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Under The Tuscan Sun

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Under The Tuscan Sun

✩Credit: @koalakookies


“Jungkook?” Taehyung looked at him with a smug smile pulling at the corner of his lips.


“Kookie, you know I wouldn’t let you do this alone, but I need to go with Tae this time.” Jimin came up behind him wrapping his arms around his front in the tactile way only he can pull off.


“So you’re telling me you’re not coming with me to Italy?”


“Right.” Taehyung nodded.


“And Jimin is going with you to this photo shoot because you so desperately need him for moral support - even though he’s never attended any of your previous shoots.” 


“Correct.” Jimin nodded into his back, Jungkook knew he was just trying his best to hide the guilt written all over his face.


“Even though I’m going to be stuck for three weeks in Italy with the love of my life who doesn’t even know I exist?”


“That’s unfair! He knows you exist.” Tae rolled his eyes.


“He knows I exist as his little brothers best friend who picked his boogers and played in mud.” He rolled his eyes - an ‘ ew ’ floating around behind him from Jimin. “He doesn’t know I’m madly in love with him and would do anything for him to tear my clothes off me.”


A cry of ‘ew shut up, that’s my brother ’ fell from Taehyung, as Jimin snickered into his back simultaneously.


“So anyway, yes, that’s the gist of the situation.” Tae mused deciding to brush past Jungkook’s other comments.


“You’re really going to do this to me? You’re going to send me to  Italy to confront my unrequited crush.”


“I think it’s more like love at this point Kookie.” Jimin said as he leaned back placing a loud kiss between his shoulder blades, then moving and wrapping himself around his boyfriend.


“You don’t have to confront him, just be there… with him. You’re in the country of love, with your love - what could go wrong?” Taehyung shrugged, his arms snaking around Jimin’s waist and pulling him closer.


“Exactly, so you two should come, you know, like we planned, three weeks ago.” He grumbled at them, pouting as he folded his arms.


“But this maternity photo shoot is not going to shoot itself Kookie, I'm sorry.” He shook his head with such a defeated look on his face that Jungkook almost half believed him.


“The photoshoot - right.” He sighed loudly, leading himself away to the front door of the boyfriends apartments. “I’m going home.”


Before he could reach it two arms wrapped around his stomach, pulling him backwards, “out of curiosity, what gave away that he was lying?” Jimin mumbled.


“Probably the bear. Who takes their maternity photos with a bear?!” Jungkook shook his head.


“I told him to say teddy bear.” He sighed. “Tae thinks it’ll be good for you. I’m not so sure, but you know what he’s like when he gets something stuck in his head.”


Jungkook pulled away, turning around to look sadly at his friend. “These three weeks are going to kill me.”


“Give it a week, if it’s awful - tell me. I’ll call you back with some emergency and cover it with Tae so he never knows.”


“Promise?” He sighs.


“I promise.” He wraps him up in one last, tight, hug, before leaning back to smile encouragingly. “I’ll make sure Tae comes round next Wednesday to help you pack.”


“He better do all the work.” The younger grumbles.


Jimin sticks his little finger out whilst smiling. “Wha?”


“Joonie hyung taught me it, gimme your little finger!”


With that Jimin wraps their little fingers together, an excited smile blooming across his face. “I promise.” Jungkook looks at him in soft confusion, smiling slightly.


“Go get your man.”


“Not gonna happen.”


He’s only met with a dismissive ‘hmmm’ before the door closes behind him.








Jungkook moves forward through the security line, his body acting as if it was on autopilot. He’d just finished a thirteen hour flight and to say he was exhausted would be an understatement.


He yawned loudly, stretching his arms above his head and tried not to let the weight of his rucksack pull him backwards. All the teasing from Taehyung still ringing in his ear, ‘are you sure you’ve packed everything? There’s still a kitchen sink and a spare dog bowl for Yeontan here.’


As he reached the front of the line with tired excitement, the security guard smiled at him politely as he handed his passport over. He answered the monotone questions in a matching tone - “Just visiting.” “Three weeks.” “Staying with a friend.” She nodded him forward with a stamp of his passport and moved onto the next person in line.


Jungkook felt a wry smile pass his face as he thought about his answer, friends . He’d mulled that term over a lot for the two of them, Namjoon wasn’t something he quite defined as a friend, nor as a stranger, sitting somewhere in between.


Kim Namjoon was a pillar of sorts in Jungkook’s life - a constant presence that always gave the illusion of home, a calming scent of clean cotton and linen that he wanted to dive right into whenever they hugged. Also dimples, did he mention the dimples? Because Kim Namjoon had dimples to die for.


And Jungkook had been in love with those dimples since he was five years old.


Although he does often consider that the word ‘ love ’ is possibly too strong of a word to attribute to his five year old feelings of admiration. However, there has always been a part of him, even at such a tender age, that knew. He knew what he felt for Namjoon was different to what he felt for everyone else he’d encountered. It wasn’t the brotherly love he felt when he looked at Taehyung, or the calming best friend love he felt when he looked at Jimin. His love for Namjoon was deeper, brighter, more complex.


When he looked at Namjoon his stomach twisted and his mouth ran dry - colours seemed brighter and birds sang louder. It was as easy as breathing, the world just felt better .


Jungkook had once considered it his destiny to be with Namjoon. Their paths intertwined in such a way it felt like a cliche movie. The older brother, blind to a person for so long who suddenly looks at the best friend and the world goes into slow motion, the clouds part and the world seems brighter, better.


Then, reality set in. Namjoon was Taehyung’s older brother, Taehyung, his best friend, the platonic love of his life. There was not a single part of him that was willing to put that part of his life on the line. So, he stayed quiet, the awkward, dorky kid who was way too into anime for Joon to ever consider him a love interest. He couldn’t face the world if they were to break up and he lost the one person he loved most in the world. 


It’s not as if Jungkook thought about their potential break up often, but he wasn’t stupid. No relationship he’d ever been a part of had lasted longer than the six month mark and he just couldn’t bring himself to face that with the love of his life. The fact that the relationships probably failed due to a pair of dimples and a killer smile was something he was not yet willing to face.


He wasn’t sure if Taehyung had always known about his feelings, part of him thinks he must have. His best friend was perceptive. 


… Then there was also the more likely option that Jimin had told him.


Jimin is Taehyung’s soulmate. The two of them held no secrets from one another, Jungkook was half convinced they were melting into one person. Their edges blurred when they were together, fading into one another as they forgot the concept of personal space. 


So of course, when Jungkook found himself desperately trying to keep up with Jimin’s impenetrable liver (he was tiny but he could drink more than a sailor) it was inevitable a heart to heart would occur. It was there in some dimly lit bar in Seoul it all spilled out, Jimin caressed his back and whispered words of encouragement as Jungkook let out every emotion he’d held back for 21 years. 


Taehyung had avoided Jungkook for the first few weeks after his confession to Jimin. Whether it was the confirmation of what he already knew, or the new found shock keeping him away he struggled to look Jungkook in the eye. It took an intervention from Jimin and one too many glasses of wine before they were all huddled up together in the boyfriends bed, watching rom-coms, Taehyung’s cries of “that’s gonna be you and Namjoon!” met with a thrown pillow or a smothering kiss from Jimin.


Now Taehyung became offended if that period of time was ever brought up, because he knew about his brother and Jungkook. Of course he knew - how could you accuse him of not knowing? He was there from the start - it was his plan after all, this was his sure fire way of ensuring he and Jungkook became official brothers.


So without waiting for anyone’s opinion, or for he and Namjoon to even become an item Taehyung started ‘the binder’. Jungkook cringed openly as he thought about it. An entire catalogue dedicated to the ‘upcoming June 2021 Namkook wedding’ - he had dubbed them ‘Namkook’ one drunken night with far too much soju in his system. 


Yes, Taehyung had already picked a date.


Thankfully Jimin held him back from touring any wedding venues


However for all of Taehyung's planning there were two problems.


The first? Kim Namjoon currently lived in Italy.


The second? Kim Namjoon had no clue of Jungkook’s crush.


Taehyung decided to rectify the situation by organising a spontaneous trip to Italy to bring his brother home - whilst simultaneously making him fall head over heels in love with Jungkook.


A trip Taehyung never had any intention of taking.


So, this is how Jungkook finds himself walking through the barriers of Florence International Airport, his suitcase in one hand in front of him and his far too heavy rucksack strapped to his back.


Kookie!!”  He hears bellowed to the side of him, a slightly awkward but big body rushing towards him.


“Joonie hyung.” He sighs in relief as his long journey comes to an end, his arms opening wide as the other figure crashes into him.


As soon as the familiar scent of clean cotton and linen hit him, he knew he was in trouble.





It didn’t take long for Namjoon to be holding Jungkook’s suitcase, a bright smile on his face as he handed him an overdue coffee with his free hand.


Jungkook had stood quietly, slightly slack jawed looking upwards at Namjoon reeling off an order in Italian as if it was his natural language. 


Namjoon had changed. He looked up at the sculpted face in front of him, mentally comparing it to the slightly chubbier cheeks of before. His hair dyed a sandy shade of blonde and not his natural dark colour that he used to sport.


“Your hair, it’s blonde.” Jungkook said rather dumbly after he accepted and thanked the elder for the coffee.


Namjoon ran his fingers through his hair, slightly messing the brushed back style he had been going for but making him all the more endearing to Jungkook. “Black felt boring.” He shrugged. “You missed when I dyed it purple, that was fun.” He grinned.


“I dyed my hair red!” Jungkook grinned, feeling slightly pleased with himself when Namjoon looked appropriately impressed. “I also went half blonde and half red at one point, that was a moment.” He laughed at the memory.


