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As her head falls back against the pillow her eyes drift to the chair by the bed – navy suit jacket, shirt and tie placed neatly over the back.

Her first thought is how tidy he is, but she supposes as school Principal he has to be to keep a school of children and parents in order.

Her second thought is Ah. Right. there. Releasing a moan without thinking, Rey lets her legs fall further apart as his large hands slide up to grip her thighs even tighter.

His head between her legs is the best thing she’s felt for a long time.

Although thoughts quickly drift to the following days’ events, she tries her best to reign them in. This is something that doesn’t happen every day, not to a busy mother like herself, and she’ll be damned if she’s not going to savour every sweet, delicious moment.

Oh my god. Ben

It’s only a whisper but he hears it, dark eyes meeting hers as he peers from underneath the mop of dark hair. He licks his lips before he speaks.

‘Good?’ he asks, obviously concerned with his performance, as she guesses a Principal would be. But it has its pluses, because his attention to detail when it comes to intimacy is spot on.

Especially his attention to the most sensitive detail on her body – her swollen, throbbing clit.

And good doesn’t even begin to describe that mouth.

Or those lips.

Or the sinful tongue.

He’s doing things to her no other man ever has. Her ex never took the time to see what she liked, to explore, to enjoy. She’s only known Ben intimately for a few weeks now, but she knows she can’t ever let him go.


It had begun with exchanged glances across the school cafeteria, but Rey was mostly tired and strung out from the kids, so she initially paid no real mind.

It became more obvious when she was presented with a teaching award at assembly the following day and his hand pressed softly into her back. She’d tried not to get too excited initially, but she couldn’t help notice that none of her fellow female teachers received the same attention.

And it finally came to a head in the janitor’s closet one hot, summer afternoon when she couldn’t find the cleaning fluid she knew was there. One of her kids had vomited all over the carpet after lunch and she needed to remove the stench.

He’d walked in behind her, letting the door close behind them. She hadn’t said anything, she’d simply asked him where the cleaner was.

His eyes shone in the darkened room, breath hot against her face and when he’d reached around her (oh so close) to pull the cleaner from behind, he’d paused.

His large frame bent, face close to hers and she knew what he was asking so she took a chance - the chance to angle her face to his.

He’d flicked the short hair from his forehead, he’d smiled and that was it.

She’d been the one to initiate the kiss, but he’d been the one to fumble the cleaner and push her hard against the shelves as bottles rattled and fell around them.

It was a frantic, desperate kiss and it went on for an eternity, yet it still wasn’t long enough.

When he’d pulled away, he’d adjusted his jacket to run an exceptionally massive hand through that gorgeous, dark hair and she was gone.

He’d only muttered a few words, but those words told her exactly what he was thinking.

‘I hope that’s not the last time we do that’


And it hadn’t been, which is how they find themselves here, sprawled on the bed and completely naked.

He’s eaten her out 3 mornings of the last 5 and they’ve had sex 6 times already.

Fantastic, hot, passionate sex.

Who knew a school Principal would be so amazing in bed?

Rey doesn’t know much, but she knows this isn’t normal - knows it probably won’t last – but that isn’t going to stop her enjoying it.

So good’ she mutters in reply, head contorting on the pillow. Ben’s so good at this that one orgasm is never enough - he always endeavours to drag as many out of her as he possibly can. Which is hard to forget when he walks by the open classroom door each day and she immediately blushes at the very thought of it.

No one else knows yet and that’s the way they intend to keep it if they have any say. All they want is to stay caught up in their little sex bubble because that’s just how they like it.

Although she’s well and truly of age (and he certainly is – 10 years her senior) relationships between staffers at school are severely frowned upon. Rey knows she won’t get fired – Ben would never let that happen – but there’d still be whispers among staffers and parents and she really couldn’t be bothered with all the drama.

Life hasn’t been all roses for Rey Johnson so she’s keen for some normality for once in her life. Being a mother is hard enough, but being a working mother is the hardest job of all, juggling life with work every day.

Thank God for weekends.

3 orgasms later and Rey’s well and truly spent. Ben lies beside her now, smug smirk on his face, slick sheen visible on those sinfully plush lips. Pulling herself up she leans over him, soft gentle kisses pulling the last remnants of her slick from his mouth.

