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"Are you sure you wanna do this, Gguk?"


Jeongguk and Yoongi were stood in front of a sign that read Luxury Nails and Salon in glowing blue letters. Around Yoongi's neck was a camera he would use to film the nail application. 


"I'm fine, hyung. Just kind of nervous about not being able to open cereal boxes and stuff," Jeongguk replied. Yoongi gave him a fond smile.


"Then let's go, Ggukkie,"


At the front of the salon, a cute boy was talking to someone in front of him. The person nodded and went off to sit in a waiting area with red chairs that looked so comfy. Jeongguk approached him with a shy smile, feeling his stomach flip in nervousness, as he didn't do the whole meeting new people thing all that often. The boy raised an eyebrow in recognition, but otherwise made no other actions to imply he knew who Jeongguk was.


"Hi, how can I help you?" he said, his English accented heavily but not so much that it was unintelligible. His nametag read Jimin and Jeongguk felt a tiny smile crawl across his face as he realized that most of the people here (the ones who weren't customers) were speaking in Korean to one another, rather than English. At least he wouldn't have to stumble through trying to explain what he wanted. 


"Uh...hey...I was wondering if it would be okay if I took a video of me getting my nails done?" Jeongguk asked shyly. Jimin smiled brightly.


"Of course! We will have to ask you to make sure your nail tech is okay with being taped and all. And you'll have to film pointing away from the other customers, but otherwise of course! You can go pick out a color if you want, they're over there on the wall," Jimin spoke quickly and professionally, though his high voice made it sound like he was just super cheerful. He gestured over to the wall of nail colors.


"Actually, I was wondering if I could get acrylic nails?"


Jimin laughed. " can just ask your nail tech for them. If you want a gel color, we have them here." Jimin handed him a basket of cardboard circles with colored plastic nails on them. Jeongguk flushed and thanked him, moving away from the counter and sitting down in one of the chairs.


Yoongi sat beside him, fiddling with his camera. He pointed it at Jeongguk and tapped his shoulder, making a motion to him behind the camera that he was filming. 


"Ah...we're picking out colors now," Jeongguk said to the camera, motioning to the basket, "I'm thinking either a dark purple or some sort of glitter shade, yeah? Maybe a dark purple with some shine to it." He picked up a circle of nails that were solid colored and dark. "I want this purple," he said, putting it in front of the camera and tapping the purple he'd chosen. "Maybe I'll get them long and have a design on some of them, sound good?"


Yoongi spoke up, "What shape do you want them to be?"


Jeongguk made a bit of a show of thinking about it, so his subscribers wouldn't just think he was zoning out. "Ummm...probably pointy shaped? Not anything that can scoop my eyes out of their sockets,"


Yoongi laughed. "Oh, no that wouldn't be good. But couldn't they pop your eyes if they're too sharp?" 


Jeongguk pouted. "I'll ask whoever does them what they think, then. Guys, have you ever stabbed your eye out or made yourself blind with a nail?" 


"Joon is gonna have an aneurysm trying to translate for the subs," Yoongi commented jokingly. 


Jeongguk shrugged "Out of laughter or frustration?"




Yoongi shut off the camera when he saw a man walking up behind Jeongguk. 


"Hello! We have a place for you over here, and we've gotten a second chair for your friend so he doesn't have to stand to whole time, since this does take a while," he said cheerfully. Jeongguk heard snickering and saw Jimin covering his mouth while he laughed.


Jeongguk slowly stood up and followed the man to a small table, with three chairs. One of them was obviously not for a customer or nail tech as it was placed off so it was facing both of them, with the wall in the background. 


"Uh, what's your name?" Jeongguk asked. The man looked a bit surprised, and now that Jeongguk could see his face and wasn't awkwardly fumbling with fake nails he could see that he was actually super  attractive. Jeongguk flushed as he heard the telltale beep and saw Yoongi mouth that he was filming.


"Taehyung," he replied, "and I already know who you are, of course," he chuckled, "What are we doing today?"




Taehyung laughed again, and it was very deep and god that deep voice was hot. "What are you getting done to your nails? I'm sure you aren't just here to talk about the colors, am I right?"


Jeongguk blushed even deeper at that, praying that it could just be passed off as being overheated from his sweater. "Well, I want fake nails? And I want them dark purple, please,"


Taehyung nodded and took his hand. Jeongguk almost jerked his hand back before remembering that this was a nail salon, and he was supposed to have his hands touched because that's where his nails were. Taehyung pulled out a small, long box and took out an object with a rolly thing on it. Jeongguk could barely feel it as Taehyung ran it across his nail a few times, sticking his tongue out a little from the corner of his mouth as he concentrated. 


"What are you doing right now?" Jeongguk asked, conscious of the camera aimed on him. He knew Yoongi and his boyfriend, Hoseok, would do an amazing job of cutting out anything he didn't want in it. But he thought it would be good to talk a little so they had something other than just him looking at colors and then talking about his nails. 


