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The Lilac Sky

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Izuku knew he was a problem, ending up in the principal’s office almost every other day for fights, closing himself off, letting his father abuse him (not like he could do anything), getting less than three hours of sleep each night, He was as every teacher said, a problem child. 


He knew this but he couldn’t find a way to fix it. Ever since his mother died and they (him and his father) moved out to small Riverdeen Wyoming his father started to beat him. He would get shit faced before stumbling to Izuku’s room and beating the shit out of the forest green-haired boy. It soon spiraled out of control to one misstep, no matter how small would end up with the boy being beaten and locked in his room. 


Izuku tried to tell someone but people brushed it off as problem child being problem child, and how would the town sweetheart Hisashi Midoriya be able to beat such a boy. He quickly gained a reputation for being approachable and cold. He’d sneak out of his house at night and spray paint murals on train cars or crash the nearest 7/11. Theories floated around the school about his former life in New York, some saying he was in a gang or the mafia well others speculated he would break into stores for the kicks. 


Izuku only had two friends, leader of the AV club Denki Kaminari and other resident ‘bad boy’ Shoto Todoroki. They would often be ‘delinquents’ together, sneaking out getting tattoos and piercings, bonding over their shared abuse (Which is never a good thing child, abuse is not a good thing) and train hopping. More recently Kyoka Jiro also joined them but not often. 


“Izuku Midoriya.” The principal called letting Katsuki Bakugo walkout. He glared to Izuku before turning to leave. The greenette scoffed and walked into Mr. Nedzu’s office. the man had naturally white hair and an unsettling smile. 


“So, why did you get into a fight with Katsuki?” Mr. Nedzu asked leaning forward with his face in his hands. 


“I don’t know,” Izuku said turning to look out the window, watching the fiery leaves sway in the wind. 


“You’re gonna have to do better than this Izuku, Katsuki told me you instigated the fight. Why? ” Izuku narrowed his eyes, of course, the bastard would pin the blame on him. 


“I didn’t start the fight, sir.” Izuku grit out, “Katsuki started to insult Denki so I stood up for him. I didn’t land the first punch.” He looked back at the principal with barely contained fury. “I never start fights.” 


Nedzu sighed and dismissed Izuku with a simple nod. He knew the principal hated him but Izuku never stepped out of line, he always acted in self-defense and followed the rules in a roundabout way. It was only a matter of time before the greenette slipped up and got expelled. But for now, Izuku, and more importantly Denki, was safe. 


Izuku walked out to the parking lot and headed over to his motorcycle. Quickly popping in his headphones and helmet before climbing on and speeding away. Swerving around cars and blasting through empty intersections. The sun was setting and most people were keeping to themselves, not much to do in this shitty town. 


Izuku made a sharp turn, heading down a broken road that leads to a bridge. It was old and unstable for cars, it was blocked off from the public but that didn’t stop the suicidal and broken from finding a way in. 


He left his bike by the caution tape and walked over. The creaking of the old bridge a familiar friend. He hoisted himself up the rails letting his legs dangle over the large drop. The wind ruffled his hair and the setting sun bathed the surrounding forest in orange. 


He pulled out a faded picture he always had in his wallet, from a happier time when Inko was alive and his father didn’t beat him. He had a wide smile in the picture that was mirrored by those around him. He missed those days, the innocents that was stripped away by a drunk driver and an incompetent doctor. 


Izuku put the picture away and pulled out a lighter and letter. Every week he’d write a letter to his mom before burning it. He’d write about his week and whatever he and his friend did, keeping out the abuse and fights. He wasn’t a religious person but he hoped his mother was getting them wherever she was. 


“You gonna jump?” A gruff voice asked behind him. Izuku just barely stopped himself from jumping in surprise. 


“Maybe I will, no one would care.” He said simply, it was true. His father would rejoice as well as most of the school. The only people who would care would be Denki Shoto and Kyoka, maybe Momo but he wasn’t sure.


“Don’t.” The railing shook as another person climbed over. Izuku looked questioningly to find a purple-haired boy with a leather jacket and baggy jeans sitting next to him. “Why would you jump?” The boy no older than him asked. 


“Not much to live for,” Izuku said with a shrug. The purplette glanced over at him with an indecipherable look. 


“Bullshit, everyone has something to live for. Family?” Izuku shook his head, “Friends?” The boy tried again. This caused Izuku to pause. “See, you got something to live for.” 