She really could kiss this man forever.

‘You’ll be the death of me’ she murmurs into the lamplight, scattered kisses covering his face, his bare skin baring the constellation of scattered moles and freckles.

He’s a handsome man, so handsome. Tall, strong and broad. A manly man.

Rey loves a manly man, and he’s one of the best she’s seen, but she’s falling for him already and she’s not sure that’s what he wants.

Maybe this is just sex to him? And it’s fine if it is. Heaven knows she’s needed some good sex in her life.

‘Hm’ he muses, kissing her back. ‘I think you’ll be the death of me, Miss Johnson’

Rey groans when she hears it. He has a habit of springing that line on her in the bedroom and she shouldn’t like it – she shouldn’t – but she does.

She’s tempted to use Mr Solo against him too, but she hasn’t found the right time yet.

One day.

Rey falls back against the pillow and he leans over her now, one deliciously thick finger tracing the shell of her ear as he studies her face.

‘What are you thinking about?’ he asks after a long silence, her mind having drifted off again. If only she could stay with one thought for an extended period of time, but alas her mind ticks the most late at night.

‘Tomorrow’ she answers honestly, already mentally planning the day ahead.

‘Do you ever stop thinking about work?’ he smiles, nuzzling his nose against hers.

She doesn’t, not really. And with her son in her class it’s hard not to be thinking about it all the time, because even when she isn’t, he is.

Ben props himself up on his elbow and she strokes his bicep as she thinks out loud.

‘He’s never spoken in front of the class before. He doesn’t seem nervous, but I can’t help it. It’s like I’m nervous for him’

‘I get that’ Ben nods. ‘But I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine, he’s a strong kid. Reminds me a lot of myself at that age’

She’s not sure what to make of that.

‘So, he’ll be doing this with the hot, young teacher?’ she gestures to the two of them, ‘that’s what you’re saying?’

She can’t help but laugh nervously, the thought of her sweet, little boy all grown up and having sex more than she can bear right now.

‘Maybe’ he laughs back. ‘No, I mean he’ll be fine tomorrow. I was always nervous before a speech, but I’d ham it up you know? Make jokes, that kind of thing. Making my classmates laugh was my way of getting past it, and I’m pretty sure Harley is just like that’

Ben’s spot on. Harley, named by his motorcycle-obsessed father, is her pride and joy but he’s a lot like his father. Too much sometimes, as she’s constantly reminded of him and she’d rather not be.

That relationship was a messy whirlwind and it ended with him walking out on her at 5 months pregnant. Any man that does that to a woman doesn’t deserve to occupy another thought in her mind, Rey’s sure of that much.

But as much as she tries not to think about him, she’ll always have a reminder in little Harley.

And he’s a livewire, much like his father was, but he has a softer, funnier side that she supposes he gets from her, so she can see what Ben means.

‘I’ve tried not to talk too much about it, you know. I’m trying not to put any pressure on him’

‘He’ll be fine, I’m sure of it’

She only wishes she had Ben’s confidence, but she’ll figures they’ll find out tomorrow - one way or the other.

‘What’s subject did he choose?’ Ben asks, pulling the covers down to plant soft kisses over her bare chest, her nipples hardening under his attention.

‘Bugs’ Rey muses, chuckling softly while enjoying his wet lips against her cool skin.

‘Bugs, ay?’ Ben returns his attention to her nipple. Tugging it between his teeth he makes her squirm.

‘Yeah, I know, but he loves them. Cause they squirm and stuff - his words, not mine’ she laughs and his head lifts again.

‘Bit like you are now?’

‘Mm, just like that’ Rey tugs at his head, pulling his lips back to hers. His tongue pushes into her mouth as her hand drops below to find him hard against her stomach.

Ben adjusts himself, centring his hard cock against her core and smiling as he pushes the thick, leaking tip against her entrance.

Her body opens naturally to accept him, and she sighs as he slips in to the hilt, the stretch nothing short of exquisite.

Ben likes it slow and steady, setting a pace that’s always close enough but not quite. He likes to bring her close to the edge time and time again only to pull back and drag it out even longer. He has stamina comparable to no other man she’s ever been with and it’s a constant battle between loving it and wanting to scream at him to let her get there.

But she wouldn’t change it. Given a choice, she’d choose this over previous sexual encounters any day of the week.

