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Featherfans Unite!

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Featherfans Unite! 12-hour Charity Livestream
Streaming live Jun 3, 2018

3:00pm - ¥0 raised

“Good day, Featherfans! My name is Goro Kurusu, and welcome to a very special Phoenix Talk! Today is our twelve-hour charity livestream, and before we get started, I want to explain a few rules and a couple of things about what’s going on today.”

The camera was set up in the living room, giving a good angle of Goro sitting beside the coffee table, as well as Akira stretched out on the couch with Morgana on his stomach, and a redheaded girl perched into one of the armchairs. Goro gestured to them. “You know Akira and Morgana already, but this is Akira’s little sister, Futaba. You know her as Scherezade, our helpful moderator. She’s here today because she did some very complicated tech stuff to make some of our later events work properly.”

Futaba lifted a hand in a wave. “‘Sup, nerds. Now I can ban you live if you get out of hand.”

Goro chuckled. “Yes, you can. Anyway, we have several events that will be going today, and a few corresponding donation incentives, which will be going up...there.” He tapped a button on his laptop, and the list popped up on the left side of the screen.

- ¥500 Donation Q&A
- Vote for which route of the Unofficial Featherman R Visual Novel (G endings)
- ¥50,000 - Sing the Talon Rangers theme song
- ¥100,000 - Featherman cosplay
- ¥500,000 - Unlock Goro’s fanfic
- ¥1 million - Unlock secret interview
- ¥2 million - Akira takes his shirt off

Goro continued, “Most of these are fairly self-explanatory. The donation link is in the stream description, along with a description of the charities the money will be going to. For the Q&A, please keep the questions PG-13. Inappropriate questions will be ignored. The voting for the visual novel ending will conclude when we reach the end of the common route, and it will be the gen romance ending of whichever route wins. If we reach 500,000 yen, I will read an excerpt of one of my own fics during the fanfic reading portion of the stream. And yes, if we reach two million, Akira will take his shirt off, so you all can calm down, you thirsty lunatics.” He was grinning, so it was clear he wasn’t upset by any of their shenanigans and begging.

Akira waved from the couch. “Also!” he said brightly. “At midnight, we’re switching over to After-Dark mode. 17+ only, and we’ve got some extra incentives. You can vote for which H-ending of the visual novel you want to see, and if we get to one and a half million yen, we’re going to read some smutty fanfic, because some of you went ahead and submitted that anyway even though we said we’d shame you on stream.” He laughed. “I guess we won’t, now, since we decided to do the reading after midnight.”

“All right, all right, enough rules, let’s get on with it!” Futaba cheered, and Goro nodded.

“Right. Up first, we’re going to get our regular stream stuff out of the way, which means episode 33 and 34 of Featherman R!”

3:35pm - ¥37,700 raised

“—and that brings us to episode 34, which… Honestly, Red Hawk suffers quite a bit from circumstance in this show. He keeps ending up in comedic and unfortunate situations through no fault of his own.” Goro took a sip of his drink. “This episode, he spends significant time with a girl, including missing a fight because he’s out with her and unaware of what’s going on. So the team logically comes to the conclusion that the girl is a shadow sent by the Great Demon, trying to keep him distracted.”

“Perfectly sound logic,” Akira chimed in.

“Definitely. And of course the solution is to stalk them everywhere and try to prove she’s a shadow, leading to a multitude of shenanigans.” Goro laughed to himself, leaning his cheek on his robot arm. “In the end, of course, it turns out that the girl was just a perfectly ordinary person, who by the end of the episode wants nothing to do with Katsuhira or any of his ‘crazy friends’.”

Futaba waved from her chair. “We’ve got another 500 yen donation with a question. MotorcycleNoises69 says, Wasn’t this episode good shipping fuel? Blue and Black seemed awfully insistent about the shadow thing.

Absolutely,” Goro said emphatically. “Those two were the most convinced that Red was being corrupted by some sort of shadow, rather than accept the notion that he was showing interest in anyone other than one of them.”

“Black Condor has died and come back to life by this point and still hasn’t told Red that he likes him,” Akira huffed. “He’s allowed to be paranoid.”

Goro snorted. “Chat says you sound like you’re in denial.”

“Shut up, you might all be lying to me about the wedding. That goodbye in episode 18 was nothing if not an expression of love!”

“We’re turning him into a proper shipper,” Futaba said smugly. “Also, you guys have another question. This one’s for both of you, from MoonRabbit99. Are you going to wear couples’ cosplay when you go to Comic-Con?

Akira groaned dramatically. “As much as I want to, we aren’t.”

Morgana meowed loudly, and Goro reached over to pet Akira’s hair. “There was a long discussion about it,” he told the camera. “Ultimately, we decided that since this is the first big, public event that I’m going to since my accident, it’s probably better to not go with the costume all day on top of that. But I do have a costume, which I will wear around the house for the stream if we hit the donation goal, and the rest of my friends are going as the rest of the Featherman X team and are coming to the panel as moral support.”

The chat sounded very excited about the prospect of group cosplay, but also disappointed that Goro’s wouldn’t be making a Comic-Con appearance. Donations continued to roll in, and Goro glanced at the totals. “So, right now, Feather Pink’s route actually has the most contributions towards it, so if you want to see something different, and if you want to hear some questionable singing, keep those donations coming. For now, let’s finish up with episode 34 so we can actually start the common route.”