“Yeah, I guess… Thanks.” The greenette nodded. The purple boy looked over at him and smiled, despite looking dead tired his eyes held a kind of passion Izuku couldn’t place. A chill breeze blew through the gorge ruffling purple’s hair. Izuku sunk deeper into his hoodie, a small blush spreading across his freckled cheeks. 


They fell into a comfortable silence, watching the sunset and stars paint the sky. One thing Izuku loved about Wyoming was the night sky, with such a small population no big cities existed here meaning no little light pollution. 


“Hitoshi Aziwa,” Purple said after a while, startling the greenette. 


“What?” Izuku looked over at the boy, who looked dazzling in the light of the full moon. 


“That’s my name, Hitoshi Aizawa.” He handed Izuku a piece of paper with a phone number and an address, “That’s my number and my father’s dojo, you should come by sometime. You’re a cool guy.” Hitoshi jumped down and started to walk away. 


“Izuku Midoriya.” The greenette said, causing Hitoshi to turn back, “It’s late out. Let me give you a ride home.” Hitoshi looked like he wanted to disagree but nodded anyway. Izuku jumped off the rail and lead the purplette back to his bike. 


“Here,” Izuku tossed Hitoshi his helmet and started to climb on the bike. “Hold on tight.” 


“What about you?” 




“Where’s your helmet?” Hitoshi asked which only earned him a small smile. 


“Don’t need one.” Hitoshi opened his mouth to protest but Izuku already moved on. “So where do you live?” The boy pointed to the address on the card. 


“Well then, let's go.” Izuku hopped on the bike and Hitoshi took that as his queue to get on. He pulled the helmet on and jumped on the back holding onto the greenette’s chest tightly. Said greenette smirked and kicked the stand up before speeding off. The roads were completely empty given the time so Izuku could disobey every road law in existence. 


“HOLY SHIT!” Hitoshi yelled, a small giggle escaping him as they sped through the streets, blowing through red lights and stop signs. They made it to the apartment/dojo in record time. In all honesty, the purple-haired boy was disappointed to see the trip end. He begrudgingly got off the bike and handed the helmet back to Izuku. 


“Seems like you had fun.” The greenette said with a sparkle in his eyes. Hitoshi rolled his eyes but in truth that was exhilarating. “If you ever want a ride, I’ll be available.” 

“I might take that offer up, goodnight Izuku.” Izuku returned the pleasantry before kicking up the stand and speeding way. Fuck, Hitoshi thought as the events came crashing down He’s hot. 


After getting over his gay panic, Hitoshi fished his keys out of his pocket and walked through the front door. The microwave clock read 11:30, Hitoshi was screwed. He trudged upstairs hoping Shota and Hizashi were asleep. 


“Hitoshi Aziwa, why are you out an hour after curfew on a school night?” The tired voice of his Father (Shota) asked sitting in a chair in the living room. Hitoshi winced and turned around, facing the tired mess that was his father Shota Aizawa.


“Uhh… I was hanging out with a friend?” Was Izuku a friend? Maybe? He had invited the boy over to the dojo. 


“A friend?” Shota asked raising his eyebrows. Hitoshi sighed and nodded. “Who was it? I don’t remember any of your friends owning a motorcycle.” 


“He was a new one, Izuku Midoriya.” 


“The problem child?!” Shota asked with real disbelief taking Hitoshi by surprise. “You befriended the town’s problem child?” Hitoshi just nodded. It was believable and now that Hitoshi thought about it the name did ring a bell. 


“What about it?” Shota shook his head returning to his neutral ‘I don’t give a shit’ face. 


“Nothing, nothing. Just surprised.” Hitoshi didn’t believe that one bit but he also didn’t want to get on Shota’s bad side. 


“Oh good, cause I invited him over to the dojo.” Shota sighed and sent him to his room, there was a headache waiting for him tomorrow, he could practically feel it already. Hitoshi nodded and raced off to his room.


The purple-haired boy just flopped onto his bed when his phone vibrated. He looked at it, squinting to see through the bright light. 


Unknow number 

Hey it’s me Izuku 

What time should I stop by the dojo



After school? 

I don’t care as long as you come


Unknow number

Cool see you then

Also on a completely unrelated note

What’s your favorite color



Dark purple


Unknow number 


Goodnight Hitoshi




Goodnight Izuku


Hitoshi set his phone down and got ready for bed, smiling at the thought of seeing the green-haired boy again. His life was about to get ten times more interesting.