Taehyung never looked away from his hand, but answered, "I'm making them closer to the shape of the acrylic nail I'm going to put on so you don't have a weird gap or any sort of discomfort,"


Jeongguk nodded. Taehyung had nice hands, they were big and soft but definitely had done some manual labor at some point. He handled Jeongguk's hands gently, never pulling them or anything. "Do you bite your nails?" Taehyung asked. Jeongguk flushed once again.


"Uh, yeah, when I get really nervous," he admitted. He looked over at Yoongi who gave him a wink and a thumbs up. Yoongi has known him pretty much his entire life, and Jeongguk's shyness and anxiety around new people was nothing new. 


Taehyung hummed and tapped Jeongguk's nails every time he finished. It was odd, but not off-putting. Jeongguk found himself giggling to himself. Taehyung gave him a confused look, but didn't ask. 


"So, Taehyung, how long have you been doing nails?" Jeongguk asked. Taehyung paused for a moment before resuming.


"Well, I've done my younger siblings' nails a lot, since I'm the oldest. So, pretty much since I could do nails. I'm actually trying to go to college for art, but my parents won't pay. I figured this is the closest I can get, right? I have a pretty steady hand so the designs and stuff aren't too difficult. I think I've worked here for about...three years? You'd have to ask Jiminie, he knows. We started at the same time." Taehyung set down the hand he had been working on and picked up the other one, beginning to run the roller along the curve of his nail just as he had with the other hand.


"That's cool. I can't paint nails even without the design. I just get polish all over the fingertip and stuff," Jeongguk laughs and Taehyung laughs along with him. Jeongguk looks away and feels his ears grow red at Taehyungs breathtaking laugh. 


"Well, then it's good you didn't do this yourself," Taehyung teased. He was on the last nail and Jeongguk felt a bit apprehensive of what came next. Yoongi flicked off the camera and reached out to poke Jeongguk's ear. 


"You're blushing, Ggukkie~"


Jeongguk scowled at him, resisting the knee-jerk reaction to rip his hand from Taehyung's gentle grip and slap Yoongi's hand away. Taehyung laughed at Jeongguk's obvious struggle. He set down his roller machine and took out nail clippers, cutting Jeongguk's nails. Yoongi was back to filming, though Jeongguk could only imagine what sorts of effects Yoongi would add to make fun of his blushing.


"Okay, now I'm going to see what size nail you need...gimme a hot sec," Taehyung said, ducking and opening a drawer with some difficulty. He pulled out a different box, and inside there were fake nails, all super long, in various widths. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk's pinkie for a moment before picking out two different sized nails. 


"You have nice hands," Jeongguk blurted. Taehyung stopped for a moment, looking up at Jeongguk's face instead of at his work. Jeongguk was mortified. Yoongi looked like he was about to explode from trying not to laugh.


"Uh...thanks, Jeongguk," Taehyung said. Jeongguk could have sworn he was blushing, but that would be dumb. He was probably just embarrassed. "You have nice hands...too..."


Jeongguk nodded and stared down at his lap, his face flaming. Taehyung seemed to finish very quickly and also so, so painstakingly slowly. 


"What color did you say you wanted? And do you want any sort of pattern or anything? A gem?" Taehyung asked. His blush was still faintly there, and Jeongguk felt a smile grace his lips at the sight.


"This purple," Jeongguk said, "and could you put some gold design on one of the fingers of each hand? I'll let you choose what design,"


Taehyung nodded. Instead of reaching for the polish, however, he brought out a pink powder and some sort of liquid. Water? Jeongguk just looked at his long-ass nails in mild apprehension. "You're going to make these shorter, right? I don't want to lose an eye,"


"No, I'm not. I'm going to let you have these nails so long that you're going to be rendered incapable of doing most basic things." Taehyung smiled. "How long do you want them?"


He moved some sort of metal clipper around Jeongguk's fake nail and looked at him for confirmation for how long he wanted them. Jeongguk nodded and Taehyung clipped them, making each one the right length with a graceful precision that left Jeongguk feeling very tingly in his stomach.Taehyung then revealed a pair of enormous nail clippers and began to shape Jeongguk's nails into sharp points. He filed the tips and rounded out the nail a bit so the points weren't at maximum stabby capabilities and so they followed a more natural looking curve.


Using a paintbrush, Taehyung dipped it in the water and then the powder, brushing it across the newly shaped nail. "This is what actually makes the nail. That extra part is just to make the shape and stuff. I'm assuming you wanted the stiletto shape? Since I know you were talking about being stabbed in the eye by the points earlier. I hope that's okay...?"


"It's fine," Jeongguk assured, "that's the shape I want, anyway,"


"Oh, that's good," Taehyung said with a boxy smile. Jeongguk smiled in return, a bit overwhelmed by how adorable Taehyung was with everything he did. He painted on the thick paste and formed the nails, occasionally swiping his finger underneath one of the nails as a bit of it dripped off the tip. 


Jeongguk found himself getting lost in watching Taehyung's methodic movements, and eventually their time together came to an end. 


