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The metro hissed to a complete stop before the glass doors parted to let him enter, the quiet sound of the door sliding on the track complimented by a woman's voice listing the upcoming stops. Stepping into the car Jimin swiveled his head around to search for others who might be riding the midnight express. Perhaps there was someone laying across the seats that he could see and stay wary of. Once when he was little his omae had taken him on the metro late at night like this and there was a homeless man asleep under the seats. The man woke and talked to them the whole ride creeping ever closer until they could smell the scent of an alpha under the layers of his filthy grime. Jimin even tried to bend over to the best of his ability and check under a row that lined the wall of the car before deeming himself completely alone. It was odd to be alone in a public place, a little eerie even, like it was the start of a horror film and he was the unfortunate first victim for the police to find later.

Waddling over to the seats a few paces away from the door he sank down into the pink cushioned chair at the very end of the row with a sigh. His feet had swollen up while he was at work and his back aches like someone wrapped it in hot towels. Not to mention the more than embarrassing incident when he was in the middle of cleaning a room. He had been emptying the bedside trash when he wet himself. Suan, the other more senior housekeeper he worked along side with, had to tell him to go clean up while she finished making the bed.

He had to wear one of Big Tashi's extra large uniforms for the rest of the day, and to add insult to injury it fit comfortably. What a shitty morning to set the tone for a shitty day. At least once every two hours he would make a small mistake like forgetting a rag in a room bathroom or leaving the toilet paper on the counter rather than putting it on the spool. Little things like that would land him in the hot seat with the head housekeeper to be reprimanded and given marks against his overall performance as an employee.

Every piece of him from his toes to his finger tips wanted to get out of house keeping, to leave the business hotel behind and pursue his dream. He wanted to be a singer. Ever since he saw Dimash on TV when he was sixteen he began to take singing seriously and practiced everyday. Even when he worked at the stupid little cafe down the road from his house he would sing for tips. Although recently things have changed, in the past year he stopped singing and grew apart from his passion like a brother growing distant from a father as they realize they're different people. His body became someone else while his heart struggled to keep hold of the dream. His weight and size put him forty five pounds more than what he usually is and no company would accept him now that he's over sixty nine kilograms. He would have to be patient to shed the weight and once that happens he'll be able to chase his dream like nothing else matters. The prodigal son returns.

He slouched back in the cushy pink seat then got out his phone and rested it on his round stomach as he tucked his face into his scarf.

Jimin didn't know how far along he was, he didn't know if it was a boy or girl, he didn't know if it was healthy, he didn't care. The last thing he wanted was to acknowledge what was going on or that would make it real. According to him he had just gotten fat and he was waiting to be able to drop the weight so he could audition. He didn't care who the apae was, and while he may know their identity, it didn't put him at ease. He was still alone on the metro either way.

Scrolling through his phone he paused when a cramp squeezed his stomach and he had to set aside his phone for a moment. He shifted in discomfort before it got a little stronger as seconds passed and he found himself panting through the pain. With his eyes squeezed shut he only relaxed when the tension released. Uncurling his toes he took one final deep breath to steady his nerves before looking at his phone again. It had been slightly more painful than the cramps he had gotten while at work but he didn't think about it. He had been getting little pangs here and there for months and nothing ever came of them.

The metro ride had to bring him across the entire city to get home from the business hotel he worked at. There were still had two connecting stops he needed to make before he could finally go up to the street and get a cab to his apartment building. It was almost a forty five minute trip one way but the paycheck kept him coming back for more. He didn't earn much, but it was enough to pay rent and put food on the table for himself.

Jimin huffed again when his stomach tightened with another cramp a little while later. He held his breath as his face scrunched up and turned pink with strain. He leaned forward in his seat putting a hand on his stomach though when he shifted he wasn't surprised to discover that it didn't help at all. It was a consistent and clenching pain that lasted for an agonizing minute before releasing. He was left panting again when he could finally breathe after holding in all his air to fight through what felt like an intense heat cramp. Falling back against the soft backing of the pink chair he closed his eyes to focus on not getting light headed. Then again, after taking a moment to recover, he went back to scrolling through his phone. When the metro stopped he grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder to get off and make the connecting train.

