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We're Having A Baby

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"Good news, Reade...I'M PREGNANT!...maybe "Hey, Reade-we're having a BABY!"...shit!

At 652pm, Edgar Reade walks through the front door-he looks all
done in from the day's activities. After he's off-loaded his suit jacket
and briefcase, and seated himself in front of the t.v., Zapata brings him
a beer and sits close beside him. Better now then never):
"We're pregnant Ed," she blurts, and immediately cringes.

To her complete surprise, Edgar Reade whoops loudly, then
mimics a sports announcer: 'Reade lines up left, with the slot
defender and corner crowding him at the line, the snap; two step
drop, and a deeep pass to the post, defeats double coverage...
touchdown, on a MAAAG-NI-FI-CENT catch and run by wide-out
Edgar Reade extending his record of most games with a reception for
the Mighty Wolverines of Michigan!'

"You are a TRUE ASS!," Natasha guffaws. "How did I suspect you'd
make this all about YOU! that a problem?," she asks a
bit anxiously.

"Not from where I'm, sit with me", he indicates
his lap, and her relief is palpable as she snuggles into his arms.

"I haven't even met your parents...or YOU my GrandMa...and
we're not married..."

'One thing at a time, Loca." They kiss.

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"Eddie...are you POSITIVE that this news about the
baby is good news? You can be honest."

"Tash...look at me, Amor: all that I ever wanted is you,
and being a Father, of YOUR CHILD-I'm honored."

Natasha Zapata's normally husky voice is made more
so by the incredible emotions welling up within her.

"Only God knows what I've done to deserve someone
like you, Edgar Reade...and the honor is MINE, to be
the Mother of your two Sons, one Daughter...make no
mistake-the honor is MINE."

"Wait...two Sons, one Daughter?'d we get
from one to THREE?"

Natasha smiles shyly, enhancing and solidifying her beauty.

"You'll say I'm crazy."

"I won't...promise."

"I-I've dreamed about them...when I'm alone, I imagine feeding
them, teaching them Spanish, then English...putting them down for
naps...see, when we met, I knew that you would be that Man, the
one I've waited for...who'd slay the demons and save me from myself.

I love you for saving my life, for not giving up on me, for LOVING ME...
and because of that, I'm yours-as long as you want me."

Reade leans close enough to brush his lips against hers, and whispers,
"That's a long time."

Before their lips meet, She whispers back, "So be it."

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The entire drive to her Grandmother Maria Ruth Mondragon's small home,
Tasha Zapata displays a sign of nervousness her Partner knows well: swinging the
foot of her crossed leg, rapidly up and down. She also nibbles at her full lower lip.

"Turn left, there, Reade...then right, please." Ten minutes after that, they arrive at their
destination. Stepping from the SUV, Reade helps Tasha out of the vehicle (La Señora Mondragon, watching
through a crack in the blinds, nods approvingly-a gentleman, at least!)

She greets her visitors warmly, especially Tasha. The trio spend the afternoon and evening becoming acquainted
[Natasha's worries (her GrandMother refuses ABSOLUTELY to refer to her as 'Tasha') about how Edgar will be recieved
by her Father's Mother are dispelled within the first hour of their visit.

After dinner, over coffee, Abuelita Ru turns to Reade.

"Usted entiende español, Edgardo?" (Do you understand Spanish, Edgar)

"Su Nieta me dio clases." (Your GrandDaughter has given me classes.)

"Ah, bueno...solo quieria decirle una cosa: Mi Nieta necesita un ANGEL...Usted puede ser El?"
(Good...I only wanted to say one thing. My Granddaughter needs an ANGEL-You can be that for

"Por eso vine a avisarla de mis intenciones." (For that reason I came to explain my intentions.)

"Que son?" (And those are?)

"Un dia, casarme con ella. Ser el Hombre que ella ser el hombre que se merezca. Cuidarla; protejerla."
(Marry her, one day. Be the Man that she for her; protect her.)

Switching to English, The Older Woman says "I'm happy to hear that; except I've heard it before. Except-I SEE the
way that you look at my Natasha. That cannot be...imitated. I beleive that you are a good man. Her judgement has not
been the best always; in this case, it's justified. You have my blessing."