“Is that why Taehyung did that?! I was wondering where he got the idea.” He laughed heartily, throwing his head back.


“He said it was his idea first, but I have date stamps.”


Namjoon only shook his head, giggling at him.


“Authentic Italian coffee.” He nodded towards the take away cup in his hand. “You’re going to be addicted by the end of your three weeks.” He winked, leading them towards the taxi rank at the front of the airport.


“Still no drivers license?” Jungkook teased lightly, a smile in his voice.


“Yoongi hyung says it will be a danger to society.” He rolls his eyes. “Maybe he’s right, but I’d like to at least try when I get home, the roads are too crazy here.” Jungkook tries not to react to the way his heart skips a beat at the thought of Joon coming home.


“I did buy a vespa.” He snorts and Jungkook’s heart dips at the thought of Namjoon creating more of a life here than he already had.


“I drove it once, with Yoongi on the back.” The younger couldn’t help the way he snorted and nearly choked on the hot liquid as he imagined Joon on a vespa with Yoongi clinging to his back, praying for dear life.


“Hyung.. He er…” Joon coughs and looks away. “Hyung took the keys with him back to Korea… told me I’m not allowed on it without his supervision.” He kicked the ground slightly, avoiding Jungkook’s gaze.


Jungkook tries not to throw his arms around the elder as the blush creeps onto his cheek, his eyes wide with embarrassment. He always builds Namjoon up to be this large presence, unstoppable, immovable, a hero … Then he quickly remembers he’s just Joonie. The man who can’t hold a knife to chop an onion and can trip over air. The man with the same hyungs as him, with their over bearing quirks and fondness. 


“Maybe it’s for the best.” He smiles, clapping the elder on the back. “I wouldn’t want you getting harmed.”


“I’m actually pretty capable you know.” Namjoon reminds him.


“Of driving?”


“Of living my life without being the clutz”


Jungkook giggled before he could stop himself. “Trust me I know, you’re still the only hyung who can beat me in an Ice skating race.” 


“And don’t you forget it.” Joon grins.





Namjoon helped him into the taxi, insisting on lifting the suitcase into the car. Jungkook tried and failed to keep his eyes straight ahead when his muscles flexed.


“Kook?” Namjoon smiled lightly at him after he spaced out, nudging him towards the car.


The heat from the Italian sun paled in comparison to the sub atomic heat radiating from his cheeks.


The audible sigh he lets out as they crash into the seats of the taxi doesn’t go unnoticed, Namjoon reaching out to pet his hand softly, comfortingly.


“At least the shitty parts over now. You’re in Italy.” He grinned as he waved his hands around.


“Easy for you to say - you’re not jet lagged.”


“East to West is easier than West to East. Buck up.” He slapped his thigh positively, his eyes brightening as he smiled. 


“Tell me some Florence facts while I shut my eyes and get some sleep.”


Namjoon snorts softly. “You know who’s always interested in my facts? Hobi.”


“I’m offended you think I won’t listen to every single one, you know your facts are my favourite hyung.”


“That’s not even remotely true.”


“I’ll take that as a challenge and prove you wrong the next three weeks.”


“You know not everything’s a competition Kookie.” He shook his head bemused at his younger friend.


“Proving my spot as your favourite dongsaeng is.” 


“You’re already my favourite dongsaeng.” Namjoon shrugs as if it was obvious. He then pauses and stares into space for a second, he can already feel the elder taking the words back and braces for impact. “Well… Taehyung, technically, if we’re going on blood, and Jimin is my favourite if we’re going on pure fear alone, but you’re genuinely my favourite personality wise.” He smiled fondly.


Jungkook’s pretty sure his entire heart is now somewhere up with the stars as he stares at his hyung. His mouth ran too dry to even think about talking. 


“Sorry, was that too much? I know we don’t hang out much one on one, but you’ve always made me laugh and…” He sighs.


“No, no.” He shakes his head way too violently, he feels as if it’s about to fall out of socket. “Not too much...  You’re er, you’re probably one of my favourite hyungs, if I don’t include Jimin and Taehyung.”


“You like me more than you like Jin Hyung?” His eyes widen.


“I do.” Jungkook’s grin spread as he watched the thought sinking into Namjoon’s head, his brain processing the information he didn’t quite believe. “Florence facts.” He reminds if only to put him out of his misery.


“Florence facts.” Namjoon repeated, as if he was relieved for the distraction. “Florence is actually divided into four quarters, named after the most important churches. Three of them are on the right hand bank of the River Arno, Santa Maria Novella, San Giovanni and the quarter of Santa Croce. The quarter south of the river is Santo Spiritio.”


Jungkook nodded as Namjoon ticked off the areas on his finger, his eyes alive as he remembered all the facts and figures about the different part of the cities.


“There’s a sprawling market around the edges of the centre of the city, I’ll make sure I’ll take you there, along with the food market. The smoothies.” He made a sound so delicious it almost ran through Jungkook.


“Anyway facts…” Honestly Kookie kind of wanted to hear the sound again, but he allowed Namjoon his fun. “Bernardo Buontalenti was born in Florence.” Jungkook looked at him in confusion as tried to figure out who on earth that was. “He invented Gelato.” Namjoon winked.


“Gelato came from Florence?! Oh God - I’m gonna get so fat.” He patted his stomach in anticipation.


“Just don’t do that thing you did as a kid.” Namjoon crinkled his nose up, continuing at Jungkook’s confusion. “You mixed it all together and threw sauce on it, and…” He shivered at the thought. “Gelato is nice on its own.”


“It tastes better mixed up and melted together - I take no criticism on that front hyung.”




“Facts, I didn’t fly all this way for judgement on my ice cream consumption.”




“Same thing.” Jungkook waved his hand, instantly regretting it as Namjoon’s face pinched in on itself, taking a deep breath. “Shit.” he heard himself mumble under his breath.




Jungkook turned his head as Namjoon listed the many differences between the two foods, something to do with milk and sugar? Jungkook tuned him out almost instantly, his brain running through the entire choreography of EXID’s Up & Down as he stared out the window.


The hills surrounding him were wide and high in comparison to the motorway, his eyes seeing signs for different parts of Italy as they brought him crashing down to where he actually was.


The stone houses nestled in amongst the vineyards contrasting starkly with the temples nestled in amongst the skyscrapers of Seoul. The little red roofs of houses poking out in the oddest of places as the Italian sun beats down on the ground around them. 


Jungkook cracks the window open just slightly, letting the air conditioning of the taxi break for a second as the warm air hits his face. 


He really think he might like it here.





Namjoon helps him into the apartment a twenty minute walk through the cobbled stone streets later, he’d been informed that they were the first streets to be paved in the whole of Italy. The elder excitedly listing off different facts about various sculptures carved into the buildings and different shops.


“Your rooms to the left.” Namjoon motions to the side of him as Jungkook takes in the spacious apartment.


“How on earth did you afford this?” He laughs as his fingers drag along the back of the white sofa, his body automatically taking him over to the veranda at the back of the room.


He pushes the doors open, stepping out onto the sun stained stone, his hand blocking the sunshine out as he looks up towards the spotless blue skies. The massive red dome of the Cathedral over shadowing them, the ‘Duomo’ for short or as Namjoon pointed out the official name the ‘Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore’. 


“This is ridiculous.” He laughs out  loud, taking his phone out of his back pocket to take one too many pictures of the dome in front of him. 


“I don’t really afford it.” Namjoon shrugs as he joins Jungkook on the balcony. “Jin’s family kind of owns it and I live here.”


“You mean Jin’s family owns this place and we’ve never been invited?!” Jungkook tries to keep this shock from his face.


“Jin’s family owns apartments in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, LA, New York…” He trails off listing them on his fingers.


“I need to get closer to Jin Hyung. Holy shit.” Namjoon snorts, shaking his head. 


“To be fair he’d probably put you up in any if you asked. You know what he’s like, he hates showing off his or his families money.”


“He literally stars in a K-Drama, and is married to Moonbyul - we know the dudes rich.” He rolls his eyes. 


“Didn’t know he was this rich though did you?” Namjoon winks as he nudges Jungkook in the side.


“You wait until I next get in the boxing ring with him during class. I’m going to kick his ass.” 


Namjoon throws his head back laughing, his eyes disappearing into crescents. “Why does that not surprise me? Come on, let me show you your room.”





Jungkook stretches his arms above his head as he unpacks the last of his clothes, his back making cracking sounds as he works out the last of the kinks from the plane seat. He may have had three previously booked seats to stretch out into, but planes are still not comfortable.


His long dark hair still dripping wet from the shower as he throws a comb through it, the ends taking on a curl as they always do when it starts growing past his eyes. Jimin had told him emphatically if he cut the length he would receive his full wrath and he refused to have a small black belt tycoon coming his way, so for now it stays growing out - even though it made it impossible to see and took ages to dry. 


“Jungkook?” Namjoon asked as he crashed through the door in only a way he could as he looked down at his phone. “I can get us tickets for the statue of Davi-,”


He trails off as he looks upwards at Jungkook, towel clinging around his waist as he holds the comb to his hair.


“I…” He trails off and Jungkook doesn’t want to get too excited about the triple check he takes of his chest. “I didn’t realise you weren’t dressed, I’ll erm… just.”


“You can talk if you want.” Jungkook may or may not be enjoying the way he could hear the elders mouth getting dryer and dryer, his cheeks taking on a brighter stain of red. 