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After Izuku dropped Hitoshi off he didn’t head home and instead headed to the outskirts of town where buildings gave away to cornfields, he had a small shed in the middle of Mr. Toshinori’s cornfield. 


Mr. Toshinori was a kind old man who had fallen victim to cancer and after radiation, he was left sickly and weak. He needed help tending to his farm so Izuku stepped up. He would help Mr. Toshinori as much as he could in exchange for shed use. Izuku tried to refuse the old man’s money but after finding twenty-dollar bills stashed in the shed he gave up. 


Izuku would often spend nights in the shed just so he didn’t have to go home, not like his father would notice or care. He stored everything there, first aid kits, money, his few books and movies, the motorcycle repair kit. He doubted his father even knew of his motorcycle or day job. 


The greenette turned off the main road onto a smaller dirt one that led to Yagi Toshinori’s farm. The lights of the small farmhouse grew closer and it was like a weight was lifted off him, nothing bad could happen at Yagi’s house. It was Izuku’s haven. 


“Izuku, my boy What are you doing out so late?” Yagi asked as said boy jumped off the bike. 


“Talking to a friend.” He pulled the helmet off letting his grown out green locks fall around his face. He set it on the bike before turning to the skinny man standing on the porch. “Would it be okay if I crashed here for the night? I’ll put in extra hours.” 


“Izuku, you know my door is always open you don't need to work for it. Why can’t you stay at your place?” Yagi didn’t know he was treading on dangerous water so Izuku couldn’t blame him but damn did it hurt. After the hellish beating Izuku had received yesterday he didn’t want to go back there until the pain faded to a dull throb with every step and not bone-breaking agony. 


“My dad’s out of town and I forgot to make prior arrangements.” Izuku lied easily looking bashful, he hated it but the fewer people that knew the better. Yagi nodded understandingly and opened his door motioning for Izuku to come inside. 


“The guest room is at the end of the hall,” Yagi said pointing to a closed door. “If you need anything I’ll be right in here.” He said stepping into the master room. Izuku nodded and dropped his school bag by the door, homework already done. He flopped onto the bed and fished out his phone and the paper Hitoshi gave him. 



Hey it’s me Izuku 

What time should I stop by the dojo



After school? 

I don’t care as long as you come



Cool see you then

Also on a completely unrelated note

What’s your favorite color



Dark purple




Goodnight Hitoshi




Goodnight Izuku


Izuku gave a satisfied sigh and settled down for fitful sleep. 


Izuku woke up in the dark, he sleepily grabbed his phone to check the time. He hissed, shielding his eyes from the screen’s brightness. 


4:10 am is what the phone read. Izuku knew he wasn’t going to get any more sleep and decided to get some fieldwork done. He silently slipped out of the house, careful not to wake Yagi. He headed out to the barn to feed the few animals that resided on the farm and other random chores he’d do for the old man. 


By the time Izuku was done, it was 5:43 and the sky was just starting to lighten. He slipped back in and grabbed his stuff opting to leave a note to inform Yagi he was leaving. He raided the shed for spray paint before heading to the old train cars he’d paint murals on. After yesterday, he was struck with inspiration for one of the few blank cars remaining. 


The greenette took to the streets, swerving around the few cars of the people who worked in the nearby city. Most people around here either worked in the city or farms leaving convenience stores and Walmart to the teens just entering the workforce. Izuku was lucky to have nabbed Mr. Toshinori’s job before anyone else got to it and he had to work at the soul-crushing place that is Walmart. 


He stopped at the edge of the forest that leads to the train leaving his bike just in the tree line before putting on the chemical mask and grabbing the paints. He walked down the long line of artworks he’d made through the years, some of his favorites being the deer in winter and the otherworldly planets. He walked past paints until finally reaching a rust-covered car. 


Izuku set down the paints and got to work laying the light purple base and starting with the dark purple, working in silence until his phone alarm went off signaling school was starting. He quickly packed up and drove to school. 


Overall the school day wasn’t that bad. He didn’t get into any fights and Katsuki didn’t come into his 15-meter personal bubble. They went were starting on animal biology in AP bio and they finally got to the interesting parts of art class. He should’ve known it wouldn’t last.


Izuku was leaving the school when Tenya Iida, captain of the track team and the worlds biggest ass kisser, approached him. The greenette just glanced at him before returning to his bike just wanting to see the dojo Hitoshi had talked about (and more importantly see Hitoshi again). Tenya cleared his throat to grab the other boys attention. 