4:57pm - ¥98,017 raised

“ all did this on purpose. I never should have told you that I’d never played this ending,” Goro said flatly. On-screen, there was a beautiful CG of Red Hawk and White Swallow engaged in a loving kiss, helmets discarded at their feet. “Like, I know Swallow’s girlfriend is in the hospital in canon, but I didn’t realize the romance route in this was hurt/comfort because his girlfriend died. Holy shit, guys.”

“Futaba, why didn’t you warn us?” Akira asked, as the credits started to roll. Futaba just stuck her tongue out at them and went back to whatever she was doing on her computer. With a huff, Akira frowned at the camera. “In all seriousness, guys, can we pick a different character for the H-route? Because I don’t know if I can handle a sex scene on this one.”

Goro cut the stream from the laptop, leaving just the video feed to fill the window. “All right, so we reached the incentive for the Talon Rangers theme song, which I am regretting making an incentive right now. So give me a minute to pull up the karaoke versi—”

“Wait, wait!” Futaba interrupted. “CoffeeBoss just donated ¥50,000, with the message, It’s for charity, yeah? That puts us over a hundred thousand, so you have to go put on Featherman cosplay to sing!” She smiled. “Thanks, dad.”

Akira blinked, dumbfounded, then said, “Wow, yeah, thanks, dad. You didn’t have to do that.” It was hard to tell whether he was being genuinely grateful for the donation, or sarcastically grateful for the costumed singing.

“It’s for charity!” Futaba said. “Now, go put on your outfits while I finish hooking everything up for the game tournament!”

Akira and Goro grumbled, but eventually made it off-camera. Futaba, meanwhile, kept working, and said over her shoulder, “So what I’m doing is making a custom server so we can play Ultra Phoenix Fighters with you guys with as little lag as possible. The way we’re gonna run this thing, you play until you lose or hit fifty consecutive wins. Once someone loses or hits that cap, the next person in the queue takes their place. If there’s a tie for most wins somehow, we’ll have a mini single-elimination tournament to decide who gets the prize, which is some awesome Featherman merch signed by Yukari Takeba.”

Onscreen, the top half of the split screen came back on to show the Ultra Phoenix Fighters title screen. Futaba flipped back around to face the camera, giving a thumbs-up. “So it’s gonna be five hundred yen to get put in the queue, since this is for charity, and we’re gonna cut the queue off at some point so we can get through everyone in a reasonable time. But I’ll give a warning before we just cut it off. This took a lot of finagling to get the code to work, so you guys better appreciate me!”

Morgana came over, bracing his paws on her leg and meowing loudly. Futaba glanced at him. “You can’t play, Mona. The controls are too complex.”

An indignant meow filled the room. Futaba groaned. “I know you’re good at Punch Ouch, but that has totally different controls!”

She leaned over to check on the chat, ignoring Morgana’s continued complaining. The chat was a wall of ‘Let him play!’, and she sighed. “Look, the Playstation controller has too many buttons for someone that doesn’t have thumbs. Morgana hasn’t achieved the necessary dex stat for this.”


“Mona, you’re not a high enough level, I’m sorry. You need more practice.” Futaba kept reading the chat, where people were advocating on Morgana’s behalf, and finally she sighed again. “Okay, look. Here’s what I’ll do. I know this is Goro’s stream, but I’ll add a donation incentive. If we get a ¥25,000 donation, I’ll hook up the Famicom after the tournament and you guys can watch Mona speedrun Punch Ouch. Sound good?”

The chat was scattered for a moment, but then seemed to agree that it was acceptable. Futaba clapped her hands and added it to the incentives list. “Excellent. Now the nerds just have to get back from changing clothes.”

“We’re here, we’re here!” Akira’s voice chimed from off-camera. “Thank goodness the bluetooth mics fit inside the helmets, or no one would be able to hear us. Can you start the music and be our camera-person so we don’t have to shuffle on-screen and then strike the pose?”

Futaba giggled, delighted. “Okay! I can do that!” She disappeared for a moment, then the camera lifted up from where it had been sitting. “All right, I’m going to count you down. 3… 2… 1… Goooo~!”

As the music started, the camera panned over, revealing Akira and Goro in near-perfect cosplays of Feather Red Duke and Feather Gold Osprey. Careful examination would reveal Goro leaning on one of his crutches, arm positioned strategically behind Akira to try to hide it as they struck a heroic pose. As the music started, Akira was clearly more into the singing than Goro despite it being in English, but Goro found his stride the more they sang.

There’s a light in the distance,
You can see it coming closer.
A power for the ages,
Destinies combined!

Protectors of the right,
Defenders for the fight!

Talon Rangers rise,
Fearless through the skies!
Protecting us from evil forces!
Victory is ours forever more!

Talon Rangers win!
Power from within!
Victory is ours forever more!

Go go Talon Rangers~!

Once they were done, Akira gave up trying to keep it together and laughed, pulling his helmet off before helping Goro back to the couch. “Oh jeeze. I know it probably sounds less cheesy than ours because it’s in a foreign language, but still.”

“It’s still cheesy.” Goro pulled his helmet off. “Is all the setup done for the— Futaba. Why do we have eight ¥25,000 donations? What the hell happened?”

“People really wanna see Mona speedrun Punch Ouch,” Futaba said happily. “After the tournament, though. Let’s go!”