“Tickets, statue… David… I… Naked…” He coughs suddenly, his cheeks going even brighter if possible. “Not what I meant to say, although he is…” Jungkook raised an eyebrow. “He is naked and so are you! Well you have a towel, and you have really… I mean six pack. DAVID has a six pack, and so do you apparently, and.. Wow… It’s really hot in here isn’t it? Like super hot? I should get some water… maybe I’m dehydrated.” He coughs and runs from the room as if he never had been there in the first place.


“Joon… are you okay?” He calls the words through the door.


“I’m fine.” He pretends not to hear the voice crack as he goes back to unpacking and getting dressed for the evening - Namjoon may appreciate his abs, but that doesn’t mean he has any interest in him.





“So where do you want to start?” Namjoon spins around as they leave the apartment. It’s evening now, the sun had long since set and the street lights now twinkling in the darkness. The heat still clung to their skin but it was cooler, less oppressive.


“Food.” Jungkook could practically hear his stomach growling. “What’s the authentic Florence dish?” 


“Bistecca alla Fiorentina!” Namjoon rolls off the tongue in his best Italian accent.


“And that is?”


“Fancy word for steak.” He giggles looking at him. “I don't know if it’s the ‘authentic dish’ but Jin told me it was last time he came to visit so I trust him.”


“I was in the mood for comfort, but don’t let me leave without trying the steak.”


“There’s a pizza place nearby that literally sells a margarita pizza with french fries on top. Carb overload.”


THAT .” He almost screams into the night air, making a few people turn and stare at the shouting Korean man. “I want that .”


 Namjoon bows, giggling at the younger of the two, holding his arm out like a proper gentleman. “I shall lead the way.” 


If Jungkook stumbled at being this close to Namjoon he tried not to let it show, and if he moved in closer to catch some of his clean linen scent, no one caught him.


They turned out onto the Palazza Vecchio after one or two wrong turns, Namjoon’s directions not as flawless as originally claimed.


Namjoon nodded at the large building at the side of the square, the tall clock tower sitting atop it’s roof. “The town hall.” Namjoon said. 


Jungkook looked with wide eyes at the square shaped building made of solid stone. Gothic windows dotted around the walls. The classic Florentine Lily in the spandrels between the trefoils. Atop sits a crowning of battlements, supported by small arches and corbels. 


Namjoon points to the coat of arms below the arches “the coat of arms of the Florentine republic.” He mumbled to him. “The arches can be used for dropping heated liquids or rocks, in case of invaders. Not that… that would really help you now a days.”


“You never know.” Jungkook shrugged, his eyes glancing downward to the base of the building as he let out an audible gasp.


“Replica.” Namjoon tells him as he catches Jungkook staring at the Statue of David. “Don’t spoil it for yourself, I’ll take you tomorrow.” He pulls Jungkook towards one of the restaurants at the side of the square. 


“So it was here originally?” His eyes cast over the tall buildings surrounding the square, the kids playing around them as people tried to sell toys to the unwilling parents.


“From 1504 to 1873, the original statue was a welcome to all those attending the town hall.... Then people realised it might be best to keep it out of the sun.” He giggled. “The replica has been there since 1910.”


“It survived the war.” He gasps.


“The Nazi’s destroyed each of the bridges along the Almo, however apparently Hitler dubbed the Ponte Vecchio bridge ‘too beautiful to be destroyed’.” He nods at the waiter to find a table for two people. “It really is, I’ll take you there after dinner, there’s jewellery shops lining the edge.”


They eventually sit and each are handed a menu. “You know what I want and get me whatever alcohol won’t send me to sleep but will make my head feel lighter.”





Way too many carbs later Jungkook finds himself waddling slightly out of the open aired restaurant. He feels the Italian beer sitting lightly on the corner of his mind as he allows Namjoon to lead him away from the square.


The sounds of children playing and Italian’s talking fading into the background as they reach the side streets.


“Gelato?” Namjoon motions to the side of them, a gelato place filled to the brim with adults and children alike buying their sweet treat for the evening.


“I can barely move right now, let alone add more food to the mess in my stomach.”


Namjoon laughs as he guides them towards the light at the end of the street. Jungkook can hear the light sound of a busker catching on the night breeze.


“I promised.” He motions in front of them to a river with one of the most spectacular bridges Jungkook had ever seen. “The Ponte Vecchio.” Jungkook instantly let go of Namjoon’s hand that he didn’t even remember beginning to hold. He ran forward onto the bridge itself marvelling at the different colours of the buildings over head.


The small pedestrianised bridge built in a Medieval style had to be one of the most fascinating structures Jungkook had ever set his eyes on. The smallest shops he’d ever seen sat on either side of the small road in the middle - each shop with an ornate shutter that was currently down, announcing to the world they had gone home for the day.


Namjoon came up behind him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. “The shops have been situated here since the 13th century.” He waved at all the small buildings in front of them. “Originally there were butchers and fishmongers along here, all kinds of shops, but the, ahem , ‘industrial waste’.” He put up air quotations around the words. “Were giving off far too much of a stink for the city to handle. So in 1593 Ferdinand I decided that only goldsmiths and jewellers should be allowed to have their shops on the bridge. To improve the well being of all?” He giggled at the end. “Or in order to make the bridge more pretty as you cross it.” 


“It’s beautiful.” Jungkook murmured, looking up at the windows above the shops.


“Wait until you see the best bit.” Namjoon intertwined their fingers together pulling him forward along the bridge. 


Jungkook followed him until the shops turned into nothing but archways on each side, the River Arno flowing beneath them visible for all to see. Tourists and Italians lined the side of the bridge taking pictures or relaxing as they laughed and talked amongst themselves. 


A busker playing light music from his acoustic guitar in the centre of the road, an elderly couple swaying softly to the beat in front of him.


“This is the most magical place I have ever seen.” Jungkook marvelled, his eyes travelling the architecture of the bridge.


Namjoon pulled him towards the edge of the bridges, lining them both up at the front, it was a tight squeeze so Namjoon moved himself behind Jungkook, one hand resting on his shoulder. 


Jungkook looked at the light cream buildings in front of him lining the river Alno, the red of the rooftops even managing to stand out in the depths of the night.


“So, are you enjoying Florence?”


Jungkook giggles. “I have enjoyed my all of…” He looks at his watch. “... 12 hours here.” 


“That’s a start.”


“Can I ask you something that Tae has been bugging me about since we decided to go here, before he decided to ditch me.”


“When will I be coming home?” Namjoon beat him to it, lifting an eyebrow.


“When will you be coming home.”


Namjoon breathed out a long sigh. “When I have something worth going back for.” He shrugs his shoulders.


“What does that mean?” Jungkook half laughs at him.


“It means I have the whole of Europe at my fingertips here, I travel to so many countries. I can still work here just as easily as I can from home.” Jungkook nodded as he imagined that the inspiration for the music he produces with Yoongi must be limitless here. “I love it here. I miss being home desperately, but it’s not as if I have much to go back for right now, apart from my military service in a few years.” He sighs. “I’ll probably move back home after that, try and settle down.”


Jungkook didn’t like the way his stomach swooped with both excitement at the thought of the two of them settling down together and the knowledge that he didn’t mean him. “A few years?”


“Maybe. Unless I find something to go back for before then.”


Jungkook nodded as he turned back to the river in front of him.


“Don’t miss Tae and the rest of us then?”


“I miss you all more than you know.” He said seriously. “I just have a cool Italian image to maintain.”


“Your cool image with your confiscated vespa?” He giggles teasing his hyung, feeling the elbow pushing into his ribcage good naturedly.


Namjoon rolled his eyes fondly, a hand coming up to come through his gradually flopping down hair. “Seriously though, I do miss-” He sighs unable to finish his sentence.


“Tae.” Jungkook finishes for him.


“More than Tae. I miss Jimin’s little murderous looks when things don’t go his way or I spoil the end of a book for him. I miss Yoongi texting me at 4am with music arrangement ideas and we both meet up at the park with Holly and Moni to watch the sunrise. I miss Moni, shit I miss Moni so much. I miss Hobi texting me the crazy things Yoongi is doing while they both pretend not to be head over heels in love with each other. I miss Jin inviting me on set because he wants to show off his acting finesse. I miss boong-uh-bbang, oh GOD I miss boong-uh-bbang, I can practically taste it.” He sighs out into the Italian night air. His eyes closing. “Pasta is good, but it isn’t boong-uh-bbang.”


Jungkook quietly nodded. His heart trying to be too let down that he wasn’t included in that list.


“I missed you.”


Jungkook only smiled, considering himself the afterthought.


“I missed Jeon Jeongguk.”


“Ew, don’t use my real name.”


“Okay, I miss Jungkookie .”


Jungkook shook his head, leaning himself against the wall in front of him.


“I missed you. I missed your little bunny teeth when you smile, and the way your cheeks bunch up around them. I don’t miss feeling like a bean pole standing next to your muscles, but I do miss the way you always protect me even though I’m meant to be the hyung and considered the ‘bigger one’.” If Jungkook preened at that they both didn’t mention it. “I missed the way you look at me like I’m a way better human than I actually feel like I am sometimes.


“You may think I’m Taehyung’s older brother who never really notices you, but I do.”


Jungkook looks up towards him, trying not to smile.


“I really missed you.”


Jungkook couldn’t help the way he leaned his head forward against Namjoon’s chest, bashfully hiding from the revelation that they actually missed each other.


“I missed you.” Jungkook voiced quietly, hidden in the material of his shirt.


They stayed like that for the longest time, neither of them willing to say anything and disturb the moment.


Eventually Namjoon pulled back, a thoughtful grin on his face. “I really do miss boong-uh-bbang though.”