To Natasha, she says: "Natashita. My fears over your Mother's behavior staining you and your Brothers through blood somehow-
that was wrong. I did not realize that Hector and I should have just LOVED you three, not put conditions on that love. We resented your
Mother for her weakness, and though we did try to help her, we didn't do enough. Forgive me, My Darling Girl."

"I did already, Abuelita. Edgar helped me realize that you did the best you could, you and Abuelito Tito. Solo me siento tan feliz que Usted
a aceptado al Edgar, y el embarazo." (I so happy that you accept Edgar, and my pregnancy.)

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Edgar Reade pores over some documents he's brought home from the office; Natasha Zapata compiles her list of names
for Male and Female offspring.

"Here's my list for BOYS: Ready?

Edgardo, Ledos, Ender, Noe, or Martin"

"Hmmm, Reade says. And GIRLS?"

"Natalia, Magaly, Monica, Marcella, or Carolina"

"I'm fine with any of those. We have time, before we have to decide."

"And my dog?...I found one last Saturday-he's so CUTE, Reade, and bossy!

She seems so excited about the new dog, that her infectious mood teases a grin out of
her Partner. "Why don't you take off tomorrow, go and get him?"

"We could go and get him, NOW-together?"

He can't resist her mischievous grin. "Let's go."

A two hours later, they have paid for their new puppy (a white and black Yorkie), bought a bed, food,
and chew toys for him, and returned home. Marco) dashes for the sofa the minute they set him on the floor,
and jumps atop it.

"MARCO! Baja de ahi! Tu Papa se enjoja!" (Get down from there! Your Dad's going to get angry!)

"Su PAPA!?!? Tranquilizate! (His DAD!? Calm down!) By the way, he's NOT sleeping in our bed."

"I one's taking YOUR place in our bed, Pa...except our Babies."

Placated, Reade puts away his "homework" and turns on the TV. "By the way, how're you and Little Man doing?"

"Very well...the mornings aren't so bad anymore, you might have noticed. I have a follow-up in two weeks. Also, My GrandMother
is VERY IMPRESSED with my 'morenito'. She's made it clear to all of the other family members that you have her approval. That's
VERY BIG, Assistant Director. VERY BIG."

Reade says "Speaking of family...We're expected at my Parents this weekend. They want to congratulate us on the new baby, as well as grill
us about wedding plans."

"I'd love to see them again. The arrangements are made?"

"Of course."

"We're taking Marco?"

"Not this time."

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The morning of of their trip, they drop their puppy off at the dog-sitting service, then start
the long drive to New Rochelle, in the furthermost end of Westchester County. Edgar fills her in
on what to expect: His Dad is a psychotherapist, with a specialty in Pathology of the Criminal Mind.
He is also an ex-Secret Service Agent, with 10 years of field experience, and as such has a unique, special
appreciation for THEIR work. He is a serious, though fun-loving man: Jamiison Reade Sr. His mother
is Stella Reade, an RN with a PhD in advanced nursing. Also a woman who enjoys a good laugh, she is quite
serious about one thing: her deep faith in a Divine Creator, and traditional values, and so...if they stay over, they
will not be sharing a bedroom ...teasingly, Tasha says "Yay!!"...he shots her a look that could freeze
a rhino, and after she sticks out her tongue in response, he goes on about how close he and his Brother Jamiison Jr
are, and how his parents still have date nights, even after 34 years of marriage...two hours and a half outside the
city, they stop for a meal. They take their time eating, and enjoying one another's company, then begin driving again.

