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Mortal Magic

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Pov: Narrator

Hecate is an ancient Goddess. Despite common misconceptions, she has existed since the time of Chaos’s first creations. As such, her influence, magic, and powers are nearly limitless. They exceed that of even the so-called Big Three Gods of Olympus. It is therefore fitting that she has several followers and devoted worshipers all across the Cosmos. She may be widely revered and worshiped, however many forget the true extent of her power and influence. Among that which most tend to forget about her is her ability to read the future. To her, it is as easy as looking up at the sky and seeing the rain as it falls down on her olive skin. Although the future is in constant change, she knows that which is unmoving. She knew from birth that she would mother several children, both by her husband Thanatos and those they chose to adopt. None, however, have been a true heir of her or her husband. 

After many glimpses into the future, spanning over eons, she finally struck metaphorical gold. She foresaw a son that would master, and wield, Magic, Death, and Life so powerful that he would eventually even be able to best even her and her husband in battle. The only downside she could see was the fact that their beautiful child would be born a demigod and would have to earn his immortality. Worse yet he was to be raised by mortals! Centuries more of scouring for an alternative and she knew they were running out of time. 

As time went on her husband Thanatos became increasingly worried. He knew not what ailed his beloved wife but hoped desperately for her to return to sanity. She had begun acting despondent it had gotten so bad. Finally, he had enough and approached their best friends Queen Persephone and King Hades of the Underworld on double date night. Upon hearing the issues their friends were having at home and seeing Hecate for themselves, their royal majesties were quick to explain to him how to get to the root of the problem. He thanked them, then left with his wife though the shadows taking her back home and into their bed. 

“Wha- we’re home already?” Hecate asks looking around herself bewildered upon arrival.

“Yes. The date was cut short. You have been troubled for eons now my beloved moon,” Thanatos says sadly. “In recent years you have been despondent. I know it is mere years my love but I fear this new development. I have ignored it for too long. You usually handle whatever ails you yourself. I find myself both worried and concerned for you now that you have not.” brushing aside her long curly hair away from her face before sitting down on their bed himself. “What is bothering you, my love.” Thanatos bequests taking her hand in his own and kissing it gently.

"It is our heir,” Hecate explains as she dabs at her red-rimmed eyes. “The Fates have allowed me visions of what he would look like and how incredibly influential and powerful he will be.” at her husband's bewildered expression she sadly continues taking his hands back into her own. “He is to be born a demigod and raised by mortals, Thanatos. With King Zeus’s laws intact we will have no contact with him until his eleventh summer. Even then it will be through letters and gifts until he gains his immortality. I have scoured for centuries more and there is no way around his fate. If we avoid his birth no heir will be fit to replace him."

Thanatos neon green eyes widen in shock and he instinctively leans back onto their bed finding himself falling as deep in thought as his brother Morpheus falls into a dream. "How powerful will he be?" He asks at length, his neon green eyes piercing Hecate’s glowing purple. 

"He will succeed even my own power in Magic. His control over Life and Death will be unparalleled by all those before him, including us. If what I saw is to be true, he shall be the only true master to your Hallows. Thanatos, he is to bring about a new golden era. That era will otherwise remain unveiled without his birth.” She explains empathetically.

Thanatos cocks a thin eyebrow. "The Hollows are notorious for not taking a master,” he says. Thanatos created the Hollows before the birth of the Titans. After the Titans fall, everyone from God to mortal has tried to gain their allegiance. But to no avail. The Hollows simply refuse to have a master and have killed off all who tried to weld them absorbing their strength, power, and lifespan.

Hecate's laugh is light, mysterious and a tad hysterical. "Exactly," she confirms before sobbing. “But mortals! He won’t even know of us until his eleventh summer! Help me, my beloved. What shall we do?”   
Thanatos leans onto her side threading his fingers through her raven locks deep in thought. His alabaster skin is shadowed by her shoulder-length jet black hair. Minutes pass by before Thanatos finally comes to a conclusion. "We have little choice but to allow this." 

Hecate's responding smile is radiant yet sad, as she nods her head in understanding. She is looking forward to having another child. Hopefully, he will forgive her for temporarily abandoning him when they inevitably reconnect.