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The Green-Eyed Monster

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Midoriya suspected he might have died in his sleep and that this was some kind of afterlife punishment. Or maybe he was still sleeping, and this was a weird nightmare. Though he'd woken up that morning in Bakugou's arms, to see the soft expression on his face as he slumbered, long, dark eyelashes resting on smooth skin – surely a nightmare wouldn't have spared him that moment of joy, wouldn't have let him smile and brush blond hair back from his face, giving him room to plant a little kiss on an unblemished forehead.

"Morning," he'd said softly, as Bakugou's eyelashes fluttered open. "It's nice being the right age, huh?"

"Mm," Bakugou yawned, rubbing at his eyes. "Morning."

Something about the gesture had just been too cute, he couldn't resist a sleepy Bakugou. He'd dove on the poor guy, hugging him tight and nuzzling in close, ignoring the pink flush that spread across his poor confused face.

It had been such a sweet, calm morning, full of casual little touches of affection and even the odd little kiss dropped on a cheek or head as they passed each other, getting ready for school. It was so damn peaceful and domestic, and Midoriya had never been happier.

Until, that is, he got to class and found Aizawa flashing a beaming smile at his classmates, talking excitedly as if it were his first day as a teacher and he was excited to be there, instead of being jaded and tir-


"I guess all that sleep did you good!" Midoriya smiled, when Aizawa greeted him brightly. "Are you feeling good today, Aizawa-sensei?"

"I am! I hear you took good care of me during the quirk effects, thank you very much, Midoriya!"

"Any time!"

Bakugou just scowled when Aizawa greeted him with the same enthusiasm, ignoring it as he stomped past to his desk. If Midoriya was considering the nightmare idea, Bakugou had to be dead certain of it. Aizawa's attitude was the only thing that kept him sane in class, considering the overenthusiasm some of their other teachers brought in every day.

"I thought since it's such a lovely day today, we could go have class outside!" Aizawa enthused, when the bell rang for homeroom to start. "Let's go find a nice spot in the sun to talk about today's heroics lesson! Bring your hats and your water bottles and let's go!"

"Kill me now," Bakugou muttered, rolling his eyes when Midoriya giggled at him. "I'm serious, it's not worth it."

"Let's sit together!" he grinned, stepping up to Bakugou's side and smiling at him warmly. "It'll be a nice break from the classroom!"

"God damn, not you as well."

A little shyly, Midoriya's hand rose, taking a tentative grip on Bakugou's sleeve. He couldn't bring himself to reach for the hand and interlace their fingers, not with everyone watching, but it was nice to be close, nice to hold on to him, all the same.

Bakugou let it happen without a glare or a scowl, almost as if it wasn't even happening, or maybe as if it was just normal and acceptable. He liked the second option better.

In a neat procession, they filed out through the halls, following Aizawa out to the playing fields where they held gym classes in the summer and watching him look around for a good place to sit.

"Under these trees!" he declared finally, waving toward a little patch of greenery that lined the fields, keeping prying eyes away beyond the fence. "It's lovely and warm here!"

"I bet I can make him break first," Kaminari said quietly, catching Midoriya's attention from behind. "I'll pull the best damn prank in the world and he'll just break."

"No way, dude," Ashido sniggered. "I can make him snap in half the time it takes you!"

"You guys are mean," Midoriya protested, knowing immediately that it would have no effect just from the smirks they gave him in return. "Can't you just let him be happy?"

"He's a teacher, Midoriya. They're not supposed to be happy."

"That's an awful thing to say!"

They shared another snicker between them, and with a long sigh, Midoriya gave up. He couldn't do anything to stop them, he would just have to keep an eye out and hopefully warn Aizawa before it happened, protect him from teenager-induced disasters.

Bakugou fell into the grass, and Midoriya quickly sat down beside him, grinning when Kirishima gave him a thumbs up. As embarrassing as it had been, listening to their friends tease and make jokes, it was kind of nice, too, to know they had support.

The peace, of course, didn't last.

They'd barely started their lesson when the sirens began, blaring from speakers throughout the school, and as they all grabbed their books and jumped to their feet, the calm voice spoke over the noise.

"A villain appears to have breached the campus, please begin lockdown procedures."

Aizawa visibly twitched, raising one hand to point to the nearest building, his voice a little lower in tone as he spoke.

"Find the nearest empty classroom and get inside in an orderly manner. Stay together, do not engage. Go."

Midoriya gripped Bakugou's sleeve again as they moved, keeping close to his side, but a familiar cackle halted him in his tracks.

"Foooouuund youuuuu," the voice sang, as Midoriya and Bakugou turned to look. "I have a new friend! Are you boys proud of me? He's a very good friend who is very happy that I keep making your lives difficult! His little league has done a great job of keeping me out of jail!"

Aizawa's eyes were on the man immediately, his goggles pulled up to cover his sightline, but when more commotion arose off to one side, Bakugou waved him away.

"This guy's quirk is fuckin' stupid anyway," Bakugou pointed out. "And he can't fight for shit. Go handle the other guy."


"I'm serious, Aizawa-sensei," he said firmly, not taking his eyes off the annoying older man, ready to turn them at a moment's notice. "Oi Deku, you go help him too, I'll take care of this loser myself."

Midoriya paused, but when Kaminari stepped up to Bakugou's side he felt a little more confident in leaving him, turning instead to where Aizawa was still dithering over the figure strolling through a hole in the fence, where Kirishima was stretching lightly to provide back up.

"Take care of me, Deku," Bakugou said quietly. "I know you will."

"Kick his ass, Kacchan."

Midoriya disappeared with the others, and Bakugou shot a smirk at Kaminari beside him, sparks already dancing on his fingertips. They didn't get to fight together often, but it was usually a fun one when they did – Of all his friends, Kaminari's quirk was the most similar to his. Ashido's came out through a similar method, sure, and yeah, Kirishima's was the best suited to fighting against him, but Kaminari's bolts of electricity firing across a room, trapping someone in place, helpless to overcome his sheer volume, was so damn close to the way Bakugou liked to use his explosions.

"Ready to kick this guy's ass?" Bakugou asked, flashing a sharp-toothed smile.

"Hell yeah I am."

The man panicked the moment they began to move, trying to decide which way to aim his quirk first. He settled on Bakugou, knowing his firepower, but was immediately thwarted by a burst of explosions that sent him soaring into the air. Whipping around, he tried to focus on Kaminari instead, but the dust and smoke kicked up by Bakugou, along with the bright sparks making him squint, made it too hard to pick him out and concentrate.

Realising his predicament, he looked around again, searching for a league member to bail him out, and finding two young heroes fighting against his escape route. With a grin he began to run, heading toward them, and Bakugou realised their mistake too late.

"DEKU!" he screamed, his voice barely audible above the commotion still raging on. "FUCKING MOVE!"

Midoriya turned just in time, eyes growing wide as the self-satisfied gaze honed in on him, a familiar chill flooding through his body like ice running through his veins, and then his vision went black.



"You awake, Deku?"

Big, green eyes fluttered open, peering up in alarm and confusion when he found his head in a warm lap. The face above him was familiar, but not quite right, like...

"K-Kacchan?" he squeaked.

"Hey, little nerd," Bakugou smirked. "Wanna tell me what you remember?"

