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Beneath the Monster

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Midoriya was sat on a pristine, almost completely empty beach, watching the sunset in an array of colours beyond the comprehension of just about everybody else.

Next to him, his idol, mentor, and guardian watched with him, the pair having settled into a comfortable silence, listening to the gentle rhythm of waves crashing against the sand.

It was nice. Especially after the chaos that had been his day up until that point

Midoriya felt himself release the tension in his muscles, as part of his mind receded into his past.

Over the course of the remaining sunset, he replayed his life. He relived the life of Izuku Midoriya.


——— 15 Years Earlier ———

Midoriya remembers being born. He remembers when he first saw the world, and remembers his confusion. He remembers all the emotions that flooded him at once, and he remembered the look of fear that overcame everybody around him.

Then his mother took him, and Midoriya felt safe.

The doctors relaxed after that as well.

That doesn’t mean their masked concerned went unnoticed by the boy, though.

They took Midoriya away after that, for “routine tests” they said. Those tests were more to make sure he wouldn’t die within the hour, or the day, or the week for that matter.

3 days later, Midoriya Izuku had a name, and his mother and father, Inko and Hisashi, recurved a comprehensive report on his quirk, and it’s effects, coupled with a child. Their child. Whose skin had turned green and was covered in scales, who had dozens of tentacles and a pair of bat like wings protruding from his body, who now could also walk, and say simple words and phrases cheerfully through telepathy.

The report was interesting;
Quirk: Lovecraft
Type: Mutation
Subject displays an accelerated rate of healing
Subject lacks hairs of any kind
Subject has countless extendable tentacle like protrusions all the over body, the largest of which originating from where the spine, shoulders, collarbone, and pelvis should be.
Subject lacks bones, instead being supported by hyper dense muscle fibres and unique cell and body structure.
Subject’s limbs composed of intertwined tentacles, can be unwound.
Subjects skin shown to be highly resistant to conventional means, layered scales, which are seemingly composed of a biological carbon lattice, similar in structure to carbon nano tubing
Subject has no breaches in its skin; it lacks ears, a nose, a mouth, pores, etc., however, it does have eyes, albeit they lack lids, pupils, and irises, and have glowing, emerald green sclera, and are in fact, just facades; subject’s “eyes” not involved in sight.
Subject has what can only be described as a Chthulu beard.
Subject has open circulatory system, with a blood substitute compound that, within regular people, interferes with the parasympathetic nervous system, and triggers a rapid drop in blood pressure via a combination of blood vessel dilation and the slowing of the victims heart rate.
Subject’s scales shown to be orientable, allowing them to be used as spikes, for purposes such as climbing, or fins, for underwater propulsion/steering.
Subject’s skin performs multitude of functions; it acts as a sensory organ, detecting chemicals in the air for a sense of smell, vibrations to allow for the sensation of hearing, and absorbing light, granting omnidirectional sight (interestingly, due to the different mechanics behind the subject’s version of sight compared to the conventional one, the image the subject can “see” consists of a wider range of colours within the visible spectrum of light, as well as the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, all layered over each other), the skin also acts as a membrane, allowing the subject to harvest resources it requires from its surroundings, such as bacterium (which are then killed and cannibalised by the subject’s toxic blood) and expel waste in the form of gasses. Interestingly, the subject’s unique biology means it doesn’t require oxygen for survival, a fact supported by the unique structures that have replaced its mitochondria, instead, it seemingly absorbs and stores energy in its vicinity, for example; heat, light, kinetic and electrical (note: this absorption isn’t overly powerful, meaning even slightly more extreme energies overwhelm it easily, i.e. fire still burns it)
Subject has an atypical nervous system, as it lacks a formal brain, instead with its consciousness is seemingly spread across its body (a byproduct of this is the subject lacks both the need and ability to sleep, flawless reaction times, and massively enhanced neurological function)
Subject has functioning wings.
Subject has unique organ structure, with multiple copies of each organ, and would appear capable of shifting positions within the subject.
Subject can shed scales.
Subject passively emits fear inducing pheromones, the rate of production of which increases proportional to the strength of subject’s negative emotions.
Subject communicates via a form of mono directional telepathy, range unknown for general communication, but subject must know targets position within a couple of meters for targeted communication.
Subject’s skin is pale green.
Subject’s scales are deep forest green.
Subject has lines running along tentacles, wings, and down “spine” region that glow the same green as the “eyes”.
Subject’s DNA has been altered by the quirk, leading to the introduction of a third strand to the double helix, and altered the chromosomal structure rendering the subject infertile (it would appear this third strand came from a zygotic mutation in the genes associated with quirks, which led to a replication error, which wasn’t amended due the stage at which it occurred).
Subject’s tissue samples have shown that each cell also contains unidentifiable organelles; it is believed one of them is responsible for the production of the subject’s “blood” but it isn’t possible to test due to the cells instability when disconnected from the body.
Subject would appear to have an extremely high stem cell count, purpose unknown. The 90% of the third strand of DNA seems to be dormant in specialised cells; it’s theorised that external factors may trigger its activation (a quirk within a quirk, if you will).