He was the only one in that car too.

Taking a seat he yawned behind his hand despite his solitude before setting his wrists on his stomach to rest them while he looked through his phone. Scrolling through news feeds to see what the weather for tomorrow was going to be and check up on the missing omegas case. He should probably be more wary of traveling alone, but traveling literally alone he doesn't have much to worry about unless the conductor wants to kidnap him. Which is impossible. The metro is electronically programmed to make its required stops.

He slammed down his phone and gasped when a particularly grueling cramp prevented him from breathing again. His face turning pink as the desire to whine caught in his throat, instead a hiss passed between his teeth and he clutched the fabric of his thick sweater that covered his stomach. Jimin fought through another minute of pain before panting heavily then going back to his phone. Deep slow breaths puffing through his nose as he composed himself, he even cleared his throat and stretched his arms a little to shake it off. The late hour was starting to get to him and the cramps sapped more of his energy each time one struck.

When he reached his second stop he picked up his bag and made way to get off the car before another cramp hit and he was forced down onto his knees with a cry of surprise and pain. Both hands flew to his stomach and his bag slipped off his shoulder when he doubled over.

Swearing obscenities to himself he bit his lip and whimpered through the minute before stumbling back onto his feet and staggering along to make the last connection. Halfway there he had to stop and catch his breath before continuing. With the way his energy was declining he knew if he didn't stop he would faint. The few times that hes fallen unconscious he was lucky enough to be in his own home away from prying eyes. Though as he walked it got a little easier until the last few throbs ebbed away and he was able to make it to the last metro just in time.

Jimin slipped on and this time was no different than the last two. The lonesome nature of the after hours routes used to bother him. Constantly peeking around every corner and smelling the air before he did anything or made any move to board. He wasn't any different now, he still remained vigilant. Though now when he looked around the corner he knew no one was there, and when he smelled the air he knew there was only the lingering scent of a crowd. He knew the night and he liked to think it knew him too.

Taking a seat just in time, he was hit with another cramp that had him paralyzed but this time for a minute and a half. With the growing intensity of each one he was beginning to feel like his body was trying to kill him and he was getting tired of it. Jimin had been fighting through annoying pinches of pain all day and now that he was finally off of work, and finally had the chance to rest they get worse. With the kind of luck he has it ought to be bottled and sold to casinos. The house would never loose a single cent ever again.

Jimin let out a shaky breath and released his white knuckle grip from the scarf. Tears stung his eyes but he was quick to blink them away. A part of him knew what was happening but the other part told him he was okay and he could ignore everything like he had been. If he kept ignoring what was happening it would have to go away eventually, it would have to end. He would go on with his life unchanged by the events.

The thought suddenly occurred to him that he would have to lie about his virginity if he is accepted into a company.

He shifted a little and pressed his hand into the side of his stomach when he felt the thing inside him push into his lungs. The air was pressed out of his chest and he pushed a little harder until it shifted followed a strong kick to protest even after conceding. A few shaky breaths later he was back on his phone scrolling through news articles. Japan had an entire naval crew rescued by the Australians after a rouge wave capsized the battleship.

At one of the stops his sensitive nose picked up the faint aroma of cloves a few seconds before an alpha even stepped into the car. An undertone of antiseptics followed the cloves with a much softer edge like it wasn't natural. Glancing up from his phone he did a double take when he saw a man in some sort of uniform take a seat further away on the opposite side. He had a bag with him but Jimin was more concerned with the way the man was staring.

Dark eyes from under a ball cap that matched the uniform bore into him accusingly. Jimin had to look away when his cheeks flushed, he prayed that he wouldn't get another cramp in front of the stranger. He would die from embarrassment to be seen squirming in pain like that. Worse still, what if the man wanted to try and comfort him? All he could use against a strange alpha was a threatening hiss and maybe snap his teeth to keep him away. Anything more than that and he was liable to catch a slap across the face.