He hummed to himself as he contemplated, looking down at the too-big shirt draped across his body.

"Kacchan is big," he said quietly. "He's best friends with All Might."

"Uh-huh. And?"

"And... He let me wear his mask. You're the real Kacchan, right? My Kacchan?"


"You're so big."

"Yeah," Bakugou smirked. "And you're so little, pipsqueak."

Midoriya pouted indignantly, and Bakugou lifted him up to settle in his lap properly. He only had his uniform shirt wrapped around him, more like a dress on him in the moment, but he was more concerned by the second person nearby, about his age, dark hair stark against a white shirt as he snoozed on Bakugou's side.

"Who's that, Kacchan?"

"This is Kirishima. He's our friend when you're big, but he got turned little too."

"How come he gets to sleep on Kacchan?" Midoriya grumbled, wriggling his way around to face Bakugou, fingers tangling in his shirt.

"You got to sleep on me too."

"I'm your wife, only I get to sleep on you."

"Someone is a little possessive today," Bakugou smirked, picking him up easily and watching him squirm. "You're not my wife yet, it depends how good you can be."

"You're being mean!"

"And you're being a brat who won't share."

"I'm nooooot!"

"Prove it."

Midoriya was never one to back away from a challenge – not when it was issued by his Kacchan, at least. The moment Bakugou set him down, he climbed out of his lap, bending down to tug at Kirishima's sleeve lightly.

"Wakey wakey!" he smiled brightly, when the eyes blinked open. "My name is Izuku! Do you wanna be my friend?"

Kirishima nodded faintly, taking a moment to find the presence of mind to sit up and look around.

"Where are we?" he asked nervously. "D-Do you know?"

"Mm... U.A. I think!" he glanced up at Bakugou for confirmation, getting a little nod. "Usually we're big and we go to school here! But right now we got turned little again. I've done it before, so I can help! And Kacchan always takes good care of me!"


"Bakugou Katsuki," he introduced himself, waving when Kirishima looked up at him in awe. "You usually call me Bakugou, but anything is fine. You feel okay?"

Kirishima nodded, watching as Bakugou shifted to push himself up, towering above the pair when he stood and stretched. Aizawa had finally finished handing over the villain and giving a report to the police, so soon he was heading toward them, watching as Kirishima cowered behind Bakugou and Midoriya clutched at a pant leg.

"Ai-sensei?" he asked, face screwed up as he concentrated. "Is that right?"

"Close enough," Aizawa nodded. "Good job. You okay back there, Kirishima?"

The little head bobbed, barely peeking out, and Bakugou sighed as he ruffled Midoriya's hair.

"I'll take care of them," he assured Aizawa. "It'll be fine."

"You're volunteering?" Aizawa couldn't keep the disbelief out of his tone, and it made Bakugou snort a little as he held back a laugh. "That's... Good of you, Bakugou."

"Well this piece of shit is gonna scream if I leave him," Bakugou pointed out, pushing down a little harder on Midoriya's head and making him whine. "Plus I should have seen it coming. It's, um... my fault."

"That's big of you," Aizawa nodded, with a hint of praise in his tone. "But it isn't your fault. We all made mistakes."

"Yeah, well, I feel like an idiot, so I'm gonna make up for it. I'll take good care of the little dorks."

"I'm not," Midoriya whined, tugging at his pants pointedly. "Not a dork!"

"Biggest little dork ever," Bakugou smirked. "Can I pick you up now?"


"Because you're sulking or because you don't want me to touch?"

Midoriya puffed his cheeks out stubbornly, and Bakugou raised an eyebrow at him.

"Need an answer, Deku. Need to know if I can carry you without upsetting you."

"You can," he mumbled, looking away. "Kacchan always can."

"Okay dork, up you come then."

"Not dork!"

Bakugou grinned at his little pout, and finally Midoriya caved, burying his face in Bakugou's side.

"How about you, Kirishima? Can I pick you up?"

The little boy nodded, and Bakugou easily scooped him up, watching wide eyes shine up at him.

"Strong," he murmured, his voice laced with awe.

"Hmm? For lifting you? Nuh-uh, you're little."

"He is, though," Midoriya interjected, poking his head out to look at Kirishima on Bakugou's other hip. "Kacchan is the biggest and the strongest and the best."

"Thanks, kid," Bakugou smirked. "Shall we head back to the dorms?"

"Mm..." Midoriya screwed up his face, concentrating hard. "I had an All Might room."

"Yeah, you still do. You can sleep there."

"Wanna sleep with Kacchan."

"Can't have both, gotta pick one."

"Kacchan won't sleep in my room?"


Midoriya pouted, hiding his face again as he nodded.

"I can play in there and sleep with Kacchan," he murmured. "I'll just bring my favourite one with me."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Eiji too?" Kirishima asked quietly. "Wanna stay with Baku and Izu."

"Yeah, you can stay too."

Midoriya pouted again at that, but Bakugou chose to ignore it as he walked them back up to the dorms. The school was still on edge, students making their way back to their rooms in packs rather than be alone, but Bakugou knew the worst of it was over for the time being. The asshole had disappeared the moment they were distracted by the kids, dragged off by some other villain, so he had no doubt he would resurface – but for the moment? All he had to worry about was school and a couple of dumb toddlers.

By the time they made it back, the class had already heard the news, relayed by an excited Kaminari who had been sent ahead to check on the others. By the time he made it inside, the entire group was gathered except for a suspiciously absent Todoroki, who Bakugou suspected feared the screaming.

"Do you remember these guys, Deku?"

"Mm... A little," Midoriya nodded, huddling closer but pointing at the group all the same. "Makes me float, plays villains with me, makes nice clothes."

"Good job, nerd. You know their quirks better than I do."

A few pairs of eyes rolled at him, but Yaoyorozu just stepped forward with a smile, holding out a little pile of clothes.

"You have a good memory," she praised. "I made you some, since we heard you were coming. Most of your stuff is still in your room I think, I'm sure Bakugou can help you find it, but I made you something new, too."

Bakugou set both the boys down on the floor, and Midoriya accepted his little black pile, watching as she handed a second set to Kirishima – deep red in colour.

Midoriya squealed the moment he unfolded the shirt, clutching it to his chest and babbling excitedly, stomping his little feet in his attempt to find a way to express himself. Bakugou raised an eyebrow, and he simply held it up in response, bouncing and beaming as he showed it off.

"Now we can match," Bakugou smirked. "You need a hand?"

Midoriya nodded, and Bakugou held out a tiny pair of underwear, letting Midoriya step into them and haul them on. The pants were next, baggy and dark but with elastic in the waistband to keep them up, and finally he stripped the giant school-shirt off over green curls, replacing it with the new t-shirt, a big orange cross over his chest.

"I'm Lord Esplosion Murda!" he declared, throwing his arms in the air. "Yaaaay!"

"You're very cute," Bakugou assured him, petting his head before he turned toward Kirishima, watching as he managed to hike his underwear up. "Here, let me help."

He picked up the dark sweatpants and helped Kirishima step into them, making sure he was decent before he took away another school shirt and handed over ruby-red. There was another piece of material in the pile too, and Bakugou couldn't help but snort when he picked it up, sweeping the big collar and tattered edges around Kirishima's shoulders.