Jungkook only hit him good naturally on the arm. “Find me some gelato you bean pole.” Namjoon grabbed his hand and walked them away from the bridge, their giggles ringing into the night air. 





The next morning Jungkook found himself walking down the hallway of the most unassuming building he had ever stepped foot in. The small alleyway with hundreds of people the only give away to what laid inside the off yellow building lined with green windows.


Namjoon was currently listing different facts about the star attraction of the day. It started with him running through the entire biblical tale in the queue to get in, the story of the famed Goliath who King Saul considered too big to fight, but David had thought of him as too big to miss. He’d walked him through the exact size of the statue, seventeen feet and marvelled at the fact he was created from an unwanted single block of marble.


Nothing Namjoon said however prepared him from the sight that greeted him as he met the statue. Standing strong in an alcove, all light directed at him was the white marble statue of David. Jungkook nodded as Namjoon pointed at the slightly larger right hand, apparently a quiet nod to David’s nickname manu fortis - strong of hand.


Jungkook marvelled at the way each line was perfectly formed into the marble, each crevice and dent so masterfully made it was hard to tear your eyes away from.


“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Namjoon said as he threw his arm around him.


“More than beautiful, incredible, so painstakingly well done, truly a wonder.” He shook his head.


They stayed there for a while longer, circling the statue as everything fell into perspective at how amazing this actually was. Namjoon brought him away to the other parts of the museum, more marble statues and paintings lined the walls. The elder seemed to know a fact about each one as he walked him through the museum section by section, Jungkook clinging onto every word.


Eventually they wound their way back to the statue, sitting on the benches perched behind it.


“Nice butt.” Namjoon whispers after they had sat in comfortable silence for a while.


“What?” Jungkook asks, giggling upwards at him.


“David - he’s got a nice butt.”


“That’s where your mind went?” 


“Well he’s meant to be an Adonis, isn’t he? He’s meant to be attractive, might as well have a look.”


Jungkook snorted at that, nodding his head. 


“Don’t even try to tell me you hadn’t thought it.”


“Actually I was thinking more about the front end.” Jungkook murmured, his cheek flaming slightly. “He could’ve used some more marble, because the man is not packing.”


Namjoon threw his head back laughing, his whole body shaking with giggles.


“Come on since we’ve sat here alone i’ve heard the word ‘not’, ‘big’ and ‘small’ murmured by about 20 different women, and men, and I know for a fact they’re not talking about the size of a statue over all.”


The Korean lady in front of them turned around at that point, sending a wink Jungkook’s way before she giggled to one of her other friends.


“... see .” Jungkook whispered.


“I’ll admit, he isn’t, but it’s not about that.” 


“I’m just saying if someone is making a marble statue of me they better be making me true to size.” Namjoon raised an eyebrow towards him, a smirk covering his face.


“Oh really? That confident?”


Jungkook wasn’t sure how their conversation had lead here and he swallowed around the newly forming lump in his throat. “I…” He coughs.


Namjoon throws his arm around his shoulder, bringing him in close. “I’m joking.” He kisses the side of his head, which almost sends Jungkook into overdrive before he stands up. 


“Let me take you to the other paintings.”


Pleased with the distraction Jungkook stands up automatically, taking the offered hand and allowing himself to be pulled forward.





Jungkook was currently walking patiently behind his hyung as they explored the market together. Two days they had spent lazily exploring the side streets of Florence, Jungkook could barely move from the amount of pizza he had consumed, the gelato taste still fresh on his tongue from earlier.


Jungkook had slept off his jet lag, much to the boredom of Namjoon who woke him up both mornings with pokes and whines of being ready to go already. Jungkook couldn’t help falling further and further in love with the man in front of him and he knew it was going to start becoming a problem shortly.


He fears one glass of wine too many at dinner could send everything crashing down around him.


“How about this?” The blonde picks up a canvas backpack from one of the stalls holding it up against him. “For when I’m wearing something dark.”


“It looks lovely.” Jungkook smiles, he barely glances at the backpack, his mind turning to butter the second he sees Namjoon’s shy smile as he asks for approval. Watching it bloom larger as he decides to buy it forming butterflies in his stomach.


Namjoon started to chat with the stall owner in perfect Italian as Jungkook tuned them out. The Italian sun beat down on them from above as they stood hidden under the canopy of the stall. Merchants lined the streets in front of them, all shouting out to the tourists as they meander down the streets. Jungkook had been intimidated at first until he let himself just relax and allowed Namjoon to guide the way, one of his hands always clasping Jungkook’s tightly.


He found he’d become the designated bag holder as the day went on, he didn’t really want to buy much outside of small presents for Taehyung and Jimin, Namjoon however - Namjoon bought a lot. Jungkook had three bags filled to the brim with different bags he’d bought, a few jumpers and scarves.


When he questioned why he needed 3 scarves of the same pattern in a varying colour he’d been subjected to an hour long conversation on the importance of accessorising. So now he found it best to take the bag when handed it and nod at everything Namjoon seemed to like.


It struck him how easily he could do this forever as Namjoon grabbed his hands after buying his bag, pulling him to the next stall.


As long as Namjoon’s hands stayed in his, he could take on anything.





“I bought you this.” Namjoon says as they sit outside a coffee shop three hours later, bags surrounding their feet. Jungkook still yet to buy anything.


“You didn’t have to buy me anything.”


“You walked around with me for hours Kookie, and you didn’t buy a single thing, just, let me say thank you.”


Jungkook took the box from him in silent anticipation. His fingers fumbling to open the box. He opened it up to two plain hooped earrings.


“I know you don’t like flashy jewellery, but I know how much you like earrings.”


Jungkook instantly jumped from his seat, working his way across to Namjoon and wrapping his arms around him. “Thank you. No one ever buys me jewellery.”


They don’t, not even ex-boyfriends had made the effort to buy him jewellery, the fact that Namjoon would sneakily buy him something just to say thank you for holding his bags making his heart constrict in ways he didn’t know possible.


Namjoon squeezed him tighter. “You deserve jewellery, fine dining, dancing in the moonlight, you deserve it all Kookie.”


Jungkook pulled back to look at him for a second. “Don’t forget that.” Namjoon smiled softly, his fingers coming out to brush the edges of his fringe as it fell across his forehead.


Jungkook was sure some spell had just fallen across the table, the two of them staring into each others eyes with gazes far too soft to be anywhere in the ‘just friends’ zone. He was about to say something ridiculously cheesy back that would either break the mood or completely make it when he heard a noise to the side of them.


“Two cappuccinos.” The waiter announced completely monotone, placing them down on the table, his eyes glancing with boredom over the pair springing apart from one another.


“Pay inside.” He spoke the words in broken English before he walked away.


Jungkook wasn’t sure if he was grateful for the interruption or furious.


Namjoon patted his back lightly as he walked away, a sad, soft smile on his lips. Jungkook couldn’t bring himself to even try to decipher it as he looked meekly down at his coffee. 




Jungkook followed Namjoon as he walked through the station, acting as if he had any clue where they were headed. “You do know what train we have to get on… right?”


“Yes, it’s the one that says Pisa.” He rolled his eyes as he turned onto a Platform.


“Please don’t get us lost.”


“I’ve done this trip before. I promise not to get us lost.” His hand squeezed his own where it sat at his side.


Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t have Namjoon's hand in his as they walked, and honestly, he didn’t want to.


“It’s this one.” He motioned up the platform as he rushed forward pulling Jungkook’s hand.


They jumped onto the train as swiftly as they could, finding two seats in one of the more quiet carriages. Namjoon settled Jungkook in the window so he’d be able to get the view as he sorted out the various tickets and scraggly bits of change in his pockets.


Once he’d set everything out in front of him he wrapped his arm around Jungkook’s shoulder pulling him backwards against him, his head falling softly against his shoulder. If the younger noticed the brief kiss placed to the top of his hair as he removed his bucket hat, he didn’t say anything.


“Are you excited to see the Tower Of Pisa? It leans.” Namjoon giggled at his own joke as he booped Jungkook’s nose with his free hand.


Jungkook shook his head softly, his hand coming out to swat at Namjoon’s. “Everyone says it leans, but does it really? How much is it leaning? How is that even possible for a building to lean?” He tried to picture the building in his mind.


“Well it’s not a drastic lean, but it’s enough to see it.” He captured Jungkook’s hand and held it up in front of them. “It’s about 4 degree lean, it used to be about 5.5. So the building should be like this.” He held their hands straight. “But it’s more like this.” He bent their wrists slightly out of line, showing a slight angle. “It was this.” He bent their wrists a little more.


He intertwined their fingers and let it rest on Jungkook’s thigh.


“And it doesn’t topple over?”


“Well, hopefully it doesn’t.” Namjoon laughs. “It’s centre of gravity is in the centre and it’s been built to withstand the lean. They injected it with cement in the 1920’s to keep it safe, hopefully.


“We’ll walk to the top, admire the view, then go get some gelato, and come home.”


“Gelato sounds good.” Jungkook really tried to ignore the way his stomach swooped at the word home.


“As long as you’re not mean to me again.”


Jungkook snickered as he remembered the night befores late night gelato adventure.


“You asked for it. You said I ‘wasn’t allowed to order mint chocolate as we live in a supply and demand culture and therefore I'm contributing to the problem’.”


“I stand by that statement.”


“I like chocolate mint.”


“Then go eat some toothpaste and chocolate at the same time if you like it, don’t contribute to the sale of the worst flavour in existence.” Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at the indignant tone in his voice. 


“It’s just ice cream.” He murmured as he petted his cheek with the hand not currently clasped in Namjoon’s.


