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Featherfans Unite!

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ThiefofHearts - Akira, obviously

Scherezade420 - Futaba
- Scheherazade is the correct spelling of the name of the character telling the stories of the 1001 Nights, one of which is the tale of Alibaba. Blaze it!

LadyPanther - Ann

Empress-of-Flowers - Haru

CoffeeBoss - Sojiro

MoonRabbit99 - Mishima
- He’s the Moon and he’s kind of timid like a rabbit? No I don’t know the logic of why he’d have picked that for himself.

GunAboutKing - Shinya

BallisticsGecko - Iwai

ReachingForTruth - Yu

PungeonMaster - Sho

EndlessPathos - Marie

TrappedInTheTVAisle - Yosuke

sungoddessfire - Yukiko
- No I don’t know why this is the only one in all lowercase

MagicLoveline04 - Nanako

Fortune’sFool - Minato and Hamuko, with different symbols on the end

Fool’sFortune - Ryoji

BelieveItOrDon’t - Junpei

JusticeandStrength - Ken (and Koromaru)

ForeverArgus - Yukari

JunSuou - …...well. XD

MotorcycleNoises69 - Tatsuya

SilverIdol82 - Lisa

TwinPharaoh - Naoya
- In manga-canon he’s a twin, his ultimate is Amon-Ra (an Egyptian god tied to the pharaohs), and his shadow is literally introduced playing an arcade game, so he won the prize

JoJoPhoenixRangers - Mitsuru and Kei
- Throwaway account named as a joke. Because KiriJO and NanJO. Mitsuru just wants to see Yukari’s interview. Kei wants to give to charity. Neither want to admit to watching a Featherman livestream.

MasterPsychic000 - Maya Fey, because nothing like an Ace Attorney reference ;)

PhantomScientist777 - Carl [last name redacted]
- A Persona OC usually found doing science-y stuff of some kind, in this case being Goro’s physical therapist. He was heartlessly stolen by Atlus and made into a guidance counselor, and it remains to be seen if their characters will be merged together or if Takuto will be rejected as an inferior knock-off.

AngelHeart, MemeMasterEu, DreamChaser, MousequeradeLia, SoManyTrains - Discord friends! I wish I’d had room to include more.

Anyone with a “libraryofourown” link was a play on their AO3 handle except for BlueBunny and Satan, who were a play on their Discord names instead.

NightfallRook and SunsetBishop were both me, because I am nothing without my chess motifs. XD

Other Stuff

Feather Gold Osprey and Feather Navy Vulture were picked half because of the obvious parallels to Crow and Black Mask (because Goro should have gotten a Featherman DLC outfit, damn it), and half because there weren’t any other gold “sixth rangers” yet, and I wanted something unique, which is why he isn’t Feather White like I originally planned. And yes, I know, he could have been Crow, but I wanted him to have something new for himself. He deserved to be a raptor bird like Red.

Feather Crimson Robin is technically Kasumi’s hypothetical outfit, named because she’s stealing Joker’s red and Crow’s...well, Robin. Magenta Hummingbird, on the other hand, is because hummingbirds are light and speedy like gymnasts, and magenta isn’t real. I think I’m funny. ^_^

The “short Featherman horror RPG” was an extremely condensed version of my experience spending 3 nights playing Hetaoni and yelling a liveblog at my friend about it. Which involved moments such as, “I’ve never been this emotionally invested in Hetalia except for the Revolutionary War sequence” and “OH GOD WHAT EVEN IS THAT IT’S COVERED IN EYES” and “I HAVEN’T HAD CONTROL IN AN HOUR.”