"There, you look just like Crimson Riot," he said knowingly. "Comfy?"

"Do I really?!" Kirishima lit up, playing with his cape. "He's the best!"

"Yeah, you do. Say thank you for the clothes."

Kirishima turned, bowing low, and Yaoyorozu smiled at him fondly.

"Thank you so much for my clothes! I'm really happy!"

"I'm glad you like them! I made you a uniform too, for school tomorrow. You can take it with you when you go to bed."

"Thank you!"

Bakugou turned to look at Midoriya pointedly, surprised to see him pouting again, this time with a hint of sadness in his emerald eyes.

"Got something to say?"

He nodded, contemplating before he looked up at Yaoyorozu.

"I'm sowwy, can you teach me your name again?"

"My last name is a bit tricky, isn't it?" she smiled. "It's Yaoyorozu Momo. How about you just call me Momo?"

"Okay! Thank you Momo-san, I like my Kacchan shirt lots. It's my new favourite, even more than my All Might shirts."

"I'm glad you like it!"

To Bakugou's surprise, the little nerd didn't run back to his side the minute he'd said it. He kept a little distance between them, and Bakugou wondered if the personal space rule suddenly applied to him, too, rather than just strangers. He didn't seem anxious, like he usually did when he shied away, but still there was a strange timidness in his face that almost – dare he say it – made him want to give the kid a hug.

"You hungry, Deku?"

He nodded faintly, and Bakugou offered him a hand, surprised when he didn't take it right away.

"Let's go find you some food. I think I have pork, you want tonkatsu?"

Midoriya nodded, but still didn't accept the hand, and Bakugou was almost a little offended by it. He followed though, when Bakugou moved, Kirishima on his other side, and dragged a chair out so he could sit and watch his Kacchan cook. Kirishima chattered away, doing his best to be helpful as he admired the way Bakugou worked, full of a quiet confidence as he stirred and flipped and fried. Midoriya, though, sat oddly quietly, fidgetting with his shirt as he waited.

"Whats going on?" Bakugou asked, when Kirishima excused himself to the bathroom. "Are you sulking at me again?"

Midoriya shook his head, and Bakugou crouched down in front of him, gently brushing messy hair back from his eyes.

"I'm sorry if I upset you, Deku. Can you tell me what I did wrong?"

He shook his head again, eyes shining with tears as they darted toward the hallway.

"Because of Kirishima?"

A nod this time, and Bakugou frowned slightly.

"Are you being jealous? Because I'm looking after Kirishima too?"

Midoriya didn't answer, and Bakugou knew he'd hit the nail on the head, snorting as he pulled Midoriya into a hug.

"You're an idiot," he said fondly. "Kirishima is just a friend, okay? We've even had this argument before. When we're big, he's my best friend, but you're my wife which is way better."

"He likes you," Midoriya grumbled, snuggling into Bakugou's chest.

"He doesn't, I promise."

"Maybe big Eiji doesn't, but little Eiji does."

"What makes you say that?"

"He says you're manly and strong and he likes that."

Bakugou snorted, but continued hugging the little idiot, digging his phone from his pocket and tapping out a quick text to Kaminari.

"We'll talk later, okay? Properly, I promise. I have something for you, but it has to wait until just before bed. Can you wait that long?"

Midoriya nodded, and Bakugou gently pulled him off, meeting the damp green eyes.

"Can I have a smile?" he requested. "I don't like seeing you sad."

Midoriya managed a wobbly little one, and Bakugou smiled, planting a kiss on his forehead.

"Good job, thank you."

When Kirishima returned, Bakugou started to understand Midoriya's complaints. Kirishima followed him around like a puppy, wide eyed and beaming, constantly hanging off his arm or tugging at him for attention. For the first time in a while, he was torn. He didn't want to reject little Kirishima and make him sad, but at the same time, Midoriya was his boyfriend, even if he was temporarily out of service. He couldn't help but want to give him everything he desired, maybe even more so in his cute little toddler package.

By the time they headed for bed, Bakugou was exhausted. He hoped Midoriya didn't want to have kids, because he could not handle beng a father.

Kaminari knocked on the door as he was helping the boys change, and he was relieved to see the little plastic bag in his hand when he pulled the door open.

"Hey Kirishima?" Bakugou called, watching the dark-haired head pop out of his pyjama shirt. "This is Kaminari, he's your best friend when you're big. He's gonna take you to your room and get your toothbrush and things."

"Hey!" Kaminari grinned, bending down to meet his eyes. "I know you don't remember me, but I have the key for your room and I know where to find all your stuff, so let's go take a look, okay? Then we'll come back here for the night!"

Kirishima nodded, glancing back at Bakugou one last time and returning his wave before the door closed between them.

"Hey, Deku, c'mere a sec."

Midoriya crawled over to him, his fluffy All Might onesie already zipped up to keep him warm, and Bakugou dug through the little bag of possessions retrieved from the incident.

"I got you this a little while ago, but I know you don't remember that right now, so I'll tell you again, okay?"

Midoriya nodded, staring intently into Bakugou's eyes, determined to make the most of his undivided attention.

"We've been through a lot, all our lives, but we've always been through it together and I never ever want that to change. I'm not very good at saying stuff, when you're big, like telling you how much I love you. It's easier like this, so maybe it's good that this happened to us? But since I'm bad at saying it, I got you a present to remind you instead. This is it."

He carefully placed the ring in Midoriya's palm, watching him tear up as he inspected it.

"It's so shiny," he praised. "What does it say, Kacchan? Can you read it to me?"

"It says 'My Wife'," Bakugou smiled. "Cos you're gonna be, one day, right?"


"But I'm a hero," he continued. "I've gotta take care of other people, too. And so do you. So we're gonna be nice and we're gonna look after Kirishima too, even if you don't like that he has a crush on me, because that's what heroes do."

Midoriya nodded, turning the ring around and around in his hand, pouting a little when it fell off his finger. Bakugou reached into his bedside drawer, digging until he found the string leftover from some package or other that he'd received, and he gestured for the ring back.

Midoriya watched as Bakugou tied it in the middle of the string, securing the rest into a loop and slipping it over his head.

"There, now you'll never forget," Bakugou smiled softly. "You're gonna be nice, right?"


"And you're gonna be a good hero and help everyone who needs it, even if you don't feel like it?"

"The best hero," Midoriya grinned. "Even better than Lord Esplosion Murda!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah! Even better than All Might!"

"I'm pretty sure Lord Explosion Murder is better than All Might already."

Midoriya paused, his facing screwing up as he considered it, and Bakugou couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Careful Deku, you're gonna make your brain hurt if you think that hard."

The door swung open again, Kirishima returning with an armful of blankets and trinkets, while Kaminari dragged his mattress in behind him. Just like with Aizawa and All Might, the boys took one end of the mattress each, letting Bakugou tuck them in with their blankets and toys, yawning despite their previous protests that they weren't tired yet.

"Goodnight, you two," Bakugou smiled, getting a smirk from Kaminari for his softness.

"Get some rest," Kaminari added quickly, before Bakugou could yell at him. "Big day of school tomorrow, gotta get up early."

They were both out within minutes, and Bakugou stepped out to the hallway as Kaminari took his leave, muttering an awkward thank you.

"It's fine, dude. You're kinda cute, you know?"