Yoongi stopped filming and thanked Taehyung, copying down his Instagram and Twitter to link in the video if anyone wanted to see more of his work. Jeongguk thanked him profusely, shaking his had and not wanting to let go. As Jeongguk and Yoongi left, Taehyung called out "Wait!"


Jeongguk turned and saw him with a tube of hand lotion, making his way towards the pair. "You forgot lotion," Taehyung said in a small voice. He dropped some on his hand and rubbed it gently on Jeongguk's palm and fingers, carefully and gently. Jeongguk could see Jimin disappear behind the counter in laughter. Taehyung rubbed lotion onto his other hand before pulling away and handing him a card. 


"It's how to care for your new nails," he added. 


Jeongguk took it from his fingers and tucked it into his pocket. "Thanks, Taehyung. I'll come back for another set some time, okay? Bye,"


"Bye-bye," Taehyung waved. 


As Jeongguk walked away, he could hear Jimin's laughter. 



While Hoseok and Yoongi were looking at Jeongguk's video, editing clips together and such, Jeongguk was looking for a quarter. There was a gumball machine piggy bank that Seokjin had bought, and he was very adamant about nobody getting any gum unless they paid he full 25 cents. He felt around in his pocket carefully, so he didn't snag his nail on anything. Instead of a quarter, he felt a piece of paper. He pulled it out and unfolded it. 


"HOLY SHIT! HYUNG!" He shouted. Yoongi and Hoseok looked up, and Seokjin walked into the room with a concerned look on his face. Namjoon trailed behind Seokjin, holding his hand and smiling at it. 


"Yes, Jeongguk?" Seokjin said. 




Yoongi snorted out the water he had taken a sip of, and Hoseok smacked his back unhelpfully to stop him from choking. 


"Really? That's great, Gguk," Namjoon congratulated. Jeongguk's four roommates had had to listen to him talk about the 'dreamy nail tech' for the past three hours, since they got back from filming. Jeongguk pulled out his phone and typed out a message before stopping and pushing his phone away from him. 


"Wait..." Jeongguk mumbled, suddenly feeling dread in the pit of his stomach. He looked down at his hands, which started shaking. "What if he only gave me his number so he can laugh at me when I text him because it's so overly enthusiastic? And then he shows all his hands and they joke about the idiot YouTuber who has a crush on the most gorgeous nail tech in the entire world? And then they cause a scandal and everyone makes fun of me and hates me and--"


"Kid," Yoongi interrupted, climbing out of Hoseok's lap and taking Jeongguk's face in his hands. "He gave you his number because he's interested in the adorably flustered boy who came in and complimented his hands. He gave you a goddamn massage, for gods' sake. Text him, he's probably waiting for you to," 


Jeongguk nodded and took his phone up again, typing out a message. Before he could freak out again, he pressed send. Then, he threw his phone across the room as hard as he could and ran and hid under his covers. 


Namjoon came into his room second later. "He answered." And walked out. 


Jeongguk   6:42 pm

hi! it's me from the nail salon. Jeongguk. you...did my nails

and gave me your number



Taehyung  6:44 pm

omg hi hi hiiiii

just got off me shift 

i've been waiting for u to text I was so nervous u weren't interested

and that I was reading everything wrong T_T 

so glad thts not the caseeeee


Jeongguk smiled. He was waiting for him to text...? He made him nervous? 


heh no you def read it right

like I was legit so flustered and then when I said stuff abt your 


I almost died of embarrassment I stg


glad u didn't actually die

anyway i'm doing this thing where i'm s traightforward

so i'm wondering if u want to go on a date sometime


Jeongguk sprinted back out of his bedroom and to the living room, where Yoongi and Hoseok were cuddling on the couch and watching a movie with the volume low, talking in murmured voices about something Jeongguk couldn't quite make out. He knew he shouldn't interrupt them, but this was important and he need their advice.


"Hyung?" He called, getting their attention. Yoongi looked over Hoseok's shoulder and saw an upside-down Jeongguk. 


"What is it? Did Taehyung say something?" Hoseok asked, buzzing with energy. Jeongguk handed him his phone and started pacing while Hoseok read it, his face not giving anything away. 


"Ggukkie, answer me this: do you want to go on a date with this boy?" Yoongi asked, looking up at him. Jeongguk smiled wide and squeezed his eyes shut, covering his cheeks with his hands. 


"Yeah. Yeah I do,"


Jeongguk snatched his phone and saw Taehyung was typing again. 


Taehyung   6:49 pm

unless u don't want to go out

which is ok

but plz just tell me instead of leaving me on read :( 





ahem yes I very much do want to go on a date with you

sorry it took so long I kinda flipped out when you asked

I had to ask my hyungs for advice



oml ggukkie that's so fucking cute

I just busted the fattest juiciest uwu


plz never say that phrase again

it makes me think of like 

gushers gummies but just one rlly big one

filled with nasty stuff


which is not a fun mental image


fine but u only get two uwu busting free weeks

I don't make the rules


yes you do... 


ok but back to the original point

ur so fucking cute

when r u free 


pretty much all the time unless im filming 

but I only film on weekends 

so Yoongi hyung can focus on other things during the week


how considerate

again ur so goddamn cute 

how abt tomorrow at four

we can meet up at Panera 


Jeongguk was hit with the memory of Namjoon and his dating profile, giving Jeongguk advice. He had been asked to meet up by someone he had been talking to, and also someone who he had only received pickup lines and puns from. He wasn't sure who he wanted to go with, since they were both very cute and seemed very nice. He had told Jeongguk about a harmless little test he would do to make sure that he couldn't accidentally go out on a date with a douche.