When he’s finally done with her and she’s finally allowed to come, he gets this smirk she can’t even find the words to describe. And she’s a teacher, descriptive words should never be that hard to find.

Hands behind his head, smug smirk still on his face, Rey lets out an exhausted sigh.

‘That’s nothing short of torture’ she muses, hearing him laugh beside her.

‘Haven’t heard any complaints so far’ he quips. And he’s right.


‘Too spent to complain, not that I would anyway’

‘Then I must be doing something right’

He sits up now, chest heaving as he sucks in a few deep breaths which gives her a few seconds to study his muscled back. Rey sits up too, a dull ache already making itself known. She’ll be sore tomorrow no doubt, the way she is every morning after sex with Ben.

‘Where do you think you’re going?’

Running a hand through his hair Ben stands to full height. ‘Gotta pee, don’t miss me too much. And don’t go anywhere ‘cause I’ll be ready for round 2 when I get back’

She must be the luckiest woman in the world. How she managed to snag a guy like him, she still has no clue.

She’s about to tell him to put some pants on (just in case) when she hears the small, inquisitive voice in the hallway outside the door.

‘You’re not my Daddy’

Her hands go to her face and she leans forward to try and peer through the open door, but she can’t see anything. In a mad hurry she works to pull her discarded singlet over her head.

Ben’s hands fly to cover himself and he should move – he knows he should – but he can’t. Kids don’t often leave him speechless, but this unexpected encounter certainly had.

‘Mommy!’ Harley bolts through the bedroom door jumping into bed next to her, small cold hands reaching around her neck.

She knew he’d find out eventually, but this wasn’t exactly the way she’d seen it happening.

She’d planned it in her head – she’d sit him down, explain about Ben in the most child-friendly way she could, and everyone would live happily ever after.

Who was she kidding? She should’ve known it wouldn’t be that simple.

‘Hey, it’s ok buddy. That’s just Ben’

Just Ben? Probably not an ideal thing to say, but she can hear Ben in the bathroom so she figures it’s ok. She doesn’t mean just Ben as in just Ben, she’s simply trying to help him realise Ben is a nice man and there’s no need to be frightened.

‘Who’s Ben?’ Harley asks still attached to her neck, blue eyes blinking back at her.

‘Ben is-’

Her friend? Lover?

‘Ben is a friend, buddy. He won’t hurt you. You know I wouldn’t let anyone into this house who would hurt you, right?’

He lets go of her neck to nod his little head.

‘Why does he have no clothes on?’



Now that she doesn’t have an answer for.

He lost them? He likes being naked?

‘And why is he in your room?’

Kids and their 20 questions. More like 20,000.

Rey sighs, pulling him up and onto her knee as he stares back at her. She strokes his hair while she talks, softly and reassuringly, catching Ben standing at the door out of the corner of her eye.

Thank God he had the sense to put a towel around himself.

‘Harley, this is Ben’

She nods to Ben and he walks toward Harley as he snuggles into Rey’s side, still a tad unsure of the large new man in their apartment. Rey doesn’t think he’s scared as such, maybe just a little nervous meeting someone new. He’s always been a fairly cautious kid.

Ben squats down next to the bed so his massive frame isn’t so intimidating, speaking softly while extending his hand.

Harley loves shaking hands. Rey thinks it’s because it makes him feel important and he stares at Ben as he takes his little hand in his.

‘It’s nice to meet you, Harley. You’re Mom has told me a lot of nice things about you’

Harley blinks back at him. Rey can see his mind ticking over and she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly nervous what would come out of his mouth next.

‘Are you the man from school?’

Rey hadn’t even thought he might recognise Ben, but maybe he stood out because he’s so tall? Or maybe simply because he’s the Principal, although they’d never been called to his office. That was still on her to-do list…

‘I am. I’m the Principal’

‘What’s that?’

Ben laughs, glancing at Rey but he doesn’t get the chance to answer.

‘He’s in charge of the whole school, buddy’

Harley’s eyes go wide along with his little mouth. ‘Wow’

It really is cute.

‘I’ve seen you there. At sembly’

Of course. That’s where he’d recognise him from.

‘A-ssembly, Harley’ Rey corrects him.

‘That’s right’ Ben nods.