"Shut the hell up."

"In a good way! Like, even though he's just a little kid and isn't gonna remember it, you still go out of your way to make him happy! I guess I never realised how stupidly in love you are."

"Shut up," Bakugou growled again, folding his arms stubbornly as his cheeks burned red. "He's a kid."

"Whatever, dude," Kaminari chuckled. "I'll come by in the morning in case you need help. Have a good night, call me if you need anything."

"Y-Yeah. Um, thanks."

He returned to his bedroom, sitting down on the edge of his mattress to contemplate the two kids before him. Kirishima sprawled across his temporary bed, already drooling on his pillow, but Izuku curled up in a little ball with his blankets hugged close, tears still staining his cheeks. He felt a little guilty – he'd let Izuku sleep with him last time, after all – but even at just a few years old, he seemed to understand that it wouldn't be fair.

"Goodnight," Bakugou murmured again, as he switched the light out. "Sweet dreams, you idiots."



Bakugou woke up with two lumps in his bed, one on either side, and it took him a moment to remember. On one side, fluffy green curls tickled his cheek, his arm numb where the little body sprawled on top of him. On the other, a slightly more timid figure, one thumb in his mouth, the other arm curled around Bakugou's, snuggled in tight.

"Damn idiots," he huffed. "What happened to your own bed?"

Midoriya yawned, cracking his eyes open and smiling sweetly when he saw Bakugou beneath him. He rolled over to lay himself on Bakugou's chest, head nestled between his shoulder and his cheek, and carefully Bakugou lifted his arm – now flooding with pins and needles – to drape across his back.

"Morning, Deku," he murmured. "You sleep okay?"

"I was cold and lonely," he pouted. "So I came to sleep with Kacchan."

"What about you, hmm?" he asked, shaking Kirishima gently as he blinked his eyes open. "What's your excuse?"

"Izu got cuddles so I wanted cuddles too."


Midoriya pouted, one little hand roaming to the string still hanging around his neck, the shiny silver ring warm against his skin. Bakugou tensed as he waited for the complaints to start, waited for the jealous tantrum, but Midoriya kept his mouth firmly shut and Bakugou was oddly proud of the kid.

"So, today," he yawned, freeing his arm to turn off the alarm right as it blared, then giving it back to Kirishima to hold. "We've gotta go to school. So we gotta get ready."

"Is Kacchan gonna make breakfast?"

"Uh-huh. But you two gotta use the bathroom and get yourselves dressed in those uniforms over there first. Can you do that all by yourselves?"

Midoriya nodded, levering himself up off Bakugou's chest and carefully crawling over them to the floor.

"Gonna go pee and put clothes on, Kacchan."

"Good boy, Deku."

Kirishima sat up reluctantly, with him gone, pulling his thumb out of his mouth and staring at Bakugou with tired eyes.

"Didn't sleep so good?" Bakugou asked, sitting up to look at him. "Something wrong?"

"Izu remembers things and I don't," he pouted. "Why don't I remember you too?"

"You remember we said you're normally big like me?" Bakugou waited for the little nod before he continued. "Deku has been small again before, so he doesn't remember things from being big, but he remembers things from when he was small before. Also he was my best friend when we were small for real, so he remembers me because of that."

"I wanna remember too."

"You will soon, I promise. Just a day or two, and you'll remember everything again."

"Mmkay. And Baku is gonna stay with me?"

"Yeah, I won't let you be scared, you just stick with me and Deku and we'll take good care of you."

Kirishima smiled widely at him, and Bakugou ruffled his messy hair, nudging him toward the edge of the bed when he heard the toilet flush.

"Go on, get ready for school, I'll be right here."


With all the smooth sailing they'd had so far, Bakugou thought maybe it was going to be easy for once. No tiny All Might getting himself in trouble, no little Bakugou scheming and being stubborn, and especially no Midoriya tantrums.

His hopes were dashed the moment they got to the school building, a couple of General Studies assholes ruining it for everyone.

"Aww, look, Midoriya is little again!" they cooed, ruffling his hair. "Aren't you cute!"

Midoriya opened his mouth before Bakugou could say a word, letting out a piercing shriek that seemed to rock the very foundations of the building.

"Oh, shit, right! I'm so sorry, Midoriya! I forgot!"

Kirishima huddled behind Bakugou's legs, eyes wide and hands trembling, and Bakugou struggled to move, forced to drag him along behind as he moved to crouch in front of Midoriya's bawling eyes and the scream that made him cringe.

"Deeeekuuuuu," he sang, holding out a hand. "You're gonna be good for me, aren't you? You promised."

"Kacchaaaaaaan," he wailed. "No liiiike iiiiiit!"

"I know, I know. It's over now, they won't do it again – they even said sorry! It's good when people say sorry, isn't it?"

His yells quieted to a long whine, his little head bobbing in a nod, but still his face remained scrunched up and pouring tears.

"You want a hug, Deku?"

He shook his head, and for a moment Bakugou was almost offended, blinking at him in surprise.

"Okay, no hugs. Want to hold my hand?"

Midoriya paused, then finally nodded, scrubbing his eyes on his sleeve and clinging tightly to the offered arm. Within seconds he was cuddled into Bakugou's side, despite his original refusal, and Bakugou paused as he stroked green curls lightly.

"You want a hug now?"

The faintest of nods, and Bakugou snorted, winding an arm around him and stroking his back lightly.

"M'sowwy Kacchan," he mumbled, burying his face in Bakugou's pants. "Want to be a big boy for you."

"Haaah? You think big boys don't get hugs?"

Midoriya nodded, and Bakugou growled as he snatched him up, holding the tiny figure tight against his chest.

"What about me, haah? I'm not allowed hugs 'cos I'm too old?"

"I'll give Kacchan hugs."

"Damn right you will. Who the hell told you that big boys don't get hugs? I'll kick their ass."

"Bad words, Kacchan."

"Damn right I'm using bad words, who's teaching you this bullshit?"

"No one."

"You just made it up yourself?"

"I never see big people hug," he pouted. "I wanna be big too so Kacchan will be happy."

"Oi," he growled. "Don't you go deciding what will make me happy, you hear me? What makes me happy is when you're happy, so you do whatever the hell you want."

"Mmkay," he murmured, jumping when the bell rang above them. "M'sowwy Kacchan."

"It's okay, you don't need to be sorry. I think you scared Kirishima a little, though. You okay down there?"

Kirishima nodded, still shivering a little, and Midoriya slid to the floor with a quick sniff and a wipe of his eyes.

"M'sowwy Eiji," he said softly, holding out his arms. "I didn't mean to make you upset. Hug?"

A hall full of classmates hurrying to their rooms suddenly fell still, watching as Midoriya willingly wound his arms around the tiny Kirishima, without a scream or a yell – in fact, when they broke apart again, he had a smile on his face. Bakugou swelled with pride, watching as Midoriya took Kirishima by the hand and reached for Bakugou with the other.

"We're gonna be late for school!" he insisted. "Let's go, Kacchan!"

"Yeah, let's go."



"You've been so good today," Bakugou praised, when Midoriya climbed into his lap. "I'm proud of you."

"Wanna make Kacchan happy."

"I am. You do."

