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Izuku was having a bad day.

Separated from his class, yelling uselessly into a malfunctioning comm, and now facing down a pair of villains on a rooftop with no backup incoming. He had no injuries to speak of, yet, but he didn’t like his odds. On top of everything else, his friend and classmate, Shouji, was unconscious on the concrete behind the villains. The multi-limbed boy’s safety was Izuku’s top priority but he wasn’t sure how he was going to manage getting Shouji clear.

Both villains used gas attacks, this much Izuku could discern. Thankfully he had a respirator as part of his hero costume, and it had protected him thus far. Shouji hadn’t been as lucky; his own face mask held out until only just after Izuku arrived.

But the boy in question began to stir, and hope surged in Izuku’s chest. Maybe this wouldn’t be a two-on-one fight after all. He dodged a blow from the woman of the pair, rolling past both villains to land at Shouji’s side.

“Shouji-kun! Shouji-kun, get up!” Izuku entreated, urgently shaking one of the massive arms. Strangely, the villains made no move to stop him. If anything they looked they were.. Retreating. “Shoot,” Izuku muttered, frantically scrabbling for his staticky comm. He wouldn’t be able to pursue if Shouji was still in danger; he needed to stop them from leaving the roof!

Izuku attempted to surge upright but a large hand on his wrist halted the movement. Shouji was staring up at him with glazed, red-rimmed eyes. He wrenched Izuku’s arm, hard, and Izuku fell to his knees. “Midoriya, you have to get out of here,” Shouji grit out, his voice low and strained. But he didn’t relinquish his hold on Izuku’s wrist.

“Finally,” the man sighed, exasperated. “He took forever. We’ll be leaving now, okay? Don’t follow us, if you know what’s good for you.” The villain saluted and backflipped right off of the roof.

“Wait!” Izuku cried, reaching after the villains with his free hand, yanking at his caught wrist keeping him rooted in place. “Shouji-kun, let go, we can’t let them escape!”

“You know, with all those arms, I’m almost jealous of you,” the remaining woman said with a soft smile. “But no fun for me today, I’m afraid. Oh, and little Pine Tree? Just let your friend there do it, or else he’ll die. Okay? Enjoy!!” And with a pirouette she followed her partner, disappearing.

“What?!” Izuku sputtered, trying to make sense of what the villain had just said. Just let him do it? Do what? Or he’ll die?! Dread swirled in his stomach. He had lost the villains, but saving Shouji was more important. “Shouji-kun, we have to get you to Recovery Girl immediately--” 

With a squeak, Izuku hit the pavement, the massive form of the other boy looming over him. All six limbs seized onto Izuku; pinning his arms, waist and legs to the ground. Izuku’s head spun as his brain caught up with what had just happened. Had the gas brainwashed his classmate, was he going to try to kill him? Izuku let One for All flood through his body, meaning to shove Shouji off-- but the strong grips around him tightened to the point of intense pain. The woman’s words echoing in his mind caused the green sparks to fizzle out. If he fought back, would Shouji somehow die? Or was it just a mindgame to get Izuku killed instead?

The hands at Izuku’s waist smoothed over his midsection, gently caressing his stomach in slow, deliberate circles. Confusion washed over Izuku with the movement; this wasn’t trying to kill him. Shouji must have been fighting the brainwashing!! But the thought withered and died when the hands moved up to his chest, seeking out his nipples through the thick costume material and latching onto them.

Izuku’s heart began to pump erratically, panic blooming in his chest as he looked up at the sick expression staring back down at him. “Sh-shouji-kun?” Izuku stammered. “Are you f-feeling okay? What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, Midoriya,” Shouji muttered. “I can’t help it. Forgive me.”

Shaking his head, Izuku pushed back the reality of the situation, refusing to accept what was happening, tears budding at the corners of his eyes. “No, Shouji-kun, don’t do this,” he begged, hoping to get through to his friend behind the veil clouding his eyes. “Please.”

Another set of hands split out of the ones holding his own, and they came down to remove Izuku’s respirator from his face. It fell to the ground next to them with a clatter.

“I’m afraid.. I must,” Shouji said, his voice pained, as the new hands returned to Izuku’s face. One held his face still while the other gently prodded at his lips with two thick fingers. Although Izuku tried to keep his jaw clamped shut, the hands at his nipples gave a sharp tug, and he cried out in shock. Shouji took advantage of his open mouth and slipped his fingers inside.