He'd flat-out said no and disagreed with something they said. For the pun guy, he'd said that he didn't want to wear blue shirts to recognize each other. For the other guy, he'd said he didn't want to go out at 8. He didn't offer up a reason or excuse or explanation, just said no and left it at that. 


The guy he'd been talking to got angry, and insulted him before blocking him. The pun guy, on the other hand, had asked if there was a different color they could wear, or if there was some place they would meet up beforehand so they made sure they were with the right person. 


(Pun Guy turned out to be named Seokjin, and they were now coming up on their two year anniversary.)



I don't want to meet up at four




well what time works for u, then? I personally

think Panera is more of a lunch than dinner place

but if u wanna go for dinner im not opposed

or we could go earlier


I have a shift so.....

not before two


ok well can we do dinner

I think jin hyung is making lunch and I dnt wanna miss out on thet

if you don't want dinner Panera we can go somewhere else


we can still do panera

and since there is exactly one panera

in town

we can go there

im excited to see u there

sdask ur soooooooooooooooooo hot






I just blew my chances huh T_T


lol its ok

just unexpected

and having seen the way jimin laughed

when you gave me your number

I wholeheartedly belive he said that


we r gonne get alog great 



Jeongguk was dressed in outfit #5 that Seokjin had chosen. It consisted of a striped white and cerulean shirt, jeans, and timberlands. His nails had fallen off that morning (filmed, thanks to Yoongi) when he tried to open his Trix. He felt bad, but at least he could see Taehyung soon.


When he arrived at Panera, it was a little after seven. The sun had set and the air was getting cold, and a little part of him hoped Taehyung would give him his jacket. 


Taehyung, of course, looked stunning. He was in a pair of pants that were tight in all the right places, a dark red collared shirt that was formal enough to be nice, but not so formal that it was overdressed. A charcoal grey coat brought it all together, and Jeongguk swallowed his nerves before tapping his arm. Taehyung startled and turned around before smiling his boxy smile that made Jeongguk feel a bit weak at the knees. 


"You look amazing," Taehyung said. Jeongguk felt a surge of confidence and looked Taehyung up and down, not at all discreet.


"I'm nothing compared to you," Jeongguk replied. Taehyung smiled and gestured to the menu.


"We should eat," he mumbled, cheeks dusted pink.


Jeongguk ordered broccoli and cheese soup, and a lemon cookie. Taehyung got macaroni and cheese and a loaf of bread. He seemed like he was trying to decide between touching Jeongguk and keeping his distance. Jeongguk chuckled when he saw Taehyung's hand reaching out, stopping, and retreating to his side.


"You know, Tae, I think you should hold my hand instead of waving it around," he commented, grabbing their food. Taehyung had paid, much to Jeongguk's chagrin.


And Taehyung did. He took Jeongguk's hand and laced their fingers together, rubbing his thumb along his knuckle. They found a table with two chairs and sorted out their food.


"So, Jeongguk, besides being a YouTuber, what do you do?" Taehyung asked around a mouthful of bread.


"I live with my four hyungs. Yoongi, who you met, his boyfriend Hoseok, Namjoon, and Seokjin,"


Taehyung looked like he recognized Namjoon's name. "Is Namjoon a TA for Art Theory at the community college?"


"Yeah, actually. Why? Do you have him?" Jeongguk thought of all the horrible things Namjoon could have told their class about him. When he was drunk off his ass and pissed all over his bed after trying to fistfight Hoseok's chair. When he had been found crying over a pan of burnt milk after he got his wisdom teeth out. When he had lost his glasses and mistaken a yellow dildo for a banana, and given it an accidental handjob before just taking a bite of it.


"I do. He talks very highly of you, you know,"




"Well, he talks a lot about how to express our emotions through colors and stuff. He was talking about love that isn't romantic one time, and talked about how even if you have a dumbass sibling or friend you still love them. And listed a few times you did annoying things, like when you kept interrupting him when he was working or when you were too loud or got bad grades, and then talked about when you had taken care of him while sick or given him really meaningful gifts or forgiven him for something you were really upset about, and said that even though you weren't pefect, and likely would never be, you were still so amazing and he loved you,"


"...oh," Jeongguk mumbled, surprised. 


"Sorry, that was probably too much. But it really meant a lot to me that he cared about you so much because my siblings haven't ever cared for me like that, you know?"


They made small talk about various things -- rabbits on the moon, wacky friends, that one time Taehyung had spent over two hundred bucks at Claire's and then been broke for months -- and then the time came to leave dinner. Taehyung held Jeongguk's hand as they walked out of the building. 


