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Passionate Reunion

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She had made up her mind to go back to Cradle one fateful night. She began to set her plan in motion and when her last day at work arrived, she could hardly wait to be reunited with Sirius once again.

That last moment in time before Sirius pushed her into the portal has been burned into her memory for the past month...



That one word had shattered her heart. And he had said it with a smile. She had asked him if she could come back to see him again once the war was over and that was his answer. 

She knew that if she didn't do this now, she'd regret it forever. She pulled Sirius into her arms and kissed him on the lips. She kept her eyes open until the last possible second so she wouldn't miss this time. She wanted the kiss to last forever and clung onto him as her heart began to race. What she didn't expect was Sirius to deepen their kiss. He gently teased her with his tongue while kissing her over and over again. She felt him rip part of her top open and her eyes snapped open, wondering what he was trying to do next. The next thing she knew, he had pushed her into the portal..


She couldn't wait to arrive to the portal and she huffed and puffed as she rushed with her two big luggage bags to journey to Cradle. She began to wonder if she would manage to hold onto all of her things by herself. Had she overpacked? What if she didn't make it to the portal in time?

"Miss! Could you help me?"

"I'm in a hurry! Sorry, I can't help you—"

"So am I."

She stopped. She recognized that voice from anywhere. She began to tear up.

"Turn around," he said, approaching closer to her, "I haven't seen that precious face in so long."

She turned and saw her beloved Sirius. He looked unscathed. They must have won the war!

"Sirius!" she cried, tearing up, "I've missed you so much!"

She ran into his arms and hugged him, just as she had done after their escape from the Magic Tower.

As soon as they broke their embrace, they kissed. She moaned as he tongued her in a deep kiss. She couldn't help but cling to his back as their kiss continued to deepen.

"My goodness," Sirius managed, breaking the kiss, "That was wonderful. Let's save some more for later, shall we?"

"Later?" I asked.

"We must hurry back to Cradle," he smiled, "Our home. Oh! And I'll help you with your bags."

He smiled as he took my bags into his hands.

"Thank you, Sirius!"

"You're welcome," he smiled, "Now, let's get going!"


"Aren't you wondering how I got back to your realm earlier?" he asked once we were on the way to the Inn.

"You took my ribbon," I smiled.

"Ah, smart girl," he grinned.

Then, there was a brief silence between us.

"Are you look forward to tonight as much as I am?" I gushed. Why did I have to hide anything from him now?

"Yes," he quietly responded, his face flushing a deeper red. He cleared his throat and tried to calm himself as he went to check us in.


I requested to have a shower before we turned into bed tonight. The truth was, I needed time to relax. I didn't know we would be coming to a hotel the first night back in Cradle. He wanted me. It was obvious. And I wanted him. Most importantly, the love we had was to be treasured from now until forever.

My heart pounded as I entered the bedroom. I boldly let my towel fall away from my body. Sirius seemed so calm as he moved over to the edge of the bed and stared at me. I rubbed my tummy and breasts, blushing madly as he slowly began to smile.

"I can't help but noticing that you've gotten fuller figured since I've last seen you."

"H-hey!" I began to hide my tummy with my arms...

"No, I don't mean it as an insult," he smiled, his face flushing, "You look very beautiful and seductive. You have me in a very compromising state."

Two words I had never been described as before came out of Sirius' mouth. I couldn't help but glance downwards and see that his manhood was indeed hardening in his pants. Knowing how I made him feel excited me and I regained my confidence as I continued to stand before him. Those tingling sensations from deep within my womanhood from all of those months ago returned with full force.

"Don't hide. Show me everything." he murmured. Now my womanhood was throbbing and tingling and I sighed in arousal.
He motioned for me to move forward.

"Come to me," he said, just like he did that day in the carriage when I first tried to kiss him.