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Featherfans Unite!

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Important Announcement
Published on Mar 31, 2018

“Good day, Featherfans. My name is Goro Kurusu, and welcome back to Phoenix Talk. It’s going to be a short video today, because I mainly want to make an announcement and ask a question or two.”

Goro glanced down at the sheet he was holding. “Saturday, June 2nd is my birthday. I will be busy that day, as I’m sure you can imagine. So, instead of doing a video on Saturday and then my usual stream, I want to hold a twelve-hour charity stream that Sunday. I’ve been thinking about donation incentives and what to do for twelve hours, of course, and I have several ideas.

“I’m thinking we’ll discuss episodes 35 and 36 of Featherman R, for sure. Possibly stream the movie, since that was unconnected to the show’s story arc.” Goro skimmed the list. “Finding Featherman fangames to play onstream, having guests… Akira and Morgana suggested a few things, but some of it I would need to get permission for, and that’s...dependent on the generosity of my friends. One thing that I do know I want to do is dramatic readings of some fanfiction. So if any of you have suggestions for fic to read out loud, please leave links sometime between now and then. LO3 links will obviously be the easiest, but if there’s obscure fic on a fansite or something, don’t hesitate to send that in either.” He glanced back up at the camera, raising his eyebrow. “Akira and I are going to go through the submissions, and he’s already volunteered to read with me if it’s something that would work better with voices. However, if you send in smut, you will be named on stream and frowned at.”

As he looked back down at his notes, Akira’s arm appeared from the hallway, holding up a sign that said in blocky letters, I’M TRYING TO CONVINCE HIM TO SWITCH TO 17+ AT 11PM. By the time Goro looked back up, it had retreated again.

“Anyway, veering back to the more serious details… I haven’t quite determined which charities, yet. I want to do more research to ensure that the money goes to people who will put it to good use. But I want to see if I can find organizations that help with medical treatments or pro-bono therapy, and also give to orphanages, to help improve conditions.” Goro looked away from the camera, mouth twisting. From that angle, burned side of his face mostly hidden, anyone starting from that point could have assumed he looked like everyone else. “I don’ about my past much. Before the accident. I grew up in foster care, and believe me, the conditions are...not the greatest. For my foreign viewers, I’m not exaggerating. Orphanages are overcrowded and underfunded and neglected.” He took a shaky breath. “Plus, I’ve been...incredibly lucky since then. My medical bills would have been astronomical without the generosity of my friends. At the time that I woke up, I had nothing to my name. This arm? Given to me, essentially, with the slimmest of strings attached. Therapy? I was referred to someone that helps people like me, for free. I got the scrapings of an inheritance from my good-for-nothing sperm-donor father, not enough to give back as much as I’d want. So I do this. I want to raise money to help people like me. I want to do even a little to work towards making sure that no other child has to grow up the way I did, wondering what they did wrong to be treated so badly.” He looked back at the camera, offering a tentative smile. “So...send me fics, send me your suggestions, and please, help me make this a success.

“Tomorrow on stream, we’ll be discussing episode 13 and 14 of Featherman R, which… I’ve heard it claimed that 13 is a ‘god-tier’ episode, but we’ll see. That’s all for today. This has been Phoenix Talk. Until next time.”

ThiefofHearts 2 hours ago
Hi, guys. It’s Akira. I wanted to let you guys know that there won’t be a stream tomorrow. This video was recorded on Wednesday, and since then Goro’s come down with a bug. Doc says he’s fine, just needs bed rest, saltines, and ice chips til he stops throwing up. I don’t know how he’s going to handle videos next week, but there won’t be a video Tuesday, either, obviously. So that’s your update, thanks for your patience.

Empress-of-Flowers 2 hours ago
Tell Goro-kun to get well soon, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything. ^_^

AngelHeart 2 hours ago
Feel better soon! Take good care of him, Akira-kun!

ForeverArgus 1 hour ago
Wishing you both well. Make sure you don’t get sick, too. Call me at some point, I want to help out with the stream.

JusticeAndStrength 1 hour ago
Get well soon, Goro-san!

Scherezade420 1 hour ago
Focus on getting better, nerd. Don’t worry about us. :P

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Vox 2 hours ago

MemeMasterEu 2 hours ago
God-tier fic

DreamChaser 2 hours ago
I don’t even really like Feather Gold and this is a good fic

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SmallPinkCat 2 hours ago

BlueBunny 2 hours ago
That’s such a long fic, though.

SmallPinkCat 2 hours ago
Maybe they’ll pick just one scene.

AgateDragon 1 hour ago :3c

NightfallRook 30 minutes ago
Thank you for doing this one and not the other one ^_^;;;

MousequeradeLia 1 hour ago
Can’t Akira-san do the stream instead?

ThiefofHearts 30 minutes ago
Nope. That’s Goro’s thing. I am unworthy and I don’t know nearly enough trivia. Besides, who’s going to bring him ice chips if I’m doing the stream? :3

SilverIdol82 1 hour ago
Aiyah, this brings back so many memories. I hope your charity stream is a success!

Satan 1 hour ago

ReachingForTruth 30 minutes ago
Someone recced Neo fic! 8D

PungeonMaster 15 minutes ago
god, you nerd

ReachingForTruth 10 minutes ago
You watch the show AND these videos with me! You’re just as much of a nerd.

SoManyTrains 1 hour ago
You should read YOUR fanfic! We know you have to have some somewhere!

72DifficultySettings 1 hour ago
All of this author’s are good, but this one, maybe?

unspokenenlightenment 30 minutes ago

EndlessPathos 30 minutes ago
Ooh!! The scene at the end of chapter 9. That one was really poetic.

MasterPsychic000 30 minutes ago
U should watch Steel Samurai after featherman

Cozmo 30 minutes ago

LadyPanther 20 minutes ago
oh my god what is this

Scherezade420 20 minutes ago

LadyPanther 20 minutes ago

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superVillainy 30 minutes ago
This was the first fic I ever read in this fandom.

Fool’sFortune 10 minutes ago
Advent fic… Everyone forgets Advent existed... Thank you...

Fortune’sFool♂ 10 minutes ago

ElsewhereSoaring 15 minutes ago This author writes some good stuff. <3

Fortune’sFool♀ 10 minutes ago
Soft Red/Gold, hell yeah!!