“I heard what you said to Katsuki yesterday and I’m here to inform you how wrong it was.” The blue-haired boy monotoned, “I’ve also talked to Katsuki about this but I feel it is imperative to your and the rest of the schools learning that you learn to stop fighting with people. Your daily bouts are interrupting the learning environment and set people on edge.” 


“Cool,” Izuku said bored, not even gracing the boy with a glance. How big of a stick did this guy have up his ass? He hopped onto his bike and revved the engine. “Excuse me your in my way.” 


“No,” Tenya said planting his feet firmly in front of the bike. “You must understand the consequences of your actions.” 


“Oh believe me I understand plenty. Now please move. ” The greenette gritted out but the blue bastard stayed put. The sun glinted off his glasses that would’ve given him a dangerous aura if it weren’t for the ridiculous suit the guy wore every day. 


“Consider this,” Tenya handed the greenette a pamphlet that was for the local church. “The church has anger management classes that I think would greatly benefit you and Katsuki.” Tenya bowed and quickly hurried away before Izuku could level him with one of his famous glares. Said boy sighed and stuffed the pamphlet into his bag already thinking of ways he could burn it. 


Kicking the stand up Izuku sped off towards the dojo, opting to let the wind blow through his hair then suffocate in a helmet. Riding free was one of the greatest things to exist and one day, once he’s out of this shitty town, he’ll ride free for the rest of his life. It was like a drug and he was a hopeless addict. 


Izuku pulled up to the dojo and walked in. Hitoshi was leaning against the counter looking positively bored, a black-haired man and a blond were sparring but otherwise, the place was empty. The greenette smirked and stalked up to the counter before tapping the little bell on the corner startling everyone. 


“Holy shit Izuku, don't give me a heart attack,” Hitoshi said after regaining his posture. The other boy just laughed mentally saving the image of Hitoshi jumping a good two feet off the floor. 


“So this is the problem child I’ve heard so much about.” A tired voice said, probably trying to get the jump on Izuku but after years of his father’s abuse, he knew when someone was behind him. 


“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Who’s to say,” he said turning to see the two men from before standing behind him. The black-haired one sized Izuku up before an honest to god horrifying smile graced his face. 


“I like you, problem child.” 


“Dad please don’t scare my friend away.” Hitoshi deadpanned in a voice almost identical to his apparent father. Izuku glanced over startled to the purplette. “Right Izuku let me introduce you to my fathers, Shouta Aizawa, and Hizashi Aizawa.” 


"Hello, Mr. and Mr. Aizawa, I will try my best to not corrupt your child with my problem child ways," Izuku bowed, throwing off the sarcastic tone he used. Hizashi blinked before bursting out in laughter, a loud belly laugh that Izuku wasn't used to. He stood and shot a small shit-eating grin at Hitoshi who just slapped his arm with a horribly hidden smile. 


The atmosphere of the dojo was warm and happy, a stark difference from school or his actual home. A kind of feel he'd only ever felt at Yagi's or warm summer nights with Denki and Shouto. He liked it, a lot. 


"So Problem child, besides Hitoshi, what brought you to our dojo?" Shouta asked after everything calmed down. The man had an eyebrow raised menacingly but not hostile. 


"Well as you've most definitely heard I've gotten into my fair share of fights, but fighting with the same person every time makes a guy rusty. Katsuki always starts with a right hook, it makes him too predictable. I, on the other hand, don't want to be predictable so I am humbly asking you to reteach me how to fight. I'll pay any price." 


Hitoshi's eyes widened a bit at the request. Izuku always seemed so confident in his fighting abilities but in retrospect, it does make sense. Dad had always drilled it into him that to beat someone better than him he had to mix up his style and throw them off guard. He nodded. 


"I'll train you, at no charge, only if you promise not to get into so many fights." Izuku sighed and nodded. 


"Wonderful!" Hizashi cried with a clap of his hands. "why don't you and Hitoshi fight and then we can gauge where to start?" Izuku nodded and walked to the mat, opposite of Hitoshi. 



Hitoshi narrowed his eyes watching Izuku’s movements like a hawk. Both boys didn’t even acknowledge the starting whistle. He ran through all the moves his father showed him knowing the greenette would play dirty. 


And he was right. Izuku was the first to pounce going right for the throat. 


