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A Well Favored Prisoner

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Staring down at the dirt floor, Ursula’s heart raced as she made her way to the center of her small community. Everyone cautiously gathered when they heard the roar of the saviors fleet of trucks in the distance. Walking to her sister Paris, and brother in law Seth, she felt a large arm sling over her shoulder. Internally rolling her eyes and sharply sighing, she shifted her body and rolled her shoulder in the hopes that he’d take the hint.

“Hello Roman,” Ursula said with little enthusiasm.

“Did you sleep well,” he asked, leaning further into her personal space? “I thought of you last night.”

Feeling immensely uncomfortable, Ursula attempted to keep up her pleasant charade. If it weren’t for the power Roman held over the community, or her need to protect those close to her, she would have told Roman long ago to fuck right off. Everyday she stayed at HiddenHill was exhausting. She tirelessly fought off his creepy advances. As HiddenHill’s newly appointed leader, he’d begun to cross the line.

He was stupid, strong and handsome -a deadly combination in Ursula’s book- he was also wormy, manipulative and arrogant. Relentlessly pursuing her when he recently came to power, Roman just couldn’t seem to grasp that she didn’t want him. Or maybe he just didn’t care. Day by day his refusal to accept no for an answer was starting to become alarming.

Although she was a good enough fighter to keep him from physically attacking her, he started to wheeled his authority as a community leader, and she feared for the small group of people she considered family. If it really came down to it, she’d do anything for them. As luck would have it, Roman was too stupid to figure that out yet.

Pursing her lips with a hidden smilie, Ursula couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring him down a notch. “Wow. You must be really brave. If I were you, I’d of been thinking about the saviors visit today, and meeting that leader of theirs. What’s it he’s known for,” she said as she stared into the sky, “his bat?”

Confidant she’d slapped him back to reality, she gave him a friendly smile. “I’ll be sure to watch you. I’m sure someone as brave as you won’t take any of his shit though.”

Turning to reach her sister, Ursula smiled to herself. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll get killed.

When she finally reached her party, she felt guilty for making light of the situation. They were about to meet their new leader and his fighters. All they knew about them was their leader was infamous for his bat and bad temper. Roman had met with him a few days before.

Their small safe community was stunned when he returned to inform them that they were under new leadership. All their guns and most of their best canned goods had been collected. This was not a meeting that anyone in her community was looking forward to.

Mark threw his arm over her shoulder and gently shook her. “That prick still at ya?”

Rolling her eyes she huffed, “God he’s relentless. I hope this new guy takes Roman with him.”

Seth worriedly looked between Mark and Austin as he held tightly to his wife. “Let’s hope that’s all he’ll want to take.”

The mood had shifted Ursula began biting her bottom lip with anxiousness. She was seriously worried about her sister’s safety.

Though Ursula was only older than her sister by two months, she’d always taken it upon herself to protect her half-sister. Naturally, they were complete opposites in most things. But they’d always shared a unique bond between them.

Their father was a very wealthy, very corrupt man, who unfortunately, had a weakness for womanizing. He’d strung along both Paris and Ursula’s mothers at the same time, and when both women turned up pregnant, it set a domino effect of events that forever shaped the person Ursula would become.

Her father eventually married Paris’s upperclass mother - although it was rumored that he much preferred Ursula’s mother - who was his maid. When Ursula’s mother died as a result of her pregnancy, her step mother was forced to accept their bastard child into her home. And although her father loved both of his girls dearly, he allowed his wife’s clear distain for his eldest daughter to cloud the household.

Her stepmother’s hatred only deepened when they grew older and Ursula’s beauty began to rivaled her sisters. It wasn’t that surprising that both girls were so gorgeous, as their mothers were very beautiful. Paris had the blondest pale colored hair which made her striking blue eyes stand out. She was fair skinned, demure, and fragile in all things. Her facial features were soft, warm and welcoming. Although her face was naturally beautiful, her hair, slenderness, and eyes made her striking, and that was usually the first thing people noticed about Paris.

Ursula was the complete opposite with facial features that were sharp and set. There was nothing warm about her beauty. Her natural features gave her a sensual lustful look. She had full lips, that almost pouted when she relaxed, and as a result of her habit of biting her lip, they were usually always a dark shade of pink. She had lips that made you think of kissing. Often, she’d even catch woman staring at her mouth.

Her pert pointed nose was perfectly framed between her cheekbones and thick black lashes. Her thick silky midnight hair and striking honey eyes, made most people internally comment on her beauty. Her full dark brows made her expressions all the more exaggerated against her olive skin. She had a fierce lustful look, and a power that she didn’t know she possessed.

The sisters were an odd pair, and in fact the only thing they shared was their fathers strong jaw and pert chin. Even their personalities clashed with each other. Paris was easily influenced, reckless and dependent, while Ursula was strong willed, cautious and calculating. Paris was slender and graceful, as opposed to Ursula’s fuller womanly figure. They were exactly the same height which contrasted their differences even further.

Every time Ursula began to feel comfortable about her beauty, her stepmother made sure to crush her growing confidence at every turn. She would only give her unflattering, boyish clothing and constantly belittled and sabotaged most of her relationships. Several times she’d successfully convinced Ursula that the men in her life only wanted her for one thing, that was all she was good for, just like her mother.

A few years back, when Paris married Seth, Ursula had some difficulty with there union. Once the dead began to rise, everything changed for her. Spending the last two years fighting for their lives everyday had shifted her priorities. She now saw Seth as nothing more than a brother. The three of them, along with their college friends Mark and Austin had spent countless weekends together.

Surprising everyone, Ursula ended up becoming best friends with Mark and Austin, who she initially met threw Seth. Her boys were very protective of her and practically forced her to go to clubs and functions with them, knowing she wouldn’t have bothered otherwise, plus, she made quite the wingman over the years.

Bringing her along, almost guaranteed they’d be going home with some of the prettiest girls there. She had a weird effect on women that way. They either wanted to befriend her, or upstage her. Ursula just didn’t understand that people acted slightly different around her because of her beauty. Even they were sometimes surprised that she was so down to earth and nice. Her pleasant personality was loved by most everyone she’d come into contact with, but it came at a harsh cost.