Jimin blushed again with strain when he felt the familiar squeeze wrench through his stomach. His whole body seized as he clutched the edge of his seat and held his breath trying not to show that he was in pain.


Jimin clenched his teeth as tight as he could to keep from making noise as tears gathered on his eyelashes. This must be what death feels like. Surely his own body will tear itself apart if this continues. He wondered briefly if this is what seppuku felt like.

The scent of cloves got closer.


He couldn't do it.

Jimin cried out, the tears in his eyelashes falling as he turned in the seats to lay on his back. As the pain worsened he spread his legs and lifted a foot to try and curl up on himself. Feeling an urge to push he resisted before giving an experimental tense of his muscles before throwing his head back with another cry. He reached down to cup his groin trough his pants, confused as to why he was half hard at a time like this. Gritting his teeth as he began to warm up wearing a sweater and scarf.

He had wanted it out but not if it hurt so much. True fear of death suddenly gripped him and he began to openly weep. Jimin hadn't wanted any of this. He wished he could go back to that night and help his friends make up instead of letting them stay angry. If he had helped them like a true omega would have Taehyung wouldn't have turned to him for comfort. He wouldn't have been weak to the alpha's scent. He wouldn't have broken Jungkook's heart.

A hand touched his knee to spread his legs a little farther apart and he twitched at the feeling.

"It's okay, I can help you. What's your name?"

"J-jimin," he stuttered through his tears, "who are you?"

He sat himself up on his elbows to try and swat away the man's hand but his stomach was still trying to kill him.

"My name is Yoongi, I'm a paramedic from Seoul Medical Center. Can you lay all the way back?"

Jimin laid back with a sigh and twitched again when he felt hands nudge his legs open a little wider. His own hand still cupped his small half hard erection and he decided to keep it there to spare himself embarrassment.

"Do you know what's happening?" Yoongi asked.

Jimin whimpered barely nodding as the need to push grew stronger.

"Why haven't you called an ambulance or gone to a hospital yet?"

He stayed quiet as the pain stared to ebb away into easy throbbing and his dick softened with the easing away of the cramp.


"I don't want it, I don't want the pup,"

"I don't think you have much of a choice, it's coming whether you want it or not. Are you allergic to latex?"


Yoongi pulled out a pair of gloves and held them in hand as he began to straighten out one of Jimin's legs.

"I have to take off your pants to check your dilation. It might feel a little uncomfortable,"

"Don't-" Jimin sat back up on his elbows and caught the paramedic's eye with a pleading gaze. He jerked his leg to pull it from the alpha's grip.

"How long have you been having contractions?"

His shoulders began to shake as adrenaline shot through his veins. The scent of sour vanilla started to fill the air around them.

"About noon,"

Yoongi gave him a scolding look before composing himself.

"Did your water break this morning?"

Jimin whimpered and laid back down across the seats shoving his fingers into his soft scarf to white knuckle through another gut wrenching contraction. He belted out another loud cry that became muffled when he pushed the scarf into his face.

"Jimin, I need to take them off you may be ready to deliver,"

"No! No no no,"


"I can't have a pup!" He tried to sit up completely and get a foot on the floor to try to get away before two sturdy hands prevented him from going anywhere. The movement only worsened the pain and he wailed as he laid back down with a contraction that made him want to die.

"You're okay, it's going to be okay,"

Warm comforting cloves weaved through his soured scent and his panicking heart calmed just enough to wash away the blind fear. Yoongi held his gaze for a minute and watched as the pain melted from his face, the prominent up and down heave of Jimin's chest as he laid back sparked a little curiosity in Yoongi, though it was none of his business so he kept it to himself. He kept his hand on Jimin's knee until he tensed again as another contraction hit. Crying out louder than before he threw his head back heaving frantically before the cry became strangled with strain as he tried to push.