“It’s gelato.” Namjoon corrected him petulantly. “And that still doesn’t get you out of the fact that you told them to add mint chocolate to the top of mine. My chocolate gelato tasted of mint after that.” He pouted.


“I literally scooped it off yours and put it on mine when you finished screaming.”


“It melted into mine.” He huffed and Jungkook couldn’t help the way his heart constricted. 


“I’m still your favourite dongsaeng though, right?”


Namjoon huffed and cuddled him in closer. “Yes.”


A beat past.


“It tasted funny though.”


“I know it did.” Jungkook soothed.


“And it melted all into the little creases and it was like toothpaste.”


“It doesn’t taste like toothpaste.” Jungkook held back his giggle.


“Does to.”


Jungkook smiled fondly as he turned his head towards the elder. “Does not.”


“Shhh.” Namjoon whispered as he settled his head against the younger man’s. 


“Does not.” Jungkook whispered as he closed his eyes, his head snuggling into Namjoon’s chest before he could even stop himself, the tangible feeling of what he’s always wanted too close for him to turn away from.





Namjoon shook him awake some time later. Kissing his hair softly to break the harshness of the shake. “We’re here.” He whispered, smiling lightly. 


“Don’t wanna get up.” Jungkook mumbled as he allowed himself to be pulled up, his arms wrapping around Namjoon’s as he walked in a clingy back hug.


“You turn into Jimin when you’re sleepy.” Namjoon laughed, awkwardly walking so Jungkook didn’t have to detach himself.


“I like cuddles.” Jungkook whined as Namjoon pulled him into his side, his arms slipping from around his waist.


“I know you do.” He placed the bucket hat back onto Jungkook’s hair, framing his hair around his eyes smiling. He popped his sunglasses back down onto his nose, making Jungkook pout at the loss of eye contact.


“Pisa.” Namjoon tapped the youngers nose, giggling as Jungkook creased it up. “Cute.” He whispered under his breath.


“Pisa.” Jungkook repeated, gathering his bearings as he followed along behind Namjoon, their hands now tightly together.


“Think you're okay to walk up 297 steps?” Jungkook nodded, his head dropping down against Namjoon’s shoulder as they walked.


“Yessss.” The ‘s’ exaggerating into a hissing sound as he stumbled next to him, his sleepiness still fogging his brain. 


“You’re really cute when you’re sleepy.” Namjoon laughed.


Jungkook could only hum in agreement, his brain only half taking things in.


As they walked into the main city of Pisa Jungkook felt the tiredness leaving his bones, his body now awake as he allowed himself to be pulled towards the tower.


Namjoon was explaining the towers construction to him as they turned the corner. “The tower began to lean during construction, as it was built on soft ground which couldn’t support the weight of it properly, slowly it began to worsen and…”


He trailed off as they turned the corner and the tower came into view.


“Oh wow.” Jungkook gasped, looking at the white towering building in all its glory. Tourists gathered around the grass field in front of it doing the classic pose, two hands in front of them as if they were stopping it from falling.


“It looks like a giant wedding cake that someone’s accidentally knocked over.” Jungkook mused moving forward. Namjoon laughing at his assessment in the background.


He found himself running into the grass in front of him before his introverted nature could hold himself back, his hands reaching out like all the others around him. “Take my picture!!” He cried as he attempted to line himself up with the tower.


They stayed for hours taking picture after picture, Jungkook had carried the tower on his back, his feet had propped it up, he even managed to keep it up with just his chest at one point. They switched after some time, Namjoon taking the opportunity to hold it up with his own back and chest.


They giggled along with everyone surrounding them as they took far too many pictures for their phone storage to handle.


Namjoon must have been keeping an eye on the time as soon he grabbed Jungkook by the hand leading him over to the tower. They both took their first steps inside and Jungkook was blown away by the small spiral staircase in front of him, the stairs becoming easier and harder depending on the angle of the tower as you took them.


Once they reached the top Jungkook looked out across the city of Pisa, Namjoon’s arms wrapped around his waist as he stood behind him.


“There’s not much here, but it’s gorgeous.”


“Italy is gorgeous.”


“It is.”


Jungkook turned his head to smile softly at the elder, his eyes seemed to be saying something he wasn’t quite ready to voice. He kissed Jungkook on the side of the head before suggesting they make the long climb down.





It was two days later. Two days of sun and relaxing later. Jungkook didn’t want to go home. He still had two weeks left, but it wasn’t enough time, nothing was enough time. He wanted to stay wrapped up in this little Italian bubble with Namjoon forever.


Italy didn’t even need to be in the bubble, he just needed Namjoon.


“You’re drunk.” Namjoon giggles across at him, his own wine buzz still there, but fading.


“I am not.” Jungkook reply is haughty, but there’s no real venom behind the words.


“You really are.” The elder snorts, his arm crooking at the shoulder allowing Jungkook to weave his through - he assumes it's an attempt to help aid him walking a straight line.


He swats the elbow away from him, moving aside slightly, the soft glow of the street lights illuminating him in the cobbled stone walkways.


“Would a drunk person be able to do this.” He brought his arms up around his head and attempted to spin - pulling out a second too quickly and stumbling forward into Namjoon. Thankfully he opens his arms quick enough so they both don’t tumble down and he crushes him to his chest safely.


“I think that’s exactly what a drunk person would do.” He giggled into the top of his head.


“I am not drunk. I am completely soda… soba… sover? Sobre… sober !” He cries when the word works on his tongue.


“You do know only drunk people insist they’re sober.” He giggles, righting Jungkook in front of him.


“That’s just not true.” He huffs, his vision slightly blurry as he looks around.


“Come here.” Namjoon snorts, wrapping his arm around his shoulder and walking him in the direction of their apartment.


The world seems to shift slightly and the alcohol sits heavily in his brain, clouding his mind. The streets of Florence are quiet, the occasional dog walker and other tourist walking in various directions. The heat of the ground too hot for the pups during the day.


“I like it here.” Jungkook murmurs. “I like being with you.” The other words falling out of his mouth before he can stop them, the alcohol allowing him a reprieve from regretting them just yet.


“I like you being here too.” Namjoon mumbles, his arms squeezing Jungkook to him.


“No. I mean…” He sighs and trails off. He may be drunk but he’s not ‘confess his undying love’ drunk.


They turn out onto the Plazza del Duomo, the large and dominating cathedral in front of them. Even in the nighttime it towers over them, the stark white a noticeable feature. The mixture of pink, white and green marble calling for all eyes to be on it. Jungkook’s mouth runs dry as he looks up at the towering red dome, his eyes drawn in each time he catches a glimpse of it in the distance.


“You can walk to the top.” Namjoon murmurs. “It’s only 463 steps. A mere baby work out for you.” He grins.


“You’re just jealous i do real working out.” He winks, his body becoming tired and leaning against Namjoon’s for stability.


“I do too, Pilates is an established work out.” 


“Not boxing though.” He mumbles. “No six pack for you.” He hears himself tease lovingly, unsure where the words come from.


“I may not be ridiculously defined like you but I do alright.” He shrugs. 


Jungkook had to remind himself not to start imagining all the way his skin would dip and curve over muscles, trying to stop his mouth from watering at the thought.


Namjoon looks like he sees exactly what’s running through Jungkook’s mind but shakes his head at the last second.


“Bed.” He tells them both, gathering Jungkook up in his arms.


They continue moving, Jungkook rambling nonsense to just get the image of Namjoon shirtless out of his head.


“It’s so quiet.” He whispers. “I feel like you could record ASMR here.” he taps his fingers against one of the doors in the small alleyway they’re walking through. “ See .”


“You’re going to wake people up.” Namjoon giggled, pulling him away from the door and continuing on the path.


“I like ASMR.” He pouts. “I’m good at it too, just get me a wine bottle, I’ll show you.”


“Why a wine bottle?” Namjoon half throws his head back in quiet giggles.


“First thing i thought of.”


“You really are drunk.”


“I’m really not.”


Namjoon only shrugs.


“I like ASMR.”


“You said.”


“I like you.”


“I should hope so, we still have to spend another two weeks together.”


“I like you more than I like ASMR.”


Namjoon’s head leans back to look at him, but Jungkook is already gone, his head tucked against Namjoon’s shoulder as he allows him to lead the way.


“I like you more than wine. I like you more than boxing. I like you more than Overwatch. I like you more than video editing. I like you more than ramen. I even like you more than Overwatch.”


“You said that one already.” Namjoon giggled, his head dipping down to rest against Jungkooks.


“I like you more than most people.” Jungkook whispered.


“Now that’s a lie, I know a very small person and one with a boxy smile that would very much disagree.”


“I like you way more than I like Taehyung.” Jungkook shrugged as if it was obvious.


Namjoon broke the silence of the air around them, the heat clinging to their skin as he barked out a loud ‘ha!’


“It’s true!” He felt the pout before he could even tell himself to not spill anymore than he already had. Leaning away to stare into Namjoon’s face.


“You’re cute Jungkookie, but Taehyung’s your best friend.” He pushed the hair out of Jungkook’s eyes as it framed his face.


“Yeah, but I don’t like you the same way I like Taehyung .” He spoke the words as if they were obvious, an eye roll thrown in for good measure.


“You don’t?” Joon's breath hitched in his throat and Jungkook watched the way the knowledge seeped into his eyes.


That was also the moment the panic set in.


“Wait, no, that’s…” He trailed off his drunken mind too fuzzy to even consider a way out of this. “That’s not what I…”


“That’s not what you mean?”


“I didn’t…” He trailed off.


“You’re too alcohol fuelled for this conversation…?” Joon smiled softly, gathering him up in his arms once more.