For this reason, Ursula was grateful for her stepmothers’s intense hatred. Not at first of course. As a child, her stepmothers rejection had gutted her, but once she saw the harsh expectations and treatment she’d unleashed on Paris, she was happy for their distant relationship. Deep down she knew that was partly why Paris had married so early. Of course she loved Seth, but she also needed to get out of her mothers unhealthy grasp.

With no mother and an absentee father, Ursula was raised by the staff. She grew up around their mixed cultures and environments. She loved them and they loved her, from the gardeners, cleaning staff, cooks, chauffeurs, dog walkers, hell even the crooked security staff adored her. She brought everyone together and turned them into a large family.

They were so close that when her father would take her sister and stepmother on week long vacations without her, she would alternate between staff and sometimes spend the night at their houses. She was especially close to her fathers body guard, Emilio.

He was one of her fathers most trusted men but more importantly, he was more of a Dad to Ursula than her own father. He had a deep love for her and would take her on all of his days off. She grew up practically living with his wife and children. For a crooked unethical body guard, he had a big soft heart. Without Emilio, Ursula wouldn’t have survived the walking dead, or Paris for that matter. She and her sister were fortunate that Emilio had taught her how to protect herself.

It was a surprising skill that she rarely willingly showed off. But Ursula was lethal in combat.

She’d been trained well. They’d taught her how to fight clean, how to handle weapons and handle crisis situations. But they’d also shown her how to fight dirty, how to be conniving and get the kill. More importantly, she knew the importance of playing dumb. She wasn’t completely naive about the effect her looks had on people.

A large majority of men - even when she was a young girl - had been predatory. When they saw her striking beauty and small stature they almost always mistook her beauty for weakness. It was a big reason Emilio wanted her to know how to defend herself. He knew that beauty like hers, would outshine the world, it’d benefit her in many ways, but also make her a sitting target.

He wasn’t wrong. Out of the five of them, Ursula’s fighting skills had benefitted her the most. At almost every turn she was challenged by those that meant to mistreat her. What she lacked in strength and height, she more than made up for in stubbornness, determination and smarts.

Because she was so protective of her remaining family, she always used caution. Because of this, she was usually the first to think of a game plan; which somehow turned her along with Austin, into the unofficial leaders of their group.

The loud sound of clanging gates immediately quieted the people. Roman proudly turned to the crowd and puffed up his chest. He slowly scanned the large group of people and loudly bellowed, “on your knees.”

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Austin, Mark, Seth and Ursula exchanged confused glances with each other as they slowly knelt to the dirt floor. Paris clung to Seth’s arm, trying to make herself as invisible as possible.

A row of cocky, self-serving saviors lined the opening of HiddenHill gates. Ursula bowed her head but kept her eyes fixed on their movements. Darting from face to face, she quickly tried to determine which one was their infamous leader.

Thirty some-odd gun toting saviors walked threw their gates and circled the unarmed people of HiddenHill. Ursula turned her chin in the air as if it would aid her in seeing beyond the dust that had kicked up. A lone silhouette walked confidently towards them.

She heard his scratchy, commanding voice and panic coursed threw her body. Fixing her eyes on the ground, she wasn’t even slightly tempted to meet his eyes.

“Well ain’t this a little slice of heaven.”

When Negan spoke it was like the wind even stopped to listen. Confidently sashaying towards the crowd, Negan lifted his chin and arrogantly surveyed his new assets.

Still staring at the ground, Ursula could see his dark silhouette. She noticed that he paused as he neared Paris and Seth. Holding her breath, she prayed that he didn’t notice Paris. As he continued to pass Austin and Mark, Ursula was finally able to exhale.

When he began to near her, she felt her heart in her throat. Stepping in front of her, his feet came to a bouncing halt, followed by a loud thud.

Gulping loudly, and still unwilling to meet his gaze, Ursula shifted her eyes to the barbed wire covered bat that he was twisting into the earth in front of her. For a long moment, everyone froze, fixated on Negan’s suspenseful stride.

“I realize, that this might be a pretty big fucking pill for some of you to swallow. But, swallow it you will. I’m hoping Roman here, has given’ you the gist of how this is gonna play out, how my points work, what our new rules are.”

His playful sing song tone only heightened the urgency of his words.

“I’m gonna take your shit, It’s mine now. This community, belongs to me. I wanna introduce you to my best gal lucille here. She’ll do right by you, so long as you do right by me.”

His voice began to raise with intensity, “You will give me your goddamn unyielding loyalty, or you will fucking die. Do. You. Understand?”

Ursula relaxed her face when she realized how hard she was biting her bottom lip. Negan lifted his bat from the floor and her body flinched as terrorizing fear shot threw her body.

She heard his voice from above her. “Now, just to make things crystal fucking clear, I will be taking all of your guns today. And just to insure that you fuckers wont be pulling any shit, I’ll be bringing quite a few of you back home with me.”

He began to laugh when the crowd audibly gasped with dread.

Slowly weaving in and out of the crowd, Negan used his bat to tap the shoulders of those coming with him. She wasn’t surprised when he tapped Mark and Austin. She figured he wanted to take all of HiddenHill’s strongest fighters. When he tapped Seth on the shoulder, Paris shot up.

“If he goes I go,” she bravely shouted. “Please,” she softly added when Negan’s eyebrows raised with indignation.

“Well look at that,” he said, smiling down at Seth. “true love.”

Angrily turning to Paris, Seth heatedly told her to shut up. He harshly pulled her back to the ground.

Negan laughed at their heated exchange.

Unsure if she was going to make the situation worse, Ursula closed her eyes and spat out, “take me instead.”

Lifting her head cautiously into the air, Ursula finally met his gaze. He looked at her in slight disbelief.

“Well how the fuck did I miss a pretty little thing like you?”

When Ursula didn’t cower at his flirtatious remark he found himself unsatisfied with her reaction. “You know, I’m always in the market for a new wife.”

With that, Roman angrily stood up and frantically shouted. “No! She doesn’t leave Hilltop! Ursula stays here!”

Turning, Negan shot Roman a look that made him hastily kneel in the dirt. “Sorry, sorry I misspoke,” he furiously muttered.