6:22pm - ¥445,052 raised

“And so, congratulations to TwinPharaoh for winning the bundle of signed merch!” Goro said brightly. He and Akira had put up a good fight as well, but ultimately one player had come out on top with an impressive 28 wins total. “We’ll be in touch over DMs to talk about how to get you your prize, but for now, I think Futaba is about finished setting up the Famicom, since you all wanted to see Morgana do a speedrun.”

Akira, who was manning the chat while they dealt with that, said, “We’ve got another question. PhantomScientist777 asks, Goro, are you making sure you take a break at some point? He included a ¥30,000 donation, too!”

“Yes, Carl, I’m taking a break!” Goro huffed. After a moment, he explained, “That’s my physical therapist. He’s...been really great, actually. We still talk sometimes even though my appointments are done. And he makes a good point. After Punch Ouch, we’re going to stream the Featherman Forever Red special so Akira, Futaba, and I can take a break and eat dinner. I know my limits, don’t worry. I wouldn’t plan a 12-hour stream without building in a little downtime.”

Futaba gave him a thumbs-up from beside the TV, and Goro beckoned to Morgana. “All right, looks like everything is set up. Ready to go, Morgana?”

Morgana meowed affirmatively and hopped up onto the table where they’d set up the controller, braced so that it wouldn’t move while he was pushing the buttons. There were three views on-screen: the game itself, a wide-angle view of the room showing that Morgana was, in fact, using the controller connected to the TV, and a close-up view focused on his paws.

“For the record,” Goro said, “the world record for Punch Ouch is ten minutes and 47 seconds. The fastest I’ve seen Morgana do it is about 22 minutes, which puts him somewhere in the top fifty fastest.”

The chat was skeptical, but was quickly filled with all-caps screaming as Morgana proved that he could, in fact, not only play Punch Ouch, but play very well. He was done in just under 25 minutes, and the chat was freaking out. Once time was called, Akira scooped him up to ruffle his ears, and Goro beamed. “That was a good choice for a donation incentive, Futaba. Now, it’s time for the Forever Red special, and we’re going to take a short break and eat dinner while that’s on. Keep the donations coming, because we’re currently just under halfway to the secret interview, and we’ve got a long way to go if you want Akira to take his shirt off, so let’s get some more money for charity~ When we come back, we’ll start the fanfic reading, so be ready for that!”

And as the chat continued trying to figure out how they taught the cat to do that, the video feed changed over, and Goro cut the mics off and flopped into Akira’s lap.

“What are we having for dinner?” he asked.

Akira petted his hair. “I ordered takeout noodle bowls. They should be here in the next ten minutes or so. We also have microwave stuff if you’re hungry right this second.”

“No, I can wait…” Goro nuzzled his hand. “It’s...going well, isn’t it?”

“I’d say so, considering we’re a few hundred yen away from 500,000,” Akira said. “Which means you get to read your fanfic, too.”

“Don’t remind me,” Goro muttered, glancing at the slightly-yellowed notebook sitting on the dining room table. “I’m glad we did this, though. I’m having fun.”

Akira hummed. “That’s the most important thing. Charity is good too, but if this is too much, we can stop at any time.”

“Not at all. I can’t wait to read the snippets you picked out.” Goro pulled him down for a kiss, and Futaba groaned.

“I’m going to microwave some yakisoba. Call me when the actual food is here,” she said, shuffling towards the kitchen and pointedly ignoring them.

7:55pm - ¥717,122 raised

“Okay,” Goro said, once they’d returned from dinner and the special was over. “I know that the fic reading is probably why half of you are here in the first place, but first I want to thank a few of the people that have donated. Thank you Empress-of-Flowers for the ¥90,000 donation, thank you ForeverArgus for ¥50,000, thank you sungoddessfire for ¥50,000, thank you TrappedInTheTVAisle for ¥10,000, thank you NightfallRook and SunsetBishop for ¥5,000 each, and thank you everyone else for any of the smaller amounts donated. It means a great deal that you would do this to help such a good cause. And now…” He sighed heavily, and Akira passed him a tablet. “We’re going to read some fanfic.

“After I read a snippet, Futaba is going to post the link to the whole fic in the chat, so please support these authors. We’re not making fun of anyone here, because I didn’t ask permission for this. And Akira picked some of these, so I’m going to go in blind on those. And yes, we hit the donation threshold a while ago, so I will be reading my fic afterwards. Everybody calm down.”

He flicked through the tablet, opening up the saved snippets and their accompanying information. “All right, first up we have...Advent fic, actually, so I can think of at least a few people in the chat that will be happy about this one.”

Goro started reading. He’d been anxious at first about trying to do someone else’s work justice, but it felt surprisingly natural after a few minutes. He couldn’t look at the chat to see what they thought of all of it, but he hoped it was going over well.

“Good job, guys! That was one hell of a fight and we can stand proud!”

Pink Argus was already back on her feet. Silver Peregrin silently admired how strong and assertive she was, how she always led her troupe to victory. Had Silver had a heart, it may have hurt at knowing that they would never be allowed to be a part of this all.

But Silver was not like them.

After all, Silver was here for only one reason, a reason that was standing right beside Pink.

Red Eagle.

Silver wished to know why they were drawn to Red like this. Why did Red feel so important, when Pink was obviously the leader? Red Eagle was silent, efficient, he didn’t discuss orders, always went straight to the point.

Red Eagle was deadly.