‘Do you like my Mommy?’ Harley asks.

Uh oh - here we go.

Ben steals another quick glance at Rey and she grimaces and nods, hoping he’ll be fairly restrained with his answer.

‘I do like your Mommy’ Ben replies, smiling at Rey then back at Harley.

‘Do you like all the other Mommies at my school, too?’

Rey intervenes while Ben’s mouth is agape. Harley has a knack of saying the most inopportune things at the most inopportune times – he gets that from his father too.

‘Buddy, come on’ Rey hops out of bed, quickly realising she’s only in her underwear and singlet top, but it’s nothing Harley hasn’t seen her in before. No time to worry about that now anyway.

‘You should be in bed, it’s late’ She lifts him off the bed and guides him to the door.

‘Will he be here in the morning?’ Harley asks, turning back to point at Ben.

She really couldn’t blame Ben if he wasn’t, but she figures it’ll take more than a curious child to scare him off - he would’ve dealt with enough of those in his time.

‘I’m not sure, we’ll see. And remember I told you it’s rude to point? Now c’mon, toilet and bed’

Leaving the room, she returns only after Harley’s spent 5 minutes in the toilet and she’s tucked him back into bed. Ben’s dressed and sitting on her bed when she returns, suit pants and shirt back on.

He’s obviously not staying.

‘Sorry about that’ she whispers, sitting next to him as he takes her hand. ‘He’s a bit of a chatterbox’

‘He’s adorable. I can’t believe how much he looks like you’

She guesses he does look a lot like her.

‘Yeah. Gets his attitude from his father though, let me tell you’

Ben looks a little uncomfortable now.

‘Hey, you don’t have to go. I’d really like it if you stayed’

He’s never stayed over before, always leaving early in the morning before Harley wakes up, but she hopes he might this time. He doesn’t seem too keen though.

‘No, I should go. You’ll have enough questions in the morning without me here’

He’s probably right.

He pulls her onto his lap, kissing her bare arm.

‘You didn’t answer my son’s question though’ she quips, whispering into his ear.

‘Which one? There were a few’

He’s not wrong.

‘About whether you like the other Mommies as much as you like me’

‘Ohh right. That one’ Blowing out a breath, his hand falls to her breast to squeeze it through her top.

‘I certainly don’t like the other Mommies the way I like you’ he says, low and serious. ‘And I certainly don’t penetrate the other Mommies the way I do you, either’ He wiggles his eyebrows at that and she dies a little inside.

She has a soft spot for that word – penetration – and he damn well knows it. She should never have told him that.

‘Glad to hear it’ Rey blushes, standing to face him. ‘Are you sure you can’t stay?’

‘Maybe another time? Give him some time to get used to us. You know, out of the bedroom?’

She figures that’s fair enough. Smart man this one.

‘Fair enough. I understand’

Curling up in bed she watches him grab his jacket and shoes. He kisses her goodnight before he leaves, promising they’ll catch up somehow – some way – at school tomorrow.

As soon as he’s gone her mind flicks back to work and her son. She lays awake for another hour hoping he’ll be ok tomorrow before she finally drifts off to sleep, knowing all the worry in the world won’t change anything.




‘Socks and shoes!’ Rey yells from the kitchen for the third time, packing the last of his lunch into his Star Wars lunchbox.

‘I’m feeding Charlie!’

Of course he is – she’s sure he loves that hamster more than life itself.

‘Well hurry up please, we’re leaving in 10 minutes!’ She shouldn’t yell, she tries not to make a habit of it, but on busy mornings it just happens.

‘Have you got your bug collection? Please make sure it’s in your bag because we won’t be coming back home to get it!’

Rey’s constantly thankful he’s into dead bugs rather than live ones, so his collection entails an album of crusty critters rather than a container of live, wriggling ones. He’s fascinated by them when they’re alive but thankfully he only hangs onto the dead ones.

She’s overheard friends say it’s a creepy habit and she should put a stop to it, but little Harley doesn’t have a creepy bone in his body. The kid wouldn’t harm a fly.

Rey manages to bundle him out the door and into the car - albeit 10 minutes late - and of course traffic is a nightmare. It’s Monday after all. However, her own class is unlikely to start without her, so she’ll get there when she gets there.

