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Tomohisa Sees the World

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There were a couple of things Ryuji knew about Tomohisa that perhaps others were not aware of.

One, he was born with underwear on. Tomohisa has been neither completely naked nor completely clothed at any given time prior to becoming a professional idol. He learned this the hard way.

Two, he was modern technology illiterate.

These are the things that bring Ryuji to where he is today: sitting at the apartment while Tomohisa packs a bag with Lucas, MooNs' android assistant, perched upon his shoulder. It was as though Lucas was a bird, and Tomohisa talks to him while he shoves extra packs of Crystal Light (strawberry kiwi flavor) in his suitcase. Ryuji has no words, but he tries to asses the situation.

"Why is Lucas with you? Won't everyone be locked out of their apartment?"

"We have that arranged."

"...Where are you going to go?"

Tomohisa just smiles and pets Lucas's "head". Then, as an afterthought, he says softly, "We're going to discover the world together."

Ryuji doesn't want to know.



It takes several hours to get where he needs to go. Tomohisa only has one day, but he knows its sufficient enough to see what he wants to see. He secures his small suitcase to the back of Stephanie (his beautiful, wonderful horse) and straddles himself onto her back.

"Lucas, are you ready to see what life has to offer?"

"Unfortunately I do not have eyes. But I can assist you in whatever you need to find," Lucas replies.

"Please give me directions to the nearest bar, Lucas."

The sun is already setting, but Tomohisa and his trusty companion ride down the meadow and into the city, Stephanie galloping at full speed. It doesn't matter if there are people in the way; they move lest the be hit by the prince's majestic beast. It doesn't matter if they recognize his face, or if the cops are called; they cannot stop him.

"Your destination will be on the right," Lucas calls, and Tomohisa gets Stephanie to stop at a screeching halt. A policeman walks up to them.

"Sir," he says angrily. "You are not permitted to ride your horse within the city limits! Please dismount yourself from your horse immediately."

Tomohisa slinks off Stephanie's back. Suddenly, he's running up to the cop, and grasps his hands, tears in his eyes. "Please, sir… Today is the only chance I have. I need to see the world." Perhaps it's his charm, the way his white lashes sparkle in the city lights. It could be that he's so close to his face, or maybe it's the urgency in his voice or possibly all of those things combined, but the policeman blushes and swallows hard.

"B-but still… I cannot allow this horse to stay within city limits."

"Stephanie will bring me home! This will take less than an hour, I promise," Tomohisa cries out. "If she is not allowed with me, then please… take her home or hold onto her for me, just for this hour."

Tomohisa starts to walk away.

"Sir!! Your horse! I don't even know who you are! Sir! Wait!!"

It's too late because Tomohisa has his suitcase and is already in the bar.



The first step, as seeing the world always starts with, is to get as drunk as possible. When he walks up to the bar, he's surprised to see Kento as the bartender. "Tomo?" he says, flabbergasted.

"Kento!" he exclaims, equally as confused. "I didn't you that you were a bartender."

"It's a secret," he mutters. "So don't tell anyone, okay?" He puts a finger to his lips. "Not to mention I'm not sure if this is legal, so as far as we're concerned, I am not 'Kento'. I have no idea who that is. I'm Ai Mikaze. See." As to somehow make a point, he emphasizes the part of his hair to one side and tries to put up a small ponytail. Tomohisa has no idea what this means at all.

"Alright, I understand," he says seriously, then slams both of his open palms on the bar counter. "Now, Ai-kun… Give me a tall glass of the strongest drink you can make, stat."

"Ai-kun" returns Tomohisa's serious look with one full of concern. "Are you sure about this? I've only served it once before and it almost killed the man I served it to."

Tomohisa senses his hesitation, but he is having none of that. He slaps the counter again, gripping at the surface with enough force to piss off the customers on either side of him. "Make it something nasty. Onegaishimasu."

"Ai-kun" says nothing back. With his lips pursued, he reaches underneath the counter and pulls up what looks like a cooler with a dispenser attached to it. He grabs a shot glass and lifts the nozzle to release the liquid…

...but Tomohisa doesn't see any liquid released. "Ai-kun" passes Tomohisa the shot glass, and before he can retort, "Ai-kun" says with a powerful force in his voice, "Do it. Take the shot."

It's almost like he's possessed because he's immediately taking the glass and pressing it to lips. Tosses it back like a pro, he doesn't even feel anything go down his throat but then it immediately it feels like it fucked him right in the brain with the first dildo he used back in highschool.

Wait, what?

He slams the shot glass down. "Make this one a double."

"Ai-kun" looks honestly terrified but he still passes Tomohisa another shot, which he downs in less than a second. He wipes his lips on the back of his hand even though there isn't any liquid to wipe off. "Ai-kun" looks like he's about to ask him something, but instead Tomohisa licks his lips and starts unbuttoning his shirt. "Hey," he groans, sensually, making everyone infinitely uncomfortable. "Wanna snort these Crystal Light packets with me?"

He slams his suitcase on the counter, shattering whatever glasses are in his way, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if no one replies, he gets the packets and rips them open with his teeth, making uncomfortable eye contact with "Ai-kun" all the while. It doesn't even matter, nothing does, it's just him, one of his friends, and Crystal Light in neat lines on top of glass shards, glittering, enticing. He ducks down, face pressed against the cold wood, and sniffs as hard as he can, moaning loudly as the taste of strawberry kiwi fills his nose, his lungs, followed by the sharp smell of iron, blood now dripping down his face.

Then, suddenly composing himself, Tomohisa pushes his bangs back, smiling and sighing. "Ah, that's more like it. I have to go to Denny's now. I'll see you tomorrow."

Tomohisa reaches down the front of his pants, producing a lot of scandalous gasps from those around him, including a shocked "Ai-kun" who hasn't moved since he poured the second shot. A small bit of relief washes over them as Tomohisa produces crisp ¥10,000 notes out of his drawers, almost as if they were printed there, and he slides them towards "Ai-kun" before sauntering outside.

The policeman is still there. Even though blood is dripping down his face, getting into his mouth, he smiles at the officer like nothing is wrong and gets back on Stephanie. "Thank you for watching my horse, sir," Tomohisa says politely. "Now then… Lucas, take us to the nearest Denny's."

"Huh… huh?! Sir, come back! Sir, this is a violation of the law! C-come back! Wait! Waaait!!"

But it doesn't matter. Nothing does. Nothing can beat the feeling of the wind in his hair, blowing against his exposed chest as he rides towards the Denny's parking lot, flavors of blood and strawberry swirling on his tongue.



It's cold and quiet, and very dark. Tomohisa groans softly, trying to open his eyes. It feels like his eyelids are weighted, so it takes him a minute or two to regain his sight. He feels like he's pinned down, and he realizes passively that he's completely naked and Ryuji and Kazuna are curled up underneath both of his arms. What happened last night..?

Oh, right. He saw the world last night, or at least, he's sure he probably did judging by his current condition. He recognizes his surroundings as Stephanie's stable, in which he sighs in relief. At least he doesn't have to worry about his horse's whereabouts. He's a little bit worried by the fact that the only thing covering them are Denny's menus, and not paper copies, mind you. The laminate feels bad on his sweaty skin, so he stirs a bit in hopes that his friends (boyfriends?) wake up.

Ryuji wakes up. He can tell by the way he moves subtly in the sleepy way he always does. He lifts his head and looks Tomohisa in the eyes. It's quiet, soft, and Tomohisa smiles down at him.

There's only one thing that needs to be said.

"...You should have told me you were going to Denny's in the first place, you idiot."

Tomohisa saw the world.