Had Silver had any hair, they’d be standing only by feeling the aura that emanated from him. And that aura was why Silver had made it their mission to check on this specific ranger at all cost.

“Thank you for the help, Silver. We’re glad we had you. Will you join us?”

Silver Peregrin had a hard time processing the question. The answer was obvious: of course not, but the warm tone of Pink’s voice made it harder to transmit.

“With such strength, you would be a valuable addition to our team, Silver Peregrin. We would be honoured to have you join us. Please consider it.”

Goro lowered the tablet, humming thoughtfully. “An interesting take on Silver Peregrin’s first encounter with the team… It seems like this is happening a little earlier than it does in canon. It’s a good introspection on Silver’s inner conflict, considering their circumstances. Good rec, guys.”

“Man, can you imagine if the reveal had actually happened that early? Things might have gone so different,” Futaba chimed in.

“There certainly could have been less suspicion,” Goro agreed. Flipping to the next snippet, he looked it over. “All right, so this one is… R fic! Nice. And it’s a oneshot, so I think I can read the whole thing.” He started reading, giving a dramatic tone to the battle scene that the rangers found themselves in the middle of. Until...


They were too late.

They could only watch from a distance as the enemy charged himself, sucking in the air, before shouting in cartoonishly high voice.


A stream of highly concentrated ketchup shot forward. Hawk tried to evade it, but got hit straight in the chest. As the attack sprayed, they momentarily lost sight of their leader in the red haze.

When it cleared they found him lying on the ground, motionless. The red liquid spilling on the ground was not only ketchup.

On that day they witnessed their leader fall to his archenemy, The—

Goro had been trying to keep it together, but choked on a laugh. “Th-The Big Bad Burger,” he spluttered. “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at this person’s writing, I’m just…”

“He sounds like a challenge,” Akira quipped, and Goro snorted.

“No, no, the… The worst part is that this is the… It’s the first oneshot of a six-part series about his teammates’ individual reactions to his death. I’ve read part of it! They’re great character studies! I feel bad for laughing! But that villain name!”

Futaba was giggling too, and Morgana was making a rumbling purr noise that might have been amusement. Akira was doing his absolute best to keep a straight face, but was failing from watching Goro laugh. It took them a few minutes to get themselves together, even with effort.

“Okay, okay, no, we have to… We have to go to the next one…” Still giggling, Goro pulled up the next snippet, skimming for a moment. “Okay, so this one is… Ooh. This one. As a preface, this one is dated as being posted before the big reveal. So this person totally called it early-on. Akira, I think we can do voices, too. Especially since we’re still in costume. See, this bit from the middle...”

“Wait, wait, I’ll do the narration!” Futaba yelled, running around to fling herself over the back of the sofa so she could see the screen.

" found me," said Gold, voice dry but strained. The other boy looked to be in great pain – he winced occasionally, his hand squeezing around his arm with such force that Red found himself drawing closer, if only to get him to stop.

Red reached out as he approached, "Hey, are you—"

"Get back!"

Gold's shout stopped him in his tracks, and he was frozen in place as the other boy doubled over and clutched at his chest. Dark streaks bloomed under his hand and fought against the gold of his suit, threatening to swallow it whole. The two colours clashed and fought until they reached a stalemate, leaving a gold and navy striped haphazardly all over his entire body.

Gold raised his head to meet Red's eyes, his eyes filled with a fear that Red had never seen before. The intensity of the moonlight seemed to grow brighter as it framed the other boy in its glow, revealing the true colour that tried to take him over.


Goro waved the tablet. “Look at this! Posted a full month before the episode where Red and Gold actually work together, and before we learn Gold is Navy! It’s great!”

“Honestly, the fact that somebody called it doesn’t surprise me, but they got really close,” Futaba agreed. “I’m sure there’s a thousand ID-reveal fics for Feather Gold, but the number of them that also pinged that he’s Navy is probably miniscule.”

“Every series has that one specific fic plot,” Goro said. “It’s like how every RedBlack R shipper wrote a version of Black crashing Red and Blue’s wedding.”

They read a few more snippets, including one of very questionable quality featuring ‘Feather Rainbow Quetzal’ that Goro was sure was a joke, and then Goro addressed the camera. “Okay, one more, and then I’ll read mine. Everybody good?”

The chat was a mix of disappointment that the reading was almost over, and enthusiasm for getting to see Goro’s fic. Goro pulled up the final snippet on the tablet, and started to read.

Ah yes, here he was – Seiya Takeno. Completely unrelated to the group, but somehow constantly passing by them from time to time, greeting them awkwardly. The others started speculating he was jealous of them all being so tightly-knit and wanted to be their friend. Zen suspected he might have had some kind of an ulterior motive, maybe like how Iriya used to very obviously tail them suspiciously before determining they were the Rangers. But there was no way to tell as of yet.

Seiya Takeno was currently present at the scene of the other Rangers trying to decide who was brave enough to take the Rus—

Goro stopped reading.

He set the tablet down very slowly.

“Which of you did this?”

“What’s wrong?” Akira asked. Futaba was just grinning like a demon.

Goro turned on the redheaded gremlin. “Futaba, no. I am not reading this on stream.”

“Awww,” she said. “Why not?”

“Because you are this close to a Deadly Sin, you little monster.”

Akira, meanwhile, picked up the tablet, skimming the story and starting to laugh. “Oh, come on, it’s not that bad.” On light feet, he moved until the couch was between him and Goro, then began to read.

