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Me, Myself, and Isa

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It was a calm, quiet night that found Lea and Isa nestled close together on their sofa-bed, making out instead of watching whatever silly romantic comedy Lea had put on. Both Roxas and Xion were out of the house at a sleepover, and the pair were taking advantage of that. Isa had already let the back of the futon down so that he could press his lover into the thick material, Lea’s knees locked around Isa’s hips, softly grinding up. Their lips and tongues tangled together, a string of kisses only interrupted by sporadic moans. Isa let one hand slowly trail down the redhead’s side to slip underneath the thin sleeping shirt Lea wore; both men hissed at the delicate sensation of fingers on heated skin.

This, the sense of being loved and loving in return, was more than Lea could have ever wanted. And yet, he felt restless. Unsatisfied, almost. Lea tried to ignore the feeling, focusing instead on how Isa’s hair felt threaded through his fingers. He pulled instinctively, and Isa drew back with a soft groan.

“You’re pulling too hard,” he whispered, teal eyes narrowed slightly. Lea frowned as he felt that vague sense of frustration return.

“Sorry,” he apologized, coaxing Isa back down to kiss him again. Still, Lea was distracted. Since Isa’s recompletion, the pair had gone to great lengths to rediscover one another as lovers. Lea had been fifteen when he’d had his heart stolen—Isa, sixteen—well before their physical relationship had gone beyond kissing and heavy petting. After some initial awkwardness, they’d dedicated themselves to learning what each other desired, craved, and wanted. For instance, Lea preferred to be penetrated, whereas Isa got off on being needed. It was as if they were apprentices again, however Lea enjoyed these experiments much more than the old days.

But then, why was he feeling so… unfulfilled?

Isa pulled off again and glared at his boyfriend. “If you’d rather we stop, you just have to say so,” he said, sounding slightly hurt. “I wouldn’t want to bore you.”

“It’s not that, I—” Lea groaned, extracting his fingers from Isa’s hair to run a hand down his flushed face. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Sorry,” he added. Thankfully, Isa’s glare softened as he drew Lea’s hand back so that they both cupped the redhead’s cheek. Excessive apologies had become a bad habit for Lea, especially when he was stressed about something.

Isa pressed a soft kiss to Lea’s brow. “What does your heart say?” he asked. A decade without hearts left both men unused to deciphering their emotional needs. As such, it had become habitual for Isa to check in with Lea, and vice versa.

Lea’s eyes slipped shut as he forced his breathing to slow. Being a keyblade wielder helped a bit, but more often than not Lea still felt as though his heart… resisted him sometimes. It took focus to feel the reassuring thump-thump-thump and, beyond that, the emotional bonds that made up his heart. The frustration flared, however this time it took direction: get him under you.

In a practiced move, Lea used his hold and Isa’s unpreparedness to reverse their positions. The sight of Isa splayed out beneath him, disheveled and hard, sent a thrill through Lea. “I want—” he said, mouth watering as his heart whispered its desires, “—I want to taste you, Isa.”

Lea,” Isa moaned, hips instinctively grinding against his partner. “I-if you’re sure…”

“I am.” With a parting kiss, Lea slid down Isa’s body. He let his heart dictate his actions, rucking Isa’s shirt up to press hard, suckling kisses to the blue-haired man’s chest. Lea felt Isa’s heart pounding under his lips, sending a thrill of sensation racing down his spine. He loves this, a thought occurred to him, when you’re hungry for him. Like there’s no one else in the world for you but him.

“Ngh, Lea!” Isa shouted as Lea latched onto a nipple, tongue laving and teeth gently biting. Fingers wove into the redhead’s wild hair to hold him in place. “That’s just... gods, that’s good.”

Lea groaned into Isa’s chest. His lover was rarely so vocal. Keep going, his heart urged. Show him how hungry you are. Lea continued trailing down Isa’s torso, palms and mouth feeling out the faint lines of his abdominals. He dipped his tongue into Isa’s navel, and his boyfriend keened. “Lea, please,” he begged, voice gone hoarse from need.

Shh, I’ve got you, baby,” Lea replied which… was odd. He’d never used pet names for Isa before, but the impulse was hard to ignore. Speaking of hard to ignore—

Lea eased Isa’s shorts down his hips, the older lifting up to help. The redhead pulled away briefly to look at his boyfriend, and oh, it was hot. Isa looked completely undone, shirt gathered up to reveal a chest covered in blooming love bites, exposed cock thick and aching. Lea could feel himself leaking, pre-come no doubt staining the front of his pants. “Fuck, Isa. Just… look at you.”