Uraraka and Iida had tried to help him out, had tried to take Midoriya off his hands even for five minutes, but Midoriya had been clinger than ever. Despite his apparent Kacchan-magnet, though, he'd never once whined about being set down, never screamed about people trying to take him away, never even pouted when Bakugou left him outside the toilet door.

Kirishima had taken a shine to Kaminari and Ashido, much to Bakugou's relief, and had even elected to eat his lunch with them without prompting. Midoriya had never seemed happier than the moment when Kirishima, with his big – but still nervous – smile, had accepted their invitation to come have lunch with them.

He still stuck to Bakugou's side during class, still whined when Bakugou had to move or leave, but for those few minutes while they ate, Midoriya got his Kacchan all to himself.

"Ahhhh!" Midoriya opened his mouth wide, and Bakugou snorted at him. "Kacchan, share!"

"I made you your own damn lunch," he protested, shoving the little container at him. "My cooking isn't good enough for you?"

"It's super good!" Midoriya assured him. "But I wanna share too!"

"You're an idiot," Bakugou said fondly, tossing a piece of omelette into his mouth all the same. "Eat your own meatballs and rice."


Still perched happily in Bakugou's lap, he picked up his chopsticks and set to work, spilling rice all over the desk as he attempted to shove it in his mouth. Bakugou huffed when he saw the mess, but to everyone's surprise, he didn't complain. He just waited until the kid was finished, then handed him the lunchbox pointedly, watching as Midoriya carefully swept all his scraps into it and toddled off to pour them into the bin.

"Good boy," Bakugou praised, when Midoriya picked up one of Bakugou's wet wipes and cleaned off the desktop. "I've taught you well."

"Mm-hm!" he grinned, throwing his arms around Bakugou's neck for hugs. "Kacchan likes clean!"

"Uh-huh, I do. Good job."

Midoriya's eagerness continued into cleaning the classroom, running around with a spray bottle and a cloth in hand to wipe whatever smudges his classmates called him for. Kirishima returned to clinging to Bakugou's leg, scuttling along as he stacked desks and chairs out of the way, but inexplicably Midoriya didn't try to join him or make him stop, he just kept cleaning and smiling, preening every time one of his classmates said "thank you".

When they finished up and headed outside for P.E. he finally returned, holding his hand up and jutting his lower lip out as he waited. With a little scoff, Bakugou accepted, linking them together as they walked the halls.

"I did good cleaning, Kacchan!" he beamed. "Everything is shiny and nice!"

"Yeah, you did good, kid. Well done."

Once more, Bakugou began to get complacent. The little nerd wasn't so bad – he was pretty good at following directions, and he liked to be helpful, which was always a bonus. Apparently the third time was the charm, when it came to age regression.

Until, of course, he met All Might.

"Kacchaaaaaan!" he sobbed, immediately burying his face in Bakugou's leg. "It's All Might, Kacchan! He's here!"

Bakugou could hear giggles spreading through the class as they emerged from the changing rooms, but he just sighed, scooping Midoriya up onto his hip and holding him close.

"You've met him before, dummy. Don't you remember?"

"I doooooo," he whined. "But it's All Might, Kacchan."

All Might laughed when he heard it, marching over and bending down to meet the teary green eyes. He raised one hand in a little wave, and nervously Midoriya waved back.

"It's good to see you again, my boy! Have you had a good day at school?"

Midoriya nodded, sniffling as he wiped his eyes, lower lip trembling.

"I did cleaning," he mumbled, leaning in tighter against Bakugou's side. "I cleaned all the desks."

"What a good boy you are, Young Bakugou must be very proud of you."

Midoriya nodded, still pouting a little, and Bakugou snorted as he tried to hold back a laugh.

"Why are we so grumpy, then?" he asked, shaking the little lump lightly. "You should be happy that you get to see All Might, shouldn't you?"

"But last time I saw All Might, Kacchan went away."

"Haaah? Is that why you're sulking? Idiot, you got to see me fight when I went away, wasn't that your favourite bit?"

"Nooooo! My favourite bit was the cuddles!"

Midoriya's eyes widened when his classmates all laughed at him, Bakugou's cheeks tinting pink, but he nodded faintly all the same.

"Alright, well if you stop pouting and keep being good, you can have cuddles again later."


"Now with some enthusiasm."

Midoriya blinked at him, and he shook his head, sighing.

"Never mind. Look, we're in a big open space today, so I don't think I have to go away this time. You and Kirishima can sit here and watch from right beside me."


"We promise," All Might spoke up, when Bakugou glanced at him. "We're staying out here today."

Midoriya nodded, wiping away the last of his tears, and when All Might stood up he watched in awe, looking up at the body that towered over him and Bakugou both. Kirishima joined them as they selected a spot in the trees to sit, leaning over to whisper in Midoriya's ear when they were settled in.

"That's All Might!" Midoriya beamed. "He's the best hero in the world! Well, except for Kacchan."

"Nuh-uh! Crimson Riot is the best!"

"Nooo! All Might is number one on the chart!"

"Alright, alright," Bakugou cut him off sternly. "We're allowed to have different favourites, we don't need to argue about it."

"Sowwy," Midoriya pouted. "I won't."

"Good boy."

With one hand on green curls, the other on silky black, he ruffled until they whined, then grinned at their little pouts.

"Be good to each other," he said firmly. "And cheer me on."

"I will!" Midoriya beamed, his pout immediately forgotten.

"Me too!" Kirishima nodded. "I'll cheer!"

Bakugou returned to the class as All Might split them into teams, explaining some hostage-rescue scenario he'd come up with, their hostages played by two of the dummies they used for CPR training. He cackled when Kaminari quietly suggested using the toddlers, watching as the other team shook their heads stubbornly.

"Midoriya would just scream when we tried to rescue him!" they complained. "And Kirishima would run clear across the field to Bakugou's side!"

"The dummies are fine," All Might said firmly. "Let's not endanger the children just yet."

"Yet?" Bakugou snorted. "You planning to put them to work later?"

"Well I might have to, if this keeps happening," All Might laughed. "This is rapidly becoming a permanent fixture of our school."

When they set to work on the task, Bakugou could almost put the thoughts aside, could almost pretend everything was normal. If it had been anyone else in the class, he wouldn't have even noticed they were gone, but there was something strangely out-of-place about looking over his classmates and not seeing that mop of green curls or mound of red spikes.

When he paused for water, he felt a tug at his pant leg, looking down to see a nervous Kirishima hanging off of him, eyes watering as he held on tight.

"What's wrong?" Bakugou asked knowingly. "Did you and Deku fight over heroes again?"

Kirishima shook his head, pointing to where Midoriya was staring at the hole in the wall, his head tilted to one side as if he were fascinated by what he could see beyond.

"Deku?" he called. "What are you doing?"

A tiny hand rose, pointing out through the hole, and when his head turned his face was full of fear.

"Kacchan?" he asked, taking a step back toward his classmates. "Do you know them?"

Bakugou felt like they were surrounded in an instant, a wide array of faces shrouded in black masks pouring into the area. He tried to move, tried to get to Midoriya, but two men quickly blocked his path, and instead he was forced to raise sweaty hands at them.

Kirishima still clung to him like his life depended on it, but now there were little squeaks coming from his lips as he tried to stifle his tears and squeals. Bakugou could barely move, with the kid weighing him down, and with no knowledge of the quirks facing him, he wasn't entirely sure how he could take on two of them with the handicap.

