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Area 51

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Shuri: Yo, Pete. You up for raiding Area 51?

Peter: You know the memes are ironic, right???

Shuri: Yeah but with my tech and your superpowers, we could do it.

Peter: How serious are you?

Shuri: I'm serious.

Peter: ...

Peter: Let's do it.

Peter knew that it wasn’t exactly the greatest idea, and Mr. Stark would be rolling in his grave at the idea but Shuri did have awesome tech and it would be safer with her.

Shuri: Who do we want on our Raid Area 51 Team?

Peter: Can we bring Ned and MJ?

Shuri: You think MJ would come?

Peter: Maybe. She totally hates the US government.

Shuri: VALID.

Shuri: Can we ask Liz, too? 👀

Peter: Do you still have a crush on her?

Shuri: Shh. Someone will hear you.

Peter: Shuri, this channel is so encrypted the CIA can’t access it. Who are you worried is going to hear?

Shuri: WELL can she come?

Peter: Yeah, okay. Anyone else?

Shuri: Maybe someone else with superpowers?

Peter: Maybe we can convince Wanda. I bet Wade would come. If we wanted him to...

Shuri: A true asset to the team. Text him.

Peter: k, I’m inviting MJ, Ned, Wanda, and Wade.

Shuri: What about Liz???

Peter: You invite her! She’s your girlfriend!

Shuri: I WISH.

Shuri: Sending her an evite.

Peter: Well if you’re doing evites, just send them to everyone then.

Shuri: They’re going to say Shuri and Peter Invite You To Raid Area 51. But when?

Peter: Saturday. Also, might want to make a note that we’re actually serious.

Shuri: Gotcha.

Shuri invited you to Raid Area 51 with Peter Parker.

Invited: Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, Wanda Maximoff, Wade Wilson, Flash Thompson.