Two hours after that, they stop again for smoothies, and after a brief rest they start anew, with Zapata taking a turn
behind the wheel. It is early evening when they arrive at a three story home in downtown New Rochelle. Tasha is SO
NERVOUS when Edgar rings the doorbell: except for her teenage boyfriend's (Ricky) Mother, she'd never met any beau's
FAMILY-none had ever developed to the point that her's and Reade's has. Mr. Reade answers, greeting them both with
warm and hearty hugs. He guides them into the living room, where Stella awaits. Her welcome is equally magnanimous,
and once her husband and guests are seated, she serves fresh lemonade and home-made bread. Dinner will be served in
1 hour more (Mr. Reade insists on a 630pm evening mealtime); and Edgar and his Dad bring in the luggage. As her man had
said, his is placed in the ground floor guest room, while hers is taken upstairs to the guest room down the hall from the
Master bedroom.

The meal is so good that Tasha is embarrassed when she and Edgar have seconds of everything; more so by a comment by
Stella Reade: GOOD for YOU, Girl! A healthy appetite is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. You have to keep those curves as they
are to hold this one's attention, indicating her Son. "Ma!", Edgar exclaims. Though Tasha blushes bright pink,
they all laugh good-naturedly in response to the frank remark. After dinner, a glass of post meal wine, and Edgar escorts her
upstairs. he reminds her that she may sleep in if she cares to, and after kissing goodnight, he decends to the ground floor,
tells his Parents goodnight, and retires as well.

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0115am THE READE'S (New Rochelle, NY)

TZAP00Z: Papi

ERBLU7: Baby

TZAP00Z: can't 😴...miss U

ERBLU7: TOO close, parents are RIGHT THERE

TZAP00Z: 😮??

ERBLU7: heel 2 the YEAH! readeSR will 💀 me

TZAP00Z: the basement (!!)

ERBLU7: 🧠!! left from ur dwn the stairs-left 2 🚪...more stairs
at the bottom, right🚪...that's 🛏rm

TZAP00Z: Travieso! (mischievious one)

ERBLU7: tu!

TZAP00Z: 20 mins



The two revel in each other's SCENTS, TOUCHES, TASTES: now matter how many times they engage sexually,
somehow it seems like the FIRST TIME, each time. Their lust is somewhat heightened by the "forbidden aspect"
of the coupling. Edgar's Parents belief systems are written in stone-rock solid, and not such that changes are to be
brooked. Their home, their rules...however-aren't rules made to be broken?

Natasha struggles to muffle her moans even as her lover's deep, skewering thrusts drive her to the brink of a much-
wanted burst of hot, raw pleasure. He bites his lips, to keep the noise down; her answering squeal, as she bucks her hips
to keep pace with his inward plunges is hidden by their joined mouths...the intense, orgasmic wave that washes over them
both leaves the couple stunned.

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After Edgar showers and dresses, he joins the rest of the family in the ground floor kitchen.
His father is already seated; Tasha and His Mother are chatting amicably at the stove. He bids all
good morning, before seating himself at the kitchen table.

His dad comes in from getting the morning newspaper. He asks if the two "houseguests" slept well.
They assure him that they did.

"You are a TREASURE, Tasha. Imagine-a guest who rises early to help prepare breakfast!"

"What better way to learn how to make your Son's favorite foods?", The Latina responds, winking
at her Man.

The Men sit down and after serving all four plates, the Woman take their seats. While enjoying the incredible
meal, Mrs. Reade says "Natasha, I just want to triple-down on what we've already told you before: Dad and I
are so thrilled that the two of you are together, and we are beyond thrilled about the baby. Don't fret for
a single second about that. Of course we'd prefer the two of you be married, but what's done is done-we're
focused on adding another GrandChild to the mix!"

Fresh tears bloom in Tasha's eyes; she stretches a hand in the direction of each of her new "Parents", basking in
the glow of their acceptance and love.

Reade says nothing while this exchange is happening; apropos of NOTHING, he intones "GO BLUE!", nodding in
the direction of his framed and displayed #7 Michigan U. football jersey. Tasha and Mrs. Reade shake their heads.
"There's something WRONG with him, Mom", the smiling Latina jokes. "Yes there is", his Mom agrees.

Thee four spend the rest of the meal chatting comfortably with each other( they Men discuss sports, the Woman
are focused on all of the preparations for the newborn that will need to be made). Reade's Mom says, "Let's shop,
Natasha-there are three superstores that cater to infants within fifty miles-get your coat Edgar...and YOU, Senior."