Yoongi's eyes widened when he realized what Jimin was doing and worked in a rush to put on a pair of blue latex gloves then tear off Jimin's boots, pants, and underwear. Pushing his knees up he was careful not to jostle him too much so he could see what was going on. Yoongi cursed silently to himself before snapping off his gloves to dig out a towel from his bag and lay it under Jimin's hips then tugging on a new pair.

"On the next contraction I need you to push as hard as you can,"

Jimin whimpered and cried into his arm as cold air rushed over his bottom half. Yoongi's warm hands appearing and disappearing every so often from his thighs to keep him spread while he fiddled with something from his bag.

"Make sure you breathe alright?" Yoongi reminded when he heard the panting go silent.

Jimin groaned through a sob. Twitching every so often when Yoongi wiped his bottom with a sanitary wipe or cupped his genitals to keep them out of the way. His warm hands, Jimin admitted to himself silently, felt nice against his cold exposed skin. Although he kept trying to close his legs when Yoongi touched his intimate parts only to have both warm hands firmly spread them apart again. Heaving for air he trembled and blushed when Yoongi moved aside his half hard cock for a third time.

"Do you have a mate?" Yoongi asked as his hands came to a standstill on the underside of Jimin's thighs.

"No," his voice shook.

"A partner maybe? Is there someone I can call for you?"

Jimin shook his head then began to warm up, sweat gathered on his back and he quickly pulled off his scarf.

"I'm alone," he whispered.

Gritting his teeth with a grunt as he adjusted himself so his back didn't feel like it was taking so much weight and he felt the pup drop further to put even more pressure on his hips. He let his head fall back with a thump against the seats.

"You're one hell of a tough cookie,"

Jimin snorted at the comment then winced at a sharp pain in his side before his breathing started to become pick up again.

"Breathe slowly, like this,"

Yoongi showed him how to breathe and Jimin did his best to follow along. He kept a shaky rhythm so he wouldn't pass out from either holding his breath or hyperventilating mid push. Although when the contraction hit he white knuckled the seats and curled in on himself slightly to bare down with as much strength as he could muster.

Yoongi was sure to give plenty words of encouragement while also giving a few of assertive motivation that accidentally made Jimin cry. The excited announcement that the pup was crowning drew a sound of agony from the omega. When the minute passed Jimin went limp as he heaved and shook his head, tears running into his temples as he sobbed.

"I can't do this, I can't,"

"Yes you can, just a few more and it'll be over,"

He shook his head again.

"I can't,"

"Jimin look at me. You are going to have to do this one way or another and the more you resist the longer it's going to take and the worse it will hurt,"

He cried even as soothing clove muted his soured vanilla. Why did this have to happen to him?

"You were doing really good, you're so close, don't give up," Yoongi's voice softened and a warm hand briefly patted his calf. Jimin's breath shuttered as he tried to regain control of his breathing and he closed his eyes to calm down. The feeling of a pup trying to get out of him was something he never wanted to feel again, he wanted to forget everything.

"Good boy, now let's finish this," Yoongi praised quietly.

They sat for a moment as the rumble of the metro puttered in the backs of their minds.

"How much longer?" Jimin had barely gotten the words out before he began to breathe harder followed by a strangled cry that went silent as he forgot to breathe again and Yoongi's orders to push as hard as he could. Jimin curled in on himself again as he bared down. His mouth fell open when he felt something warm trickle down onto the towels under his hips, and the pup barely had it's head half way out.

"Oh stop! Stop! Jimin stop!" Yoongi dug his fingers into Jimin's thigh with bruising strength causing him to gasp and whimper at the stern tone. Yoongi changed his gloves and grabbed more towels.

"Why?" Jimin whimpered.

"You're bleeding, you can't keep pushing,"

"You said I could,"

"That was before you started to bleed,"

"I want it out,"

"I can't risk your life,"

"I said I want it out!"

Yoongi looked up from between his legs where he had some more small absorbent towels out to catch the blood.

"You could die,"

"I want it. Out," he hissed.