Izuku didn’t know what to expect from having someone else’s fingers on his tongue. They were salty and tasted neither pleasant nor unpleasant. But they were big, and barely fit in his mouth, keeping his jaw forced open as they explored his inner cheeks, his tongue, his throat. Izuku gagged when they moved too far back, tears welling up anew and saliva pooling at an alarming rate.

All the while the fingers on his nipples kept rubbing, twisting, pulling. The hands on his thighs slowly spread him apart, and the thumbs began to press into the space just inside his groin and Izuku jolted at the sensation. A prickling, rolling warmth began to spread across his entire body and Izuku realized with some horror that he was getting hard. 

Shouji was kneeling between Izuku’s thighs, and he pressed one of his own against Izuku’s crotch.

Izuku moaned.

“Thhtop,” Izuku slurred around the fingers stuffed in his mouth.

“I can’t. I’m sorry, Midoriya. I’ll make it good for you, trust me.”

Izuku’s heart clenched painfully. He didn’t want this, didn’t want to be molested by his classmate and friend on some dingy rooftop because of some random villain they weren’t even supposed to be fighting. But Izuku wouldn’t fight back. Not if there was a chance Shouji could die if he did.

The fact that some glimmer of Shouji was still present hurt most of all.

Suddenly, all of the hands retreated at once and Izuku cried out in relief. God, it was over, Shouji had broken through, it was just a little fondling and-- his blood turned to ice in his veins as the hands came back, unzipping his costume and attempted to peel it off of him with the leg guards and gloves still on. 

“Wait!” Izuku panted, trying unsuccessfully to stop the swirling limbs from manhandling him back and forth in search of the fastest way to get him naked. “Shou--Shouji I have to t-take the gloves o-off, ah!” With a shout from Shouji and a wail of anguish from Izuku, the many limbs began tearing at the thick fabric, ripping it at his upper arms and thighs where it disappeared under the obstacles. Finally, Izuku lay nearly entirely bare, lying amongst the green shreds of his hero costume but still with the armored pieces on his limbs. It somehow felt even more humiliating than just being naked.

Shouji wasted no time hooking his thumbs under the waistband of Izuku’s jockstrap. Panic flared in Izuku’s ribcage and he made one last effort to stop this, grabbing at Shouji’s wrists with a sob. But all the limbs came back to seize onto Izuku, flipping him deftly around so he landed on his hands and knees - which, at least, still had their thick knee pads on. Shouji’s hands returned to hold his arms and thighs and hips, and Izuku sobbed.

Fingers also returned to his nipples, so much more sensitive without the thick fabric barrier. He jolted when they ghosted over him with feather-light touches, teasing and flicking the hard buds, sending electric currents of pleasure straight down to his dick. He didn’t want this to feel good, but.. He didn’t want it to feel bad, either. His nipples felt puffy and swollen under the attention, the light touches turning to hard squeezes and pulls, ramping up the pleasure until he could hardly think straight. Then, all at once, it changed; the hard pressure on his nipples became soft and wet, and Izuku realized with a moan that Shouji had turned his fingers into mouths. They began to lick, suck and bite and it was already too much for Izuku. His cock bobbed against his stomach, fully erect, still constrained by the fabric of his jockstrap.

There were more mouths, now, and Izuku couldn’t keep track of which limb they came from as they traversed his body, licking and sucking marks into his skin, paying special attention to his neck. There were still fingers, too, brushing lightly up his sides and caressing his ears and petting his hair. Almost every single part of him was being touched. Izuku had never felt more sensitive, more aroused, more whatever this was in his entire life. Just about the only part of him left alone was his..

Large hands descended on his bare ass, striking it suddenly, and Izuku cried out. His dick spasmed in his underwear with the slap. Another blow came down, and Izuku distantly registered that he was getting spanked.

“So good, so beautiful,” Shouji praised from behind him. Izuku desperately wished his arms weren’t trapped so he could wrap them around his burning face.

Shouji continued to rain down blows on his rear, never letting up the constant suckling on his nipples or the roaming touches all over his flushed, sweaty body.

“Shouji-k-kun, I’m gonna, ah, I’m gonna,” Izuku moaned, feeling his impending orgasm racing toward him as the spanking picked up in intensity. A mouth latched itself onto his own, its tongue pushing all the way down his throat, muffling his wail as he came, soaking his underwear and shuddering with the sheer force of it.

Tears poured down Izuku’s face as he tried to sob, impeded by the tongue in his mouth. It was over, right? This surely was enough to stop whatever gas quirk was affecting Shouji, right?