Hitoshi sidestepped and tried to use Izuku’s momentum to flip him. He reached out only to be blocked by a hand grabbing his. 


He used Hitoshi’s momentary confusion to his advantage and slammed the teen to the floor. “Point: Izuku,” Shouta said lazily. 


“Another round?” Izuku asked with a small smirk. 


“Oh your on!” 


Hitoshi pulled himself up and grinned at the greenette before falling into a fighting stance. The other boy followed suit. Shouta blew the whistle and the two wasted no time. 


Izuku ran forward and threw a left hook, catching Hitoshi by surprise. He staggered backward and held his cheek, slightly dazed. Shouta was about to call the match but Hitoshi lunged forward and pinned Izuku down. 


“Good one.” Izuku grinned before shoving Hitoshi off. “Not often people get the jump on me.” 


“Point: Hitoshi! YEAH!” Yamada called a tad too loud. “Final round!”


“How bout we spice this up, the winner gets a keychain from Yellowstone,” Izuku called getting into position. He stripped his hoodie off, proof he wasn’t gonna lose. 

"I already have a million of those though!" Hitoshi called back only earning him a smirk and a shrug. The purplette sighed dropped into position 


“You’re on motorcycle man!” Hitoshi called, Izuku snorted at the nickname. 


Shouta blew the whistle and started the round. Izuku watched Hitoshi approach, noticing the way his feet were to close together and his posture was to slack. 


The greenette dodged the blow and returned with one of his own, clipping the purple-haired boy on the cheek. He jumped back a small bit in case Hitoshi retaliated immediately. He didn’t. 


Izuku ran forward and swept Hitoshi’s leg knocking the purplette over. He stepped on the other's chest lightly to make sure he didn’t get back up. The green-haired boy grinned at Hitoshi as Hizashi called the match.  


“Well, I’m thinking Chinese? What about you?” Izuku asked helping Hitoshi up. The taller boy rolled his eyes but nodded. 


"Sure just let me get my hoodie." Hitoshi took two steps before he felt the glare of his father on his back. "Yes?" He asked not turning around. 


"Don't you think you should ask us first?" He sighed and in a borderline sarcastic tone asked. He was received with a nod and a strict curfew of 10 pm no later. He hurried up the stairs and grabbed a black hoodie with a band name on it. He nabbed one of the Yellowstone keychains before heading down. He tossed the keychain at Izuku's face causing the other boy to yelp in surprise.  


"Let's go Motorcycle man." He said darting out the door earning another yelp from Izuku. He smirked and jumped on the bike. 

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It had been a few weeks since Izuku and Hitoshi started hanging out regularly and now it was time for the ‘bad boy gang™’ to finally meet the purple-haired boy that had stolen all of Izuku’s time.


“So how are we gonna go about this?” Denki asked laying down on Koyka’s bed with his head off the edge. Shouto was sprawled on the floor, nursing a large blue and purple bruise on his leg. Kyoka was sorting through her massive collection of records, looking for her limited edition signed Panic at the disco vinyl. 


“Are you sure you guys aren’t overthinking this?” Said girl asked looking up from her records. Kyoka wasn’t an ‘official’ member of the gang but hey, she was the only one who had parents cool enough to let them hang out at her place. “You’re literally going right to the bonfire.” 


Every year the children of Riverdeen would gather together and head out to the woods and build a massive bonfire. The seniors were sworn to secrecy and if anyone tipped of their parents (or god forbid the police) They’d get their face smashed in by one Midoryia Izuku. It was a tradition started in the late eighties, no one knows who started it just that it started. 


You’d bring anything you didn’t want anymore, that wasn’t of any value, (They may be heathens but they still care) and burn it. It was meant to symbolize the fresh year and the purging of your childhood chains. The freshmen were shown the ropes and no bad blood could exist there. (One-year Izuku and Katsuki pranked the entirety of the basketball team without getting into a fistfight). 


“Maybe but this is the man that single-handedly stole our precious boy,” Shouto said deadpan causing Denki to fall off the bed from laughter. “What? It’s true. I can see the way he blushes when he talks about him. Our boy is smitten!” the peppermint haired boy refuted. 


Kyoka sighed and turned back to her records. Denki and Shouto kept talking about the perfect first impression when a light tap on the window startled all of them. 


“MOMO! For Christ's sake can’t you ever come through the door like a normal person?” The dark-haired girl asked pulling the window open for the other dark-haired girl to climb through. 