Turning his face back to Ursula, Negan chuckled, “now what can a pretty little thing like you offer me, Ursula was it? What services,” he said with sultry emphasis, “can you provide me that this guy and his fucking hot ass wife cant?”

Narrowing her eyes at him, she truly felt insulted, “On average, I kill more rotters daily than both of them…combined.”
Negan stare at her for a long, tense moment. Clicking his tongue, he looked to the sky as he mockingly debated his choices. “Hmmm, you know, I think I might just take all of you.” Intently looking down at her he added, “bet you’d like that wouldn’t you."

Swiftly turning, Negan loudly spoke to his saviors. “Pack all this shit up. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

When Ursula was able to talk to her group, Austin angrily spat. “What the fuck are you doing! Did you see the way he looked at you! I don’t understand what the fuck you’re thinking Ursula!”

Rolling her eyes at him she harshly pulled away from his grasp. “And what was I supposed to do. You think just because Paris is a married woman, he’s gonna leave her alone. You do realize that those two put huge targets on all of our backs. They’re both safer together. We all are. ”

When Mark shot her a disapproving look she’d had enough of their protective bullshit. “Don’t you look at me like that! I can’t stay here even if I wanted to. You’ve seen how Roman is, I’m at the end of my rope with him. Without you two here as a threat, who knows what that creep is capable of.”

Austin’s shoulders immediately slumped, “fuck. I’m sorry, you’re right. At least we’ll be together.”

“Exactly, we just need to stick together,” she said, as she tried to comfort every body.

It took a few hours to finally load everything up. As her small group made their way to the trucks, two large men came to inform them that Seth and Paris would remain at Hiddenhill. Mark turned to Ursula and correctly remarked, “I think Negan might have figured out how to keep you in line.”

Desperately hugging her sister, Ursula turned to them, “for my sake, let’s hope not.”

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Several days after their encounter with Negan, Ursula cautiously finished her breakfast. Low on points, she’d been quickly swallowing overwatered oats for meals. When she made her way outside she was corralled to a large area run with several small groups of men and women. Mark was at her side and they both questioningly looked around for an answer.

Negan stepped into view and practically purred as he watched the crowds bow down to him. “Goddamn, if that doesn’t tickle my dick! I hope you’re all having a fucking wonderful morning. Now I know you may be wondering, why the fuck did Negan bring me here?”

Walking between the groups he continued, “And I’ll tell ya, I had a thought. You know, you say you’re a good fighter, but how can I be sure? I’m gonna give you fuckers the benefit of the doubt. Because I realize how fucking intimidating this whole thing can be. But I think some of you assholes may not be living up to your full fuckin’ potential here.”

With a long pause he added, “think of this as your chance to move up in the world. Show me how useful of an asset you can be and I’ll compensate you like a mother fucker.”

As he slowly walked to the makeshift bullpen, he stroked it’s rattling bars. “Here’s what we’re gonna do, You’re gonna go into the pen, and based on your current skill level, we’ll release some dead pricks. You kill em’, and we’ll assess where you’ll be placed for the next few months.” Happily clapping his hands together he cheerfully uttered, “so let’s get to it fuckers.”

Negan’s makeshift pen had six chambers that held rotters around the center pit. One by one, everybody watched as people entered the pen. Almost everyone was sorted into new groups. Many people were happy to take on the challenge and move up in ranks, desperate to change their miserable lives.

Kills of three, four, five -and the smallest group- with six kills. It hadn’t escaped Mark’s notice that he and Ursula were currently grouped with some of the most skilled fighters he’d seen today.

Leaning over he tried to give her a pep talk.

When Mark was called to the pen, Negan leaned over the fence and observed him with a smile. “Now I have faith in you Mark.”

He got to take two weapons of his choosing into the pen. All at once four walkers were released. Ursula tried to act like she wasn’t scared to death, but her grip on the fence had turned her knuckles white. Negan laughed as he watched her worry over him. He was exhausted, but managed to kill all four walkers with decent ease. When they opened the last two chambers, mark made quick work and sloppily killed them within minutes.

“Not bad Mark,” Negan exclaimed! “I knew you’d be hangin’ with the top dogs.” He happily clapped his hands as the other saviors cheered him on for his kills.

As he passed her, she heard him quietly mummer, “be smart Urs.”

After the crowd died down, Negan wiped any trace of humor from his face. He looked directly at Ursula but clearly spoke to the saviors surrounding him.

“Now this one,” - still holding eye contact- Negan turned his face with a smile and paused. “I have a theory about this one.”

Ursula tried to tune him out as she walked into the pen. Her heart was racing as she gripped tightly to her long knife. She pocketed the shank she chose as her second weapon. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed a handful of dirt and chalked her hands.

“Oh!” Negan said with delight, “this is gonna be good.”

At once four chambers opened. For a second, Ursula’s mouth dropped open as she turned her head sharply towards Negan. Four walkers for one person was a lot!

Eagerly staring at her with a pearly white smile, he happily uttered. “Think of this as a test, prove to me that you’re worth the two we left behind for you.”

She heard a clang of metal and watched in disbelief as a fifth walker was released.

He’s really trying to fucking kill me! Ursula flared her nostrils and focused on the task at hand. She had to ignore him. Talking to herself she quietly quoted something Emilio had always told her before a lengthy fight. “Okay Ursula, Emilio doesn't raise quitters.”

Trying to grasp her surroundings, she studied the rotters and sorted out who she’d kill first. With little struggle, Ursula plunged her knife smoothly into the smallest walkers head. She felt her head jerk and narrowly missed a bite to her neck. Twisting her body she managed to pierce her knife into the rotters temple.

Struggling to keep her back safe, Ursula was forced to continuously shuffle around the pen. When a large walker almost cornered her she pulled back with fear. Intimidated by his large size, she rushed him from behind and used all her weight to jam her knife into his large fat head.

When the remaining walkers started to corner her she frantically tried to pull the large knife from the rotters head. Panic set in when it wouldn’t budge so she frantically stepped on his head and cussed when she realized her knife wasn’t going to dislodge. “Son of a fucking bitch!” She hissed as she kicked the walkers face with frustration.