Yoongi shifted uncomfortably at the hiss before nodding. It was Jimin's choice, he warned him and now it'll be up to him to keep him alive after the pup is born.

Three pushes later and Jimin was getting weak, he was starting to loose all his color and Yoongi was holding half of a pup. They needed one more push to get it out enough that he could tenderly pull it free before Yoongi could fly into action to save Jimin.

When the next one hit, Jimin was barely able to finish before Yoongi pulled the rest out and cut the cord. He took the scarf to wrap the pup so it stayed warm then set the pup aside. It began to wail loudly when it was left on it's own. Yoongi shivered at the sound.

He hurriedly dug through his bag for something and got the bleeding to slow enough that he would survive until an ambulance arrived with transfusions. His heart raced as he took off his gloves and got up on all fours to lean over Jimin with wide eyed hope. Watching closely for any signs that he might slip away.

"Jimin, can you hear me?"

Lowering his hand to shake his shoulder Jimin mumbled something incoherently, just because he's alive doesn't mean he's coherent.

"Jimin can you tell me where you are?"

He watched for a moment before Jimin closed his eyes and he raised his head up to check for the next stop. The last stop.

Yoongi redressed the omega in his underwear then laid the wailing pup on Jimin's chest as the metro eased to a halt. Slinging his medical bag over his shoulder he scooped up Jimin into his arms careful to make sure that neither of them would slip before standing. He had to adjust Jimin's head so it rested on his shoulder and didn't fall back limply as though he were dead. Lifting them up he went to the doors of the car and got off as soon as they opened, the nearest hospital on this end of the city is where he works, Seoul Medical Center.

He called for an ambulance and rushed up to ground level where the chill of snow kissed their skin, the cold would at least slow the blood flow even more but the pup needed to stay warm if it was going to survive.

Yoongi found a public bus waiting bench and set Jimin down then took the screaming pup into his own arms to keep it warm. He sat by Jimin's head then pulled him across his lap to both keep him warm and keep a wary eye on the white fog that indicated his breathing. The pup still cried loudly and he had to press its face into his chest so it didn't freeze its throat. Hushing it he knew he couldn't scent the pup to calm it down, so he did what he could with nuzzling and patting its back. Jimin's slow and shallow breaths that grew farther and fewer between shuttered for a moment and he shivered in the cold.

"Jimin? Can you hear me?" He spoke over the pup's muffled crying.

Watching as Jimin shivered and tried to turn on his side, his scent saturated with distress upon hearing the pup crying. Yoongi used one arm to help Jimin sit up then lean the omega's back into his chest then bracketed him in with his legs in a secure position before passing the pup into his arms. Jimin held the wailing bundle close to his own chest, lifting up his elbow to support it and ducking his head to get a good look to hush the pup as he sank against Yoongi. He scented the pup though it didn't settle as the cold air remained merciless to the new born. If he had gotten pregnant while in heat the pup would've been born in the spring or summer.

He closed his eyes again as he started to soundlessly cry. Shaking in the cold he tried to wrap himself around the pup to keep it safe and warm from the drifting snow and ignored the chill of his own bones. Although a pair of warm arms wrapped around him and he felt like he could die. The scent of a comforting alpha and a squirming pup in his arms put him at peace.

"I'm sorry, daddy's sorry, don't cry" he whispered as he nuzzled the pup. Going still he breathed slowly as he kept his eyes closed and was content to stay wrapped up in an alpha's arms while his pup was tucked safely in his own. Yoongi not so subtly checked Jimin's jugular pulse once or twice before the sirens of the ambulance echoed down the street.

"Do you feel dizzy or faint at all?" His voice was deep and gentle so not to startle either the omega or the new born in his arms.

"Faint," came Jimin's small response.

Yoongi tightened his arms around him to hold him steady and Jimin went limp in the sturdy embrace. This is he closest to comfort he's gotten in the last year. Red lights of an ambulance flashed across them moments later and Yoongi scooped up Jimin the pup up again. Huffing, his breath was made visible by the white fog to show how much he was really exerting himself by lifting the pair. Two more paramedics in similar uniforms jumped out already wearing blue gloves and reached for them.