“Sorry babe, you know that’s no fun,” she said patting Koyka’s head. 


“Fine… gimme a hug.” Koyka said holding her arms out with grabby hands. Momo smiled and wrapped the smaller girl up in a hug, lifting her off her feet. Kyoka giggled and pecked Momo on the cheek.


“Yuck,” Denki said watching the exchange. Momo flipped him the bird as she set down the smaller girl. “Y’all nasty.” 


“Don’t worry Denki, one day you’ll find love,” Shouto said patting the blonds back. Said blond hissed at Shouto making the other two girls laugh. 


“Oh, by the way, Izuku’s on his way with Hitoshi’s car so we all have room,” Momo said fixing her leather jacket over her cherry-red dress. 


“Wait you gotta meet mystery man before us? Unfair Momo, unfair.” Shouto said tossing a book at the raven-haired girl. She dodged the book and shrugged. 


“They were at the Chinese place together during my shift, I was bound to be secrecy.” Momo giggled at the peppermint boy who scowled at her with no real malice. 


“I can’t believe this, betrayed by the one person I thought I could trust!” Denki cried dramatically throwing his head back and pretending to cry. 


“Shut up nerd,” Izuku said climbing through the window. “I know for a fact you’ve used up all your drama coins on mocking Tenya after he accidentally hit you.” 


“You’re no fun Izuku.” Denki pouted crossing his arms childishly. Izuku flicked him on the nose and flipped him off. Denki gasped insulted but underneath the facade, he was smiling. 


“Anyway losers, you ready to get shitfaced?” The greenette said not too loudly but just enough to rouse everyone’s spirits. With a yelled whisper ‘yeah’ they snuck out the window. It was quite funny from Hitoshi perspective, like a group of clowns getting out of one of the super tiny cars. 


Hitoshi unlocked the car as Izuku got into the passenger side, the others filed in after squishing into the two back seats. He pulled out of the driveway as Izuku giggled quietly beside him. 


“SO YOU’RE MYSTERY MAN!” the blond yelled startling Hitoshi. He barely stopped himself from jerking the car off the road. 


“Jesus Christ man,” The purplette said as the peppermint boy and Izuku laughed. “But yeah I guess, the name’s Hitoshi Aizawa.” 


“Hey, I know you. You were the lead in last years play right? You played Tony from West Side Story.” The purple-haired girl who’s name is Koyka according to Momo said. 


“Wait people remember that?” He asked zooming through the empty streets, “Not my best work, I mean the actor for Maria didn’t know half her lines…” Kyoka shrugged.


“That what’s makes it so good, I’d say you carried the whole performance.” Hitoshi shook his head but the faintest of smiles could be seen. Izuku smirked and punched the purplette on the shoulder. Shouto had a theory forming in his head, and every passing second it was becoming canon. 


“Alright chuckle fucks, we’re here.” Izuku said as Hitoshi parked the car, “Go get wasted and meet back here by 3 am.” 


“Ay Ay captain,” Denki said solemnly with a salute before running off to find the other AV club members for their weird cult drinking contest. Shouto went to go find his brother Touya, he may have graduated but he was always welcome because he didn’t have any qualms about supplying underage kids with alcohol. Momo and Koyka had vanished into the trees to probably do some weird couple thing Izuku wasn’t sure. 


“So what are we doing?” Hitoshi asked watching kids dance around a blazing fire and converse without a care in the world. 


“What do you think?” The greenette smiled, grabbing the other boys hand and pulling him into the fray.

Chapter Text

After an hour of talking, dancing and drinking the festivities were starting to die down and soon they were going to start the ‘purging’ of last years chains. it was a whole load of bullshit if you asked Izuku but hey burning things were fun, especially if they were his father's things. Not big things, obviously, but smaller unnoticeable things. Like a pack of smokes or an old letter opener (don’t ask about that one it’s not fun).


“Izuku,” Hitoshi tapping the boy's shoulder grabbing his attention, “you wanna get away for a second?” 


Izuku squinted but nodded anyway, following Hitoshi into the woods. He watched as the purple-haired boy kicked the base of trees until he stopped. A hollow sound resounded from the base of an old half-dead birch tree. Looking satisfied he swiped some dirt away until the top of an old wooden box. 


“What’s that?” Izuku asked as Hitoshi pulled the rest out of the ground. The purplette blew away the remaining dirt and opened it. 