Okay, two left. Don’t let them corral you. What do I have to do to take charge. Ursula desperately looked around the pen for a tool. Hearing Negan’s annoying laughter made her temper flare.

“Shut the fuck up,” she angrily spat.

“Well, that’s no way to speak to your leader.” The distinct sound of metal gates opening filled the small arena. Did that asshole just open the last gate, she thought in a panic.

Using her arm as bait, Ursula let the small rotter near her. When it lunged at her baring its teeth she harshly jammed the shank into its ear. Pulling the thin shank from its head, a mixture of blood and ooze flung out and splattered across her neck and chest.

“Ah! That’s fucking gross,” she squealed with disgust.

Negan was wiping away his tears of laughter as he joked with the crowd. Ursula began pep talking herself, completely unaware of the growing amount of people watching her fight. “Two more, Two more,” she kept telling herself. Blinking rapidly, Ursula tried wiping the dirt from her eyes. Sweat, blood and wet dirt smeared across her beautiful face as her dark hair clung to her sticky body.

Hopping around the pen, she tried to catch her breath. She had no idea how long she’d been fighting, but her sides were starting to cramp and she knew her strength was almost shot. With no feasible game plan in place, Ursula tightly gripped the shank and directly ran at the more decomposed walker.

Screaming like an idiot, she used the force of her body and lodged the shank firmly into its head. Her growing audience proudly cheered her on.

When she felt the end of the shank connect with the back of the walkers skull, she knew she wouldn’t be able to pull it out.

Out of tools, Ursula was still grateful for her last kill. Falling to the ground she desperately tried to catch her breath. Spitting to the side of her, nothing but congealed saliva came out. “Fuck! I need water.”

“Oh Oh,” she heard Negan shout behind her. “She’s still got one left?”

Still sitting on the floor, Ursula weakly garbed a fist full of dirt and threw it in his direction. The dust only flung out an inch or two, but Negan still appreciated the effort.

Slowly nodding his head at her, his smile deepened with intensity, “Well goddamn! Ain’t she a little spit fire.”

In desperate need of a weapon, Ursula pulled at her shirt, it was one of the cheapest shirts you could buy and only cost a few points; cotton that was cheap, stretchy and it damn sure didn’t breath. Knowing she had a camisole under she didn’t think twice and pulled the shirt over her head.

Using the exposed blade of the imbedded knife, Ursula quickly split the shirt till it was one long piece of cloth. After twisting the fabric, she wrapped each end tightly around her hands. Taking deep breaths, Ursula readied herself for a physical fight. Though she’d killed this way before, it was a last resort maneuver because of how risky it was. She was about to cling to a rotter and Ursula knew she didn’t have much strength left in her; but this was her best option.

“Come on you dead fucker.” Ursula teased as she stood over the wedged knife. As the walker lunged at her, she frantically tried to direct its teeth away from her flesh. After a minute or two of struggling, she was finally able to wrap her torn, stretched out shirt around its thick neck. This walkers barely turned! Fuck it’s too strong,

Holding the rotter from behind, she hesitated and tried to gather all of her remaining strength. In a jerked motion she brought her weight down and frantically began to slam the walkers head into the handle of her knife.

Up and down, she kept pushing, until she knew for sure that the walker’s brain had been penetrated. When she felt its body go limp she plunged its head hard into the butt of the knife again for good measure.

Rolling onto the dirt, she closed her eyes. Hot tears fell from her dirty unrecognizable face. She wanted to push her knotted hair out of her eyes but she didn’t have the strength to move her arms. Her lungs physically hurt by how large she was intaking air.

The urge to lick her lips was strong but she was disgusted by how dirty she was. Mark and Austin were at her side in a flash. As they slowly sat her up she begged them for water.

Mark figured she’d be thirsty from her nearly forty minute fight. He pulled a large water canteen from behind him and pushed it to her mouth. Ursula opened the mouth piece and dowsed her face with water.

“This is so fucking nasty! I’m covered in puss,” she managed to say as she tried not to gag.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” Austin couldn’t believe her. “After all that fighting and that’s what you care about right now.”

Ursula slowly tried to push her hair out of her face without touching any of the sticky blood.

“What! I’m still mad. But this is fucking gross!” Lifting her arm, she turned her head in revulsion.

“Please! One of you! Rinse that off!”

“Fuck,” Mark looked disgusted. “I don’t even know what that is?” He said, as he rinsed a small chunk of flesh from her filthy arm.

As Negan and the crowd started making there way over, Austin pulled at her black camisole, attempting to cover her chest.

When Mark looked at him with a playful smile Austin shrugged his shoulders. “What? I know she doesn’t want her tits on display for all these fuckers.”

Ursula was still exhausted. She lay her head on Marks shoulders and attempted to smile at Austin. She wanted to tell him he could be sweet when he wasn’t being an asshole, but she was still so out of breath.

Mark and Austin held her up when Negan neared. Surprising all of them, Negan took hold of her and slung his strong arm around her back. He held her tightly to his side as he boastfully spoke to his growing audience.

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves some new fucking saviors!” He shouted with pride.

As everyone started repeatedly chanting, “we are negan,” Ursula felt her legs give out and Negan easily lifted her into his arms. Pulling her body away from his, she tried to avoid his touch as much as possible.

Oh my God! Is this really happening! Why is he holding me up? Ursula thought. Thankful her hair was covering most of her face. She was absolutely mortified he was cradling her. She felt her body begin to bounce so she assumed he was walking, but she couldn’t be sure. Squeezing her eyes shut, she could hear people speaking but she tuned them out and let her tired body relax in his arms.

Chapter Text

After being harshly dumped into what she assumed was Negan's room, Ursula was instructed to shower and change her cloths. Bruised and battered, her body had already begun to feel the effects of her tussle in the pit.

Grabbing the small bottle of rose scented body wash, Ursula inhaled it’s light scent. If fighting six rotters means I get a shower like this, I might consider taking it up as a hobby.