"WHA'!!?" Edgar protests. The game! POP!"

"Don't argue, Son. Your Mom has spoken; just set the DVR and let's go." The elder Reade mutters under his breath as he pulls on his overcoat.

"Sorry-I didn't hear that, Love Of My Life." Mrs. Reade's teasing brings a smile to Tasha's face, and an idea to her
mind. "Awww, MAN! Edgar continues to complain.

Jamisson Reade ignores his wife. He gathers his wallet and keys, and goes out to start his Cadillac SUV. Tasha
goes to her Man, attempting to mollify him. She whispers to him that if he 'x-nays' the complaining, he'll earn
a BIG, BIG REWARD when they get back to the city. The complaints cease IMMEDIATELY. All four of the family
members board the Reade's roomy vehicle and start toward the first destination: CHILDREN'S WORLD.

Jamiison and Stella insist on purchasing a top of the line stroller (hint: the seat portion folds flat, so that the
baby can lie down in also has shock absorbers, and a canopy that completely encircles the top
part of the stroller. Ignoring Tasha's and Edgar's protests, they purchase the expensive 'ride' and arrange to
have it shipped. They don't find crib that they like; a bassinet and bath tub are selected, though. As the two
Woman navigate the aisles, arm in arm, Stella Reade assures Tasha that any advice that she needs, or just wants to
talk-about the baby, or ANYTHING-"You call ME". She hands a pair of business cards to the younger woman,
who immediately secures them in her shoulder bag. This feeling of FAMILY-not like 'The Team' Family-but
FAMILY family is something she' un-used to, and she's nearly over-come with emotion again.

"I love you, Mom," she says, laying her head on her 'mother-in-law's' shoulder.

"We love YOU, Baby. You belong to us, now."

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for some reason (hormones?), Tasha is very, very horny...

Naked, and facing each other in the center of their king bed, The sexy CIA operative starts things off by taking
her lover's very long, very thick organ (even flaccid, it still measures least 6 inches-WOW!) in hand, stroking him
lovingly to hardness...

"Mmmm" He is obviously very pleased with the way the sexpot's hands grip and massage him so expertly; it
isn't long until he can no longer sit still. He guides her onto her back, kneels between her eagerly spread thighs.

From his position on his knees, Reade leaned forward, bringing his face close to her fragrant crotch: She
smells of 'Bombshell' (Vickie's Secret), and her own faint, unique female muskiness. His strong hands, and
their limber fingers, confidently explore the curvaceous, though lithe, female flesh laid out before him, in
all its' glory. One finger touches her erect clit; another opens up her outer labia, and comes away damp-attesting
to his bed patrner's growing excitement.

When he enters her, a short while later, she is very, very wet, and takes him in surprisingly easily: normally, his
size is an impediment to quick and effortless penetration (NOT a development either is overly concerned about at
this very moment...

After they change positions (awhile later, to 'doggy'), her index finger flicks rapidly at her un-hooded clit (one of his
thumbs, by the way, is buried deeply and firmly within her clencling anus). The muscular father to be is mesmerized
by her incessantly wobbling buttocks, and picks up the pace, making them bounce so fast and hard that they BLUR...

Later: His very welcome movements in her clasping pussy are more erratic; once she locks her ankles behind the small
of his back, the thrusts smooth-out. Both of their groin areas are soaked with her abundant juices. She whiles in protest
when he pulls out suddenly, pushing her thighs up and apart, and brings his face down to lick hungrily at her slightly-
gaping vaginal trench.

Through slitted eyes, Tasha lets out a gasping sigh when Reade gently fingers her clit. He leans in to browse lips and
tongue over her closely shaven mons; if the sweat pooling between her thighs bothers him, he gives no indication.
Due the activities of his manual and lingual digits, sweat wasn't the only pooling between the lusty Latina's thighs.

Her hands grasp his head (a little forcefully), and lift it out from between her legs. "METEMELA," she growls throatily.
(PUT IT IN ME). He is more than happy to: they join together yet again, the loud chorous of their gasps and groans
fill the large bedroom.