Seiya Takeno was currently present at the scene of the other Rangers trying to decide who was brave enough to take the Russian Takoyaki challenge. Zen himself was about to volunteer just for the sake of standing out and being extra, as always. And because he suspected the 'special one' – which was obviously redder than his Red Duke suit -was too spicy to handle, and wanted to spare the others from suffering.

But Seiya Takeno was there, and Zen suddenly had... a curious, sadistic urge.

Before anyone could stop him, he offered the other boy the plate of takoyaki, making sure the 'special one' stood out. Takeno's face lit up at the offer, and he thanked Zen gingerly before picking... yes! That was it! He took the red one! – and stuffing the entire thing into his mouth.

"Hmm... it's quite deli—"

He was still smiling like a ray of sunshine, savouring the taste, before he froze like a statue. A deep, animalistic growl escaped his mouth and he bent over, his face turning red from his throat most likely being on fire, then blue from his lungs probably losing all air in them, then purple from a mix of both. His eyes watered and his muscles clenched, his otherwise well-composed body overtaken with tremor.

It was quite the delightful sight, Zen thought to himself, and tried hard to not burst into mocking laughter.

Mayaru straightened up in her seat and offered Takeno water, but the other boy politely declined, claiming he liked spicy stuff – dumbest lie in the entire world – and faking the most high-pitched, gagged laughter Zen probably ever heard. He liked the sound of that laughter, and he hoped he would have the chance to hear it again.

Obviously unable to take it any longer, Takeno excused himself and stumbled away from the group, still sounding like his throat was crumbling.

Zen smirked victoriously to himself, making a note to never forget this iconic moment, so he'll be sure to forever taunt the other boy with the memory on every possible occasion. Poor Takeno, doomed to never escape the shame for the rest of his life.

At some point during the reading, Goro had given up and laid down on the couch. “I don’t know if you deserve to hear any of my fic after that,” he said morosely.

“Aw, come on, no one would even know something was wrong if you hadn’t stopped reading,” Futaba said. “I pick on you because you’re basically my brother-in-law and I love you.”

“You are a nightmare.” Goro glanced over at the chat as a donation ping went off, and groaned. “Lovely. We have a ¥500 donation from BelieveItOrDon’t with the question, Did you cry when you ate the spicy takoyaki? and a sadistic winking emoji. The answer is yes. I hate all of you.”

Akira retrieved the notebook from the dining room table and set it on Goro’s stomach. “C’mon, honey. We’ve raised so much money.”

There was an even louder ping from the donation tracker, and Futaba’s mouth dropped open. “Holy shit, you guys, we just got a one million yen donation from JoJoPhoenixRangers with the message, Wanted to make sure we unlocked the secret interview. Good luck with the rest of the stream! I’m… Damn it, this is a throwaway account, there’s no actual name associated with it. Thank you, whoever you are!”

Goro and Akira stared at each other, and then Goro sat up and picked up the notebook. “I guess I have to read after that. Also that means we’re less than ¥200,000 away from Akira taking his shirt off, so good job, you thirsty lunatics?”

He flipped through the notebook, taking his time before finally settling on a page with a heavy sigh. “Here we go.”

Black broke the kiss, letting go of the other ranger and walking toward the window before stopping and looking back. He held out his hand, asking quietly, "Do you trust me?" He wanted this to be Red's choice. Yes, Red had walked away from his wedding, but if this wasn’t what he wanted, Black was going to let him be.

Red stared between his face and his outstretched hand for a long moment. Finally, he breathed softly, "Yes. I do." He took the last few steps forward, placing his hand in Black's. "I always have."

Black curled his fingers around Red's offered hand, pulling the dark-haired man forward until he was close enough to fold into a gentle embrace. Red didn't resist, reaching up to wrap his arms around Black's neck. Black gazed into his eyes for a moment, seeing his reflection in wide chocolate pools, then leaned down and kissed him. His tongue coaxed the other's mouth open, drawing soft sounds of pleasure from Red. He relished the sweet flavor that only Red had, something better than any dessert Black had ever come across.

“Dude, did you write BlackRed smut?” Futaba gasped from her chair, and Goro slammed the notebook shut.

“No!” he said. “I was fourteen! ...they made out for a while and then went to sleep.”

“That’s adorable,” Akira beamed, nuzzling in for a kiss and trying to sneakily take the notebook. But Goro held fast to it and smacked him over the head with it.


“I just want to see if you ever did write smut!”


After a brief scuffle that Akira ended up surrendering, Goro smiled at the camera. “All right. I’ll be taking a short break now and letting Akira run the stream. When I come back, we’ve more than exceeded the secret interview donation incentive, so I’ve texted our guest to let them know to come on over. So look forward to that! The final donation incentive is at two million, but at this rate, we might have to think of something else. We’ll see.”

9:15pm - ¥2,003,534 raised

A few minutes later, Akira returned, rotating the camera around so it faced the empty floorspace of the living room instead of the couch. He’d changed out of his Feather Duke cosplay back into a loose t-shirt and some comfortable lounge pants.

“So,” he explained, “Goro’s gone to take a nap so we can actually get to 3am without passing out on the couch. That means you get me until it’s time for the interview~” He waved at Futaba, who was no longer visible on-camera, and added, “And also, we passed the two million mark thanks to some very generous donations, so that means I’m going to take my shirt off. And Goro’s not here to stop me from being ridiculous.”

