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Smut compilation - Human Au/Gijinka Au

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   “What do you think of this one?” Rodan raised the jeans on his hand to show the other.

   Goji looked at it, disinterested, turning his eyes down to the red head once he pressed the pants over the one he was wearing, checking how it would look like.

   “It looks good on you.” Goji said simply.

   Rodan snickered at the comment and threw the jeans together with the other two he was interested on. He honestly preferred going out shopping with Mothra, mainly because she had a really good sense of style, and was always ready to point out which outfits looked good on him and those who didn’t. But he liked when Goji went with him as well, not because he had the same fashion sense as his girlfriend, but because he would always let Rodan buy whatever he wanted.

   They walked over to the clothes dressing room.

   Goji waited, leaning against the wall.

   Rodan pushed the folding doors open and stepped out.

   “You’re right. It does look good!” He said, looking at himself on the mirror. “What do you think?”

   He barely noticed how Goji’s eyes scanned him, and definitely didn’t notice how the bigger man reacted to seeing him wearing those pants. They were a tight fit, something Rodan liked to wear sometimes – he wasn’t stupid, he knew wearing pants like that accentuated his curves.

   “Goji?” Rodan finally seemed to notice his friend hasn’t answered him.

   He still got no answers, as Goji suddenly pushed him inside and closed the folding doors behind his back.

   “Goji! What the--?” Rodan didn’t get to finish as a big hand covered his mouth.

   “Do you want others to hear us?” The bigger man said simply, his voice deeper than normal. Rodan started sweating. “You do look good on it…” Goji purred, his free hand going down Rodan’s body, grabbing his ass and almost making him jump. “The way your ass looks with these tight pants is just sinful~”

   The red head had to bite his own tongue in order not to moan, knowing that the other’s hand wasn’t going to be enough to muffle his loud noises.

   “But I think you’ll look much better without it…”

   Goji worked surprisingly easily with only one hand, opening the new jeans’ buttons and zipper, before pushing them down Rodan’s legs. The tight clothing stood in place, right underneath the read head’s ass. He pressed his palm against Rodan’s growing erection, getting a whine from the smaller one.

   “Turn around.” Goji said.

   Rodan did as told, pressing his hands and cheek against the mirror. He watched by the corner of his eye as the other pushed down his underwear, exposing him fully.

   “F-fuck, Goji…” He tried keeping his voice low as those big hands kneaded his ass.

   “Shh…” Goji said simply, opening his own pants and lowering them with his underwear. Rodan stared, he was always impressed by his friend’s girth, and moaned when the other pressed that huge cock between his butt cheeks. “Suck.”

   Rodan started sucking on the fingers that touched his face, moaning softly as Goji humped his ass impatiently. When Goji decided that was enough, he brought the fingers down, poking around Rodan’s puckered opening.

   The red head bit his lip the best he could not to moan as he felt those digits pushing inside of him. Godzilla wasn’t the type to tease, he preferred to go straight to the point, but he still was a bit careful. He stretched Rodan’s opening with one finger, before adding another one, going deeper and deeper, making it harder for the other to hold back his sounds.

   Three fingers went deep, stretching him even more, and Rodan gasped a little bit too loud. But Goji didn’t stop, even though there was a chance that someone had heard them. He pushed his fingers deeper, against that special spot inside.

   Rodan bit his hand, which barely held back his yelp. Goji chuckled softly, enjoying the reaction, before pulling his fingers back and lining the head of his cock to his friend’s opening. The red head opened his legs wider – the widest he could with the tight fit jeans holding him back – and he gladly didn’t need to wait too much.

   Goji pushed his dick inside Rodan’s ass, letting out a low groan and getting a long whine from the red head as he pushed against those tight, hot walls. His legs shook as Goji pushed in deeper, slowly filling Rodan with his whole girth finding almost no resistance, and he held on tightly to the cloth hangers to continue standing.

   Slowly, Goji pulled back, and then thrusted back in, hard.

   “Mngh!” Rodan moaned, using his shirt in order to drown out his sound.

   “Fuck, Rodan…” Goji grunted, pulling back and thrusting in again, repeating the movement slowly. “You’re so tight…”

   “Hmm…” Rodan whined against his own shirt, feeling as it got damp with his spit.

