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Karma Calling

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The quiet crunch of bone, followed by a strained sob from a raw throat. "Please! Please, All For One! I'm sorry! Please forgive me."


"You're not sorry yet." He smiles, cold and calculating. They're in a warehouse, a very well lit corner. Others watch on, wincing and sweating as the man tries to tug away from his grip. Another finger snaps for the fool's weak defiance, ripping a scream from the man. 


Funny, All For One hadn't thought there were any more screams in the man, after removing his fingernails.


The supervillain loves his life. For decades, life had lost its luster, and nothing existed outside of his empire. But now? 


Blood covers his hands, drips onto the ground. He releases his minion with four fingers broken and the man collapses. Cradles his mangled mess of a hand. Assessing the crowd, All For One grabs a damp cloth offered by loyal Kurogiri, cleaning off his hands. 


This punishment should teach Mineta to keep his sticky fingers off of what belongs to his comrades. 


Having a family has injected meaning into his life. Inko, his love, his queen, had evened him out with her gentleness. But there could be no secrets from those you loved, and he had fully expected her to leave him at the reveal of his villainy. 


His phone chimes with a message. AfO reaches over to retrieve it, and smiles again. Inko wants him home for dinner, "Kurogiri."


"Yes, my lord?" The warper steps forward, bows. 


"Clean up this mess. Mineta-san has three days off work." There's a murmur at that. Like the others were expecting the man's termination. He glances at the woman in charge of this group, Viper. 


She nods, eyes hard and unsympathetic. "Come on you layabouts! These crates aren't going to move themselves!"


Midoriya Hisashi stepped through the warp gate into his own home. "I'm home!" Warm cream walls and smooth hardwood greeted him, welcome after the concrete and steel and blood of the warehouse. He could hear Inko in the kitchen, smell yakitori cooking. 


"Daddy!" The pounding of little feet as his Izuku runs over to him. He loves his son, all wild hair and endless enthusiasm and kindness. Hisashi scoops up his baby boy, nuzzles into those curls as Izuku wraps his arms around his neck. "Did you miss me? What did you do today?" 


"Of course I missed you. Every second I'm away from you." he told his toddler, carrying him over to where Inko was watching with a soft smile. He wraps an arm around her waist, moves Izuku to the side so he doesn't squish their baby as he leans down. 


Izuku giggles when he kisses Inko. "Ew Daddy!" 


Hisashi grins. "And one of my workers was bad, so I had to teach him to be better." 


"Oh, okay." Izuku takes that as innocently as ever, but Inko gives him an appraising look. She takes Izuku from his arms, bouncing him carefully. 


"Your daddy needs to get changed out of his work clothes. Do you want to be like daddy and get changed?" Hm? Why would Izuku need to get changed? His bright blue shirt and white shorts looked- 


There was a small stain on his shorts, on his shirt. When Inko turned around, he could see a bloodstain on her cardigan. "Yeah!" He knew how she felt about him 'bringing work home with him.' 


Sure enough, when he brought his arms up closer, he could just make out the bloodstains. With a sigh, Hisashi went to go change. 


It was both a benefit and a detriment that his black suits didn't show bloodstains.



The tension had grown throughout the evening. Neither able to say anything in front of Izuku, and Izuku preventing the two of them from sneaking off to talk. His baby boy was just so social, so loving, not one to play by himself.


As he tucked Izuku into bed that night, in his forest themed bed, Hisashi hoped that he’d become a little more independent as he grew. “Night Daddy.” He smiled, smoothed those curls and kissed his son’s forehead. 


“Goodnight, Izuku.” He plugged in the bunny themed night light, settled the plush animals around his son. Striding over to the lightswitch, he looked back to see Izuku had untucked his arms to cuddle the current favorite, a white tiger. With a smile, Hisashi flicked the lights off and closed the door before bracing himself. 


He entered his bedroom silently, closing the door behind him with no more than a whisper of sound. Watching for a moment, he wonders how it’s possible to fluff pillows aggressively but somehow his wife is managing it. Inko’s shoulders are straight, tense, and she’s moving more sharply than usual, nightgown shimmering in the light of the bedside lamp. 


“Inko.” His call is soft, and he steps away from the door. She freezes, before whirling on him. Hisashi hates that he’s made her weep, that her face is tight with anger and stress because of him.


"Really Hisashi, hugging our son with blood on you? How much did that poor villain suffer?" And yet, the way Inko’s eyes burn as she scolds him reminds Hisashi of how he fell in love with her in the first place. Not everyone was willing to stand up against the most powerful man in Japan.


No matter how they felt about things. 


"Inko, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I still had blood on me." It was an excuse that did nothing to appease her. Still, the two had to keep their voices down, Izuku was barely in bed and hated when people argued. "He tried to take more than his share of the heist he was on. And was harassing women."


She paused at that, calculating. "What did you do to him?" Oh how Hisashi hated that question. He knew Inko hated asking it too, could hear the tremble in her voice, see the shaking in her hands she hid behind smoothing the covers. But, avoiding the gory details meant spending the night on the couch. 


"I pulled out the nails of one hand, then broke his fingers." Predictably, she shuddered. Hisashi wanted to comfort her, but wasn't sure yet if his touch would be welcome. 


Some nights were like that. Inko had accepted his villainy, but it didn't mean she liked it. A fiercely gentle soul, Hisashi always wondered how he had managed to get such an angel to fall in love with him. 


Finally, she walks forward on her own, wrapping her arms around him. "Hisashi. I love you, but something needs to change." 


He relaxed, holding his wife to him. "What do you mean, oh queen of my heart?" He breathed in her shampoo, her nightdress silky against his hands as he squeezed her gently.


"I'm starting my new job, and Izuku is starting his new daycare next week. He'll start learning about heroes and villains." 


Frowning, Hisashi cursed himself for forgetting that little detail. As much as they both adored their son, Inko needed a break, wanted to get back to work. 


His baby boy was two years old. Unless they isolated Izuku completely, it was inevitable that he learned about heroes. With his sensitive heart, Hisashi and Inko would have to be very careful about the villain angle.


"I'll figure something out, Inko. I promise."