Some unnecessarily pornographic saxophone music cut on. The chat filled with screeching and eyes emojis as Akira took his sweet time pulling the shirt higher a little at a time, swaying his hips to the music until finally lifting it over his head and tossing it aside. He struck a pose, showing off his abs, then came over to sit down in front of the camera. “Oh, wow, guys, that’s a lot of screaming.”

“There’s like fifty hundred-yen donations, so uh, I think they’re metaphorically making it rain. And also more questions, if you wanna look,” Futaba’s voice said from off-camera.

Akira laughed. “Okay.” He peered at the donation comments curiously. “Have I ever considered becoming a stripper? No, but I work at a drag bar sometimes. Has anyone ever asked to lick my abs? Pretty sure someone did that the one time I walked by shirtless by accident. Hm… Definitely can’t answer that one before midnight, sorry guys.”

Morgana padded over, sitting down to peer at the chat as well. “Meooow?”

“Yeah, well…”


Akira rolled his eyes. “Okay, yeah, fine. Don’t tell Goro, but I kind of forgot to plan anything specific for this time chunk, so I might just hang out here and talk to you guys. With no shirt, now.”

Another donation ping sounded, and Akira raised an eyebrow at it. “Do I have any long-lost Featherman fanfic? No.” He watched the chat speed up, and waved his hands defensively, “Wait, stop posting ‘doubt’ emojis, I don’t! The truth is, until like...a month before last season premiered, I’d only watched a few episodes. My parents didn’t like me to watch too much TV, and my first year in Tokyo, I didn’t have time. Goro’s the one who made me binge season one so I’d be ready to watch this past season with him.”

Whatever the next question was made him frown a little, and he hesitated before answering. “What did Goro do to end up with someone like me? ...Not sure I like the implication there. What hasn’t Goro done to end up with me? Flirted, taste-tested my original terrible attempts at artisan coffee, tried to assassinate me, went on bike dates, played chess with me, killed his clone to protect me, had conversations about philosophy, and, of course, got me into Featherman.”

The chat watched as somehow the cat rolled its eyes, as Futaba could be heard snickering in the background. Akira sighed, waving a hand carelessly. “How did I get lucky enough to have him is probably a better question, considering I almost lost him twice. But let’s not ask things like that, okay? If you guys wanna just do shirtless Q&A for half an hour or so, that’s fine, but I’d rather not have to ban anyone for uncomfortable questions.”

Another ping. “Why does Goro use my last name if we’re not married? Not that that’s any of your business, but he prefers it to his own, that’s all.”

Ping. “Why does my name sound familiar? I have no idea.”

Ping. “ Let’s not ask about that, or I might have to steal your heart.” Akira winked, but his voice was serious.

12:36am - ¥3,527,000 raised

“...I don’t… What’s even happening anymore?” Goro asked no one in particular, clicking through the dialogue with a steady hand. After he’d come back from his nap, they’d revealed the secret interview - a very enthusiastic Yukari Takeba - and settled in for the actual interview and a short Q&A session. The chat had been incredibly polite, and while Yukari shared stories from her time on-set and talked about the different challenges that came with being a writer instead of an actress, they managed to keep all the questions respectful.

Goro hadn’t realized how much she pulled from her own experiences for the show itself. She’d been a script consultant for Advent and had drawn a lot of inspiration from her work as part of both SEES and the Shadow Operatives. Not that they brought any of that up on-stream, but when she talked about the creative process behind the scripts, it clicked in his mind at last how similar several of the plot points were to things he knew about the Shadow Operatives, especially Silver Peregrin’s unique situation as an android learning to live among friends.

After the interview was over, Goro had pulled up a selection of odd fangames gathered from all over the internet. Yukari had even stuck around for the first few, taking her turn at pixel-y platforming games, odd puzzle games, and something that may or may not have been a farming simulator with all the sprites replaced by Featherman characters. But after she left, chat had rallied for them to play what appeared to be a fan RPG, and Goro had agreed. The game was downloaded, a walkthrough was obtained so they could see as much of it as possible, and now, fast-approaching two hours later, no one was paying attention to what time it was because everyone was riveted to the drama onscreen.

“Have you even had control in the last half-hour or has it all been cutscene?” Akira asked incredulously, wandering back in with a drink.

“I…” Goro stopped to think for a minute. “I had control once. I left the safe room and walked down to the front hallway to look out the window.”

“How long ago was the attic?”

“ hour. And I’m not completely sure what’s happening now, but Neo Blue Swan and Neo Black Falcon went to the basement and one of those things was about to ambush them. Neo Red Hawk is in a coma, and the others are trying to figure out how to help the Advent and Victory teams from inside the mansion,” Goro said. “Victory Yellow Owl might have died; it cut away before we could see. But we’ve been watching this flashback for like twenty minutes now, and honestly, chat, I’m angry with you, because no one told me this game was coming for my emotions like this. ‘Oh, it’s just a short Featherman horror RPG!’ You are all liars, what the hell.”

Onscreen, the comatose Neo Red Hawk was wandering through a mental landscape of fog and poppies, following a mysterious voice. The game suddenly faded to a CG of him facing two figures, and as the mist cleared, Goro’s mouth fell open. “Wait, that’s R Red Hawk and Black Condor! Is this implying that the R team already died in this mansion?? What’s happening?