The water was still freezing but she was able to clean every inch of her body. Judging by the people she'd seen at the Sanctuary, she knew that this was a luxury this place didn’t typically provide. I’m not sure I’ll get to do this again, she pondered to herself. Should I conserve this body wash? What if he makes me pay for it? Contemplating her tuff decision, she shrugged her shoulders and softly uttered, “fuck it,” as she happily emptied the small bottle into her hand.

After thirty minutes under the freezing water, she was sad to finally step out of the shower. Squeezing the water from her long hair, she reached for the folded stack of cloths she assumed were meant for her.

New pants, socks, V-neck and underwear were all neatly folded on the counter. Although she was grateful he thought to include a bra, she noted that the cups consisted of simple black cotton. Although functional and very comfortable, she usually avoided these types of bras because they tended to draw attention. If she moved, her chest moved, if she bounced, her chest bounced, if she felt a chill, it definitely showed. At least it has a good underwire, she thought, trying to look on the bright side.

Relieved to see her boots had been wiped clean from her fight, she smiled with surprise. New boot strings!

After dressing, Ursula wait on the plush love seat. After a few minutes of waiting for someone to tell her where to report, the events of the day began to sink in and she found it harder and harder to keep her tired eyes open. After fifteen minutes of waiting she kicked off her boots and curled her small body onto the couch. Angrily looking towards the bed, she huffed with annoyance. I could be sleeping in a bed for fucks sake, She didn’t want to see what would happen if Negan walked in and she was sleeping on his bed, so she settled for the small two person couch instead.

Almost three hours later Negan finally had some free time and went to pay a visit to his new guest who was supposed to be waiting in his room. Usually, he'd bring a woman up to this floor and show them how privileged they'd be as a wife.

He was surprised she didn’t wake when he opened the large doors, Negan stared down at her as she slept.

He expected to see a sensual nymph peacefully sleeping, so he let out a small snort when he stared down at her crumpled pathetic image. Her hands were thrown sloppily over her face, entangled in her smooth hair which twisted high over her head. Her lips and face were unattractively mushed into the arm of the small couch. Definitely more of a hellcat then a nymph, he thought.

Loudly clearing his throat, her eyes shot open, jerking her body up. Attempting to look like she hadn’t just slept for several hours, she rapidly blinked as she attempted to straighten her posture.

Negan shook his head at the sight of her. Half of her face still had the imprint of the couch’s fabric. He smiled when she missed the thick strand of hair that messily clung to her forehead.

“You could have slept on the bed,” he playfully remarked. "A fine ass independent woman like yourself, you're always welcome to my bed.

Rushing to wipe any drool from her cheek, Ursula felt her face begin to heat. “I, sorry, I must have fallen asleep after the shower.”

Her back stiffened and she changed her pleasant demeanor when she remembered that this man almost killed her. “You know we all could have easily died in that pen,” she matter of factly said.

“And you know your brother in law and sister would have been in that pen if I brought them back like you so fucking badly wanted.”

Walking to the large chair, Negan comfortably plopped himself onto its large arms. “I’d like for us to get better aquatinted with each other.” With a long pause he extending his arm to her. “Since, we are going to be working so very closely together.”

Wetting her lips she nervously approached the chair next to his. They both felt the sexual tension that was between them.

“As one of my strongest female fighters, I expect that you'll be in the field with me,” his devious smile told her he wasn’t finished gloating, "constantly."

Great. So even when I win, he wins too. God what would have happened to me if I couldn't of killed those rotters.

“That is, unless you’d like to take up residence on this fine floor as my new hot ass wife?” Although eager to fuck such a beautiful woman every night, he hoped the she’d refuse and thus, spend her days in the field with him. Who knows, maybe I could get in some afternoon fucks, he eagerly thought.

He’d enjoyed watching her these last few days. She was comically expressive and he often found himself laughing as he watched her direct her hot temper at her male friends. She didn't take any shit from them and he enjoyed watching her hold her own around everyone who underestimated her. She was however, completely oblivious to her male frined's longing looks of adoration, he was sure they'd both give their left nut to be her man.

Beautiful, feisty, skilled and most of all, intelligent. He watched as she was ever aware of her surroundings, he'd hardly ever seen her let her guard down. He noted that she only ever held back her temper when it benefited her sister. Why was her sister so damn special anyways, he wondered.

Trying not to offend him, Ursula carefully took her time answering him. “As nice as living on the fifth floor sounds, I'm gonna pass and say no thank you.”

Leaning back into his chair, he smiled with fake surprise. “Well shit. I’m truly wounded. I was damn near ready to make you my number two lady,” nodding his head to the bat near his leg, "with my baby girl lucille being number one of course."

When Ursula didn’t respond, Negan smirked at her and looked around the room. "But, I know I'll damn sure appreciate your help out there. Damn girl, it took some beach ball sized lady nuts to kill that last dead prick the way you did. You know he was one of the freshest dead pricks we put out there.

His genuine compliment make her sit up a little straighter. I thought that fucker was extra strong, she proudly thought.

“So,” he perked up, “tell me a little about yourself?”

“I’m an open book, what do you want to know,” she shyly said.

“Let’s see now, how old are you? How do you know the hot blonde? What’s going on between you and that cheese dick Roman? Which of those guys are you fucking? What’s your favorite color? You know, the basics."

Without realizing, Ursula nervously pursed her lips, drawing Negan's eyes to her tempting mouth. “Okay, I’m twenty nine. She’s my sister - half sister," she interjected when she saw his shocked expression.

Rolling her eyes with agitation, “there’s nothing between me and Roman. I’ve never fucked Austin or Mark. And, I don’t know, green, light green maybe.”

Nodding his head as if he'd just received important information, Negan cautiously grasp his chin. “Ya. Okay,” he said with a long pause, “you hungry? You must be hungry. Those oatmeal smoothie things you make look like fuckin' shit. Do they taste as bad as they look?”

He’s been watching me! What the fuck!

Catching her off guard with his question, she realized she was absolutely starving. Nonchalantly lifting her shoulder she casually replied, “food sounds, okay.”

Seeing the clear hunger in her eyes, he laughed at her show of bravado. “After we’re done here, go down to the cafeteria and have them whip you up something nice. It’s on me darlin', you truly earned it with that bad ass performance this morning. Goddamn you got some balls lady.”

