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He was never invincible

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“Bruce, I’m so sorry,” Bruce banged onto the unbreakable glass punching it relentlessly.

“Clark, don’t be stupid!” Bruce yelled seizing punching on the glass

“Doomsday is too dangerous, You need to be safe,”

“I don’t need to be protected, Clark! I can handle myself!” Clark frowned and pressed his hand to the glass

“Bruce, you asked me why I was acting so strange when I woke up. I saw you... dead. Due to Doomsday. I don’t want to lose you” Clark put his hand down and flown away

“Clark! Wait! LET ME OUT! or I swear I’ll kill you myself, Clark,” Bruce slides down the wall as Clark left and his pleas went unnoticed

Bruce knew that the only way to get out was to override the code but it will take a very long time to hack it. He tried to use his communicator.

“Hello Batman to Justice League, I’m trapped in the cell at the watchtower, I need assistance,” All he heard was static noise.

Are they okay? Did Superman take out his communications? Hopefully the latter. Now Bruce feels powerless. What if they get killed and he couldn’t get out? Bruce doesn’t think he’ll ever forgive himself or Clark. Hacking it is I guess. He hopes he hacks fast enough.


”Guys we should make a plan first before we try to attack Doomsday!” Superman yelled dodging Doomsday’s lasers

”Aren’t we already attacking?!” Flash ducked under Doomsday’s arm before he can punch him.

”No Flash we are more like blocking and dodging hits,” Green Lantern flies behind Doomsday and shoots projectiles at it.

”Where is Batman?” Wonder Woman asks as she takes out her sword and attacks Doomsday.

”He’s safe,”

”Wow be vague Superman that’s great. THE MAN WHO KNOWS WHAT THIS THING WEAKNESSES ARE ISN’T HERE! WHICH CAN STOP THIS FIGHT” Green Lantern yells just as Barry gets punched to the ground with Doomsday hand around his throat. Barry struggles until Doomsday picks him up and throws him like a rag doll.

”Bar- Flash!” Green Lantern flies over to Barry who’s nose is bleeding and his vision is blurring.

”It’s okay Bar, just stay there,” Green Lantern forms a hammer with his ring and charges at Doomsday. He uppercuts him and knocks him back before Doomsday uses his laser vision and Green Lantern formed a shield and blocked it.

”You gotta do better than that!” Doomsday growled. Doomsday slammed Green Lantern continuously punching him until he created a shield again and hits it with it.

”Superman, Does it have all your strengths?” Superman pushed Wonder Woman away from the laser vision.

”Yes, I think it does, maybe a lot stronger though, why?” 

“So the same weaknesses?” Clark nodded, understanding.

”We still got the kryptonite spear Lex had?” Wonder Woman looked to where it was and flew towards it grabbing it. 

“I got this Diana,” Clark grabbed the spear and  flew towards it in full speed and strength. Bruce broke out of the cell and dropped down from the Batmobile. Clark stabbed the spear into it’s heart but then realized that the monster did the same to him.

”Clark!” Bruce ran over the rumble and the dust. Barry’s eyes widened as Green Lantern picked him up and flew over to where Superman is.

”Clark, nononononono, you’re fine, Clark you’re okay,” Clark raised his hand to Bruce’s cheek.

”Bruce, I love you,” Bruce shook his head, a tear sliding down his cheek.

”You’re Superman. You can’t die! You can’t leave me here!”  

“It was an honor to work with all of you, Bruce Stay-“ Clark’s eyes closed.

”NO! He can’t die!” Bruce screamed hugging Superman’s dead corpse. 

“Bruce, we need to-“ Diana kneeled down to Bruce.

Green Lantern sighed and Flash hugged him tightly tears also sliding down Flash’s cheeks. 

People circled around the crater where Batman was holding Superman with a gaping hole in his chest, where Wonder Woman was holding Batman as he cried. Where Green Lantern was hugging Flash who had his face buried in the crook of his neck.

Eventually Wonder Woman pulled the corpse away from Bruce and managed to get him home.

Damian hugged him once he came home but Bruce didn’t respond.

”I’m sorry for your loss Father,” Bruce nodded and walked to his room climbed to the roof.

”Clark, why did you lock me there? I could’ve saved you somehow. You are Superman, the world needs Superman. I need Superman,” Bruce held the cloth

”You were supposed to be a unmovable figure, you were supposed to be invincible,”