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wayward sons

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ftesStiles had a secret. He was adopted and unlike most adopted kids he was still in touch with his biological parents. Or parent in this case. He never told Scott or anyone else for that matter. It helped that no-one ever wondered where he went every summer or why he had a 'dad' and a 'daddio' on his contacts. Sometimes people were stupid and Stiles appreciated their stupidity. It really wasn't that hard having two dads, one that he lived with and the other that he called every day and spent his summers with. He was never confused but that could just be because he wasn't easily confused. Unlike Scott, man, he must spend every day wondering how the sun was defying gravity.

The supernatural world had never been new to him, given his biological dad was a hunter and not just any hunter. His dad was a Winchester, who were some of the most famous and deadly hunters in all of the world. So, yeah. He knew his way around a shotgun and various other things. The term various being broad and varied. He had killed his first vamp when he was seven and had exorcised his first demon by the time he could read. He was a very unusual kid, strange that even after he was bitten Scott never noticed he had a pistol in his jeep and a knife in his shoe. Probably how the sheriff never noticed when he snuck out to hunt monsters. He was definitely a badass disguised as a nerd. Or vise versa, depending on what he felt like.

Sometimes he felt like Derek knew something. The way he stared after him when he left a pack meeting too early because of a monster a couple of towns over. Or the way he would ask where Stiles had been the night before and Stiles would always reply with a cheeky smile and a happy 'Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, Sourwolf.' Derek never believed him but he left him alone, but watched him like...hmm...what did he watch him like? Stiles wanted to say he watched him like a wolf watched its pups (or mate) with deep affection and love but...yeah. Derek watched him like a hyena watched a human baby, yep, that described it perfectly.

To put it simply, Hunting made him feel powerful, Derek made him feel uncomfortable (most of the time, sometimes he made him feel a lot like committing debauchery on his werewolf ass).

At the moment he felt awesome like Captain America and Batman had a lovechild awesome. Lydia and Jackson had been having some trouble ( add in sarcastic quotation mark fingers ) and somehow that was straining the pack bond, not that he felt a difference but apparently everyone else could. So after Derek and Scott trying to co-alpha the shit out of the situation and failing, Stiles had merely said, ''I am just going to say this right now if you can't find a problem you're the problem.'' He had actually just been quoting DR Phil but Lydia and Jackass had both bursts into tears at the same time.

'' Ever since I was bitten I knew she wasn't my mate, but ...'' Jackson sniffled, and Stiles winced in embarrassment for him, because seriously, ugh.

Derek looked a hundred and ten percent confused and mildly freaked out at Jackson's out of character outburst and merely stood by awkwardly. Scott handled it a bit better, letting his mouth hang open in shock to stare at the former bully.

'' And I knew it wasn't t-the s-same,'' great, they were both crying.

Unlike when Jackass began crying when Lydia began to cry Scott, Allison, and Erica rushed to comfort her, leaving Derek to handle Jackson. The Alpha walked over to the distressed young man and placed an unsure hand on the back of his neck, apparently giving the teenager permission to cry into his shirt. Wincing in embarrassment for all of them, even the rest of the pack who were forced to watch the calamity, Stiles closed his laptop and put it in his backpack

'' OK, Mr. Awesome, aka me, is going outside to avoid mushy shit. So...see ya.'' he stood up and walked to the door, Derek's glare like cold ice on the back of his neck.

With that, he was out the door and headed toward his jeep. Just then his phone rang.

'''sup.''He answered then paused. ''Okay Dad, see you then .''