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Spoilt Rotten

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“San Lang…” Xie Lian whispers, the whimper barely audible, his voice long gone hoarse.

“What does Gege want?” Hua Cheng sighs by his ear, hot breath and heady tone making Xie Lian’s head spin uselessly as he grasps for words, voicelessly pleading for Hua Cheng to give him release. He’s so close, and yet every time when he’s just about to cum, Hua Cheng’s touch leaves him stuttering on the edge.

Anyone could walk in and see Xie Lian like this, one of the ghosts who served as Hua Cheng’s subordinates or the blushing maids of Paradise Manor, to see the former proud crown prince, the strongest martial god renowned throughout the three realms in such a shameless position. Xie Lian’s displayed nude with legs splayed wide apart, a cockwarmer on his husband’s lap, whining pitifully, beaded nipples puffy and flushed rosy red from the clamps clipped tightly onto them, thin stomach filled with San Lang’s heavy cock till there’s a slight bulge visible, his own arousal proudly standing up leaking continuously over the both of them.

He hasn’t replied in time before Hua Cheng tugs cruelly at the chain connecting the clamp to his right nipple, punishing him for the lack of response and Xie Lian cries out, back arching as the pressure burns, whatever words on the tip of his tongue shattering away into nothingness.

He can’t see how Hua Cheng is teasing him, sight taken away from him, senses aflame but gods he takes comfort from the reassuring presence of Hua Cheng’s lean body behind his own trembling one. Hua Cheng hasn’t even taken off his outer robes, remaining mostly adorned in red while it’s Xie Lian who’s the opposite, every inch of him exposed to the cool air as he’s filled full by the very lord of the manor. Xie Lian’s hair is unbound, free from its usual prim and proper arrangement and his black locks sweep down brushing against the arch of his back, just tucking under where Xie Lian’s wrists have been bound behind with red silk tied in butterfly knots, rubbing against his flushed skin as Xie Lian struggles fruitlessly against the burning sensation of being toyed with.

It isn’t the start of their lovemaking session. Hua Cheng has already fucked Xie Lian on his hands and knees, the two rutting against each on the carpet like mere beasts, coming inside him once and then yet another time, stuffing Xie Lian full of his cum as the crown prince begged for it. Xie Lian barely had time to collect his thoughts after his second orgasm, shivering involuntarily at the blissful sensation of being poured to the brim with Hua Cheng's essence before the other had gotten up, hoisting his husband onto his lap as they dropped back down onto the sedan couch. Hua Cheng carelessly slicking his cock with oil before pulling their bodies flush together, bouncing Xie Lian repeatedly on his lap as the crown prince mewled in response, before tortuously slowing down, the ghost king’s throbbing arousal desiring endlessly to be enveloped in his god’s tight heat and remain there.

Xie Lian had moaned at that, the feel of his husband’s thick cum no longer being able to drip down his thighs, tucked safe inside his body by Hua Cheng’s cock splitting him open to cram the crown prince full. Sitting upright he’s constantly burning up from the heat of Hua Cheng’s cock twitching inside him, leaking pre-cum against his trembling walls, rubbing teasingly over that oversensitive spot hidden inside Xie Lian where Hua Cheng had memorised the location of to heart but the other maddeningly refuses to thrust further inside him, refusing to give either of them the release they crave.

“San Lang, please…I-” Hua Cheng’s hot breath scalds his ear, tongue flicking out to lick the delicate inner shell before he nibbles at it and Xie Lian writhes uselessly, cock straining, the swollen head oozing pre-cum even as tears gather at the corner of his eyes at the overstimulation.

How long he has been forced to sit on Hua Cheng’s lap stretched wide around his cock Xie Lian couldn’t even remember anymore, everything else inconsequential as Hua Cheng whispers sinful words of both filth and praise into his ears as he savours every sacred reaction his god desires to bestow upon him.

They're increasingly adventurous as time goes by, both of them longing to succumb to their desires now that no one can keep them apart. At Xie Lian's timid request, they weren't doing it today on the altar in Qiandeng Temple, the thought of acting so shameful in his own place of worship built by Hua Cheng himself both weakening and inflaming Xie Lian's resolve.

“What does Dianxia need?” Hua Cheng’s deft fingers give one last tug, leaving the chain swinging and trailing downwards, hand wrapping around the length of Xie Lian’s slick cock, lazily pumping him to the brink and Xie Lian keens from want, hips jerking uselessly as the other’s touch leaves him hanging once more. He can’t cum like this, he’s not allowed to.

“S-San Lang enough, no more…” Xie Lian quivers, whole being achingly oversensitive, even more so thanks to the blindfold cutting off his eyesight, leaving him feverishly vulnerable, the ceaseless caresses of his husband driving him insane. His body burns despite being well fucked out earlier, the love bites decorating his skin, his cock indescribably hard and nipples achingly sore and still Hua Cheng refuses to move.