Inko was star struck by her objectively unnerving child; where others saw a nightmarish monster, she saw her beautiful, extremely advanced, baby boy. Hizashi, however quickly walked out, refusing to believe his son was, in fact, his, all the while accusing Inko of having an affair.

From that day on, the only connections he had with his child were the significant child support cheques he sent once per fortnight, from his new job in America.

But just about everybody could see that little Izuku couldn’t have cared less. Midoriya would tell you himself, if you asked.

The Midoriya family, sans the father, went home the next day, and they were happy.

At 1 week old, Midoriya was putting together proper sentences.

At 1 month old, he’d taught himself to read.

Then, at 3 months old, the discrimination started.

Bakugou Mitsuki felt like a bad friend. Her best friend since high school had given birth, and promptly been divorced by her husband, just over 3 months ago, and yet she still hadn’t found the time to go visit. That would change before the day was done. She was sure of it.

She reached the Midoriya residence, and felt... put off. She dismissed the feeling as nerves over meeting her friends son. She knocked on the door, and was quickly met by the delighted face of Inko, who promptly invited her in. Mitsuki asked about Inko’s child, and her friend started to tell her all about him; how he behaved, how advanced he was for his age, how kind he was. Mitsuki noticed how she avoided actually describing his appearance, but thought nothing of it.

Then she heard a voice in her head, saying it had finished its studying, and would be coming downstairs, and she shot up, surprised, much to Inko’s amusement. Inko then explained to her that it was part of her Izuku’s quirk, and she relaxed a bit.

Inko watched her friend relax, before hearing the light tapping of footsteps as her son descended the stairs, and the swish of air as he reached the wider hallway and could spread his wings and fly through to the living room. She was excited to see her friend meet her son. They would get along great, she thought.

She thought wrong. Their meeting was a disaster.

Midoriya flew through in a flash of green, landing softly, forming a triangle with the two adults. Unfortunately, he hadn’t expected guests, so he’d let himself loose; the tentacles that made his limbs had untangled and gone limp, and the tentacles sprouting from his back hung loose. Luckily, his clothes covered the smaller tendrils that covered his body.

Mitsuki then made the whole situation 100 times worse by immediately screaming at the sight, which caught Midoriya of guard, scaring the hell out of him, which lead to him releasing a wave of pheromones, paralysing Mitsuki and Inko with fear, if only for a moment. It really didn’t help. In the split second it took for the adults to recover, Midoriya intertwined his limb tentacles to resemble, you know, limbs, and wrapped the tentacles of his back around his torso, before folding in his wings.

Mitsuki looked at him as if he had just ate a child, before screaming again. Midoriya wasn’t fazed this time though. She looked at Inko, and for the first time since Midoriya’s voice appeared in her head, spoke.

“What the fuck is that thing, and where’s your son?” Mitsuki’s voice contained so much venom, it was almost tangible in the air. Midoriya, for his part, looked as confused as he possibly could, bearing his lack of facial features, aside from the eyes-but-not-really, and tentacle beard, before realising what she meant. He had read plenty on world history, both pre and post, and knew what discrimination was.

Inko, for her part, didn’t take it lying down.
“What do you mean? That ‘thing’, as you put it,” her voice shifted from soft to forceful, “is my son.”
“Heh, no. No way is the darling Izuku you told me about on the phone some kind of monstrous freak. That beast over there is clearly older than three months old, too. Where’s your actual child, Inko?”

As it turns out, trying to play the situation off as a joke was the worst thing Mitsuki could have done. Especially when the younger Midoriya asked his mother
“When will the bigoted lady leave, mum?”

Needless to say, Mitsuki didn’t hear him. She only saw the shift in Inko’s face, before being asked to leave. It’d be a lie to say there was any real hope about repairing their relationship after that day. It’d also be a lie to claim that Mitsuki would raise her son to be more accepting than her; instead, she raised her son with a vendetta against a boy he never thought he’d meet. Something that surprised all parties involved, though, was Masaru’s (Mitsuki’s husband) stance on the matter. He did his equivalent of the unthinkable. He argued with his wife.

Turns out, the quiet, easy going people are the ones you should fear when angered.

In the aftermath, Inko decided public schooling may not be the best for her son, which is how he found himself in an online school, where he wouldn’t be bullied for his appearance. Interestingly, she decided to throw him in straight away, despite him being 4 months old. Even more interestingly, he’d be at middle school level by the end of the year.

Time, from that point onwards, became a blur, and suddenly Izuku was a five year old, who’d completed middle school, read half a library of books, gained an obsession for breaking down quirks and quirked fights, and had tried, and failed, to make friends countless times, only to gain a pack of bullies, lead by none other than Bakugou Katsuki.

The funny thing was that Bakugou and his goons couldn’t actually do anything to him. Apart from hurt his feelings. Which usually made them run away from fear. They never actually put two and two together that upsetting Midoriya caused the fear, though, and always tried that much harder to beat him up the next time. They always failed.

Then, one day, something changed. Inko decided to take her son to the aquarium.

She didn’t realise who they would meet there.

She didn’t realise that she was about to save her Izuku from a monster.

She didn’t realise that she was about to give him a friend.