Seeing that he wasn’t jesting, she found herself more at ease in his presence, and she gave him a little more respect. Often times men were intimidated by her ability to defend herself.

“So tell me, how does a slip of a thing like you learn how to fuckin’ fight like that?”

Ursula couldn’t help but bashfully smile at his compliment. “My Godfather always wanted me to be protected,” casually shrugging her shoulder she half smiled, “what better way than teach me.”

He’d almost made her smile, he noted. She bit her lip and Negan watched as color slowly returned to her cheeks. Forgetting to ask if her sister was as skilled as she was, he internally chastised himself. Shit, it wasn’t even a full smile, yet here I am fuckin' thinking about her goddamn dimples. He wasn’t one to harp on a women's looks either. He’d always been attracted to a verity of different types of women. It was their spirited personalities that always fucked him up.

Even still, he had to admit that she was absolutely stunning. She had the kind of beauty that makeup couldn't enhance. Looking at her, he already made up his mind, that he much preferred her naked face rather than see her done up with makeup. The natural dips and contours of her face were what he found so stunning. He noted the small bags under her eyes drew his attention to the cute bridge of her nose. When the fuck have I ever noticed the bridge of a woman’s goddamn nose before.

She eyed him as he studied her mouth and chin. “Do I have something on my face?”

Smacking his lips together, Negan dug himself into his chair and shot her a very serious look. “I was thinking you have a very beautiful chin.”

At first, her smile came slowly, her large honey eyes shone with warmth as her cheekbones slightly rose. Her generous lips softened at the corners, till they slowly parted, revealing neat white teeth. He noted the soft dimples that peeked from the corners of her inviting mouth. He was unsure if he liked the effect her looks were having on him.

Unknowingly batting her thick eyelashes at him she softly chuckled. “Thank you. It’s my fathers chin. He would’ve been flattered.”

Suddenly imagining a large man with her delicate features, Negan huffed with laugher. “Tell me, what was he like?”

Licking her bottom lip, she looked at him and warmly smiled and her eyes softened with happy memories. “He was strong, powerful, corrupt, loving, funny, handsome, you know the type.”

“Ah, I see. He was like me.”

She couldn't help but let out a small laugh. The room suddenly felt warmer and Ursula lowered her eyes. Damn he’s a good flirt.

“He must've been very handsome,” he said with arrogant pride.

“Is that how you’re related to the blonde, threw your father,” he offhandedly remarked.

Her body stiffened when he brought up her sister and she tensely nodded her head.

Sensing that she was putting up her walls again, he casually changed the subject. Negan didn’t give two shits about her sister anyway. He could never understand how someone would prefer a meek scared girl over a hellcat like her.

Clearing his throat he quickly sat up. “Well shit, I wanted to first congratulate you on joining the highest rank of saviors. Where you’ll be station,” he paused, “not too many women make it that high in rank. The one’s that have made it, have balls the size of grapefruits." He said as he gestured with his hands. "Although I gotta wonder, some of their adam's apples are suspiciously fucking big."

“So, I want you to take a day or two, to fatten up. With your new job you can afford to eat some real fucking protein, get some carbs in you, shit, you can even have a beer on me. I want you and those other fuckers well rested and ready to go. Three days from now I’m taking all you new shits out on a trial run. I wanna see how well you fuckers handle in the real world.”

He stood up, effectively ending their conversation. Ursula stood and quickly fixed her thick mass of hair. Comically looking from her face to her tits, his teeth gleamed as he smiled down at her. She may be a hellcat, but she definitely doesn't think like a man. Or she would be much more frightened of me, he wickedly thought.

He outright began to stare down at her chest, how soft her skin looked, how slender and well shaped her collar bone was. When he zoned in on the rise and fall of her velvety skin, he felt himself begin to harden. Damn this girl's fucking me up. I wonder if her hair's as soft as it looks?

Looking at her face Negan fixed his view on an eyelash that was out of place. When she lifted her warm honey eyes at him, he quietly studied them. For a long moment they silently stare at each other.

Realizing he was making a stupid fucking face, Negan quickly turned away from her as he walked her to the exit. “I hope you like your new cloths. Unlike the others, I’m giving them to you as a gift.”

When they reached the door Negan placed his large hand on her upper back and gently pushed her out to the hall. “As a thank you, I've already arranged for us to have dinner tonight.” he quickly added.

Ursula’s back straightened and she forgot who she was talking to, “I didn’t agree to a goddamn dinner date!”

Turning her face to look at his expression, she quickly gathered that she better be damn grateful for his generosity.

“I mean,” shooting him a weary smile, “I graciously accept.”

Amused by her sudden change of attitude, he chuckled at her, “good girl.”

Chapter Text

Pulling the large sleep shirt over her body, Ursula savored the feeling of being clean. Looking around the room she was in awe. The room wasn't particularly nice, in fact she was pretty sure it might have been a utility closet of some sort. But after staying in the main quarters with only a worn blanket for a wall, she was grateful to have any space for herself.

The bed fit perfectly against the nook of the small room, widening near the door. Funny, she thought, this is probably the size of a prison cell and here I am grateful to be put inside.

Mark and Austin had begged her to come celebrate with them and everyone else who moved up in rank. Although tempting, she was still tired from her morning. It wasn’t that killing the rotters was all that hard, after a few hours the shock of fighting wears off. But being near Negan exhausted her.

Rolling onto the bed, she moaned with pleasure. Amazing! Digging her feet into the mattress, her toes pointed as she stretched herself over its frame. I’m about to take the best nap of my life.

Two hours later, she was surprised when she heard a soft tap at her door. Her first assumption was that someone simply knocked on the wrong door. She couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to speak with her other than Mark or Austin, and she was positive they were out sport fucking.

Negan quietly enter the room and swiftly closed the door behind him. Pushing herself off the bed, she fell hard to the floor in a feeble and embarrassing attempt to kneel as her mouth hung open in surprise. What the fuck is Negan doing here!

He was hiding something behind his back and she didn’t trust the boyish smile he was giving her.

“Bet you didn’t expect to see my pretty face, did you darlin’.” He laughed at her shocked face. He always got a kick out of her expressions. Slowly looking over her body, he was surprisingly pleased to see her wearing something so informal.