When they finally make it to the classroom - another toilet trip and one misplaced shoe later - most of the children and parents are already there but thankfully there’s still a few she’s waiting on.

They manage to amuse themselves while she sets up for the mornings’ show & tell, little Harley sorting the bugs in his collection for the second time that morning while telling his friend Jackson everything he knows about them.

Jackson’s a sweet kid, he could certainly have worse friends.

Welcomes and seating arrangements aside, Rey begins. Jackson is first up and he’s a riot from start to finish. His chosen topic is the Emergency Services because his Dad is on the police force. His outfit even comes complete with large hat and baton and it really is a cute sight. He sounds so proud.

Rey is seated toward the back of the classroom making short notes to use in her reports at the end of the year. She’s still listening though, she learnt to multi-task years ago.

After Jackson it’s one of the older students in her combined class, Emma who will be speaking on her topic of choice – Star Wars.

She always knew she liked that kid.

Harley is into the latest trilogy of movies too and Rey’s happy to let him love them to his hearts’ content because she happens to think they’re pretty neat too. Why should kids have all the fun?

‘And I like Kira because she’s cool’ Emma remarks, official Kira doll help up high for the other kids to see. ‘She’s smart and she’s not afraid to fight the bad guys. Like Kylo Ren. He’s the big, evil villain but Kira’s not scared of him because she has special powers, and Kylo doesn’t like it’

Rey can’t help but stifle a giggle at that. She’s not sure Kylo’s even a true villain when it comes down to it, but this girl knows her stuff – there’s no way she’ll be the one to correct her.

When the class applauds the end of Emma’s long and detailed speech it’s Harley’s turn. Rey’s stomach churns with nerves as he fumbles with his collection and walks forward to the front of the classroom.

He looks so small up there against the large whiteboard and her large desk but her heart swells with pride - his first time speaking in front of the class and she’s lucky enough to witness it.

She’s tempted to help him get organised but she hasn’t done it for any of the other students so she can’t be seen to show favouritism. Instead, she stays seated.

Her mind flicks back to the first time she ever had to get up in front of the class at school. She remembers it well as her topic of choice was horses. Or mainly, how much she wanted one.

As a youngster on a farm that’s all she’d thought about at the time, however growing up and moving to a tiny, city apartment had finally put paid to that dream.

Making eye contact with her son she smiles proudly, nodding to let him know she’s there watching and it’ll all be ok.

She shouldn’t be surprised when he chooses a rather witty opening line.

‘I’m Harley Johnson and my Mom’s the teacher. And she’s the best teacher in the whole world’

Rey’s flattered, really.

His comment draws a few affectionate awws from the other parents and Rey ducks her head, pretending to write in her book. The classroom door opens and closes but she doesn’t look up, too nervous to watch Harley in case she puts him off in any way.

It’s probably just another parent showing up late, she knows what that’s like.

Harley is telling the class about the butterflies in his collection when he suddenly stops talking, eyes trained on the side of the room when Rey looks up.

Should she prompt him, or just wait?

He points and Rey follows the direction of his finger, to Ben.

Oh no.

‘Hey’ he yells a little too loudly in the small but crowded room. ‘You’re the man who was in Mommy’s bedroom!’

Ohhh shit.

Rey feels like she’s living a nightmare.

You know that feeling you get when you can see something happening and you know you should stop it, but it’s like you’re frozen in time? She’s experiencing that right now.

Of course he’s pointing directly at Ben. Rey had no idea he’d even slipped into the room! She’d obviously missed it, and this is exactly what happens when she doesn’t pay attention - she manages to get herself into embarrassing situations.

Fellow parents’ gasp but the other children are mostly silent, all eyes currently trained on Ben who looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but here. The tips of his adorably large ears pink as everyone stares and he does his best to remain stoic.

Rey is still frozen in her seat. Part of her hopes Harley will continue with his talk and everyone will forget all about it, but she knows she can’t take the risk.

She moves now, leaping from her seat to get to Harley at the front of the room. He sees her coming though and she’s not quick enough to stop the next line that tumbles out of his mouth.

‘And he wasn’t wearing any underpants’ he proudly declares to the already stunned room, the children descending into mad giggles as Rey clamps a desperate hand over his mouth.

Ben exits the room without a word, closing the door behind him and she’s left alone to deal with a classroom in chaos.