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The truth behind the scars

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Most of Class 1-A were seated in the common room also known as the living room sprawled across couches and armchairs. You would almost think it was a normal quiet evening if it wasn’t for the lack of a certain explosive blondes presence.


After a fight with Kirishima, Todoroki, and Midoriya he stormed out of the dorms and hasn’t been seen since. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal if he would have returned a couple of hours later, but it was currently three in the morning. It has been 8 hours since bakugou left without Telling anyone where he was going. Not even his boyfriends.

After Bakugou didn’t return when it started to get dark the class got the teachers involved who are currently out looking for him. They even had some pro hero’s out patrolling the streets for Bakugou.

The common room was quiet with the background sound of whatever movie Mina had put in a couple of hours ago to help everyone relax. The movie was left forgotten as everyone was too worried to focus on it.

Midoriya was sitting on the edge of an armchair with his back hunched over and his hands in his lap. His palms were sweaty and he couldn’t stop fidgeting in his seat constantly rolling his thumbs across each other. He kept thinking about how this wasn’t right. Kacchan should be back by now. He wouldn’t be out this late. He wouldn’t.

Todoroki sat with his head in his hands eyes glazed over with a look of fear and confusion in his eyes. His gaze was broken when he looked up to see kirishima pacing back and forth while knotting his hands into his hair

Kirishima suddenly stopped and stuttered, ”he should be back by now”.

Todooki snapped “we already fucking know that Kirishima. He should have been back a while ago. Maybe if you didn’t want to pressure him and talk to him about him training too hard he wouldn’t have fucking left.”

Midoriya jumped up from his chair. “stop it. he’s going to come back stop fighting”

Todoroki collapsed back into his chair and sighed. “Why did he have to leave it’s so late I just want him to come back.”

“Todoroki.. I know and he will…,” Midoriya mumbled not knowing what else to say. He was usually good at comforting people, but with Kacchan missing he was too shaken up to comfort his boyfriend right now.

Kaminari got up and patted kirishima on the shoulder “ don’t worry Kirishima bakubro is fine remember the pro hero’s will find him and bring him back,” Kaminari said with a small smile.

“YEAH!! He will be back in know time complaining about how I need to do my laundry or how dumb Kaminari is” Mina yelled while pushing Kaminari to the side.

Kirishima gave a small smile as Sero slung his arm around the two of them with kaminari pushing at Mina to move over.

“Ugghhh Bakuhoe better get back here considering there ain’t no Bakusquad without him,” Kaminari whined while drooping his head on Mina’s shoulder.

“If Bakugou ever heard you calling him that he would kill you,” Sero said while smirking

Kaminari gave a loud sound of protest and reached over to slap his hands at Sero “he would not he loves me,” Kaminari jeered.

Sero rolled his eyes but gave a small frown that went unnoticed. He knew the group was trying to cheer Kirishima up, but in reality they were all just as scared as everyone else. There are bad people out there and Bakugou was strong, but…
He stopped that train of thought right there. Sero shook his head and sat back down with everyone else

Kirishima sat down with midoriya and Todoroki before thinking back to the conversation held earlier that day.




“I think we should talk to Katsuki about him training so hard. He is overworking himself. I know he likes to train a lot to keep in shape and as he says ( you can’t become the number one hero without training ), but he has been so tired recently,” Kirishima had brought Midoriya and Todoroki to his room to explain his concerns.

Todoroki hummed,” I think your right he has been looking more tired recently plus one time I nearly saw him falling asleep in class”. Todoroki looked up and saw Midoriya’s concentrated face.

“Kacchan isn’t gonna wanna agree to doing less training. He already said he already has wasted enough training time always spending time with us as it is”, midoriya sighed and leaned back against the wall.

Kirishima thought back to how they had all started dating. It all happened because the three of them all had huge crushes on Bakugou. They realized that they also liked each other too and so it was decided that they would all date and try to win balugou’s heart together. In the end it had worked and now they had been in a happy relationship for 6 months with them being in there second year at UA.

Todoroki brought him out of his thoughts as he sipped loudly at his cup of coffee.

“Let’s just talk to him about it ok?” Midoriya said with a small smile.

Kirishima nodded and they made there way to Bakugou’s room. Bakugou’s light was off so they went in and looked around. Pushed up against Bakugou’s wall was a queen sized bed that Todoroki bought him insisting that the twin sized bed was too small for all of them to lay down. Bakugou had begrudging agreed and got the queen sized bed. It was a tight fit with with all of them shoulder to shoulder if they were to lay down on their backs, but normally one of them would have Bakugou laying on them anyway. They never told Him but they would often have fights over it about who got to lay next to Bakugou that night.

“What are you idiots doing in my room,” a voice growled out behind them.

