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Violets are Blue.

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Jimin was, nervous.


Well, nervous is an understatement. Jimin was terrified.


After weeks of constantly waking up every morning to throw up last nights dinner, Jimin had finally decided enough was enough.


Jungkook had nagged him to go to the Doctor’s office sooner but Jimin was hard-headed and always brushed it off.


“It’s just a stomach bug love. It’ll go away.”


“As long as you’re okay Min.”


Jimin had decided to go to the Doctor’s office alone seeing as Jeongguk had a project deadline coming up at work, so getting time off was a hassle. The younger apologized profusely saying he’d make it up to Jimin. Jimin of course just laughed it off and reassured him all was okay.


Jimin was smart though. He knew those constant headaches, sensitive smell, and running to the bathroom every morning was more than just a stomach bug. He and Jeongguk never wore protection, seeing as Jimin was on the pill. Albeit, they both knew the pill was never as effective as stated.


He knew he was pregnant. He knew the pill had failed them. He was scared, but there wasn’t much he could do now.




“Well Jimin, there’s no easier way of saying this but, congratulations. You’re two months pregnant.” Dr. Choi smiled at him.


Jimin grew teary eyed, small sniffles escaping his shaking body. 


How would Jeongguk react? What would Yoongi and Hoseok say? What about Taehyung and Jin? Does Jeongguk even want children? 


“Jimin?” a soft voice broke him out of his trance.


Jimin snapped back into reality, staring into Dr. Chois eyes, concern swimming through them.


“Yes Dr. Choi? I’m sorry.”


“I asked if you’re okay. You spaced out for a moment.” He said, giving Jimin a soft smile.


“Y-yeah, it’s just… a lot you know?” Jimin sniffled out.


“Of course, I understand completely. There are always other options you know.”


“I know, but no. I’ll be keeping this little baby bean.” Jimin said, eyes growing watery once again.


“Congratulations once again Jimin. The nurse out front will hand you all the information you need as well as setting up your next appointment.” Jimin nodded along.


“See you soon Dr. Choi!”


“Goodbye Jimin!”



Jimin’s doctor appointment had been roughly a week ago. He had played it off, saying it was a stomach bug that would go away in a few days and Jeongguk had nothing to worry about.


The younger, who had been incredibly stressed at the time, let out a sigh of relief knowing his husband would be okay.


However, today was their Valentines day dinner at Yoongi and Hoseoks house and Jimin found himself nervous. He’d be dropping not only the baby bomb to Jeongguk but to all of their friends as well.


So yes, Jimin was incredibly nervous and scared.


“Jimin! Are you ready to go love?”


“Yeah babe! Can you put the gift bags I set out in the car? They should be on the dining table.” Jimin yelled out.


“Already done love! I’ll be in the car. Hurry up or else we’ll be late!”


“I’ll be out in a few minutes Kook!”


Jimin finished getting ready and rushed down to the car, slightly out of breath and a little nauseous. He sighed as he put his seatbelt on and rubbed his temples.


“You okay Min? You look a little sick.” Jeongguk asked, already backing out of the driveway.


“Yeah, just a little tired, nothing too bad. I’ll be okay.” Jimin gave him a reassuring smile.


Jeongguk just nodded and began the drive to his hyungs house. He leaned slightly over to grab Jimin’s hand and hold it tightly. Jimin smiled at the action and giggled a bit. His eyes filled with love as they turned into small crescents.


“Love you Koo.”


“Love you too Min.”



“It’s about time you two arrive!” Jin reprimanded from the living room.


“Yeah! I’m starving but we had to wait for both of you little shits!” Hoseok said from the kitchen, helping Yoongi out with the final preparations for dinner.


“Well hello to you too hyung.” Jeongguk said with fake annoyance, Jimin laughing behind him as he went to greet and hug their friends.


“Hello to Jimin only!” Hoseok and Jin said at the same time, Jeongguk’s eyes grew wide at the mere fact of being left out. Jimin laughing at the look on his husbands face.


“Everyone, dinners ready!” Yoongi said from the dining room. He and Taehyung were already serving the delicious food he had made.


The group of friends gathered together around the dining room table. They all chat and ate, catching up with one another since they’ve all been busy since the past couple of weeks.


After dinner, Jin brought out the cake he had baked while Hoseok brought out the apple pie he had made. 


They all ate in a comfortable silence until Jimin spoke up.


“Actually, since the night is almost ending, I have a surprise for all of you.”


They all looked at him, eyes filled with curiosity. Jeongguk held his hand, rubbing small circles onto the back of his hand.


“What is it love?” Jeongguk has asked, a slight hint of worry in the tone of his voice.


“Did you bring down the gift bags?” Jimin asked, completely ignoring his question.


“Yeah, let me get them for you.” Jeongguk asked, quickly making his way into the living room and then back into the dining room.


“Minnie!” Yoongi said.


“Awe Min, we said no gifts remember?” Hoseok reminded the younger.


“Hey! I promise this one’s good, you’ll all like it.” Jimin said with a slight smirk.


Jimin handed them all their gift bags and stood at the head of the table, a small white envelope in his hand.


“Okay now, when i say 3 you all open it at the same time, and read what your gift says out loud. Okay?” Jimin asked, his hands trembling.


“1.. 2… 3! Open!”


Everyone quickly opened their gifts, each person pulling out a oversized t-shirt alongside a baby onsie.


“Best Uncle Ever!”


“Best Appa Ever!”


They all stared up at Jimin in slight confusion, eyes growing slightly wide as their brains tried to process what they had just read.


“Read the onesie.” Jimin said, his voice shaky and throat tight.


“Roses are red, Chocolates are sweet. Our family is growing by one heart and two feet!”


Jin gasped as soon as he finished reading.


“Y-your pregnant?” He asked, eyes growing watery.


“Yeah!” Jimin said, tears running down his slightly chubby cheeks.


“Oh my god my best friend is pregnant!” Taehyung yelled, getting up so he could wrap Jimin in a bear hug.


‘I.. I’m gonna be a Dad?” Jeongguk asked, eyes red rimmed as tears threatened to spill out of his eyes. 


Jimin nodded, handing him the white envelope. Jeongguk opened it and choked out a sob, staring down at the ultrasound.


“Oh my god Min! We’re gonna be parents!” Jeongguk said as he hugged Jimin tightly and twirled him around.


“Yeah Kook, we’re gonna be parents!” Jimin let out a watery laugh.


Their group of friends all hugged and congratulated the couple. Settling down once again at the table, all their eyes red rimmed from the happy news.


They were okay. Everything would be okay.

“Hey Min?” Jeongguk asked later that night while they were in bed, Jeongguk spooning Jimin from behind, his large hand pressed against Jimin’s flat belly.


“Yeah Koo?”


“Thank you. This was the most beautiful gift of them all.” Jeongguk said as he pressed a kiss to the back of Jimin’s head.


Jimin laughed softly, turning around to press a kiss against Jeongguk’s lips.


“I should be thanking you Kook. This precious gift takes two people you know.”


“I know, but you’re doing most of the work you know? I should thank you regardless. I’m just… so happy.” Jeongguk said as a content sigh escaped his lips.


“I am too.”


“Love you Minnie.”


“Love you too Kookie.”