Isa’s fingers gripped him harder. “Please,” he said again, and Lea’s control snapped. He gave himself fully to his heart’s desire, no gentle teasing but rather devouring Isa’s dick, sucking him deep into his mouth. Distantly, Lea felt pain as Isa nearly tore his hair out, but he was too distracted by the feel and taste of his lover to care.

The noises they made were obscene, harsh breaths and groans from Isa accompanied by messy slurping. Lea bobbed up and down, hand reaching up to gently fondle Isa’s sack. He was making a mess, but it felt so good

“Go on,” Lea teased, lips just brushing the tip. “Fuck me like this, Isa.” Both men shuddered as Lea, once again, wondered just where in hell that came from? As if on autopilot, Lea moved his hand to find Isa’s, adjusting him so that both his lover’s hands rested on his head. It felt exciting and new. Lea and Isa had never done this before. Or, hadn’t they?

(“If you cannot quiet yourself, then I will do it for you.”

“That supposed to be a threat, Saïx? Come on, you know I can take it.”)

Isa moved tentatively, uncertainly as he slowly guided Lea’s head down. Lea’s eyes squeezed shut as memories of a different time, another life, washed over him. Relax, you can take it. He… he could, gag reflex instinctively ignored so that he could take Isa even deeper, all the way to his base. The small discomforts of his hair being pulled, throat bruising, and lungs protesting for air only heightened his own arousal. Lea moaned around Isa’s cock, the vibrations causing his boyfriend to thrust his hips impulsively.

“Nngh, Lea, I’m close,” Isa warned, pulling the redhead back just to push him down again, this time harder. Lea moaned again, hands braced against the futon on either side of Isa’s hips for leverage as his boyfriend moved him faster and faster, seemingly lost in the sensation of Lea’s mouth. He could feel Isa start to throb against his tongue, breaths speeding up until—“ohfuck, Lea!

Lea greedily swallowed Isa’s release, tongue lapping his slit to coax out any last drops. Smacking sticky lips, Lea pushed himself up to kneel over his trembling lover. His cock pulsed, and Lea was quick to pull down his sleep pants just enough to take himself in hand. Shaking hands grabbed him by the hips; Lea moaned at Isa’s staring, jaw dropped from aroused shock.

Voyeurism kink? he thought. Heh, that’s new.

Wait, what?

Unease met desperate need as Lea fucked his own hand, brow furrowed in confusion. His fingers began to tingle with pins and needles. An unsettling sensation followed as his hands moved themselves without Lea’s conscious effort. Well? Let’s give him a show.

“Huh—” Lea gasped, before his mouth was filled once again, this time with three of his own fingers. “Mmmnnn…” His grip tightened, and Lea couldn’t stop his eyes from closing if he tried. Isa’s hold on his hips tightened.

Fuck,” Isa cursed. “You look so good, Lea. You’re so beautiful.” Hearing his boyfriend’s praise helped abate the unnerving disorientation of feeling almost… distant from his own body. Lea moaned against the fingers pumping in and out of his mouth as his hips gave an instinctive thrust. He was close, he was so close

That’s it, the thought—no, a voice—urged. Let go, Lea…

Mmph!” Lea cried as he came, the confused sound muffled by his own fingers. He spilled everywhere, his hands, shirt, Isa’s stomach… Lea couldn’t remember the last time he had such an intense orgasm. A deep sense of satisfaction came over him, and the tingling sensation faded.

Beneath him, Isa stared. “I’m not complaining,” his lover said idly, “but where did that come from?”

“I— I don’t know,” Lea admitted, lifting his hand to his chest, mindless of the mess. Eyes narrowing, Isa propped himself up.

“Are you alright?” he asked, running a hand along Lea’s side. “You’re shaking,” he added. Lea hadn’t realized, but now that he had… something was wrong. He didn’t feel right. What was wrong with him?

Don’t know, the voice returned. Been wondering about that, myself.

“Wha-?” Lea shook his head, and the odd distant feeling flared again. “Sorry, don’t know what came over me.” Lea looked down, and grimaced at the mess he’d made. “Let me just… go wash up. I’ll be right back.” He gave Isa a quick peck on the lips, although his partner still looked concerned. Once in the bathroom, Lea splashed water onto his face. The cold was jarring, but the unsettling tightness in his chest remained. Blindly grabbing a towel, Lea dried off, then glanced at his reflection in the mirror.

If he could, Lea would have screamed. The mirror reflected a familiar smirk, however it wasn’t Lea that smiled. Lea’s face felt numb, out of his control. A voice, the same one he’d heard earlier, echoed in Lea’s thoughts.

‘bout damn time you noticed.

Something snapped and Lea regained control. He screamed and lashed out instinctively. By the time Isa found him, his throat was raw and his hand was bleeding, and pieces of glass from the shattered mirror littered the floor.

They all reflected Axel back at him.