back up. Who knows what those nutjobs will do next.

“I doubt a muggle could get their hands on Quidditch or Quadpot equipment. They are wizarding sports after all.” Mrs. Morticia Addams points out. 

“That’s true.” Lily says as she looks over her Lily pink and deep violet regency gowns with bat wings. “You said, the metal was rusted though.” She says as she decides on pink and pulls it from her closet. She's so grateful most of her clothing has survived. “Could they have picked it up at an antique store or had it passed down through the family from squibs?” she asks as she looks around for her black leather choker. She smiles when she finds it already hanging on the jewelry display by her dresser. Herman must have set it out before he left with Father. 

“That is possible.” Mrs. Morticia Addams says thoughtfully. “We won't know anything for certain until the lab tests come back from the Unspeakables. I’d like to think this was all one big misunderstanding.”

“I agree.” Lily says as she wandlesly banishes her white nightgown to the laundry chute. “Not only would it be bad for all of us, the children especially. But one never wants to assume the worst of someone, especially their neighbors.” She says holding the phone between her shoulder and head as she slips into her pink regency gown with flick of her wrist and magic. She twirls and spreads her satin bat wings happily once dressed. It's the little things that make life worth living, even for the undead.

“Speaking of the children. I’ve been meaning to ask something the Black-Lupin heir brought up.” Morticia says to the sound of a timer going off.  

“Oh?” She asks as she slips her bad luck charm on her choker. She snaps it closed around her neck with the aid of a simple wandless levitation charm. She instantly relaxes as she feels the charm take effect. It effectively gives bad luck to all her enemies and those who desire harm to her and her own. 

“Yes.” Morticia says before pausing “I'm unsure how to phrase this so I’ll just ask plainly.” Lily tenses and listens worriedly through the phone's receiver. “Do you prefer to be addressed as Lady Munster or simply Ms. Munster?” Lily relaxes immediately and moves on to her marble vanity. 

“It confuses Herman, but I prefer to be called Lady Munster when around other magicals and when addressed by someone of equal or higher status.” Lily confesses as she applies her favorite violet eyeshadow. “What about you?” she asks barely refraining from giggling at the thought that she finally has a female friend of equal rank in the magical society.

“I’m of much the same mind.” Lady Morticia Addams says sounding equally happy. “The Black-Lupin’s are bringing little Hadrian along. Are you bringing young Marilyn and little Eddie over?” Morticia asks as the sound of a kettle goes off.

“Of course. It will be good for them. Finally getting to know magical children their own age outside of school.” She says moving on to her blush once her eyeshadow looks naturally faded into her pale pink skin.

“I agree. You know, I’m really looking forward to tonight.” Morticia says as Lily applies her blood red lipstick.

“We always could make this a regular thing.” Lily suggests hopefully as she moves to check on Marilyn and Eddie who are supposed to be getting ready.


Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 7:35 pm

Pov: Mrs. Amanda Peterson

Age: 22


“No, no, no! I'm not going over there!” Amanda protests. She's barely refraining from digging her nice red heels into the new floorboards as Hubert physically pushes her towards the door.

“Look, we've got to go.” Hubert says as he grabs their house keys and coats from the coat rack.

“Do you expect me to be nice to those spooks?” She demands shocked as her pastel pink coat is unceremoniously shoved bunched up into her hands.

“Oh, please honey.” Hubert begs “If we break the lease, he'll sue us.”

“But-” She’s interrupted with a chaste kiss on her lips causing her pale pink skin to blush scarlet to match her lipstick, belt, and shoes.

“But if we butter them up, they may Iet us out of the Iease. Now, come on.” Hubert says already pulling on his black coat and heading out the door.

“Must I?” She asks hoping he’ll change his mind and turn back. It is their wedding day afterall. And with no ceremony or honeymoon despite both their impressive incomes the least he could do is make love to her.

“You must.” Hubert says before leaving down the flagstone walkway.

Amanda gapes after him for all of five seconds. When he does not turn back she angrily pulls on her red coat. It at least matches her outfit. Thankfully she's dressed nicely having thought they were going out to dinner at least. “Well, Iove, honor is one thing, but why do they have to say obey?” She asks the empty house rhetorically as she follows behind. The day isn't over yet after all.

Date: July 2end, 2002

Time: 7:35 pm

Pov: Lady Morticia Addams  nee Noire

Age: 29

Appearance: 22


“What time is it?” Morticia asks coming back into the room and sitting down the cherry wood tea tray.

“It’s nearly eight-o'clock,” Gomez  says checking his gold pocket watch rather than casting a tempus. “they should be along any minute now.” 

“Oh, I do so hope the Petersons like the house.” Morticia frets adjusting the fine China tea set slightly to the right. “Do you think they will?” she asks looking around the room worriedly. 

“How can they help it? With your fantastic decorating skills this mansion has never looked more haunted.”

“It is nice and dismal, isn't it?” Morticia says proudly now looking around at all her hard work fondly.

“Don't be modest, my dear. It's absolutely bleak.” Gomez says pulling her toward him and rubbing her shoulders reassuringly. 

“Thank you, darling.” Morticia says leaning in for a heated kiss. She pulls back before things can get too heated. They do have company coming over after all. She looks around for something to distract herself with as Gomez gathers his wits. “Oh, those Roses want trimming. Have you seen my shears, dear?” Morticia asks Gomez while looking around for where she placed them. Thankfully Thing pops out of one of his miniature vanishing cabinets Gomez built for him holding her shears. “Why, thank you, Thing.” She says taking the shears before pausing and looking over Thing’s fingernails. “Thing, you need a manicure. Look at that.” She says tapping his chipped nail. “And I did so want you to look nice for the new neighbors. Who knows? They might introduce you to a nice girl.”

She frowns thoughtfully as Thing hastily objects in American sign language. “Oh, come now. Don't you ever long for something to hold hands with?”

Thing makes a firm motion for ‘No.’

“Very well, Thing. Find your own friends.”

“My dear, I don't think there's time to start clipping roses now.” Gomez says as the wards alert them to the Munsters and Black-Lupin family’s families nearing their home.

“Oh? Well, perhaps you're right.” she says looking over the vibrant blossoms thoughtfully. They haven't much time but blossoms are a pet peeve of hers. ‘If only their thorns weren't so lovely.’ she thinks with a frown before clapping her hands in delight.  “I know.” She says happily before picking the non-magical roses up by their stems and hiding the blossoms within the black vase. 

“Beautiful.” Gomez  says from behind her as he wraps his arms around her waist. “Oh, yes.” Gomez says as he kisses up her arms. “You are so very clever.” Gomez praises into her ear causing her to shiver.

“Thank you, darling.” Morticia says with a smile knowing he’s not talking about the roses.