Her faded shirt was at least a 3x and hung low to her thighs. Oversized wool socks comically, and unevenly drooped at her feet, making her slender legs appear smaller than they actually were.

When he noticed that she was wearing mens boxer briefs, he felt a touch of jealousy ignite inside him. “Who’s the fuck head you got those from?”

Her face went scarlet and she embarrassingly smiled down at her shorts, completely unaware of just how furious Negan was. “Oh, my sleeping shorts? They’re pretty comfortable, only cost a few points. Sanctuary hack,” she said with a shoulder shrug.

Feeling like a fucking idiot for getting mad over nothing, he smiled back at her. “You sure in the fuck wear them well.” Pulling the bottle from behind his back he happily perked up.

“Well I felt like a big ol’ fuckin’ asshole for standing you up for dinner. So I thought we could enjoy a nice nightcap instead.” Pulling the bottle from behind his back he happy handed her two tall shot glasses.

“One for you, one for me. Seemed fitting, since everyone else is gettin’ fucked up downstairs.”

Holding the glasses to her chest, Ursula thank God that she hadn’t taken her bra off yet.

Seeing that there were no chairs, he kicked off his boots, loosened his belt and sat on her bed. Leaning against the opposite wall from her. He stretched out his legs and comfortably crossed his ankles, facing her.

“Nice little set up you got here.”

With slight agitation in her voice she replied, “Thanks, feel free and make yourself comfortable.”

Pushing her own back against the opposite wall she sat with her legs criss-crossed. When she caught him looking at her legs she harshly threw her pillow over them.

Holding the bottle of amber liquid out, she began inspecting it as she swirled it around.

“Nice huh? Got a whole case of this shit from Cornerstone. Those little pricks tried hiding them in the attic, can you fucking believe that shit, like we weren’t gonna check the goddamn attic,” he said as he poured them both a large shot.

Casually handing her a glass, he shimmied into the wall and finally let his shoulders relax.

“Fuck,” he said, as he let out a big sigh. Once he found a comfortable position, he raised his glass in the air and they silently cheers before shooting their drinks.

Ursula wasn’t sure what type of liquor this was, but it went down somewhat smoothly. Once she was done coughing she nervously looked at Negan.

Knowing that he was waiting for her to ask him about his day, she kept her mouth tightly shut and tried not to speak despite the growing awkward silence. After a minute of looking at his stupid fucking smile, she rolled her eyes and finally caved.

“So, I gather you had a busy day then.”

Letting out an exaggerated huff he smiled broadly, “Well shit honey! I’m tickled you asked. I did have a hard day at work. Damn dead fuckers keep breaking my back fence too.”

He poured them another shot and cheers’d to democracy.

Knowing she wasn’t saying much, Ursula felt like she was being rude. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to converse with him, she simply didn’t know what to say. Her mind kept going blank because he made her so nervous.

“Let’s play a drinking game. It’s always so fucking boring around here.”

“What kind of drinking game,” she cautiously asked?

“Truth or dare,” he said, shooting her a seductive smile?

Furring her eyebrows she smiled at him, “maybe not truth or day. How about never have I ever.”

Down for anything, he shrugged his shoulder, “sure why not. How the fuck do you play never have I ever? ”

Clearing her throat, she shimmied herself up the wall, sitting a little straighter. “One of us makes a statement, for example if I said never have I ever snuck out of the house, and you have to drink if you’ve done that.”

Leaning against the wall, he smiled as he began to imagine her. “Yea. I bet you snuck out of the house, naughty girl.”

“I said that was an example,” she chastised, still smiling.

“And can we take sips instead of full shots. I wouldn’t wanna get alcohol poisoning around here.”

“Fair enough,” he shrugged. “I’d like to add something. I’m gonna want an explanation for at least one of your answers. How about you tell the story behind 'em. What d’ya think? You game?”

Oh Ursula. What are you getting yourself into. “Okay. But you only get one of those.”

“Sure,” he said with a whistle. “I’ll go first. Never have I ever had a pillow fight with one of my sexy girlfriends?”

When she didn’t drink from her glass his hopeful expression comically fell flat. “Well damn. So much for adding that fantasy into my spank bank.”

Starting to relax she laughed at him. “Never have I ever, shit my pants in public.” She quickly added, “as an adult!”

“Could you imagine how fucking embarrassing that’d be if I drank,” he said. She turned from him and he quickly took a sip from his shot glass. She couldn’t help but laugh at his guilty expression.

He cleared his throat, “Never have I fucking ever, been unfaithful.”

He eyed her and proudly lifted his chin when she did not drink. "Loyalty, I like that shit."

“I think you might need to drink on that one. Don’t you have like seven wives?”

Lifting the shot glass to his mouth, “five, but I never cheat on ‘em.”

“Never have I ever, lied about something embarrassing.” She said. Her eyebrow raised when he took another sip from his glass.

“Remember when I said I didn’t shit myself,” he struggled his shoulder, “lied.”

Now that he had a better grasp of the game, he decided to play it his way. “Never have I fucking ever roll played during sex.”

Her mouth opened then quickly closed with a smile. As she drank from her shot glass she wondered if her face was as red as it felt.

“Never have I ever gotten shot,” she asked.

Her eyes widened when he took a sip. “Okay. I’ll bite. Where and when did you get shot?”

Reaching towards her he pulled up his pant leg and turned his foot at her. “See that. Fucker went straight through my calf. Dead pricks were running all over the goddamn place and some cunt tried to steal my truck. Ironically, he became a dead prick after the little bastard shot me.”

“Never have I fucking ever had a crush on a friends parent,” he laughed.

“Ooooh,” he teased as she took a sip.

“What! You didn’t have the hots for any of your friends moms?” she shot back.

“Well hell,” he said, drinking from his glass.

“Never have I ever, publicly cried from a song.”

Negan proudly drank. “Never have I fuckin’ ever, fucked in a public place.”

“Hell yeah,” he shouted when they both drank!