The CG shifted to a new picture reading ‘End of Chapter 10’. Slowly, beneath the words, ‘To Be Continued’ faded in, and Akira yelped. “Wait, what? Continued?”

Credits began to roll. Goro stared at the screen, dumbfounded. “This thing isn’t even finished?! How dare you get me emotionally invested and then do this to me?!”

Half the chat was freaking out as the other half cackled with glee. Goro watched the credits play out, then closed the game, pouting. “You’re all terrible. I don’t even feel bad that we ran past midnight. But, on that note, it’s time to start the after-dark portion of the stream, so if you’re under seventeen, thank you for coming, but you’ll need to leave now. I think we’re going to need to discuss this game during next Sunday’s stream. Have a very good night, and I’ll see you next time.”

Futaba gave him a thumbs-up, and with a few clicks, a chunk of the viewers vanished, including several that were flagrantly lying about their ages in their profiles. Never think you can sneak into a 17+ stream when the mod is a hacker.

“All right,” Goro said. “We met the donation incentive for smut fic ages ago, so that’s a go. Feather Black’s route has won the vote for which H-route we’re doing, which really isn’t a surprise at all, and as of now, the price to ask questions has gone up to a thousand yen, but you can ask more risque stuff if you want to. We still reserve the right to refuse to answer, though.”

As he turned away to set the visual novel back up, several donation pings sounded off all at once, and Futaba snickered. “So, okay, that’s five different people all asking what the donation incentive is for Akira to take his pants off.”

“What? Oh my god. No. We’re going to get banned from Youcube,” Goro huffed.

As the game was loading, more pings came through, and Futaba laughed. “Not only is the chat rioting, they’re donating just to beg. Your audience is thirsty as fuck, Goro. I’ve got one here that says, You won’t get banned as long as he’s not naked. That’s what the TOS says.

Goro glanced at Akira, who shrugged, and then sighed heavily. “Fine. Fine. You all win, you absolute heathens. If we get to 6.9 million yen total, Akira will take his pants off. Are you happy?”

The chat was briefly full of celebratory emojis, people spamming ‘nice’, and triumph, before they realized that was almost twice as much as they’d already raised, with less than half the time it had taken to get that far remaining. Then there was a cry of despair, followed by a burst of determination. They had a goal! They would succeed!

Goro watched the chat scroll for a minute, then glanced over at Akira. “Last chance to back out. They seem pretty determined. You might actually have to strip.”

Akira shrugged again. “It’s for charity.” He leaned over to mumble something in Goro’s ear, and Goro laughed.

“Suit yourself, then.” Goro connected the laptop to the main screen, so the visual novel filled half. “All right. Starting with the branch that puts us on Feather Black’s route. Everybody ready?”

1:45am - ¥4,670,000 raised

Thankfully, Morgana had opted to go to bed sometime in the middle of the RPG, because lascivious moaning was filling the living room, and Goro and Akira were realizing that playing with an audience might not have been the best idea.

“I’m still totally impressed by the quality of this game, since it’s not official. Like, the fact that they have voice-acting, good voice acting, is amazing,” Akira pointed out, as in-game, Red desperately gasped Black’s name, begging for more. “I mean, it’s not just finding voice actors. It’s finding voice actors willing to stick with the project and do things like this…”

Goro was chewing on his lip. “Mh-hm.”

Futaba kicked her feet in the background. “The chat thinks at least one of you has a boner. But it’s not an official donation question, so you don’t have to admit it.”

“Futaba. Please.”

Akira made a face and crawled off-camera before getting up. “I’m gonna...go get the tablet with the fic snippets while you run through the last scene.”

Goro groaned, but kept clicking through the epilogue. “Hurry back, because the post-sex scene isn’t very long.”

Akira fled, pursued by Futaba’s giggling, and Goro glanced at the chat. “Apparently Blue Swan’s route is really good too, so I do admire that they took the time to flesh out each route as opposed to showing bias to a particular ship.” The chat scrolled faster, and Goro sighed. “Yes, I have the version with the uncensored CGs. No, we’re not playing that one, because we will get banned.”

He cut off the credits as Akira returned with the tablet. “Okay. Are we ready for the end of this? You promised to read some of these too.”

“Of course! There’s only three of these, actually, and the first one is just a sentence or two, so after that we can just hang out with the chat and answer sexy questions til three,” Akira replied grinning. He was about to flop onto the couch when Futaba made a strangled noise from her chair.

“What is it?” Goro asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Uh……” Futaba said. “Empress-of-Flowers just donated ¥2,230,000, which is...exactly as much as we need for that last donation incentive.”

Akira and Goro stared at each other.

“You...don’t have to,” Goro said. “I set that incentive with the notion that we wouldn’t get that high.”

“I wouldn’t want to disappoint the chat,” Akira said. “They donated so much money. Although, really, Empress, I’ve got some questions for you later. Goro, are you gonna put on the shirt?”

“I guess I have to.” Goro pushed himself up so he could get into his wheelchair, heading back towards their room. While he was gone, Akira ran through a few more of the questions that had been donated for.

“What’s sex like with a robot arm? I’m not having sex with his arm, or I could tell you, probably. Which of us is louder in bed? Definitely Goro. Is Goro’s… What the fuck, no. How does… I am not answering that, jeeze. Kinks? Bondage, no contest.”

Futaba groaned. “I’m gonna go mod from the guest room. I’m not sure I wanna stick around for this in-person.”