"Eiji!" Midoriya called, darting through legs and weaving around bodies that seemed surprised to see him – a few made swipes as he passed, but Midoriya was quick, even as a child. "Eiji, come!"

He snatched Kirishima's hands, dragging him off Bakugou's leg, but Bakugou could have sworn he never stopped running for a moment. With Kirishima crying behind him, feet struggling to keep up, he ran toward the classrooms.

Bakugou prepared to move, when he saw the man step out in front of them, ready to launch himself with every ounce of explosive he had ready, but then Midoriya's arms were wrapping around Kirishima, covering his ears, and that damn little mouth was opening wide.

When his scream rang through the school, every window filled with faces. Students turned to look, leaping out of their chairs; teachers opened their office doors, peering out into the school grounds; and in moments, a pair of strong arms was picking them both up, dragging them into a building, while students and teachers alike flooded outside.

Midoriya scrambled to a window the moment he was set down, acknowledging quietly to himself that the person who took him must have been a hero not a villain, searching for the right window to watch his Kacchan fight. It took him a minute to find it, only the smoke of distant explosions tipping him off, but the moment he found the right place his face was glued to the window, hot breath fogging up the glass as he watched.

Someone else was fighting beside him, someone he vaguely recognised but wasn't sure he'd ever really spoken to, but when he saw flames whirl from the young man's hand he was sold. Back to back, the pair fought, keeping each other safe in the process, and Midoriya's heart pounded extra hard every time one of them landed a hit or successfully dodged a projectile.

When ice erupted around them, Midoriya squeaked with fear, but then Bakugou's partner was moving his hands again, and Midoriya watched in awe as the ice went with him. He had two quirks? That wasn't fair, Midoriya didn't even have one.


He tore his eyes away for a moment to look at his hand, recalling a vague memory of green lightning buzzing around his arm when he punched someone, last time he was small. That had been him. So somehow he had a quirk after all?

He shoved the thought aside to ask Bakugou later, turning his attention back to where the fight was raging. His fingers twitched, looking around the room, and finally darting over to a corner where a recycling bin sat. The giant teacher frowned at him when he reached into it, and he bit back a yelp, doing his best to hold back his tears as he stuttered.

"I- I- I j-just-" he sniffed hard, scrubbing at his eyes stubbornly. "W-wanted to w-write it d-d-down."

To his surprise, the man reached under his desk and pulled out a few sheets of clean, white paper, offering them to him with a pencil.

"F-For me?"

"Go for it, kid."

He smiled, stumbling out a quick "thank you" before he scrambled back to his perch, muttering under his breath as he scribbled notes on every detail of the new quirk before him – the two quirks, really. One in each hand, it seemed. Did other people have quirks like that? How did it happen? Was it his Mommy's and his Daddy's quirks on each side, or something new?

He was still scrawling when the door opened, leaping to his feet ready to fight just like his Kacchan, only to see a familiar red-and-white head in the doorway. The man seemed equally surprised to see Midoriya, taking a second to look around and piece things together before he gestured toward the teacher.

"Sensei, bandage?"

He picked up a first aid kit immediately, handing it over, and Midoriya watched as the young hero sat down to bandage a wound on his arm. He crawled closer when he saw the man struggle, reaching out nervously to hold the end in place, and getting a grateful little nod as he began winding it around and around.

When the bleeding was halted, and the commotion outside seemed to have fallen calm, Midoriya held up his little sheets of indecipherable words and symbols.

"C-Can I ask a question?"

"Uh, yeah, sure."

"W-What's your n-name?"

"Oh. Uh, Todoroki Shouto. My hero name is just Shouto."

Midoriya nodded emphatically, noting it at the top of his page in his best handwriting, and Todoroki was surprised to see he'd actually gotten the characters correct.

"I was w-watching you f-fight," he explained, cheeks burning as he glanced back again. "Um, Eiji is still kind of scared, I p-probably should have taken care of him, but you were so cool."

"Thank you," Todoroki laughed, surprisingly sweetly. "Did you have more questions?"

"Can I?"

"As many as you want, as long as you don't scream."

Midoriya tilted his head to one side, considering the words, and Todoroki raised an eyebrow at him.

"Did I scream at you b-before?"

"Mm... Yeah. It's okay, though, I get it. You didn't know who I was."

"I won't do it again!" Midoriya promised. "It was just because I didn't know you! And, um, you probably touched me? I'm sowwy, I don't like touching."

"It's okay. I'm sorry for touching you without asking, back then."

"That's okay! I'm sure you were being helpful!"

He looked down at his papers again, turning to his long list of questions, then looking up at Shouto's mismatched eyes.

"Um, do you look like your Mommy or your Daddy?"

Todoroki choked on a laugh, clapping an arm over his mouth to hide it, but nodded when he saw the face staring up at him in earnest.

"You wanna hear a story?"



When Bakugou finally caught up, limping through the classroom door, he was oddly disappointed to find that the bright green eyes didn't even look up. He'd come to take Midoriya's worship for granted, and now that he had to do without, it felt oddly lonely.

Instead, the shining eyes remained locked on a mess of papers, each covered with unintelligible notes scrawled by his tiny hand, occasionally sparing a glance for Todoroki in front of him as he answered enthusiastic and weirdly specific questions.

"If you got thirsty could you make water with both hands together and then drink it or would you still be thirsty 'cause it came from you?"

"That's, uh... You know what, I have no idea. Next time I'm thirsty I'll try it out for you."

Midoriya nodded firmly, as if he'd just answered the most important question in the world, and with his tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth he scribbled something down.

"Baku, what happened to your face?" Kirishima asked nervously, tugging at his leg. "Are you okay?"

Midoriya's head popped up at the same time as Bakugou's, and Bakugou grimaced as he touched it lightly.

"Does it look bad? Recovery Girl was super busy, I didn't think it needed urgent attention."

"Kacchan!" Midoriya bleated, immediately abandoning his notes in favour of scrambling to his feet.

"Hey, Deku. You okay?"

Midoriya burst into tears when he saw the burn down the side of Bakugou's face, puffy and blistered, but nothing on the injuries he'd had in the past from making stupid mistakes against Ashido or Todoroki. Even when Bakugou laughed at him, or tried to reassure him, the tears still came, and eventually Bakugou scooped him up into a hug.

"It's been a long day, huh? You did so good out there, you were a real hero."

Kirishima nodded, reaching up and patting Midoriya on the back clumsily.

"Izu was my hero!" he fawned. "Did so good!"

Midoriya sniffed hard, burying his face in Bakugou's neck before he nodded faintly.

"Wanted to help Kacchan," he mumbled. "Gotta be a big boy for Kacchan."

"You were amazing," Bakugou assured him. "The biggest and best boy ever."

Spluttering sobs continued to fight their way out of his tiny form, and Bakugou smiled faintly as he rubbed slowly up and down the little spine.

"I'm gonna take this one to bed," he said finally, shooting a glance at the supervising teachers. "Um, thanks, for dragging them to safety and everything."

"Get some rest, Bakugou. And do something about that burn."

"I will."