“Yeah… that .” Jungkook took the out, letting Namjoon hold him close as he walked him to the door that finally held their apartment.


“Do you want me to continue this conversation when you’re sober?” Joon asked him quietly, his key in the door.


“I’m going to regret all of this tomorrow.” He spoke with way more clarity than he felt he had. “If there’s a good outcome to this conversation, talk to me. If it’s going to ruin my holiday, don’t talk to me about it, let me hopefully forget it or let me wallow in self pity.” 


Namjoon snickered, pressing a kiss against the top of his head before opening the door. “Okay.” He whispered not giving anything away and helping Jungkook through the threshold and up the stairs in front of them.





Jungkook did not remember going to bed. He fumbled around with the sheets, his eyes groaning at the sunlight streaming through the windows, the Italian heat already clinging to his sweat soaked skin.


“Hnngh.” He heard himself say before he even registering he was making a noise. He felt like crying. He felt like sobbing the day away, his head pounding as if he was being hit with a sledgehammer every few seconds. He rolled onto his side to protect his eyes from the sunlight when he spotted the glass of water and pain killers in front of him.


His shaking hands grabbed them and downed them within seconds, the placebo effect already kicking in as he felt just that tiny bit more human even though it was nowhere near into his system yet.


“I’m dying.” He mumbled out to no one, his hand coming out to cover his eyes.


He could hardly remember the night before, he could picture him and Namjoon walking home, he attempted a pirouette but nearly wiped them both out entirely - only saved by Namjoon’s strong legs.


He groaned again. His body both hungry and ready to purge the contents of his stomach.


It was then he heard a faint knock on his door.


“Kookie?” He heard spoken quietly.


He only moaned in acknowledgement, too tired to move.


Joon opened the door quietly, creeping over to where Jungkook laid in the bed.


“I snuck out early.” He mumbled, sitting on the bed next to him and running his fingers through the back of his hair where he faced away from him.


“Nfhg.” Came Jungkook’s elegant response, rolling over to look up at the softly smiling face, his dimples shining brightly.


Jungkook wanted to poke them.


“I brought you the most dirty and disgusting breakfast I could find - the ultimate hangover cure.” He looked up in quiet confusion until the golden M on the bag came into view and Jungkook all but cried in relief.


“I love you.” Jungkook breathed, giggling lightly at the end. He sat up and grabbed the bag immediately digging through, completely oblivious to the way Namjoon froze for a second.


Jungkook was three quarters of the way into his mcmuffin when he started to feel human again. Namjoon rambling on about some new music he’d found on Soundcloud.


“I just really like the way it speaks to me.” He mused on, going through his search history to find the song.


That’s when Jungkook remembered.


He froze, every muscle in his body rigid as he looked at his best friends older brother. Did he dream it? Why wasn’t there any acknowledgement on Namjoon’s behalf? Did he need to broach the subject? His stomach blanched at the thought.


Namjoon was humming happily whilst Jungkook’s entire world crashed in.


Was this it? Was this the moment he knew for certain Namjoon didn’t like him? Why wouldn’t he put him out of his misery? Why was he this silent?


“I can hear your brain overworking from here Kookie.” Joon looked up at him with smiling eyes.


“I wasn’t. Nothing.. I wasn’t..” He tried again but nothing felt like the right thing to say.


Then he remembered.


‘If it’s going to ruin my holiday, don’t talk to me about it, let me hopefully forget it or let me wallow in self pity.’


He dipped his head as he went back to eating the food that had very little taste to it anymore. 


“What is the time?” He huffed attempting to find his phone.


“It’s nearly 12pm.” He ruffled his hair. “Are you up for going outside or do you want to stay in and vegetate?”




“Outside.” He lied. The last thing he wanted was to spend more solo time with the man who’s effectively rejecting him.


“We’ll go when you’re ready.” He smiled fondly, eyes refocusing on his phone as he showed Jungkook a meme he hadn’t seen before.





“So I said to Yoongi he needed to let me get involved in the arrangements as the bass was all wrong.” He rolled his eyes.


“It’s probably difficult working in such different time zones.” Jungkook sighed. If he was honest he was barely listening, only making the correct responses every now and then.


They were walking, he didn’t know where they were going, but he looked up at the marvellous stone buildings in wonder. They were currently on the other side of the River Arno, the afternoon sun pounding down into the concrete around them.


Jungkook’s hangover was not going well.


He held back a groan as Namjoon went on yet another tangent, the sunglasses pulled further to his eyes so he could block out as much of the sun as he could.


He brought his phone out of his pocket to glance down at the group chat once more.



Kookie (13:07)

Your plan failed.


Tae (13:08)

I’m sorry Kookie


Smallest Hyung (13:09)

It's going to be okay, we're here for you.


Tae (13:10)

Don't lose hope, there's still two weeks?


Kookie (13:12)

It’s over guys. 


Kookie (13:13)

Can we just drop it.



An argument ensued in the following texts between Taehyung and Jimin, something about false hope. He couldn’t even bring himself to read it as he followed Namjoon down the path to the side of them.


“We gotta walk up this thing now.” He groaned, walking up the incline laid out in front of him, already puffing.


Jungkook snorted lightly, “Pilates no good for inclines?” he skipped in front of him, turning to walk backwards and lightly tease the elder in front of him.


This, this he could manage, teasing his hyungs, he was made for that, it’s the whole basis of his and Jin hyung’s relationship. He could get through this.


“You’re a little shit.” Namjoon huffed. 


Jungkook cackled as he walked up the incline without breaking a sweat, even with the hangover permeating the corners of his brain and making it hard to move - he was still the star sportsman and he knew it.


He waited at the top, leaning against the wall as he faux checked his watch every now and then. Grinning widely when Namjoon made it to the top.


“Finally made it old man.” He clapped him on the back.


“Yah, save that shit for Jin Hyung.” He grumbled, stretching his back. “I try to be nice and bring you to…” The voice faded into the distance as Jungkook gasped in awe when they turned the corner.


The city of Florence laid out beneath them, a stone balcony laid out in front of them, a large replica bronze statue of david sat to his side reminding him of their trip days before.


“Welcome to Piazzale Michelangelo....” Namjoon murmured near his ear but he was already walking away.


He brought his camera to his eye as he started to take in all the gorgeous reds and whites in front of him that were synonymous with Florence’s skyline.


There weren't that many people floating around and he was able to snag the very centre of the balcony, his camera balancing on the marble railing - a makeshift tripod.


“Do you like it?” Namjoon spoke softly as he came up beside him. His dimples shining softly.


“I love it.” He spoke softly. He watched as Namjoon pause for a second and Jungkook hoped that the feeling of unrequited love could pass soon and they could go back to normal.


Jungkook’s mind was soon captured by the view that laid out in front of him once more - the heart of Florence gleaming back at him as he looked out across the sky. He was able to make out so much, including the  Ponte-Vecchio, the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, the Bargello and the octagonal bell tower of the Badia Fiorentina.


“It’s beautiful.” Namjoon whispered to the side of him.


Jungkook turned to look at the elder, expecting him to be gazing out across the rooftops in front of him, but instead he found a pair of eyes peering fondly back into his.


“If you’re going to turn me down gently please don’t do that right now.” Jungkook whispered.


“Who said I was going to turn you down?” He cocked his head to the side.


“The fact you haven’t spoken a word to me about it all day and then bring me to one of the most beautiful spots I could have imagined.” His arms motioned at the trees surrounding them, the view in front of them, the gentle breeze tickling his cheek. “This is the perfect area to say ‘I don’t like you, please can we just be friends’.”


“First of all, I wasn’t going to talk to you when you’re nursing a hangover and barely able to get out of bed.” He shook his head, his brow furrowed as he pushed Jungkook’s rapidly growing hair behind his ear. “Secondly, I think it’s a pretty nice place to tell someone that you may have fallen for them years ago and was just too nervous to do anything about it.”


Jungkook couldn’t feel his heart.


He knew it was there, but it also felt as if Namjoon now held it in the palm of his hand. 


“You fell for me?” He whispered.


“Pretty damn hard.” He laughed. “I just didn’t realise it until my bon voyage party and by then it was already too late, I was moving here and…” He sighed, his sentence trailing away. “ Plus I’m pretty sure Tae will kill me.”


“He won’t.” Jungkook waved a hand of dismissal. 


“You mean he knows?” Namjoon’s face a mixture of shock, confusion and humour - of course Taehyung knows.


Jungkook shrugged “He knows I’ve been in love with you since I was about five years old.” He slams his hand to his mouth at that, his eyes growing to the size of dinner plates.


Namjoon’s eyes widen slightly before he starts to giggle. Jungkook hits him with the hand not currently stuck to his mouth.


“I hth you. You make me confeth thing.” He mumbled around his hand.


Namjoon took it in his pulling it away from his mouth.


“How is that my fault?” He continues to giggle, pulling Jungkook to him.


“Are you going to kiss me now? Because if you are I’m going to need a minute.”


“I was thinking about it.” The elder smiled, glancing between Jungkook’s lips and eyes.


“Please don’t hate me if I mess this up. Please don’t think I’m bad at-,”


His rambling ended as a pair of lips sealed over his own, a short squeak of surprise flew from him, but soon gave way into a soft humming sound, his arms wrapping gently around the back of Namjoon's neck. 


Their first kiss was gentle and soft, barely a peck, the two of them testing the waters. They pulled back for a second smiling softly before swooping back in, both of their lips drawn to one another in a way Jungkook couldn't describe. Namjoon brought his hands together around his back, crushing him in tighter to his chest.