She gathered up her laptop and prepared to vanish as well. Goro returned, changed into lounge pants of his own, and a crimson t-shirt that said, 'You are not immune to propaganda.' Futaba bumped into him on her way out and practically dissolved into hysterics when she saw it, and Akira grinned, stepping up and turning his back to the camera. With none of the ceremony from earlier, he pushed his lounge pants down his hips and let them pool at his feet so he could kick them away. Underneath, he was wearing crimson boxer-briefs, with the word “propaganda” printed right across his ass, and he struck a pose, making sure to jut his hip out.

Goro wheeled over to the laptop to see the chat. “We’re getting a flood of hundred-yen donations that all say, We are not immune. Clearly getting you to strip for charity is the most lucrative option.” He moved back to the couch, swiping up the tablet, and Akira draped himself across the rest of the couch beside him.

“All right, snippet one… Akira.”

Akira stretched languidly. “You never said how long the snippets had to be.”

“I hate you.” Goro looked back down at the tablet. In the most dead voice he could manage, he began to read.

“Hey wanna see my cock?” Red asked.

“AGAIN,” Black protested, “you’ve already shown us your pet chicken like. Three times man”

Akira smiled. “Art.”

“No.” Goro shoved the tablet at him. “You read the next one.”

That turned out to be a mistake, because actual explicit fic read in Akira’s unnecessarily smooth voice made Goro very glad that he still had his Featherman blanket. By the time Akira stopped, the chat was a solid wall of smiley faces with their tongues out, and Goro was pretty sure he was blushing.

“All right, you last!” Akira said, sounding completely unfazed, and Goro took the tablet, thankful that the last one seemed to be more thirst than porn.

“Fine. One last fic.”

“Come on, Gold! You’re a part of us now, you have to do it!”

Seiya had rarely seen Tsurumaki without her armor, but he knew she was quite a shy and guarded teenager beneath her helmet. When she was Green, though, she was bubbly, and way too enthusiastic.

Seiya would have sulked, but he was still too baffled at the whole situation.

Did this team have any sense of self preservation? Were there any limits to their forgiveness?

The rangers had saved his life once, and to thank them, he had tried to kill them.

So what if he had been possessed by the Navy stone? It had taught him to hate them, had given him the rush of power that was necessary to destroy them… and yet they had won, and instead of just leaving him for dead, they had saved his life again, and extended an offer to join the team?

And now… this? Whatever this was.


Muramoto’s voice echoed through the hangar as he tapped the ground, his black hair bouncing before his face, then swiftly kicked the air with his (incredibly slender and eye-catching, damn, Seiya, focus) right leg before unfolding his arms in a series of complex motions that ended with him pushing the stone on his wrist and a blinding ray of light enveloping him as his armor covered his (incredibly well-built and inviting in this outfi… Seiya, damn it) body, turning him into the charismatic Red Duke.

“Wow, that is some blatant thirst,” Akira commented. He swiped the tablet, picking a spot further down and reading a bit of his own.

“Your turn, Seiya! You must have a heroic transformation move!”

Seiya could hear the smile from beneath Red’s helmet. He was clearly having the time of his life. Heroic transformation move? Was he even fitted to be a hero? He had fallen, he had betrayed them, he wasn’t...

“Come on, Gold, we want to see you, just let your body do the talking!”, Green encouraged.

Oh no, he sure as hell wouldn’t let his body do the talking, not when Red was two meters away from him.

“Iku ze!”, Seiya began, enthusiasm clearly lacking.

“WE CAN’T HEAR YOU, DUDE!” Yellow yelled, and Seiya pinched his nose before taking a deep breath. All right. Maybe that was their way to make him pay for dealing with the Knights of the Cataclysm. He could do it.


Trying to find whatever would be both intimidating and as charismatic as Red, Seiya straightened his body, kicking the air with his leg, then using the propulsion to do a tiny flip and spreading his arm after promptly activating his own stone, the familiar blinding light covering him as the Gold outfit took its place.

“...nice.” Red smirked behind his helmet, and how could this guy have such audible smirks?

Akira set the tablet aside with a grin and lounged back across Goro’s lap, making sure to show off his abs for the camera. “I like that one.”

“Of course you do, you smug asshole.” Goro ruffled his hair affectionately. “So... Half-hour of Q&A and then finish up?”

“Mhm.” Akira shifted enough to see the donation questions. “Ooh. Have we ever had roleplay sex? Yes.”

“Wh— Okay, fine, yes, we have,” Goro admitted. But then he tugged Akira’s hair gently and added, “He’s Red, and I top.”

“Oh, it’s like that, honey?” Akira immediately started skimming for another question, and for the next half an hour they traded off providing risque and silly answers. But eventually Akira, who hadn’t gotten a nap in, started to doze off, and when 3:00am hit he was asleep in Goro’s lap with the blanket draped over him.

Goro smiled at the camera, one hand buried in Akira’s curls and petting softly. “And with that, we’re done for the night,” he said. “I want to thank all of you for your generosity. We raised ¥6,921,000 total, which is...three times as much as I was expecting, really. And this was a lot of fun.” He watched the chat for a moment, then continued, “This week’s videos will be compilations from the stream, for the people that weren’t here the whole time, and next weekend, we’ll talk about the next episodes of Featherman R, along with that game you made me play.” He laughed. “This has been Phoenix Talk. Until next time, everyone.”

With a last wave, the stream went offline.