Never have I ever flirted my way out of a speeding ticket, cut my own hair, been out of the country, been slapped across the face, gotten seasick, stolen from a restaurant, snuck into a movie…”

There game went on and on. The drunker they got, the more ridiculous their questions got.

Never have I fucking ever, crop dusted a crowd, fainted, accidentally sent someone to the hospital, skinny dipped, peed in the shower, sunbathe nude, lied about myself to get laid, had sex at a drive in, been locked outside naked, worn cloths to hide a hickey, shared food with my dog …

Before she knew what was happening, they’d spent the better part of the night together laughing and exchanging stories on her bed.

"Never have I fucking ever gone years without sex.”

Negan’s neck jerked when she shyly brought her drink up to her lips.
“Reaaaaaally? How long’s it been?”

“Don't ask!” She was trying so hard to suppress her laughter. She knew where this was going and her embarrassment was making her panic sweat.

“Ah! You said I get one explanation!” He said jumping, as he pointed at her with the excitement of a child.

Caught in the moment she pushed his hand down to the bed. “Oh my God, No! Don’t ask me about this!” she whined.

“Well darlin’, since you said please…”

Putting his palm under his chin he leaned closer into her. “So tell me, what’s the longest you’ve gone without getting laid? And what’s the story behind it?”

Her dimples couldn’t have been deeper. The liquor combined with the subject matter was too much for her to act mature. She was practically wheezing with bubbly laughter.

Shamefully looking down she nervously bit her lip. “Oh my God, five! Okay, five!”

“Five what? Months? What’s so bad about that,” he innocently asked. Looking at her squirm he wondered, what's so damn embarrassing?

Mortified with the conversation, she grabbed her ratty pillow and pressed it to her face with utter embarrassment.

When he finally understood his mouth actually hung open. “FIVE goddamn years,” he shouted! “You’re fucking lying! Five years!”

Screaming into her pillow, Ursula started to hysterically laugh. The alcohol had already begun to warm her belly and she and Negan were thoroughly drunk off their asses.

“Oh God! Why did I tell you! Oh my God I hate myself,” she screamed into her pillow.

Negan’s entire body shook with laughter. Leaning against the wall he couldn’t contain his shock. “How the fuck have you gone five, mother fucking five, years without sex! Holy shit! What are you a fucking nun.”

“No,” she laughed. “Pour me another shot if you’re gonna make me say this.”

Knowing he was about to hear something good, he comfortably adjusted himself on the bed. “Spill it already?”

“Okay! Well first off, I’m not a total fucking loser, there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why it’s been so long.”

“Okay, sure. Let’s hear it. Goddamn the anticipations killing me. I got blue balls over here.”

“Well, I spent two and a half years nursing a bad breakup. Don’t make a face, this is the man who I thought I was gonna marry and start a family with. It took time,” she said hugging her pillow tighter.

“And then, by the time I got over it, all this zombie shit started happening and I sure as hell wasn’t gonna fuck Mark or Austin just because I was hard up. Those guys are like my brothers. I know girls say that all the time, but in this case there really are. It’d feel, incestuous.”

He was so innocently curious. He intently listened to her story, making sure not to miss anything. “So tell me about this long time boyfriend. What made you breakup?”

“Um, it was kind of like a Ross and Rachael type situation. We were on a break and he thought that meant he could fuck my sister.”

Negan’s eyes shot open.


She threw her ratty pillow at Negan’s face. “Careful, your eyes might pop out of your head if you open them any further.”

“Holy fuck! This is some juicy shit. So you’re telling me, that your sister, and pretty boy ex-longtime boyfriend got married.”

Taking a large breath she tilted her head, “a year and a half after we broke up. As in, a year and a half after cheating on me, he became my new brother.”

“Fuck,” he said followed by a long pause. “That tops any breakup story I’ve ever fuckin’ had. That’s some ice cold shit.”

“It usually does. Why do you keep calling him a pretty boy?” Smiling at him, she didn’t know why she found that so funny.

“Shit, I saw him. He looks like that goddamn blue eyed prince who fucks the fish with red hair.”

“The Little Mermaid,” she shouted at him with laughter!

She let out a huge sigh of relief. Even shit faced drunk, she knew that she’d just lifted a major weight off her shoulders. That was the most she’d ever talked about that horrible time in her life. She hadn't even told Negan the worst of it.

“So why look out for the ice queen,” he asked?

“I promise, she’s not a bitch, not to me anyways. I don’t know, one thing leads to another and sometimes these things just happen. And aside from that, she’s always gone out of her way to be kind to me. Even when that meant she’d get punished by her mother or made fun of by her friends. She’s been good to me.”

“Sorry, I didn't know you spoke fluent bullshit,” he flatly said.

“Okay, I guess it helps that I promised my dying father I would. I gave him my word. The man died peacefully knowing his daughter would be okay.”

“Well what the fuck are you? You’re his daughter too. Jesus! What are you a fuckin' Disney princess!”

“I owed it to him. My mother died giving birth to me, so I literally had nowhere to go. He could have lost his whole empire for bringing me into his home, and he did it anyways. It sounds worse than it really is. I swear I've had a good life.”

Leaning back into his chair, Negan intertwined his fingers together and carefully looked at her. “So it all leads back to the father huh?” After a quiet moment he added, “Damn, why do I always fall for the girls with daddy issues.”

For once, she was grateful for his humor, it took the sting out of her sad story. Once her laughter died down, it hit Ursula how truly tired she was.

Covering her mouth, she yawned, “I think if you want me of any use to you tomorrow, I’d better get some sleep.”

Negan looked at his wrist -despite not wearing a watch- and nodded his head in agreement. Loudly slapping his hands on his thighs he shifted from the bed and slipped his feet into his boots.

“This was fun. We’ll do it again sometime,” was all he said before swiftly leaving her room.

Exhausted and still in the midst of being drunk, Ursula was glad that he hadn’t made things weird when he left. He made no attempt to kiss or touch her. She had been worrying all night about how their evening would end. She had so much to think about. She wanted to replay their conversation in her head so she’d remember it correctly tomorrow, but she was simply too tired.

When she closed her eyes her hand touched something hard. Pulling the bottle of liquor from her bed she smiled to herself. Nice! I’ll have to save this for a shitty day.