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We are the Phantom thieves

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Akira's POV

I've always known there was something wrong with my life, it confused me then I saw other kids not flinch when a adult touched them. It confused me when I did something wrong and the teachers didn't do what my parents did. It just over all confused me. Sure I'm eight years old and yet I didn't know why the other kids could always be so happy.

I was sitting on a park bench clutching my arm, it hurt a lot. My dad had slammed it against the counter and now it wouldn't stop hurting. I jerked when a voice spoke directed at me. "What happened to your arm?" I looked up and saw a brown haired boy with wine-red eyes who was probably a year older than me. I looked down at the ground. "Daddy slammed it against the counter and it wouldn't stop hurting now." I mumbled. "Your dad did that?" Why does he sound so surprised? "Mhm, he does it all the time. Why are you surprised by that?" I asked.

The boy shook his head and reached out, I immediately jerked back not wanting to get hurt while my arm was hurting. "I just want to see your arm, let me see it please?" I frowned at that word but I let him take it. He frowned upon seeing the bend in my arm where dad hit it against the counter. "I think your arm is broken. We'll need to go to the hospital." I immediately shook my head vigorously. "Can't afford hospital." I said. "I know a clinic close to here that can set your arm. It's free too." He pulled me to my feet and I immediately went limp, after a bit he dragged me to the clinic where a nice woman wrapped my arm in a black thing. "It'll keep your arm straight while the bones heal. Don't take it off until you're sure that your arm is no longer hurting okay?" I nodded and the same boy who lead me there lead me out.

After a while he lead me to the park again. "I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Goro Akechi. Nice to meet you." He said. I fiddled with the black thing on my arm. "I'm Akira.... Akira Kurusu..." I mumbled. Before then I heard my father shout my name and I froze for a second before recovering. "I-I have to go. Bye!" I then rushed off, not wanting to get punished for not responding to my father's shout. My dad didn't say anything about the thing on my arm, he just ignored it like he usually does.

My mom didn't mention it either. I thought I might never see Goro again because I doubt he would remember me. But I was proven wrong when I went to the park a few days later and he ran up to me and told me that he was waiting for me to come back to the park. We ended up becoming friends and after a while I finally figured out what was wrong with my family life. "Goro... Do you think my parents abuse me?" I asked. "I met you after your dad broke your arm, and not to mention that you come here covered in bruises all the time. Of course I think they abuse you!" Goro said. I rubbed my arm that was covered in bruises that Goro glared at.

"When we're older I want to get out of this town with you. Your parents can't get you then." He said. "But where would we go? I can't hide forever." I muttered. "Maybe out of the country, it'll be harder to get you if you're outside Japan." Goro said. "But that's a long ways away. How long will I be able to survive this until I just can't take it anymore?" I asked. "Then we'll run away! I'm in foster care, no one but you will care when I'm gone. And I'm taking you with me after all." Goro said. "But my parents..." I muttered. "I doubt they'll care if they beat you up so much and tell you how much they hate you." He pointed out.

I rubbed my arm and looked at Goro. "When we're older, like when I'm eighteen that way they can't get me even if they wanted to." I insisted. "That works for me. Let's plan for that until then. We want to be prepared." Goro said. I nodded and let a soft smile on my face. "It's good to know that at least someone cares for me." I muttered. Goro smiled and hugged me. "Of course I care! We've been broken down because of shitty adults, we have to stick together. No one else will stand up for us so the best we can do is do it ourselves." He said.

I patted his arm but then a thought accrued to me. "What does 'shitty' mean?" "Forget that word, slip of the tongue." "But what does it mean?" "You're still too innocent to understand my dear Akira, for now that is a good thing." "Stop dodging my question! What does it mean!?" "Shush darling, you are a precious baby and I intend to protect your innocence for as long as I can." "Goro just tell me what it means before I smack you!" Goro laughed at that but he had to raise his arms to protect against my blows.