“Gege is doing so well,” Hua Cheng croons into his ear, voice deep with amusement, passion thrumming through his words. Xie Lian trembles under his grasp, the intimate, too near words brushing right against him. His highness is too good to him, to grace Hua Cheng with such a lovely expression and shyly shameful words. “But San Lang apologises, this humble one needs Gege’s guidance in order to serve his god to the fullest.”

Xie Lian’s face is ablaze with heat as he utters his next words, the crumbs of his pride relinquishing before the dogged persuasion of his husband. The overwhelming feeling of sacrilege presses upon the two, a demon in the service of his god and to Xie Lian's remaining shame it just riles them up all the more. “San Lang me, fuck me, I can’t bear it anymore, I can’t, I want to come.” Xie Lian stutters from the shame, still unused to speaking such vulgar words during their intimacy, tears staining the blindfold as he leans back into the curve of Hua Cheng’s shoulder, seeking comfort. If any poor soul were to walk in on them now, Xie Lian could never have the face to look them in the eye ever again.

“Dianxia won’t come without his San Lang’s permission?” Hua Cheng asks, heavy with arousal even as he trembles and overflows with unfathomable love that his highness, his god would bestow such trust, to allow Hua Cheng the honour to worship his body, giving him the utmost bliss. Of course, his own pleasure comes second, is as equally important to Xie Lian. But Hua Cheng is selfish and wants to prioritise his highness, no matter how desperately he yearns for his beloved, his highness, all for himself.

Xie Lian shakes against his husband.

He bows his head, defeated, breath coming out in harsh gasps.


Xie Lian had wanted this, wanted to explore the pleasures of flesh that he and San Lang had gone without for centuries. Perhaps not with such explicit detail or instruments that San Lang had teased out of him after one of their countless rounds of lovemaking but the crown prince loves it, craves how full he feels when San Lang is inside and spills in him, sticky warmth soaking together when they’re joined.

“Good. Gege is gorgeous like this, truly spoiling his San Lang.” Hua Cheng praises him, trailing devout kisses across the crescent sliver of Xie Lian’s nape. The white flesh is already irrevocably decorated with reddened love bites blooming all over and Hua Cheng takes the opportunity to nibble at the marks left, bending Xie Lian forward as the other arches under his touch. The ghost relentlessly teases his beloved’s body, rubbing Xie Lian’s sides comfortingly before one hand pulls mercilessly at the silver chain connecting the clamps to Xie Lian’s swollen nipples as the other pants, moaning from the conflicting concoction of pleasure enclosed with bites of pain, tears glistening on his crimson cheeks.

“Gege, remember what I asked you before?” Vaguely Xie Lian feels Hua Cheng’s arms enclose his waist, long slender fingers trailing over the bulge of Xie Lian’s stomach, careful not to touch his dripping cock, one hand supporting the slim waist as the other rubs small circles on Xie Lian’s thigh, millimeters away from where Xie Lian craves to be touched the most.

“What is it…”

Hua Cheng kisses the crook of his ear, kisses the kitten soft locks of his highness' hair. Xie Lian’s arms twist in their silk embrace, hands yearning to embrace Hua Cheng. Heat suffuses his body, scattering his thoughts as Hua Cheng’s sly hand dips between his trembling thighs, teasingly caressing his balls before moving to wrap again around his strained cock, pumping languidly. His other hand busies itself by trailing over jade white flesh, glossing over the hardened peak of his left nipple, pinching and rolling it against his thumb.

“Dianxia promised me a few nights ago, to allow San Lang…ah, it’s fine if Gege can’t quite remember now in his passion. Let this one show you with his actions.”

Hua Cheng’s loving touch grounds while simultaneously breaking him down as his husband murmurs words of adoration and worship into Xie Lian’s reddened ears. Hua Cheng’s hand leaves his stiffened cock once more, coming behind to rub the small of his back, laying cherished kisses and relentless nipss once more upon his neck.

For all he prides himself on logical thinking, Xie Lian doesn’t understand Hua Cheng’s amused hints, how can he think straight when he’s already like this? Even more than when the Wen Rou Xiang had ensnared him in their trap, being driven to desperation by Hua Cheng’s teasing.

Xie Lian senses something lightly land on his bare thigh, tiny enough to barely carry its weight. The touch is delicate, as it trails across his thigh before lifting away.

Xie Lian hazily remembers he’s felt this sensation countless times before.

...It’s one of San Lang’s spiritual butterflies.

“San Lang? One of your butterflies…”

“Gege is correct as usual.” Hua Cheng’s tone is mischievous despite the hunger inside him, praising his highness as though Xie Lian had made some notable guess. He leans forward, pulling Xie Lian against him as he rolls his hips upwards, giving a lazy thrust, feeling his highness quiver as Hua Cheng rubs that sensitive bundle of nerves raw inside him. Xie Lian twists upon Hua Cheng's steady lap, mewling louder with every overstimulated thrust, drool dripping down from his bitten lips.