"Can I walk you home?" Taehyung offered. Jeongguk, who was freezing so much he was vibrating with shivers, simply nodded. The only place he felt warm was where Taehyung's hand was locked with his own. 


"G-Oh! Oh, god, Ggukkie why didn't you say anything? Here, take my jacket. Jesus Christ I'm on a date with an absolute idiot,"


Jeongguk felt a warm coat draped over his shoulders, and he pushed his arms through the sleeves. Taehyung took his hand again, and they took a selfie in front of a store with cool neon lights. Since his house was close, they arrived very quickly.


Before Taehyung left, Jeongguk stopped him. "I...I had a really great time tonight. Thank you,"


Taehyung's smile could be seen even in the dim light filtering through the front window. "Me too. Thank you for coming with me." With that, he moved forward and pressed his lips to Jeongguk's cheek. 


As he walked away, Jeongguk watched him and touched a hand to his cheek, smiling and blushing. 


He opened the door and was immediately ambushed by Seokjin running to him and lifting him up. "Ggukkie! How was your date?" 


"Put me down, hyung. It was fine,"


"Just fine?" Asked Hoseok from the kitchen bar. 


"It was good,"


"Just good?" Namjoon teased from the couch beside Yoongi. 


"It was great and I'm really excited and I hope we go on another one. Happy now?" Jeongguk pouted, though he was still super happy. 


Seokjin set him down and groaned exaggeratedly. "You're so heavy, Jeongguk-ah," he complained. 


"Whose jacket is that?" Yoongi questioned, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Jeongguk flushed and took a step back, into the door. 


"...Tae's," he replied before fleeing to his room. 


There, he pulled out his phone. 


you left your jacket with me




when can u give it back

my grandma got it for me 

its rlly special


ok I can drop by your place and give it to you tomorrow if you want

do you have anything



ok thank you

[location sent] 

drop by as early as u can

gtg im being grilled




At eight in the morning, Jeongguk got and Uber to Taehyung's address. He knocked on the door and it was opened by Jimin, who was wearing a shirt but no pants. Jeongguk said hi, and was directed to Taehyung's room.


He was on his bed, looking frazzled. Jeongguk knocked on the open door to get his attention, and he looked up. His eyes were rimmed red, from crying or exhaustion Jeongguk didn't know. In a few strides he crossed the room and squeezed Jeongguk in a tight hug.


"Thank you," he sobbed into his shoulder. Jeongguk just held him while he squeezed him like he was going to disappear. 


Taehyung pulled out of the hug and they sat on the bed. Jeongguk felt comfortable, which was new since he didn't usually get comfortable easily around new people. "I should explain myself," Tahyung muttered. 


"Not if you don't want to. I get the feeling it's something really personal,"


"It is," Taehyung admitted, moving closer to Jeongguk, "but I feel like I owe you this much. My grandma...she died. She raised me my whole life, and when I moved away we would call each other every day. Then, she started missing them because she was sick. One day I got a call that she died and I...couldn't function. She was my rock. I went into a pretty dark place, and just stopped eating and talking and doing basic things. If you ask Jimin, he can tell you more. I don't remember much other than that it was really bad and I cried a lot. But, eventually I realized she wouldn't want me to be sad. Now, I made a promise to her that I would do what I want. So I enrolled in college, and gave you my number, and went on a date. And now...I'm getting another whim,"


Jeongguk noticed suddenly how close they were. Taehyung was a few centimeters away from him, gaze flicking down to his lips. 

"Jeongguk, can I kiss you?" 


Maybe it was the gravelly tone with which Taehyung asked. Or the fact that his bedhead was so insanely hot and cute at the same time that Jeongguk lost his ability to function properly. But he surged forward and connected their mouths. 


It was nothing like a spark, or butterflies. It was like a warm drink, familiar and friendly and warm, spreading through his stomach and blossoming up his chest. His eyes fluttered shut and Jeongguk felt Taehyung reach his hands around his head to tangle his fingers in his hair. 


They broke apart for a breath, before going right back to kissing. It was soft and sweet and everything Jeongguk had dreamt of when he thought of his first kiss. Taehyung swiped his tongue across his lip, asking for permission to enter. Permission was granted, and Jeongguk felt Taehyungs tongue exploring his mouth. The broke apart for another breath, before pressing back together. Jeongguk had never felt so intoxicated before. The way Taehyung had his fingers gripping Jeongguk's hair was driving him crazy. 


"Nngh, Tae," Jeongguk whimpered as Taehyung nibbled on his bottom lip. 


"Hey gu-OH SHIT" Jimin came and left in one sentence, causing the boys on the bed to break apart. 


Taehyung looked at Jeongguk for a moment before bursting into laughter. "Oh my god, Gguk. He just...Do you know how many times I've walked in on him-"


"That was my first kiss," Jeongguk blurted, because he can't seem to keep his impluses under control when he's around Taehyung. 


"Like, ever?"




"Hey, Gguk?"




"You're my boyfriend now, okay?"


