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Love in High Definition

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“Oh, for Satan’s sake, Aziraphale- stick it in already!“

“I’ve never done this before, my dear. Give me a moment– I want to make sure I do it right.“

“It’s not that difficult -like riding a bike- though I suppose you’ve never done that, either.“

“Relax, Crowley. I just want to make sure I don’t force it in.”

Crowley sighs and lays back against the cushion behind him. “It’s meant to go in, rough or otherwise. By design. You really can’t do it the wrong way, Angel.”

Aziraphale pushes forward, grunting with the movement. “There. It’s in. Are you quite happy? Everything tickety-boo?“

A blue light fills the room, and the flat-screen television displays an anti-copyright violation warning.

“Yep, perfect,” Crowley replies, “now, come back to bed. You can brag that you learned how to work a Blu-ray player later.”