But Shouji slipped the waistband of the jockstrap down Izuku’s hips, grabbed each asscheek in two hands, and spread Izuku apart. Izuku choked on a sob as he realized Shouji had no intention of stopping.

Something wet and slimy brushed against Izuku’s asshole, and he shrieked around the mouth still making out with him, which finally withdrew. But Izuku had only a moment to gasp in relief, before the mouth transformed in front of his eyes to the last thing Izuku wanted to see there.

A cock.

Shouji had turned his mouth extension into a cock and it was pressing insistently back against Izuku’s lips. He tried to back away from it, but at the same time, the tongue at his entrance pushed inside, and Izuku screamed - allowing the cock at his mouth to slip right in. Big, too big! It was bigger than any human penis Izuku had ever seen and it stretched his mouth to its limit, stuffing it completely full, his lips wrapped obscenely around the length. The tongue inside his ass and the cock in his mouth gave him no time to focus on either before they both began to move; slowly pumping in and out, fucking into him from both ends.

The mouths on his nipples never let up.

Something started to feel even weirder inside of him, and Izuku realized with horror that the tongue in his ass was growing. It was definitely getting bigger, pushing against his interior walls, pressing back the ring of muscle and slowly stretching him open. For what, Izuku didn’t dare think.

Izuku’s mind began to feel hazy; he was drowning in too many sensations all at once. He was already hard again, but before he could even register it, a mouth extension licked a stripe from his balls to the head before enveloping Izuku’s dick completely in a tight, wet heat. Izuku squirmed, moaning, mewling, unable to escape from the assault from every angle. The mouth around his cock squeezed and sucked; the tongue inside rotating around him like no human mouth ever could. Before long he could feel a second orgasm already approaching.

But before it hit, the extensions withdrew, leaving trails of sticky saliva and other fluids. Izuku found himself lifted up into the air, his back flush with Shouji’s large chest as his legs were spread wide by hands under his thighs. Although no one was on the rooftop with them, Izuku felt extremely exposed; his weeping cock bobbing in the cool air for anyone to see. 

Hands came back to his nipples, returning to their original pinching and rolling. Izuku whimpered, and the cock extension forced its way right back into his waiting mouth.

“You’re amazing, Midoriya,” Shouji purred right into Izuku’s ear. “I’m going to fill you up so good, you’re going to take all of me perfectly, I just know it.” 

Izuku’s eyes widened as something pressed up against his hole, feeling even larger than the one in his mouth. No, no! Izuku had put up with everything else as best he could, for Shouji, but not this! Was he really going to get fucked by some monster dick??

The cock began to press into him, agonizingly slowly. Just the tip at first, and then it withdrew. Then it pushed back in, opening Izuku up a little more, before withdrawing again. Izuku was sobbing around the fullness in his mouth, thighs trembling, his hands clenching and unclenching uselessly in the huge fists that held him aloft. The cock extension continued to move in and out of him, getting a little further in every time, until it brushed against something inside him that had him convulsing. It paid that very little mind, just kept splitting him open until he was stuffed completely full. And even then it kept pushing in. Izuku looked down, and he could see it in his stomach. He wailed.

Izuku had never had anything inside him before and now he was stretched wide around a tree trunk of a cock tentacle, while another one fucked his mouth and countless other fingers and mouths teased and fondled him.

Then, it began to move.

Slowly at first, it withdrew, leaving just the tip inside before pushing right back up inside him. It felt like it was swelling, getting bigger every time! Izuku writhed in the firm grips as the cock began to fuck into him in earnest, slamming into his guts in hard, fast thrusts, nailing his prostate on almost every go, sending near unbearable electric jolts through his entire body. He was bounced relentlessly on that huge, hot monstrosity stretching him wide open.

Suddenly, the cock in his mouth pressed all the way down his throat, and Izuku gagged; at the same time, a hand wrapped around his throat, squeezing lightly. Izuku’s eyes rolled back in his skull as his oxygen was cut off, his mouth bursting with a hot, salty liquid that shot straight down into his stomach. The cock and hand withdrew, spurting a last shot of cum directly onto Izuku’s face. Izuku’s tongue lolled out of his mouth and his head lolled back against Shouji’s chest, barely registering that he himself had come, his dick milked for every last drop by the mouth extension around it. He whined at the oversensitivity, but it was hardly noticeable next to the huge thing continuing to fuck up into his ass.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Izuku was bounced, and fucked, and stuffed.