   Goji’s big hands held on to Rodan’s tiny waist, digging into his tanned skin and definitely leaving marks, as he started thrusting faster, pulling the other towards his dick.

   It was such a tiny space, it forced them to stay closer, with Goji’s bigger, stronger form looming over Rodan’s small one. The red head felt his grip loosening and his legs shaking from both the hard fucking and the way his friend leaned over him, that warm breath near the back of his head, making his hair stand on end.

   “Mn-- Mng!” Rodan moaned.

   There was a rattle as the folding doors were moved, the lock didn’t give way. Rodan mildly panicked, remembering they were in a public area. Still, goosebumps ran over his body and panic subsided, especially when thinking about suddenly being caught. He didn’t know he had this type of kink…

   The doors rattled even more when someone knocked.

   “Can’t you guess there’s someone inside already?!” Goji threw back, violently thrusting against Rodan, forcing the red head to use all his force not to scream.

   “Geez, sorry, man.” The voice on the other side said and seemed to walk away.

   Goji didn’t seem at all affected by what happened, still thrusting hard and fast. Rodan bit hard on his shirt as he felt Goji pressing that perfect spot inside him again and again, dead on, no stop.

   For a second Rodan thought of what would’ve happened if the door wasn’t locked, he imagined the guy’s reaction once opening it only to see him being fucked to oblivion against the wall… And it only worked to make him reach his peak. With a stifled scream, he came all over the mirror.

    Goji grunted, feeling Rodan’s walls tightened around him, and he soon followed his friend. He pulled out just in time, long lines of white cum falling all over Rodan’s lower back, even hitting his pulled-up shirt.

   They took a moment to recover their breath, both shaken by their own orgasm.

   Rodan looked at his own reflection on the slightly fogged mirror. His red hair was slightly disheveled, spit shining on his lips and chin, and his eyes shinning more than normal. He blushed even harder at that vision and turned his eyes away.

   A hand rested on his shoulder.

   “You okay?” Goji kept his voice low.

   Rodan couldn’t help but shiver slightly when hearing that deep voice. He straightened himself, finally spitting out the part of the shirt he had been biting at and breathing deep.

   Goji looked him over and pulled softly on his red shirt.

   “Take it off.” Goji said simply and Rodan did as told, taking off his shirt. He looked down at the marks of his own cum all over the poor mirror. “Give me it.” Rodan did so. Goji quickly turned him around and cleaned the mess with Rodan’s already stained shirt.

   The red head cringed slightly at it. He liked that shirt…

   “Can you walk with no problem?” The bigger guy asked, turning soft as he normally did.

   “Yeah, I can.” Rodan answered. “It’s not like just a quick fuck can throw me off!”

   Goji snorted and smiled at those words.

   “Here.” Goji took off his own shirt and handled it to Rodan. The red head blushed when seeing his friend defined chest, but he accepted the shirt, putting it on. It was too big for him, but he didn’t mind it, he tucked it inside his jeans made him look quite cool. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

   And he left, opening and closing the folding doors behind him.

   Rodan took a deep breath in and out, still feeling a bit shaken by the experience. He pulled his underwear up and took off the new jeans, putting on the old one he had arrived in. Luckily the pants weren’t damaged or stained, he was interested on buying those. He hadn’t even tried the other jeans, which Goji had taken with himself.

   The red-head blushed softly as he looked down at the stains that were left on the mirror and he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and also sorry for the poor worker who saw it and had to clean it. Oh, well…

   He grabbed his stuff and made sure he was presentable, and left the cubicle. Nothing was changed outside, it was as if nothing had happened.


   Rodan walked over to the cashier.

   “Hey, man, is there maybe a number down of this one?” A guy was asking one of the workers.

   Rodan blushed deeply when recognizing the voice. It was the guy who knocked, and who, by luck, didn’t see them. Rodan still didn’t know if he preferred things to have gone the way they did or if he wished he had been seen…

   A hand on his shoulder startled him.

   “So, you’re gonna buy this?” Goji asked, raising one of the jeans who gladly wasn’t damaged either.

   “A-ah, yes! I will!” Rodan quickly grabbed it from his friend’s hands, running over to the cash register.

   He wasn’t sure if he really liked what they had done or it was just the sudden thrill… Either way, Rodan wasn’t going to forget it anytime soon.