The three snapped their heads to see bakugou standing in the doorway . The same thought crossed all three of their minds at once ( fuck he’s hot ). Bakugou was gripping a water bottle with his bag slung over his shoulder. His skin was glistening from sweat and his cheeks were red. He was wearing shorts that came just a little bit above his thigh showing creamy thick thighs. His tank top clung to him showing a full view of his big chest and dam dig bakugou have a nice ass chest that just seemed like it would be so nice to squeeze. They could all confirm it was just as nice to squeeze them as they thought it would be considering that was one of the first things they asked bakugou to let them touch. They were all surprised when he actually let them.

Bakugou walked into the room after they didn’t respond and went to get clean clothes out of his dresser.

Todoroki glanced at Bakugou’s ass that strained against his gym shorts and gave Kirishima the look. Kirishima could clearly understand what that look meant. Todoroki was questioning Kirishima if they should actually talk to bakugou about their concerns or wait until later and do something a little more fun instead.

Midoriya snapped his gaze away from Bakugou’s ass and composed himself

“So…we wanted to talk to you about something but you weren’t here so..,” Midoriya mumbled out.

Bakugou grunted and chucked his bag to the floor. “I was taking a run and you guys need to get out I’m gross and sweaty and would like to take a shower,” he said while pulling out a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

“wait we just wanted to talk to you about your working out,” Kirishima rushed to say.

Bakugou stopped and turned around. “Why,” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“I think you need cut down on the training. You have been exhausted recently and it’s not healthy,” Kirishima said in a serious tone.

Bakugou glared at kirishima with narrowed eyes. “I’m fucking fine shitty hair I don’t need to take a break and don’t fucking tell me what to do,”
Bakugou growled.

“Kacchan we aren’t trying to tell you what to do we are just worried about you your body can’t handle this amount of training everyday,” Midoriya said trying to calm the situation down.

“FUCK YOU DEKU WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SAYING MY BODY CNAT HANDLE IT. ARE YOU CALLING ME WEAK,” he fumed giving Deku the worst glare he could muster. Bakugou grabbed his bag and stomped over to the door. Bakugou felt someone grab his wrist and turned around to see Todoroki staring at him with an unreadable gaze and a tight grip on his wrist. Bakugou pulled him arm out of Todoroki’s hold and half ran half stomped out the door and into the hall. He could hear Kirishima calling his name from behind him, but ignored him and went down the stairs and out the doors of class 1-A dorms.




Uraraka poured another cup of coffee for her and Tsuyu before going back to the commons and and handing the cup to her girlfriend. Tsuyu took the cup with a small smile and snuggled up to Uraraka’s shoulder, as she slowly took a small sip from the steamy cup.

It was currently 4:00 am in the morning and still no sign of Bakugou.

Most of the class was snuggled on the couches with blankets provided by Mina thrown over them. Tokoyami was sitting next to shoji fast asleep with shoji’s arm around his shoulder. Momo was curled up with Jirou in an armchair next to the fireplace. They both looked like they were about to fall asleep as their sleepy eyes gazed into the fireplace. Shinsou was sitting at the table nursing a cup of coffee while scrolling through this phone blinking away the sleep in his eyes. Koda was in the kitchen watering the little plants behind the sink for the third time that evening. Aoyama was leaning on Sato while snoring in his ear. Kaminari, Sero and Mina were in a tangle of limbs with a big blanket thrown over their bodies. Tooru was sitting at the table with shinsou nibbling at a blueberry muffin. It was such a domestic scene too bad the air was stained with the intense curtain of worry surrounding class 1-A

Kirishima had pulled midoriya and Todoroki to the hallway where he was currently staring at the two intensely.

“We need to go out and look for Bakugou,” Kirishima blurted out.

Todoroki slid his hand hand through his hair and gave a firm nod signifying that he agreed.

Midoriya looked at the two with determined eyes. “We need to find hi-

A door opening interrupted Midoriya as Iida stared at them with shock. He had heard everything from the small bathroom in the hall.

“You cannot go out there to look for bakugou. Not only is it against school policies, it is dangerous at night,” Ilda stated voice firm.

“This is exactly why we want to go because it is dangerous out there at night we can’t just leave Bakugou out there he has been missing for eight hours. It’s four in the morning he would never stay out this late. Something must be wrong. Bakugou would know we would be worried he wouldn’t stay out this long...,” Kirishima said in a strained voice.

“The pro’s will handle it we need to stay calm and think rationally. We can’t have students leaving the dorms I won’t allow it,” Iida chided.

“We have been sitting here for hours and Kacchan is still gone we are going to go find him whether you are in our way or not,” Midoriya ground out.

The sound of a door opening had the four snapping there heads over to the door. What the class saw left them reeling with many questions. Bakugou slamming through the door before running his way to the stairs and stumbling his way to his room. The sound of his door being slammed shut.

The class stood in shock at what they had just seen. From the glimpse they saw of Bakugou they only caught his disheveled appearance and panick stricken face that screamed I need to get away. They quickly snapped out of it before quickly letting the full blown worry infused panick out and racing to his room.

Nothing could have prepared them for the truth that was to come.