He sighs softly as the elder makes a soft humming sound, deepening their kiss. A sense of home floated it's way through Jungkook's soul as they melted together, his body at peace in a way it never had been before, he swore the sun beamed brighter behind his closed eyes, birds surrounding them tweeted louder, the breeze brushing past them more calming. Almost as if the world had righted itself for a small moment.


Namjoon pulled back slightly, one hand reaching up to caress Jungkook's cheek. "Wow." He whispered, before smiling softly.


Jungkook couldn't help himself as he leaned in for another small peck, resting his forehead against the elders, his eyes still shut tightly.


"You definitely didn't mess that up." Namjoon breathed.


Jungkook felt himself smiling, his mind attempting to think of an eloquent response - a million possible lines of poetry sitting on the tip of his tongue. They all fell away as he opened his eyes to see the elder gazing at him softly, two dimples carved like magic into his cheeks, a light red blush staining his features.


"I really like you." Namjoon whispered, as if knowing exactly what Jungkook needed to hear at that moment.


"And I really like you." He responded, watching Namjoon smile brighter, his dimples deepening into the sides of his cheeks.


With that Jungkook recaptured Namjoon's lips with his own.








Jungkook crashed backwards through the door of their apartment. He’d wrapped himself around Namjoon as he unlocked the door and he had no intention of letting go, his lips trailing their way across Namjoon’s neck and exposed collar bone.


Because this was something they did now. They kissed. They made out. Jungkook still couldn’t believe it.


The day consisted of them being a little too handsy on a cultured trip through the Uffizi Gallery. Jungkook tried to pay attention to the Birth Of Venus - he really was impressed and awed by the artwork up close. However the way Namjoon’s hand burned into his upper back where it laid, only had him fantasising about things he really shouldn’t be fantasising about whilst being surrounded by so much history and culture.


Namjoon stealing him away for stolen kisses in deserted corners did not help the burning fire in his belly.


He heard the door slam behind Namjoon and his hands instantly found themselves under his shirt, his blunt nails digging into Namjoon’s skin.


It didn’t take long for namjoon to be pulling his T-shirt upwards, his bucket hat already fallen away somewhere. 


“Bedroom?” He breathes out as he pulls his shirt over his head.


Namjoon groans at the sight of him shirtless, sending a thrill through the younger. As much as he could wax poetry about the elders thighs, he could just as soon write lyrics over his abs.


“Bedroom.” Namjoon agrees, pulling him closer, his arms wrapping around him and guiding them backwards clumsily. 


Jungkook hands somehow managed to undo the buttons on his shirt as they walked, his hands roaming the plains of Namjoon’s chest. There was a part of him that still couldn’t believe he got to do this, he could just touch Namjoon whenever he felt like it, that was something he could do now.


He groaned at the thought, he teeth sinking down into Namjoon’s bottom lip.


“Wha’?” Namjoon half gasped as he fell backwards onto the bed, scooting backwards as Jungkook climbed up and over him.


“Marvelling at the fact I get to touch you.” Jungkook smiled softly at the elder, brushing their noses together.


Namjoon rolled his eyes fondly before pulling Jungkook down on top of him, his arms wrapping around him, lips finding their way back to one another.


His mind could hardly keep up with every hand movement, thrust and kiss. Before he knew it, their clothes were strewn around different parts of the bedroom, Jungkook’s legs wrapped around Namjoon’s back as they moved with each other.


“Do you want to…?” Namjoon gave him an unsure look and Jungkook couldn’t nod his head quick enough, giggling at the small dumbfounded smile that grew across Namjoon’s face.




“Yes, really. I’ve been waiting way too long for this.”


Namjoon breathed out a sigh of relief, crashing his way through the drawers to the side of them, his hand flailing about comically.


“You have the…” Jungkook started before Namjoon produced a small bottle and a condom victoriously.


“You’re such a dork.”


“For some reason you’re pretty fond of me though.” Namjoon winks at the younger before joining their lips.


“I really am.” He feels himself sigh dreamily before he can even hold it back.


“How do you want to…” He motions between the two of them. 


“Don’t care, I would prefer you to…” He motions above him, hoping Joon would catch his drift.


“Okay because I’d prefer… to do that too…” Jungkook smiled dreamily up at him from where he lay on the bed.


Jungkook would have taken a moment to bask in their compatibility but the elders lips were back on him, his fingers fiddling with the lube to side of them as they kiss.


Namjoon slowly fingered him open their lips never parting from one another, Jungkook’s breathing stuttered as Namjoon moved inside of him for the first time, his face buried into the crevices of Joon’s neck. 


Namjoon whispered encouragement into the top of his thick hair, his free arm wrapped around him tightly holding him close. 


Jungkook barely registered as he was folded over and placed on his knees on the bed, his back arching in a perfect crescent as he felt Namjoon slowly line up against him.


His head dropped down onto the bed as Namjoon inched inside of him, his body shaking with adrenaline as he moved in so achingly slowly but also so overwhelmingly fast. Jungkook wanted nothing but this moment to last forever, the moment they final became one and moved together for the first time. The moment he’d been dreaming of since he knew and understood what making love was,


Namjoon’s hands squeezed his hips where they lay, rubbing comforting circles into the skin. “Are you okay?”


Jungkook tried to form a response he really did, but his brain short circuited and all he was able to do was rock his hips backward against Namjoon in a silent show of agreement, his head bobbing slightly.


Once Namjoon was fully settled in, Jungkook’s eyes slid shut in contentment, the size of him dwarfing anything Jungkook been with before. Namjoon knew what he was packing, knew it was impressive, and he couldn’t wait to see how he used it.


“I’m going to move now.” Namjoon whispered above him, his hands stroking the skin at the base of his spine and Jungkook nodded quickly, his whole body going lax in anticipation.


With that he felt the first tentative move of Namjoon’s hips. He knew this was it, no one would ever beat the feeling of fireworks that went wild in his gut as Namjoon moved. Their bodies melting into one another, their hips pushing for them to somehow get closer.


Namjoon’s hands slid along the curve of his spine, meeting the strands at the nape of his neck that were growing longer each day. He felt a slight tug and he couldn’t prevent the moan that slipped between his teeth. 


He felt the hand slide back down the length of his back, nails now causing a slight drag against his sweat soaked skin. Before he could even register it the elder punctuated a deep thrust with a loud smack against him and Jungkook felt himself shiver all over, his arms almost giving out from under him.


“I’ll remember that one.” Namjoon sniggered as his body drops down, so he is now draped across the younger, his hips still moving deliciously in and out of him.


“Remember… next… time?” Jungkook doesn’t even know how he managed to get words out, his soul felt as if it’s not in his body.


“Next time.” Namjoon repeats, knowing he needs the confirmation more than anything right now. 


The swoop Jungkook feels in his stomach is enough to let another moan drop from his lips. Namjoon’s teeth scraping along the curve of his shoulder.


Namjoon wraps his arms around Jungkook’s middle, attempting to keep him from falling flat onto his stomach. The youngest pretty sure he doesn’t know where he ends and Joon begins at this point in time, their skin melting into one another in the best way.


“You’re so good, you’re doing so good for me.” Namjoon mumbles into his shoulder, his lips moving against his skin.


“Want to... be good.” Jungkook’s manhandled backwards so they’re both kneeling upright, his body fucking himself down onto the elders length.


He feels his head fall backwards as garbled moans drip from his lips. Namjoon seems everywhere, suffocating him - his hands trailing across his chest, his thighs, his groin - his lips and teeth scraping along his shoulder and neck, words of encouragement and praise brandished into his skin.


Jungkook’s takes one of Namjoon’s roaming hands in his, interlacing their fingers together, squeezing hard. His brain finding every way to make sure this is actually happening right now.


His other hand works it’s way backwards until it finds the strands of Namjoon’s hair, drowning themselves into them as he pulls him impossibly closer.


‘Fuck.’ Is the only thing Jungkook finds himself repeating over and over again, his mind unable to form any more of a coherent thought.


“Are you happy baby?” Namjoon speaks the words muffled into Jungkook’s neck, his teeth sloppily biting down on the fragile skin, not enough to leave any permanent marks but enough for Jungkook to hiss in pain. 


“Happy.” He breathes. “So happy.” 


Namjoon’s hands trail his entire body for what feels like hours as they move with one another, his fingers dipping in and out of the curves of his muscles. Jungkook almost wishes he had the capability to do more than move his hips and moan, the desire to flex and really show off pushing to the surface.


“Perfect. You’re perfect.” Is what breaks Jungkook, an entire shiver running through his body, it was almost enough to bring himself to orgasm. He stops himself, stilling on the elder. The way Namjoon’s hands instantly pause and lift from him is almost endearing. “Are you-,”


“Switch.” Jungkook says before he can ask finish asking him if he’s okay. “Wanna see your face.” 


Jungkook tried not to whine too loudly as he pulled himself away from the other, his body already missing the full feeling. The slight giggle Namjoon lets out met with a playful slap.


“Miss me already?” Namjoon raises an eyebrow cheekily as Jungkook eagerly works his way back into his lap once the elder is situated with his back against the headboard.


Jungkook was about to respond when he decided the best retaliation was action, lining himself up and sinking down on Namjoon before he could catch his breath.


Namjoon threw his head backwards at the sight and feeling, his arms clutching Jungkook closer.


“Do that again and I’ll come.” He gasps out.


Jungkook’s giggles are muffled when the elders mouth melts over his, his hips finding a new rhythm. 


Their mouths move against one another sloppily, their hands and arms somehow clutching each other closer as they move together. Jungkook is almost out of breath when he feels Namjoon’s lips leave his own and find his neck.


“Please.” Is all Jungkook can whimper our, hes not sure what he’s asking for but Namjoon seems to understand him.