"Thank god,"


~time skip to a few months later~ 


"And you're positive that they'll like me?" Taehyung clarified for the tenth time. He was meeting Jeongguk's roommates/brothers/best friends and he was, in his words, "so anxious he might just combust before they got there"


Jeongguk took his boyfriend's hands in his and looked him in the eyes. "Tae. Listen. We've been dating for months, and after every date I have you bet your ass I go and gush to all of them about everything you've done. Just be yourself and they'll love it, okay?"


Taehyung snorted. "I'm dating someone who likes cliché kitty posters, aren't I?"


Jeongguk pouted and opened his door. The smell of Seokjin's cooking wafted through the house, and Taehyung closed his eyes and took a deep inhale. Jeongguk smiled at him and led him to the couch, where Namjoon and Yoongi were sitting and waiting to interrogate Taehyung. 


"Nice to see you again," Yoongi greeted. Taehyung waved awkwardly, and Jeongguk felt his grip on his hand tighten. Jeongguk squeezed back in reassurance. 


"Where are Seokjin-hyung and Hobi-hyung? I figure we should get all of us here before officially meeting him," Jeongguk said, sitting down. Taehyung stood standing and looking anywhere but the people on the couch. Jeongguk tugged him down to sit beside him, pulling him to his chest and running his fingers through his hair. 


"We're here!" Hoseok's excited voice rang out. He and Seokjin sat down beside their respective boyfriends, and all eyes turned to Taehyung. The usually open and talkative boy seemed to crmble under their gazes, tucking into Jeongguk's side and gripping his hand so hard the Jeongguk thought it might break. 


"Guys, chill with the evil looks," Jeongguk scolded, "you're gonna scare him,"


Mumbled apologies were heard, though they really weren't all that genuine. 


"So..." Seokjin began, "Taehyung, is it?" Jeongguk rolled his eyes, because of course he knew his name, Jeongguk talked about him all the time. "How did you two meet?"


"Hyung, I already told yo-"


Seokjin shushed Jeongguk. "I want to hear it from him,"


Taehyung squirmed. "Uh...he came into the nail salon I work at, and, wait. Okay he, like, so, he came in, and Jiminie -- he works at the front -- he, like, told me he was there, and so did his nails..." he trailed off. "Then when he left I was like 'oh wow I need to touch his hands again' so I gave him lotion on his hands, which we usually just do for normal nails and not acrylics. But I wrote my number on the care card, which Jeonggukie obviously read."


He snorted. "Of course, that's the only part of it he read, considering he didn't have his nails anymore when we went on a date, the day after I gave them to him," he tch-ed in disdain. 


Seokjin nodded. "Hmm. Okay, checks out. Hoseok, you next,"


Taehyung seemed to get a bit more confident with his answers, and he started cracking jokes in his stories. At one point he even made a pun (it was so horrible Jeongguk had to stand up and leave the room) and fully won over Seokjin. They migrated over to the dining table, enjoying meatloaf Seokjin had made for dinner. 


"This is delicious, Seokjin-hyung," Taehyung complimented. Seokjin smiled smugly. 


"At least someone appreciates my cooking," he scoffed. Everyone at the table scrambled to say thank you, but he just shook his head. "Nope. It's lost it's effect. You're just saying it so you can get ice cream. But only my newest child, Taehyung, will be,"


Taehyung stuck his tongue out at each of them doing a small victory dance in his seat. "Ha! Haha, Ggukkie! I get ice cream, you don't. Oh yeah, oh yeah,"


After dinner, they sat around the couch playing Monopoly. Yoongi had gone bankrupt before making it all the way around the board, so he was busy clinging to Hoseok from behind, with his legs around his waist and his arms over his shoulders. Jeongguk currently owned half the board, including Boardwalk. Seokjin let out an anguished howl and fell to the ground, unmoving, as he landed on yet another of Jeongguk's properties. 


"I don't have that much money, Gguk!" He exclaimed. Taehyung, the banker, grinned evilly.


"You could always just sell your properties," he advised, reaching a hand out to grab one. Seokjin slapped his hand to hard it left a red mark, and he recoiled. 


"I DON'T HAVE ANY PROPERTIES BESIDES MY ELECTRIC COMPANY! Ggukkie owns all the railroads, the water spout, and at least two properties on each side of the goddamn board."


Jeongguk snickered quietly, "So, are you paying me all your stuff and forfeiting?" 


Seokjin scowled and handed Jeongguk his cards and the thirty dollars he had. Jeongguk cheekily took them and added them to his thousands of dollars and all his properties. There was literally no way he could lose, but if everybody left he wouldn't really be winning either. 


Now it was Jeongguk, Namjoon, and Hoseok against each other. Taehyung had elected not to play and just dish out money, and Yoongi and Seokjin were being cheerleaders for their boyfriends. Actually, they were eating strawberries and pouting, but they wouldn't ever admit to that. It was pathetic. 


Namjoon took a strawberry while Jeongguk was in the bathroom and waved it in front of Taehyung. "If you sabotage your boyfriend, I'll pay you in strawberries and ice cream. And, I'll tell you embarrassing stories about him. Deal?"


