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Bangtan Sonyeondan.

A dangerous crime family.
7 members in the making.
"Rolexes, chaffeurs and low fades..."


The Boss, Min Yoongi.
Alias: Suga
Alternate Persona: Agust D

Heir to his father's throne.
Runs the biggesst crime syndicate in Korea.
'Capo di Tutti Capi'
Grew up with crime.
First gun: 8
First kill: 11

Controlling.Treasures his family.
A cold-blooded murderer.
Honor above all.

"You messed with the wrong person."


The Consigliere, Kim Namjoon.
Alias: RM

The Underboss.
Grew up with Yoongi.
From a family of high blood.

Always has a plan.
Plans intricate missions, never fails.
Protects his members at any cost.

"You should have thought twice."


The Assassin, Kim Seokjin.
Alias: Jin

Doesn't miss a single target.
Eyesight a hawk.
Always on the lookout.

Swoops in at just the right milisecond.
Loves a good shooutout.
Protector of his untraditional family.

"Don't you know? Nothing escapes my lens."
"The last second is the most valuable, after all."


The Hitman, Jung Hoseok.
Alias: J-Hope

Looks good doing jt.
Face of a millions suns.
Hands of the darkest night.
Master of firearms.

One bullet, one forehead.

"Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, ever heard of it?"
"I don't have time for last words."


The Hacker, Kim Taehyung.
Alias: V

Leaves no traces behind.
In and out, a tornado.
Went horribly wrong but right somewhere in the process.

Always watching your every move.

"Darling, the Pentagon was easy."
"Watch your step, I know the next two."


The Bait, Jeon Jungkook.
Alias: Kook

Blood on his mind.
Blood on his hands.
Murders with sharpened poise.

'Playtime before death time'
Knife sets like he's on Chopped.

Youngest, quickest, most careless.

"Dirty Diana..."
"You have no idea how dangerous I am."


The Escort, Park Jimin.
Alias: ---

Kisses before he kills.
Likes to get dirty to do his work.
Spy extraordinaire.
Maneater gone wild.

Yoongi's prized possession.

"One kiss is all it takes..."



Bangtan Sonyeondan.