With a grunt, Shouji pressed the cock as deep inside Izuku as it would go, keeping it there as it swelled -- before spasming, shooting load after load of hot cum directly into Izuku’s abdomen. He moaned at the sensation of being filled, watching with detached horror as his stomach expanded even as it poured out of his ass.

Surely now, it was over?

Something much smaller began to prod at his puffy, sticky, stretched rim. “Whuh,” he questioned hoarsely, squirming. “N-no, I can’t, I’ll break--!”

“Shh,” Shouji soothed. “I told you, I’m going to make it good for you.”

“Shou, Shou, ji, I already, twice,” Izuku panted, barely able to form words through the nonstop thrusting.

Whatever appendage it was, it slipped in beside the cock, pressing up and into Izuku until it hit that bundle of nerves inside him that made Izuku jolt violently against all of the limbs constraining him. He shrieked, twisting uselessly away from it, as his prostate was relentlessly pursued alongside the cock fucking him. 

“Stop, stop! Shouji-k-k-k!” Izuku wailed, as another orgasm was ripped from him, the mouth around his cock having never stopping its sucking.

Izuku fell limp and boneless against Shouji, completely pliant and fucked out and unable to protest or do anything at all when one of Shouji’s hands shuffled at something under him. Izuku heard a zipper being undone, and the fried synapses in his brain couldn’t even put together what that meant.

Shouji spun him around and upside down so fast Izuku nearly threw up. But he didn’t have time to be sick; Shouji’s cock, his real cock between his legs - easily twice the size of the one that had just been fucking Izuku, was standing proudly erect in front of Izuku’s face. Izuku cried out as a cock re-entered him from above; he looked up, but he couldn’t see it over the swell of his abdomen, the heavy load of cum now stopped from leaking out.

Hands gently gripped the sides of Izuku’s head and directed him back to the monster in front of him. There was no way he was going to get it into his mouth, so he began to tentatively lick it instead.

“Good boy,” Shouji sighed, and something fluttered in Izuku’s chest. “Get me wet.” If Shouji was making this unfortunate experience good for Izuku, at least Izuku could try to make it good for Shouji too. He laved at the impressive length, growing more dizzy over time by virtue of hanging upside down, but making his best effort nonetheless. Plus Ultra.

The cock in his ass never stopped pumping into him, the hands at his nipples alternated between mouths and fingers, and the mouth on his dick continued to milk him.

Eventually, when another load of jizz had been added to the one already swirling inside his abdomen, Shouji deemed Izuku’s sloppy blowjob sufficient and rearranged him once again. This time with Shouji seated and Izuku on his lap, held up hovering just over his enormous erection.

Izuku swallowed. “It won’t fit,” he tried weakly.

“It must,” Shouji insisted. “Or this won’t end.”

And he lowered Izuku down onto it.

Moaning loudly, Izuku sank down on the huge cock, tears pouring out of him like an open tap as he was somehow stretched even more. He distantly wondered if there would be permanent damage; his stomach was distended with cum, the giant dick inside him pushing up into it even as it ran out of him down the length. At least the copious amount of fluid leaking out of him helped ease the way. It felt like years before Izuku reached the bottom, his hips flush with Shouji's.

Sobbing softly, Izuku was finally hit with the reality that his first time had been with Shouji, and that it had been forced, for both of them.

But he didn't have time to dwell before Shouji began to buck up into him, punching the air out of his lungs. Izuku's poor spent dick tried valiantly to rise in response.

“Ah, Shouji-kun, s-so big! So big!” Izuku babbled, losing coherency as he was raised and lowered and rocked into with the massive, unyielding cock.

“So good, so tight, Midoriya,” Shouji moaned praises into Izuku's sweaty hair. “I’m going to fill you completely, you’ll be stuffed so incredibly full, your body will never forget the shape of my cocks or the weight of my seed.” His many hands roamed all over the small body in his lap, touching everything he had already mapped out several times over. 

Izuku was growing numb to the sensation, squirming and squealing and moaning until the cock in his ass throbbed; once, twice, three times before unleashing an unending torrent of cum into Izuku's already full insides. Shouji tipped him forward, sliding him off his cock before quickly plugging him back up with two cock appendages. Izuku moaned weakly as Shouji caressed his huge, swollen stomach with one large hand, gently pumping his cock with another.

“You did so well, Midoriya. Now you can rest,” Shouji said even as he slipped his fingers back into Izuku's mouth.

Izuku's eyes fluttered shut.

“You’ll need your energy for round two.”