He freed up a hand to reach for Kirishima's, leading the way out the door and heading past the clean-up crew as they made their way toward the dorms. Kirishima couldn't stop staring at the mess, the aftermath of various quirks going crazy, and he shuddered a little when he saw the scorched-black earth where Bakugou and Todoroki had teamed up.

"I'm glad you're safe," Kirishima whispered. "I'm sorry I couldn't help."

"Haaaah? You're a kid you're not supposed to help."

"But Big-Eiji would've helped," he pouted, and Bakugou's eyes widened. "I got turned little and I got in the way."

"You weren't in the way," Bakugou assured him. "You went with Deku like a good boy and stayed safe with the teachers, that was exactly the right thing to do."


"No buts. A lot of sh- stuff happens to us, as heroes. Sometimes we're sick, or injured, or hit by a quirk like this one, and then we can't fight. It's not just you, and it won't be the last time. That's why we have so many heroes, you know? If we only had one or two people and we all had to share, it'd be bad, but there were hundreds of us here today."

"Mm... I'm sorry still."

"Okay. It's fine though, I promise. No one is mad."

Kirishima nodded faintly, and soon they were back in the safety of the common room, fending off concerned questions about Bakugou's face.

"Please put some ointment on it, Bakugou," Iida insisted, as he strolled right past without care for the worry. "If you won't go see Recovery Girl."

"It's just a burn, four-eyes. She has way more important shit to deal with."

"Please don't swear in front of the children!"

"Why? They won't remember it in a few days. Oi Deku, say 'shit' for me."

"Kacchan doesn't like it when I say bad words," he murmured, wiping his eyes on his sleeve. "That's a bad word."

"Yeah, but this time I want you to."

"Okay. Shit."

"Good boy."


With a last little smirk, Bakugou dragged the kids through to the bathroom, pulling three little baskets of toiletries from the closet and handing them out.

"Go get clean, then we'll soak in the big bath for a bit," he instructed. "You guys been in a big group bath before?"

"Uh-huh!" Midoriya nodded, stripping his clothes off when Bakugou set him down. "With my Mom!"

"I haven't," Kirishima shook his head. "How big is it?"

"It's just around that corner there, you can take a look. It's nice and hot, really relaxing if you've had a hard day."

Kirishima padded over to take a look, his jaw dropping when he saw the steaming hot bath where the boys of 1-A unwound after a rough class or test. There was a constant trickle of hot water from two of the corners, infused with some kind of weird healing properties from someone or other's quirk, and despite what Bakugou suspected were near-extortionate cleaning and heating costs, it always seemed to be ready and waiting when he arrived – even the one time he'd woken up stiff at 3am and trudged his way downstairs for a soak.

He caught Midoriya watching as he cleaned his face, poking his tongue out at the wide-eyed stare, and Midoriya giggled faintly despite his obvious nerves.

"Does it hurt, Kacchan?"


"Mm... If you got burned by hot, you should put cold on it, right?" Midoriya mumbled, more to himself than Bakugou, as he fished for a clean washcloth in his basket and soaked it in cool water. "Kacchan, cold!"

He reached up to hold it gently on Bakugou's face, beaming in return when he got a tiny smile for his efforts.

"Thanks nerd. You wanna go wash that bird's nest of yours then we'll go get in the bath?"


Bakugou took over holding the cool cloth to his face, reluctantly conceding to himself that it did feel good. He watched as the boys finished cleaning themselves off, then with the cloth still in hand, led the way over to the massive tub. It was big enough to fit a dozen people in comfortably – he knew from experience – so to the toddlers, it was practically a swimming pool. He worried for a moment that it might be too hot for them, wondering exactly what the limits were for kids and hot water, but when the pair happily splashed their way in with no hesitation, he figured it had to be okay.

When Midoriya climbed out after a few minutes, he assumed it was just to take a piss break – to his surprise, instead the boy returned with a second cloth, switching it for the one on Bakugou's face with a shy little smile and returning to let the first one soak in cold water and cool back down.

"Thanks for looking after me," he smiled, ruffling green curls when he climbed back into the water. "You're a good little hero."

"Gotta take care of my husband!"

"Yeah, you're a good wife."

"Eiji is gonna marry Crimson Riot."

Bakugou snorted when the words came out from across the bath, watching Kirishima's happy little splashes and kicks as he said it so casually.

"Oh yeah? He's not too old for you?" Bakugou chuckled.

"Mm... Not when I'm big! I think. He's a big manly hero and I like it!"

"Next time I see him, I'll let him know he's engaged now."


When Kirishima began to sweat, Bakugou dragged them both out of the bath, surprised to find that even as they bundled up in fluffy towels Kirishima still seemed oddly out of breath.

"You feeling okay?" He asked, laying the back of his hand against a stupidly-hot forehead. "Have you been feeling sick?"

"Nuh-uh, I just got really hot just now."

"Oh. Jeez. Okay, let's go up to your room real quick, alright? Deku, can you walk with us so I can carry Kirishima?"

"Uh-huh! I'll get clothes and bags!"

He slung Bakugou's bag over his shoulders and grabbed all their dirty laundry in his arms, watching nervously when Bakugou tapped his foot on the elevator floor as they rose through the building. Kirishima's door was still unlocked, after he went to get his things, so he set Kirishima on his own un-mattressed bedframe and wiped sweat from the tiny face.

"Deku, can you go to my room? Put your pyjamas on, and bring me mine, okay?"


He took the key from Bakugou's bag and hurried next door, while Bakugou knelt down to look Kirishima in the eyes.

"Don't be scared, okay? When this happens it's usually right before we get big again. You're finally gonna remember me and all your friends, just like you wanted. Isn't that cool?"

"I want to remember!" Kirishima agreed, nodding. "I'm just really hot."

"I know, it won't be long. Here, why don't we pick out some of your big clothes and you can put them on for when you change?"

He nodded, and Bakugou opened the closet door, pointing out a few options and listening to Kirishima umm and ahh over them.

"The red one!" he said finally, pointing to a worn-out old t-shirt that the older Kirishima had worn half to death with his love. "And the black shorts!"

"Alright, coming right up."

He turned to unhook the coathangers, clutching at his towel with his free hand as he stretched, hoping Midoriya wouldn't be long with their own clothes in tow.

"Um, Bakugou?"

Bakugou nearly shit himself when he heard the deep voice, jolting around to see a confused and tired Kirishima strategically positioning his towel.

"I, um, assume some stuff happened after the fight, and that you're not just in my room in a towel for the fun of it."

Bakugou flushed bright red, throwing the clothes at his face before he turned to storm out, halted by a tiny, awed face in the doorway.

"Eiji got big!" Midoriya gasped, watching a bright smile cross over the oddly familiar face.

"Hey little dude!" Kirishima grinned. "Long time no see! Or, well, I guess I was a little man too? So it's not that long for you, huh?"

"Kacchan, clothes," Midoriya insisted, shoving them into his hands before he skipped over to the bed to consider the new development. "I remember you."


"You tried to steal Kacchan. That was Eiji?"

Bakugou cackled from behind him, dressing himself quickly and hauling Midoriya into his arms before he could get any bright ideas about punching the man.

"He didn't really," Bakugou assured him, as Kirishima sighed dejectedly. "You thought he did, once, so you were upset."

"But Little-Eiji liked Kacchan too," he pouted, cheeks puffing out stubbornly. "You know he did."