Taehyung, who was loyal to and very much in love with (not that he'd said it) Jeongguk, was also a man who appreciated a good bribe. "Of course," he said. 


When Jeongguk came back and sat down, Taehyung scooted close to him and took a bite of the strawberry Namjoon had given him. "Want some?" he offered. Jeongguk stopped his staring contest with Hoseok and nodded, turning fully towards him. 


 What he was not expecting to be met with was the feeling of Taehyung's lips against his. Not that he was complaining. He melted into the kiss, opening his mouth as Taehyung rolled his tongue along his lips. Something sweet was distinctly different from the taste of Taehyung, though not at all bad. Taehyung pulled away with a mischievous smile, leaving the sweet thing in his mouth.


"There," he said, "a bite of strawberry,"


Jeongguk blushed and covered his face. "I give up. I'm done playing. Tae, come on," he said, taking Taehyung's hand and leading him to his room. He closed the door and pulled Taehyung into an open mouthed kiss. Twisting his head to deepen the kiss and fit their mouths together better, Taehyung pressed ever closer to Jeongguk, until they were up against the door, kissing fervently.


Taehyung made a little noise in the back of his throat, and it drove Jeongguk crazy. He wrapped his arms around Taehyung's neck, moving his hands down slowly until they cupped Taehyung's ass. He squeezed, relishing in the noise Taehyung made.


"God, Ggukkie," he groaned. Jeongguk kissed along his jaw, moving down his neck and sucking and biting softly to make a mark.


A knock on the door forced them apart, and Jeongguk moved to open it. Standing there was Hoseok, wearing a huge smile. "Taehyung~ please don't devirginize our Ggukkie while we're in the house, we have thin walls." And then he left.


Jeongguk slammed and locked the door before turning and looking at Taehyung. He looked shocked. "Gguk…?"


"I think we should talk," Jeongguk said, sitting on the bed and motioning for Taehyung to sit beside him.


"You're a virgin?" Taehyung asked. He blushed afterward, biting his lip and turning away.


"Yeah," Jeongguk replied, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I didn't think it was a big deal,"


Taehyung scooted closer to him. "Of course it's a big deal. I was ready to have you fuck me into the mattress until I was sobbing. Was...Was I your first kiss?"


Jeongguk blushed very easily, around Taehyung. And right now his face was as red as the strawberry he had eaten earlier. "Yeah,"


Taehyung scooted closer and set a hand on his leg, and his other hand cupping his face. "Since you're such a little baby, with no experience, you might think it's too soon to think this. But...Jeon Jeongguk, I really love you,"


Jeongguk felt his heart explode in his chest, and he promptly buried his face in Taehyung's chest, hugging him. "I love you, too," 


Taehyung kissed him, nothing like the kiss they shared earlier. It was soft and sweet and Jeongguk felt giggly just thinking about it. 


"I love you, too," 



Some weeks later, when his hyungs were on a double date, Jeongguk went over to Taehyung's apartment again. Jimin opened the door in a coat, and slipped out. 


"I've got group therapy, be back later. Use protection!"


Jeongguk waved to him before walking in and closing the door behind him. Taehyung came out of his room in sweatpants and no shirt. He greeted Jeongguk with a kiss, seemingly not realizing he was half exposed to the younger boy. 


"Uh...Tae," Jeongguk said in a raspy voice, "you're not wearing a shirt,"


Taehyung looked down and saw he was right. He smirked and raised an eyebrow, "So I'm not. Do you like it?" 


Jeongguk swallowed and nodded. "I really, really do,"


Jeongguk kissed him, hard, taking him by surprise. Taehyung opened his mouth and let Jeongguk explore it with his tongue, running his hands up under his shirt. Jeongguk broke the kiss to shed his cardigan and help Taehyung take off his shirt. He pushed Taehyung past the couch, into his bedroom, closing the door behind him. The look Taehyung was wearing was illegally hot.


Taehyung backed up into his knees hit the bed, and Jeongguk climbed on top of him. Their lips met again, and Jeongguk felt himself moving with the kiss, doing as much as he could to get the little noises that Taehyung was making to grow louder. He peppered kisses down his neck, stopping to suck a mark onto the base of his throat. Taehyung moaned at the feeling, and the noise shot straight down to Jeongguk's crotch. His jeans grew tighter. 


He moved down Taehyung's chest, stopping to swirl his tongue around each of his nipples. Taehyung's moans grew louder and louder and more breathy with each mark that Jeongguk sucked onto his skin. 


Taehyung reached down suddenly, feeling how hard Jeongguk was. He started messing with his button and zipper, helping Jeongguk out of his pants. Jeongguk looked down at Taehyung, who had hickeys down his neck and chest. His lips were red and swollen and he was coming undone because of Jeongguk's lips. Jeongguk moved so he was straddling his hips, grinding down. Taehyung was wearing sweatpants, which showed his erection quite clearly. 


