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Playing with Matches

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Mike came down the spiral staircase. As usual, he was the first one up and looking forward to a morning cup of coffee. Turning on the coffee machine, he then checked the ice box—just enough milk for cereals, their normal breakfast, so he would just have to take his coffee black.

He decided he’d go and sit out on the sundeck, make the most of the peace and quiet before the other three guys got up, but he saw someone already out there, fast asleep in one of the loungers and covered by a pile of blankets. He decided to check out who it was. Yeah, Peter. This was the third morning this week he'd found Pete sleeping somewhere other than the bedroom he shared with Davy. Mike thought it best not to wake him, and just sat in the lounger beside him. Why was Peter not in his room again? Was it he couldn't sleep and had come out to play his guitar and dozed off, Mike wondered, noticing the guitar propped up against the railing. Or the main reason could be that their little Brit band mate had had a date stay overnight and asked Peter to give them some privacy.

Pete's far too soft for his own good, Mike realised. Maybe there should be a changeover in the sleeping arrangements, Micky wouldn't be such a pushover, and he'd have a neater and much calmer room without him. He heard a door close nearby, so decided to go and investigate. There was Davy at the front door, kissing his latest girlfriend, Penny, goodbye. Mike let out a slight cough to make Davy aware of his presence.

"Morning, Davy, do you want some coffee? It’s not long since brewed."

"No thanks, Mike.” Davy grabbed the kettle. "Just my usual tea for me."

"It looks this latest relationship seems to be going well for you. How many nights has she slept over? Maybe at least the past two, after our gigs at the Vincent Van Go-Go."

"The past three nights. We can't stay at hers. She shares a room with her sister."

"Okay, but you need to have consideration for the rest of us. There are other places."

"But you know I'm saving to go to my sister's wedding, so motel rooms are not an option, and Pete said he didn't mind."

"Okay, but have you looked around to see where he slept last night?" Mike asked, giving Davy a stern glare

"Mike, drop it please. I told Davy it was fine," Peter interrupted as he walked in from the sundeck heading for the bathroom. "I'm going for a shower and gonna get dressed."

"There Mike. I told you Pete was okay about it."

"Davy, we all know he never says no to any of us when we ask for anything. Would you give the room up for him for a few nights if he had a chick stay over?"

"Maybe, I guess, but when was the last time we saw Pete with a girl? All of us know he struggles just to even talk to a bird. In fact when was the last time you brought a chick back to the pad, Mike?"

"Morning. What am I interrupting, guys? I gather it must be about our bassist, as he’s the only one missing." Micky sliding down the staircase made them jump. He put his arms around their shoulders.

"Come on, guys. Let’s get breakfast, then I think l'll make a list and get our food restocked, since we just had the two gigs, and fill up the Monkeemobile."

"Mike, stop trying to change the subject. What’s Davy on about? Chicks, you and Peter… You know we've offered to help you both find dates, but I think I know the only blond you want is out of the room at the moment."

"Yeah, Mike, we see the way you look at him on stage, and the way you treat him differently to Micky and me—"

"Davy, what on earth are you on about? I only treat Peter differently as he isn't as sharp as you both are. I just look out for him. All of you are like the brothers I never had," Mike said, trying his best to not show his true feelings. He walked into the kitchen and got out the cereals, milk, spoons and bowls. "Guys, sorry, but this is all we have left for breakfast, other than some nearly stale bread that should be okay for toast, though."

Peter came out of the bathroom and joined them at the table. "Just toast for me please. Gonna make a herbal tea, anyone else want one?" The guys all shook their heads.

After the breakfast and washing up was done, Mike grabbed the keys to the Monkeemobile. "Hey, Pete, how about you coming and helping me get some groceries at the store, and we can call at the music shop on the way back—didn't you say you needed some guitar strings?"

"Sure Mike, why not."

"Davy, Micky, you two got any plans? Beach, maybe?"

Micky winked at Davy. "I've just thought of a brilliant plan. Davy, let me run it by you."

Micky waited until the guys were out of the front door then patted the couch for Davy to join him. "Davy, you up for plan Operation Blind Date?"

"What, we setting them up for a double date? And who with? Should I get my little black book?"

"No, you don't need that. Come on, we know Mike only has eyes  for one person these days… Has Pete ever hinted anything to you, you know private guy talk with your roommate?"

"He doesn't say much, but you know Peter. He seems to live by the ‘love everyone’ philosophy. He could be into guys… I don't seem to watch him as much as you seem to be observing Mike."

"Well, listen, li’l buddy, my plan is we both work on one of them each. I'll take Mike and you Peter, and we’ll pretend we're setting them up for separate dates with chicks, but we’ll send them both to the same place and see how it goes from there! What do you think? Life would be better round here with a happy Nez, right?"

"You really sure this'll work? I mean, one's stubborn and the other's too shy."

“Come on, short stuff. We just need to make up the perfect chick for each of them. How would you describe either of them as a potential date?”

“Oh I get you;hmm...tallish shy, mysterious blond, likes the strong silent type of guy, and a tall brunet, awkward with their feelings and into music, looking for a musician type." 

Micky winked at Davy. "That'll do for a start..."