“Pictures,” He handed one to the other boy. The people in it looked happy, all smiling in front of a massive sing that read ‘Dinoland’. The man behind a younger Hitotshi had deep purple hair and tired but proud eyes, the woman beside him had very light purple and a wide smile. Hitoshi himself was holding a red ‘dino’ egg that read ‘I found a fossil’. 


“That was my mom and dad.” the boy said answering Izuku’s question. The greenette looked up at him. “They died when I was seven. I don’t really remember them but they were kind people. Every night before bed they’d tuck me in and my mother would sing a song as my father did a funny dance. I’d laugh and fall asleep unafraid on monsters under my bed…


“But one night, we were walking back from a play when we heard someone yell. My dad he… he went to investigate. He ran down the back alley and didn’t come out for a while. Worried my mom went to investigate, she told me to stay behind…” Faint tears started to fall from Hitoshi’s eyes. 


“I should’ve done something, maybe called the police but I didn’t. Thirty minutes later they were dead and I was being dragged away by child support. They tossed me into an orphanage and called it good… and at first, it was. The kids were nice until they found out what happened to me. They called me weak for not saving my parents and I believed them.


“I was the weakest one there which meant I was on the bottom. They’d beat me up when the supervisors weren’t looking and lock me in closets. One kid repetitively took my food and I’d go nearly a week without any.” Hitoshi’s sobs started to wrack his body, preventing any more from being said. 

“Hey it’s okay…” Izuku went set the picture down and hugged his friend. “It’s okay Hitoshi, I got you.” His friend sobbed into his shoulder as Izuku rubbed his back sympathetically. 


It took a bit for Hitoshi to calm down but eventually they were sitting in the wet leaves as the red eyed boy sobbed into the greenette firm hold. Izuku understood what it was like to lose a family member, maybe not at the same extent but he understood. 


“It’s okay Hitoshi, I’m sure wherever they are their proud of you.” He whispered into the other boy’s ear. “Look how far you’ve come, and look how far you’ll go. Even if it’s not physical you’re family will be with you all the way. Shouta and Hizashi, your biological parents, and… me.” Izuku ran a hand through Hitoshi’s hair that smelled like cinnamon, the same kind that would waft through the house when his mother was around, singing and cooking. A small tear fell down his face, a tear of mourning and acceptance. 


“You promise you won’t leave me?” Barely a whisper from Hitoshi. 

“Not for the moon, the sun, or all the stars in the sky. We’re together through thick and thin.” They sat like that for awhile, Izuku carding his fingers through Hitoshi’s hair until the sound of excited cheers reached them. 


Hitoshi looked up with squinted eyes, still red from tears. Izuku smiled at him and pointed to where the glow of the fire could be seen. “You wanna go join them?” Hitoshi nodded and started to pull himself up, Izuku following suit. 


“Where did you two go?” Kyoka asked as they arrived, she was standing next to Momo as the Freshmen began to throw things in the fire. 


“For a walk.” Izuku replied nonchalantly as Momo’s eyebrow rose. If she had anything against it she didn’t say. 


“Uh huh, sure.” the smaller girl said looking over the two and bringing heat to Hitoshi’s cheeks, “Anyway, we just started the burning. You got your shit?” Izuku nodded and held up and empty pill bottle from a few years ago. Koyka smiled sympathetically before turning back to the roaring fire as Sophomores went to take their turn. 


“I’m glad you’re letting go Izuku. You’ll be out of your father's house soon.” Koyka said watching the flames dance, she didn’t know the full extent of what went on but she knew something was wrong, she was smart like that. 


Time passed as the Juniors went and soon they walked up. Izuku tossed the bottle into the fire and watched the plastic melt. Next to him he saw Koyka throw in an old paper and Hitoshi a small keychain that probably wouldn’t burn but would be lost in the ashes. Cheering rang out as the last person threw theirs in, the moon was high in the sky now and people were starting to pass out. 


“Hey man.” Denki slurred walking up to the rest of them. Shouto was right on his heels looking slightly less drunk but not by much. Momo rolled her eyes and went to go support Denki. “Thanks boo.” His head slumped forward. 


“Lets get them home.” Izuku sighed seeing his friends in such a state. 


“Smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say.” Hitoshi joked and went to support Shouto. They walked back to the car, sounds of the part still following them. Izuku shot a small smile over to Hitoshi as he lead the way, he’d be there for the boy no matter what.