"Yeah, well, Little-Eiji had better taste than big-shitty-hair."

"Did I really?" Kirishima murmured, cringing a little. "I'm sorry dudes, I don't remember anything."

"Is okay!" Midoriya grinned, fishing a string up from under his collar. "I have ring! Little-Eiji doesn't!"

"Aww, look at you, isn't that the coolest?" Kirishima praised. "You go, little guy. Get your man."

"Get my Kacchan!"

"Get your Kacchan!"

Bakugou rolled his eyes, but he didn't complain when Midoriya snuggled into him, giggling sweetly as he breathed in Bakugou's scent with what he supposed was meant to be subtlety.

"Your mattress is in my room," Bakugou explained, when Kirishima glanced at his surroundings. "I'll bring it in, gimme a sec."

"I'll come grab it, wouldn't want to tear the little man from his husband's arms."

Bakugou refused to dignify it with an answer, instead leading the way back to his own bedroom where the mini-beds were made up on his floor.

"Can Shitty-Hair have his mattress back now, or do you need it?" he asked, with a hint of teasing in his tone. "I'm sure he'd appreciate it back, but then you'd have to sleep with me so if you don't want to..."

"Sleep with Kacchan!" Midoriya answered quickly, eyes shining. "Cuddles with Kacchan!"

"That's what I thought you'd say."

Kirishima stripped the blankets off the mattress and hauled it under his arm, smiling at the pair fondly as he navigated his way through the door.

"Thanks for taking care of me," he said softly, surprisingly genuine compared to his usual brightness and enthusiasm. "I assume it was you."

"Deku helped a lot," Bakugou answered genuinely, smiling when the little nerd giggled, and gesturing toward his face vaguely. "Um, there was a fight, but he was a perfect little hero and took you away to safety so I could fight."

"Oh yeah? You must be the bravest," Kirishima said fondly, crouching down to ruffle his hair. "Thanks for saving me, little dude. I promise I won't try to steal your Kacchan. I won't even pretend and tease, since you were so awesome for me."

Midoriya flashed him a beaming smile, eyes squinting to accommodate it as he nodded.

"I had fun, Eiji! Let's play again when we're big!"

Kirishima's eyes watered as he nodded, swallowing hard before he managed to choke out some words.

"Yeah, man, I'm looking forward to it."

With his mattress in tow, he disappeared into the corridor, and Bakugou sighed fondly as he leaned his chin on damp green curls.

"I'm tired," he explained. "You ready for some sleep, kiddo?"

"And cuddles?"

"Yeah, all the cuddles you want."


He crawled out of Bakugou's lap and up to the pillows, sitting patiently as Bakugou hauled himself to his feet.

"I gotta put oinkman on your face before bed!"

"Haah? You what?"

"Like glasses-man said! Oinkman! For the burn!"

Bakugou stifled a laugh, conceding a nod as he dug through his drawers for a tube of burn cream.

"Alright, I'll do it now."

"No, I do!"

He reached out desperately, and Bakugou sighed as he handed it over and sat down. Tenderly Midoriya smoothed the cool cream across the wound, tongue sticking out in concentration as he made sure to cover every square millimetre of the blistered skin.

"All better!" he grinned, handing the tube back. "Good boy, Kacchan! Kisses for being good!"

He leaned in, planting a happy little peck on the clean cheek, and Bakugou couldn't help but smile as he returned the gesture.

"Alright, let me put this away and turn out the lights, then it's time for cuddles and sleep."

"Kay!" He grinned, immediately halting. "Oh! Kacchan!"


"I didn't finish my notes on HotColdMan!" he whined. "I left them!"

"Haaaah? You're here with me, about to get cuddles, and you're thinking about another hero?!"

"But Kacchan his quirk was so cool!!"

"Cooler than mine?!"

"Noooo!" Midoriya whined, squirming when Bakugou reached for him. "I didn't say that, Kacchan!"

"Quit fawning over other heroes, Deku," Bakugou huffed.

He slid his fingers up a fluffy green shirt, smirking when the giggles started before he'd even begun tickling. Midoriya squirmed and laughed, rolling back and forth under the light touch, already hiccuping by the time Bakugou set in for real.

"How dare you, little nerd?" he teased. "First it's shitty-hair, now it's half-and-half, when do I get my turn, hmmm?"

"Kacchaaaaan! You know I love you the best!"

"It doesn't sound that way to me!"

"I don't need my notes!" he insisted, hiccuping again as he whined. "I'm sure Big-Izuku has any notes he needs! I just wanna be with Kacchan!"

"Oh, now you wanna be with me, hmmm?"

"I always wanna be with Kacchan! Just Kacchan!"

"I'm meant to be your one and only, nerd!"

"You aaaare!"

Bakugou finally conceded, releasing his grip, and Midoriya wiped tears from his eyes as he hiccupped again.

"Just Kacchan and All Might."

"Haaaah?! How dare you like All Might as much as you like me!"



Bakugou woke up to a knock at his door, groaning as he tried to sit up and was foiled by a heavy weight on his chest. He glanced down to see Midoriya sprawled across him, full-sized and very naked under his tattered scraps of children's clothing.

"Morning nerd," he murmured, kissing the top of his head. "Put some clothes on."

"Mmmm, too comfy," he protested, snuggling in deeper. "Too early, Kacchan."

Bakugou glanced at his clock, cursing under his breath when he saw the numbers tick over to eight o clock. His alarm should have gone off two hours earlier, but he supposed in the excitement of their night he must have forgotten to turn it on.

"Oi nerd, we're gonna be late for school," he groaned, shoving the lump off reluctantly. "I think you have a uniform in my closet, put it on."

"Don't wanna."

"Would you believe you were better at following directions when you were a fuckin' toddler?"

Midoriya paused, glancing down at his torn clothing in surprise, pieces finally clicking together in his head.

"Oh. Yeah. That happened again, didn't it?"

"Mm-hm. You did good, though."

"I'm so damn tired," he groaned. "And Kacchan, what happened to your face?"

"Long story, I'll catch you up when you're dressed."

He trudged over to the door, unsurprised when there was no one outside – they'd have been long gone if they'd been there at all, considering how long he'd taken to get out of bed.

What he didn't expect, though, was two big bouquets of flowers – freshly bought, he assumed, from how bright and alive they were.

"The fuck?" he asked, picking up one with each hand and glancing at the little cards hanging from the vases. "Oi, this one is for you."

Midoriya lit up as he accepted, sniffing them appreciatively before he tucked them into the crook of his arm to read the card.

"'Thanks for saving me yesterday, even though you were just a kid as well. You're the best hero I know, love from Kirishima.' Awwww!! That's so sweet!! Wait, I did what?"

"I'll catch you up later," Bakugou repeated, sighing as he looked at his own card. "Thanks for taking care of me, I couldn't have asked for anyone better."

"He's so sweet!"

"Hang on, there's more," he frowned, puzzling over the much more hurried handwriting below. "Aizawa just told us... Oh. Huh."

"What, Kacchan?"

"Aizawa just told us classes are cancelled while repairs are being done."

For a moment they didn't speak, the room silent except for the faint squeak of glass on wood as he slid the vase onto his desk.

"Oi Deku," he said finally. "Get back in bed."

"I thought you'd never ask!"