“Can Gege guess which type it is? If so, San Lang will reward him with release.” Hua Cheng repeats his motions, his actions speeding up, hinting at his own impatience. Xie Lian spilling out jumbled cries as he tries to focus, thighs trembling from the other's thrusts. Colour bleeds into his vision once more, eyes dilating as Hua Cheng vanishes the soaked blindfold, grey eyes dazed as they stare out across the empty hall. 

Types? He knows, San Lang told him before, the silver butterflies having multiple purposes, ones that attack, ones that shield, ones that emit the silver silk that had trapped him, Feng Xin and Mu Qing in Mount Tonglu, ones that…


“San Lang!” Xie Lian can’t take it, it’s too much, the realisation crashing down upon him, tears falling as he clenches down on Hua Cheng's cock, lower body throbbing but unable to get away as shame and arousal rush through his veins. Hua Cheng hums in response, his own body rigid with tension, burning up from his highness' acts and the ghost king is unable to restrain himself a breath longer, thrusting hard as he grasps Xie Lian’s hips tight enough to bruise, relentlessly slamming against the sweet spot that made Xie Lian beg for mercy every time they did it.

Brokenly Xie Lian recalls now, among the background noise of wordless pleas spilling from his own mouth and the wet sounds of flesh intimately joining, what teasing words Hua Cheng had asked of him those nights ago, a request that made Xie Lian want to run away in embarrassment. He had given his permission in the end, but he hadn’t thought that…San Lang would so soon…

That all this time the imprint of every inch of his exposed flesh adorned with wanton ornaments has been captured immaculately by Hua Cheng’s butterflies, how Xie Lian writhed from San Lang's learnt touches, how shamefully he had pleaded his husband for release, his most sensitive parts lovingly teased and tormented, nude form displayed bare outside their bed chambers like some common concubine instead of the crown prince he was supposed to be while his husband stuffed him full - fucking - him, all that for his and San Lang’s sole viewing whenever the whim took San Lang -

Xie Lian cries out San Lang’s name as he cums untouched, white spurts splattering over his thighs and Hua Cheng’s crimson robes as his mind blanks out, toes curling, collapsing against the other as he trembles throughout the aftermath. Hua Cheng moans in pleasure at the glorious image of his god being undone, restraint decimated, continuing to fuck Xie Lian through his orgasm, chasing his own release that comes seconds later.

“Gege…” Hua Cheng pants out, his own voice dazed, thrusts sloppier as Xie Lian clenches around his cock, the other greedily squeezing Hua Cheng till the demon can't bear it and cums, sticky warmth pouring into Xie Lian for the third time this night. Xie Lian twitches at the familiar sensation, slumping forward as Hua Cheng pulls out. Cum overflows from his gaping hole, seeping down and Xie Lian instinctively whimpers at the loss, body clenching to hold Hua Cheng’s release inside. Hua Cheng's eye darkens further at the filthy sight, made all the more pleasing by the fact that this was his highness, the whole of Hua Cheng’s heart, his god, his husband that allowed San Lang to debauch him so, bringing a hand to cover his eye as he forcefully collects himself. Both of their breath is unsteady, limbs shivering as they come down from their high. Hua Cheng turns Xie Lian to embrace his husband the better as he kisses him on his forehead, his cheeks, his lips. Hua Cheng vanishes the silk and clamps, the crown prince gasping slightly as he stretches his freed wrists and holds Xie Lian still while the other kisses him back before Hua Cheng reluctantly breaks the kiss, gazing intently at the other as he caresses Xie Lian’s cheek, his highness leaning into his touch as Hua Cheng searches for any sign of hesitation or discomfort. Despite them just making love, Xie Lian unwillingly blushes darker under that loving gaze, reaching out to entwine his free hand with the red thread with San Lang’s matching hand even as he can’t quite look the other in the eye, a large part of him insisting to curl up and die from the other’s bolder actions in bed.

“Gege, Gege, are you alright? Was it too much?” Hua Cheng examines Xie Lian, eye soft, almost chastened.

“En...San Lang always takes good care of me.” Xie Lian mutters softly, gracing the other with a tiny smile before he closes his eyes at the latter part of the other question, only giving a shake of his head as Hua Cheng reassured, chuckles.

He’s really spoilt San Lang rotten, hasn’t he.

Hua Cheng squeezes Xie Lian’s hand back before he scoops up Xie Lian into his arms, the other letting out a little ‘oof’ of surprise. Hua Cheng tosses out dice that lead them to their bed chambers. He lays down Xie Lian on their bed as he gets water and other necessities to clean up for his husband, Xie Lian getting up and chiding him gently to let him take care of San Lang too. The two tidy each other’s mess before they prepare for bed, snuggling down under the silken sheets. San Lang clings to him as tightly as a cub whilst sleep falls over them as a second blanket, Xie Lian’s arms wrapped firmly around his husband likewise.

…Well, mutual spoiling wasn’t all that bad.