Jeongguk rolled his hips, and Taehyung let out another loud moan. "God, fuck. Ggukkie, please," 


Jeongguk hooked his fingers under Taehyung's waistband, pulling his pants down. He discovered Taehyung had decided against boxers, and his full length was on display. Jeongguk felt suddenly shyer, because he was a bashful virgin and had only ever watched porn. 


Taehyung propped himself up and touched Jeongguk's face. "Baby," he rasped, "if you don't want this, that's okay. We can stop,"


Jeongguk looked down at them before palming himself through his boxers, moaning quietly at the friction. "No. No, don't stop," 


Taehyung pulled him back down, and Jeongguk's hand found its way down to his member, slowly stroking it. Taehyung shivered under him, letting out high pitched little moans. He moved his hands along Jeongguk's chest, twisting his nipple before moving his hands down to cup his ass. He slid the boxers down, and Jeongguk kicked them off. 


Taehyung sat up, looking at Jeongguk up and down. He leaned over and pulled something out of his drawer. Jeongguk recognized the condom, but had no idea what the tube was. 


Jeongguk watched as Taehyung squirted some onto his fingers. "What's that?" he asked. 


"Lube," was Taehyungs reply. He reached around Jeongguk and pressed a finger to Jeongguk's entrance circling the rim a couple times before gently pressing it him. Jeongguk waited, and it didn't hurt, but it did definitely feel quite weird. 


Taehyung curled his finger a bit before pumping it in and out a couple times. Jeongguk felt it getting more and more pleasurable, and suddenly Taehyung brushed across something. "Oh, god, Tae! Right there, right there!"


Taehyung pushed another finger in, scissoring them. Jeongguk just couldn't stop moaning with how good it felt, feeling himself getting stretched and feeling Taehyung's fingers brush across that spot made him feel so good. 


Then, his fingers were gone. Jeongguk whined at the loss of fingers inside him. Taehyung rolled the condom onto his length, knowing Jeongguk was watching with rapt attention. He lubed himself up, then shifted so Jeongguk could wrap his legs around his waist and lay back on the pillow. He carefully slid in, his breath picking up at the feeling of Jeongguk wrapped around him. Jeongguk groaned loudly at the stretch he felt as Taehyung entered him. 


"Tell me when I can move," Taehyung instructed. Jeongguk waited for the slight burning he felt at being stretched to dissipate before moving his hips in a circle. 


Taehyung moaned as he started moving. He was looking at Jeongguk below him, panting and letting out such blissful noises. Jeongguk felt himself get closer and closer with each thrust. 


"I'm close, Tae," he croaked, voice feeling hoarse from pleasure. Taehyung quickened his thrusts. 


Jeongguk felt himself release in a wave of absolute bliss, across his stomach and Taehyung's chest. Taehyung came soon after, pulling out and dropping the condom into the wastebasket next to his desk. 


He picked an article of clothing off the ground, wiping off Jeongguk and his torsos. He kissed where his nails had dug into his skin, nosing up his neck. After a couple of tender kisses, Taehyung began looking around for comfortable clothes. 


"Do you want to take a shower?" He offered. Jeongguk nodded, swinging his legs over the bed. When he stood, however, he found he had trouble walking. Taehyung laughed at him, but helped him into the shower. 


They took a shower together, only getting out after a couple of blowjobs and the water going cold. Taehyung pulled on a t-shirt and sweatpants, winking at Jeongguk as he tied the waistband. 


"Uh, babe, I think I used your pants to clean up..." Taehyung apologized. Jeongguk waved it off. 


"I can just use some of your clothes, right?" 


Taehyung gave him some sweatpants from his extensive collection, and a pair of neon green boxers. Jeongguk laughed at the bold color, before picking out one of Taehyung's sweatshirts. 


When Jimin came home, he found them cuddling on the couch, having fallen asleep watching a cooking show. 



Jeongguk arrived home in Taehyung's sweatshirt, sweatpants, and boxers, just as he had left. He opened the door and tried to creep into the house stealthily, so his hyungs wouldn't bombard him with questions. There were very dark, obvious hickeys on his neck and collarbone, and he just knew that nobody would ever let him hear the end of it.


It was six in the morning, and Taehyung had a seven-o-clock class. So Jeongguk had left and asked him and Jimin over for dinner. 


He had, of course, forgotten that Namjoon was the TA for Taehyung's class. So when he settled down at the kitchen bar, Namjoon came out and touched one of his hickeys. 


"Is it safe to say you're no longer pure?" 


Jeongguk hit his face on the counter, but nodded. Namjoon ruffled his head and went along making his coffee. 



When Taehyung came over for dinner, Jeongguk was hit with just how much he loved him. Taehyung had brought him red roses, the sweetheart. 


"I wasn't sure about bringing flowers, but I figured this was a pretty safe bet if I was going to bring them," he said, scratching his neck. "Nice hickeys. Bet whoever gave them to you is super  attractive," he teased with a wink. 


Jeongguk just rolled his eyes and kissed him. "I love you, dummy,"


And Taehyung kissed him back. "I love you too, baby,"