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Featherfans Unite!

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Episode 34 Discussion
Streaming live on Sept 10, 2017

“Good morning, Featherfans! My name is Goro Kurusu, and welcome back to Phoenix Talk. I know the stream is a little early today. I tried to get the word out as soon as I got up, so we could start at noon sharp, but I’m sorry to anyone turning up late. I’m just too excited to wait, because I was right!

Goro was practically bouncing in his seat, giddy with enthusiasm. “Belated warning about spoilers for last night’s episode, of course, but I assume most of you watched last night’s video. Although, most of that one was just excited babbling, honestly. Anyway, if you’ve been watching my videos since I started with the first episode of this season, you’ll know that I’ve been calling Gold Osprey and Navy Vulture being the same person since...episode twenty-seven. There’s been something off about Navy’s powers from the very beginning. After they showed what a stone can do when improperly matched with a bearer in the first season’s midseason finale, it all clicked. His powers clearly weren’t as effortless as the other rangers. It's just like what happened when Iriya tried to use the magenta stone. Yes, it was cracked and that was why it went haywire, but even the parts where she was able to hold the transformation were taking actual effort, because she was in-tune with indigo instead.”

The chat went nuts, filling with gifs and screenshots, and Goro laughed. “Right, right. That bit there, that was episode...twenty-two. When they raided the secret base. That’s the first time it was made blatantly obvious that using his abilities was causing him pain. It’s also tricky to notice watching straight through, but in hindsight, we never saw Navy in the same place as Feather Gold. Every time Feather Gold was present for a fight, Crimson Robin was the one commanding the catacysts.”

He flipped through his notecards, fumbling them in his eagerness. As he collected the scattered cards that had fallen into his lap, Akira wandered by in the background, and the chat went ballistic.

Akira wasn’t wearing a shirt. He was rubbing his eyes, yawning, a mess of bedhead as he slouched by in star-print lounge pants. It was adorable. The chat was almost instantly a wall of comments all in the vein of ‘oh god, your boyfriend is HOT’, interspersed with desperate comments from the moderator begging them to stop drooling over her brother as he padded into the kitchen. They were ignored, and when Goro looked back up, he hesitated, confused by the flood of messages. They were scrolling almost too fast to read, but eventually he got a grasp on what was happening, and glanced over his shoulder. “Darling?”

Akira surfaced from behind the open fridge door, eyes wide at the tone. “Um...yes?”

Goro smiled pleasantly. “You’re making the chat thirsty. Please go put on a shirt.”

The chat wailed a silent, ignored objection, and Akira’s mouth fell open. “Oh fuck, are you streaming?”

“Please don’t curse on my stream.”

“HECK.” Akira darted out of view, and Goro raised his one eyebrow at the continuing stream of messages.

“No, I am not going to ask him to take his pants off. This is a family-friendly stream, you heathens,” he said pointedly.

Akira returned fully-clothed, pulling up his chair beside Goro and leaning in to kiss his cheek beneath the eyepatch. “I’m sorry, honey. I forgot you were starting earlier today. What were you talking about?”

“How I was right about Feather Gold and Feather Navy being the same person.”

“Oh! Can we talk about my headcanon for a second?” Akira asked, beaming.

Goro raised an eyebrow. “I still think you’re on the wrong track, but okay, sure.”

“I just want to hear chat’s opinion,” Akira said. He leaned towards the camera, very serious as he said, “Now that there are two stones broken, that’s even more reason for them to look for a way to fix the broken ones, because that means there’s supposed to be an actual Feather Navy out there somewhere. So what if they eventually free Feather Crimson, too, and she’s actually supposed to be Magenta Hummingbird?”

“You’re so determined to see someone be Magenta Hummingbird. I just don’t know if it’s going to happen.” Goro scanned the chat. “Half of them seem to agree with you, but someone just pointed out that Crimson doesn’t seem to have the same reaction to using her powers that Navy did. Plus, do you think there are enough episodes left to give her a proper arc at this point?”

“We can always cross our fingers for a third season,” Akira said brightly. “Who knows what they’ll do, then? Maybe she’s a character that’s been here the whole time, and the foreshadowing is so subtle that even you missed it?”

Goro stuck his tongue out at him. “Blasphemy. Leave my stream this instant.”

He bumped him gently with his elbow, and Akira slid from his chair like a noodle, whining, “Nooooo, not your robot arrrrrm…” on the way down.

“Now that Akira has been incapacitated, we can hopefully get back on the topic of my favorite character,” Goro said happily. There was a brief glimpse of Akira sneakily crawling through a doorway in the background, and then it was business as usual as discussion resumed about the no-longer villainous ranger.

Akira made homemade yakitori for a late lunch, bringing the plate of skewers to the table after the end of the stream. “Hey. I really am sorry that I disrupted your stream like that. I hope I didn’t cause too much of a problem.”

Goro laughed, shaking his head. “No, it was fine. Everything is very casual in general; it was no different than getting off-topic.” He took a bite of yakitori, then said thoughtfully, “Although, I think you’ve gained some fans of your own after that. Or at least, your abs have.”

“You weren’t kidding about the chat being thirsty?” Akira asked. “Oh god. As long as they don’t expect me to strip on-stream or anything.”

“I’d get demonetized,” Goro said immediately. “No nudity. Swearing is technically fine, I just try not to.”

“Try,” Akira parroted with a grin. “And sometimes fail. I distinctly remember sitting next to you last night listening to you muffling ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck I was right’ into your hand.”

“I cut that part out of the reaction video,” Goro huffed. Then, more thoughtfully, “I’m going to keep that reaction to you in mind, though, if I ever need the chat to behave. I’ll just threaten them with your disappointment, since they like you so much.”

Akira laughed. “Sure thing, honey. Let me know if you need me to frown disapprovingly in the background.”

“I will need your help eventually,” Goro admitted. “I’m going to have to talk about my injuries soon. People keep asking, and Futaba has banned several people for starting fights about whether I’m faking it. I think I want to take half a stream and answer questions. Maybe.”

“Don’t let them pressure you into it,” Akira said. “It’s really none of their business.”

“I know.” Goro’s smile was melancholy. “But… I want to be able to talk about what happened to me. Without turning into a wreck in the process. Even if I can’t tell the whole truth about it.”

“Then I’ll be there,” Akira assured him, and Goro smiled.

“Thank you.”