"He's lost about a pint and a half,"

They helped Yoongi step up into the ambulance by grabbing handfuls of his uniform and pulling. They all shuffled around when he laid Jimin down on his side on the gurney and the back doors to the ambulance slammed shut. Yoongi had to take the pup to put it safely aside so they could get Jimin on an IV for a blood transfusion that he desperately needed, but he wouldn't let go. Yoongi reached to get his arm around the screeching bundle and only got one hand between them before Jimin rolled over and curled up, trapping Yoongi's arm then pulling him over.

Yoongi snapped out his other hand to keep from falling on top of Jimin. The two others got out shock blankets and began to cover jimin's bare legs that were nearly as pale as the snow. Yoongi leaned over him with his hand trapped between Jimin's chest and the pup glancing at the other two warily before back down at the omega parent.

"You need to let go," his tone was gentle still.

"I can't,"

"You have have him back as soon as we're done, I promise,"

One of the other paramedics laid another thick thermal blanket over Jimin when he kept shivering. Yoongi leaned down and the warm scent of cloves filled Jimin's head until he reluctantly let him take the pup to let them work.

Laying in the hospital bed Jimin only slept a few minutes at a time between his pup's crying and the nurses coming in and out of his room like a revolving door. He watched as his pup got shots for vaccinations and treated for possible infections. Apparently after his water broke the pup was at risk since then and he spent all day cleaning hotel rooms. A few frantic questions later and his worries that the he had been exposed to harmful cleaning chemicals were quelled.

All the tests came back with good results and by early morning Jimin had in his arms a healthy seven pound seven ounce pup with a set of lungs that held promise for a singing career. Even with a squished pink and unhappy face Jimin just wanted to stare at him until he couldn't keep his eyes open. He squirmed around quite a lot but settled for a few minutes, just long enough for Jimin to fall asleep under the warm thermal blankets that had been draped over him. Seconds before drifting off he pulled them up to cover the pup too and they both warmed up to a cozy temperature for long enough they both got some much deserved rest.

Jimin twitched awake again when he heard something thump beside him and he squeezed his arms a little tighter around the pup that slept on his bare chest. The scent of cloves followed by a quiet apology led his eyes to Yoongi who wore a pained look on his face. At the tips of his fingers was a small glass vase with red and white flowers. Jimin smiled faintly at them.


"Sorry I woke you,"

Jimin's smile gained a little more energy before he dropped his head back against the pillows to relax. The pup pouted for a second like he was going to start crying again before comforting pheromones of an alpha filled the room and quelled the fit before it even began.

"Thank you,"

Yoongi nodded and bowed slightly before trying to take his leave but another nurse came bustling into the room and Jimin sighed tiredly. His precious smile falling away and Yoongi stood in the corner of the room.

"Park-ssi, I have the birth certificate and you'll need to fill out a few things. The time of birth, your information and the other parents information. You'll also need to sign and date here, and the his name goes here,"

He nodded and had to pass the pup to her to be lain in the little tub, he watched her closely before putting his mind to filling out everything. Though he grit his teeth through writing out the secondary parental information his scent gained a spoiled edge. Then he moved to fill out the pup's name.

He looked up at Yoongi who was just about to step out the door.

"Yoongi-ssi," Jimin said. The alpha stopped and turned to look over his shoulder.


"Can you think of a name?"

"I think that should be something for you to do,"

Jimin shook his head.

"I didn't prepare at all,"

Yoongi hesitated as he thought before looking up.

"I've always liked Namsul,"

Jimin's scent turned soft again and his little smile came back.

"Thank you,"

Yoongi bowed his head before leaving the room, a little smile pulling at the corners of his mouth as well. Keeping his head down so the bill of his cap hid his face he made his way out of the hospital to go home. He only went by after his shift to drop off the flowers.