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Executive Privilege

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He would get up, walk to work, and whittle away at mountains of papers until the mountains turned into hills. Then he’d go back home, which was a company apartment, which was located right next to his job. Wash, rinse, repeat.

He remembers that it was a wednesday, the day Giovanni came in. Why he was there, no one was sure, but he looked as though he was seeking something. He had the power to make the nonsensical appear sensible, such as a conversation between an acclaimed gym leader and a lowly office worker. Granted, Archer didn’t think he was “lowly”, as Giovanni would phrase it. He was great at his job, but on the same token, he wasn’t particularly high in the corporate ladder. Staying would have been a horrid death sentence.

When he started off Team Rocket was a vision, a warehouse, and a couple hangers of nondescript black clothing. He had a contingency plan—if this venture didn’t pan out, he could just swim back to his old job. His boss received an email the thursday after Giovanni’s proposal, saying that he would be taking a month off due to the loss of his mother. He hadn’t spoken to his parents in years, but he had the PTO and company reputation to make the move believable.

Archer wasn’t his real name, either. He remembered it used to be something along the lines of “Tim” or “Tommy”. It was quite impersonal, so he didn’t mind when Giovanni re-christened him “Archer”. The whole thing was a shot in the dark, but if anyone was gonna make it work, it would be the lowly office worker.