Namjoon’s hips begin to move with more power than before, Jungkook can now see how much he’s been holding himself back, dragging this out for the two of them. His strokes seem to align themselves with Jungkook’s prostate, the garbled sounds of pleasure leaving his lips would be embarrassing if he didn’t feel as if he was in heaven.


Namjoon lips attach themselves to his neck and he knows he’s done for, the feeling of a mark being placed there for all the world to see sending pulses of desire through him. His hand buried itself into Namjoon’s hair holding his head in place as he can practically feel the mark begins to appear.


The hand that circled his cock is enough to have him crying in pleasure, his hips moving of their own accord to find their release as he receives pleasure from so many angles.




Namjoon nods in understanding, his lips finding Jungkook’s again as they move against each other, tongues meeting in the messiest way. Namjoon’s hands land on his hips guiding him down harder, faster.


He comes with a cry of Namjoon’s name on his tongue, his head flying backwards in pleasure. 


The elder guides him through it, his hands softly moving his hips until he’s seen out the last wave of pleasure.


He collapses forward into Namjoon, his breathing heavy as twitches from over sensitivity, Namjoon softly continuing to thrust himself into him as if he's struggling to stop.


Namjoon moves to pull out and he puts his hand on his shoulder. “Want you to finish inside me.”


“Doesn’t it..?”


Jungkook cuts him off with a shake of his head, it does hurt but he also desperately wants them to finish together, their bodies wrapped up with one another. 


Namjoon gently moves them as best he can until he’s coming moments later his body clutching Jungkook closer as his name whispers from his lips.


They sit like that for the longest time, their arms wrapped around one another as they breath in each other’s scents.




After what felt like hours of silence Jungkook peeks upwards at the elder from where he hid away in his neck.


“We’re… we... we’re boyfriends… right?”


Namjoon’s smile is almost as bright as the Italian sunset peeking through the blinds.


“Yes. We’re boyfriends.” His hand brushing some of Jungkook’s hair from his forehead as he giggles.


“And you’re… you’re coming home… right?”


“I’ll book my ticket home with you the second I decide to move and clean us up.”


“Not any time soon though… right?”


“Not anytime soon.” He reiterates his arms squeezing the younger closer.








The sound of a shrill ringing broke Jungkook out of sleep at some point later that night, his head instinctively nuzzling into the chest beneath him.


Hngh .” Came Namjoon’s voice as he grabbed Jungkook closer to him. “Make it stop.” He whined.


“Who’s phone is it?” Jungkook blearily opened his eyes, turning his body towards the nightstand. His hand grappled among the surface trying to find the source of the noise, knocking multiple things over that he’d have to deal with tomorrow morning. 


“S’not mine.” Namjoon moaned as he flung his arm over his eyes. 


The younger grabbed the offending phone peering at it as if it was the source of all evil, bringing it clumsily to his ear.


“‘ello?” He mumbled gruffly, falling limply back into Namjoon’s side, a pair of arms wrapping him back up into a cocoon.


“Kookie!” Came Taehyung’s voice and he hears the simultaneous sigh coming from Namjoon’s lips.


“‘s’up Tae?” He mumbled around a yawn.


“I’m FaceTiming you. Why do you have me held up to your ear? Not that it’s not a nice ear…” he trailed off as Jungkook attempted to process what he was saying, another groaning sound left Namjoon as he attempted to fall back to sleep.


“What - want? Everyone - okay?” Jungkook mumbled.


“Yeah! I just wanted to check in and see how everything was going with Joonie, I haven’t heard from you since that message...” Jungkook sat up at that, Namjoon’s arms sliding until they wrapped around his waist, his head nuzzled against his hip. Jungkook’s fingers found their way into Namjoon’s hair and he heard a content sigh beneath him.


“Everything’s fine.” He mumbled. “We’re doing fine.” He smiled. 


He pulled the phone away from his ear and peered into the too bright screen, Taehyung’s boxy smile peering back at him.


“Did I wake you up?”


“Time zones.” 


“Oh!” He hit his head as if only just remembering. “Sorry. Are you okay?” He asked more seriously, staring at him through the phone in the way only a best friend can manage.


Jungkook smiled softly, face only illuminated from the phone screen and the strays of moonlight shifting through the curtains. “I’m okay.” He nodded.


He felt the arms tighten around his waist and Namjoon’s head nuzzle in closer somehow. He trailed his hand across his hair until he was rubbing his thumb softly against the elders cheek. “I’m more than okay.”


“Great!” Taehyung sang, oblivious to the silent declaration of love that was happening on the other side of the phone screen. “So me and Jiminie were talking and we’ve decided exactly what we want for our presents.”


Jungkook’s head swam at the change in topic of conversation, too tired to even entertain the idea of shopping right now. “Wha’?” He croaked out, his brow furrowing.


“Presents.” Taehyung repeated again like he was talking fondly to a child.


A groaning sound came from below him and Taehyung all but jumped out of his skin as Namjoon’s head appeared next to Jungkook’s on the phone.


“Joonie?” He spluttered. 


“It’s 3am, Taehyung.” He pointed out, his head resting against Jungkook’s shoulder.


Jimin !” Taehyung shouted not even registering his brothers words.


Jungkook’s tired eyes glanced down to the corner of the screen taking in their appearance. There was no hiding it, they were clearly both shirtless, both sitting way to close to each other, with the bed a mess behind them. Taehyung knows and within a matter of seconds Jimin would know too.


“You’re…” Taehyung’s eyes grew wider.


“Is that okay?” Namjoon asked.


“More than okay.” Taehyung breathed.


“Good, because we need sleep now. Love you lil’ bro’.” Namjoon’s finger hit the disconnect button swiftly and they both fell backwards into the bed.


“So…” Jungkook starts.


“I don’t know if that was the best way to break that news.” He scrubbed his hand down his face.


“How do you feel?” Jungkook turns his head.


“Stomach is a bit mushy and my head is swimming.” Namjoon curled in against Jungkook’s chest, his cheek bunched up cutely underneath him. 


“At least it’s done.” Jungkook pinches his cheek lightly, before drowning his fingers into the strands of his hair.


He finds Namjoon’s head snuggling in under his chin. “Do you think he’s actually okay?”


“I think he’s more than okay.”


“This feels a little weird… right?”


“A little bit, it’ll feel even weirder when we’re back home in reality, but I really like you.”


Namjoon laughed, “I really like you.”


“And I’m going to make this work - you’re my priority”


“You already know you’re mine.”


“You’re coming home for me.”


“I am.”


Jungkook grinned softly, his stomach churning with a million butterflies, he was about to respond something equally as sappy when a face appeared above him.


“I guess we’re both awake now though?” Jungkook nods, his smile turning devious. “And pretty adrenaline spiked.” Another nod. “I suppose we could…”


Jungkook doesn’t let him finish that sentence, dragging his head down until their lips meet in the middle, pulling the elder completely on top of him.








Two weeks later Jungkook walks through the arrival gates with a permanent smile etched across his features and another body by his side.


“I’m glad you decided to come home.” He whispers to the other man, his elbow nudging against his side.


“And waste another day out there without you? Never.” He smiled brightly at Jungkook and all he wants is to reach out and poke his dimples.


So he does just that - because he can, because Namjoon smiles at him sweetly and blushes a soft shade of red, because Namjoon’s his boyfriend now.


His boyfriend.


He really was a cliche, the best friend who fell desperately in love with the elder brother.


It took them a while and a few thousand miles, but they got there.


Namjoon was in the middle of guiding them through the crowd to the taxi rank when a loud screaming was heard. “JOONIE!” He barely had time to look up from the elders back when a body smashed into the front of his hyung, legs wrapping around his waist.


“You’re home .” It cried, pulling back to look at the elder and placing a loud kiss against his forehead.


“You brought my brother home.” Taehyung looked towards Jungkook, tears visible in his eyes, legs still locked in a vice grip around Namjoon.


“You missed me that much?” Namjoon pulled back. 


“You’re my tree Namjoon, I need you.” He jumped down, placing their foreheads together as they spoke quietly. 


Jungkook saw the smaller figure come up to him at a more sensible speed and noise level.


“You got your man.” Jimin winked, taking the suitcase from him.


“I did.” He sighed happily, following him out of the crowd and away from the reunited brothers.


“You’ve also won the best friend ever award.” Motioning towards the other two. 


Jungkook only smiled softly in response. The pair hugged quietly at their reunion, the conversation light as they held off of the main topic of gossip until the other two men appeared. 


“You didn’t have to come pick us up.” Namjoon says as he joins them, his arms wrapping around Jimin in a tight and long overdue hug. “Or Jungkook up, I know I’m just the tag along.”


Jimin hit him for his attempt at a self deprecating joke, wiping tears of happiness from his eyes as he pulled away.


“I’ve missed you so much.” He whispered, looking up at the taller man.


“I missed you too.” He kissed his forehead smiling. “And I brought you so many presents.”


Jimin gasped at that, his body rocking back and forth in excitement.


“Taehyung’s getting us coffee.” Namjoon answered Jungkook’s unspoken question as his eyes darted around the hall.


“Are you sure he’s okay with…” Namjoon motioned between the two of them. “I know it’s a lot.”


“He’s fine.” They both waved him off simultaneously.


Taehyung appeared to the side of them. Handing them both coffee, wrapping his arm around Jungkook’s shoulder as he pulled him towards the car park.


“Just don’t be surprised when the ‘Namkook’ wedding binder comes out. Tae is very proud of it.” Jungkook hears Jimin tell Joon seconds later.


“Namkook? What’s a Nam-... Taehyhung !”