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Forbidden Lore
Published on Feb 15, 2018

“Good day, Talon Tribe. My name is Goro Kurusu, and welcome back to Ranger Chat.”

The look on Goro’s face was a complete shit-eating grin. He was wearing quite possibly the tackiest Talon Rangers t-shirt in existence, screaming electric blue with a huge version of the English logo and the five main rangers posing. Goro held the grin for a few seconds, then laughed.

“I know all of you watching are probably freaking out right now. However! This is a Featherman channel, yes, but to properly understand Featherman, you have to acknowledge its history, the good and the bad.” Goro folded his hands and leaned closer to the camera. “Eventually, I’d like to do analysis on all the different series of Featherman, but that means looking at their...interesting English counterparts as well. So today, I want to talk about Talon Rangers, and why the existence of it is the reason that we have Featherman today at all.”

Goro set a slightly battered Red Hawk action figure on the table in front of the camera. “Phoenix Ranger Featherman started with the R series when it began airing in 1989. As I’ve mentioned before, the thirtieth anniversary is next year, which is a very long time for a show that is supposed to be for children. But the huge gap between R premiering in 1989 and Neo in 2005 almost killed the series. The fact that it continued after that long is thanks to Talon Rangers.”

From off-camera, a banner with the six original ranger colors unfurled behind Goro, who was visibly trying not to laugh as one corner got stuck and Akira’s hands were visible untangling it. “In 1998, an American toy company obtained the rights to make an English version of the original Featherman R. As I’m sure you’re all aware, all the names were changed to English ones, except for Lord Zero, and all the footage where they aren’t transformed was re-shot with American actors. Plus, they changed all mention of demons and devils to just generic ‘beasts’.” He grinned deviously. “However, there is one particular change they made that backfired on them.”

There was typing and the faint sound of Akira snickering from off-camera, and two images appeared in the left and right corners of the video, depicting the original R cast and the Talon Rangers cast. “Do you see the issue?” Goro asked, gesturing to the Talon Rangers cast. “Now, I have nothing against making Red Hawk a girl, even if her being the stereotypical ‘tomboy’ one is a bit cheesy now. But the existence of ‘Kat’ in place of Katsuhira proves that the localization team didn’t watch the whole show before beginning their adaptation.

“The greatest writing mistake of both shows turned out to be the final episode, where Red Hawk and Blue Swan get married.”

Goro folded his hands, attempting to look serious, but clearly having too much fun. “The Japanese and English fanbases shared the very correct opinion that the wedding was a travesty, for two completely different reasons. The Japanese fanbase was incredibly upset that all of Red and Black’s chemistry went to waste, since Junichi pined through the entire wedding and left right before the reception. The English fanbase was aghast because the writers wrote themselves into a corner, since there was one last fight during the wedding, and they tried to claim it was a ‘friendship ceremony’ despite the blatant wedding decorations because ‘Kat’ and ‘Sarah’ getting married onscreen was unthinkable back then.”

Akira was definitely laughing from off-camera now, and Goro was having trouble keeping from giggling as well. “Anyway, tragic writing decisions aside, ‘Talon Rangers’ turned out to be very popular, which prompted Featherman to be re-shown on TV the following year here in Japan. With the resurgence of the fanbase, they decided to continue the series, and that is how we ended up with Neo, the From the Ashes light novel and manga adaptations, Victory, Advent, X, and several movies. Over ten years of new content, and it’s all thanks to Kat, Chris, Sarah, John, Amy, and Nick.”

He managed to hold his smile for a few seconds, then snorted. “I can’t. Those are such...nineties names. God. Thank goodness the English versions changed less and less as time went on. It’s going to be so interesting to compare versions eventually.” He took a deep breath, collecting himself, and then faced the camera again. “However, that truly is why we must acknowledge the role that the English adaptation played in assuring that the series we love is still continuing today.

“Next time… I’m not sure. I might start the Featherman R analysis from the beginning, if Akira wants to rewatch with me. We’ll see. And on stream this weekend I want to discuss an idea I’m considering for before Comic-Con. This has been Ranger Chat. Go go Talon Rangers~! Until next time!”

Empress-Of-Flowers 15 minutes ago
I didn’t know that they made Red Hawk a girl in English! Was making her a tomboy their excuse for her still wearing the male suit?

sungoddessfire 14 minutes ago
That makes me wonder if they learned their lesson for Neo. Blue Swan was a girl that wore the boys’ outfit in Japanese, and they made her a boy in English.

Scherezade420 12 minutes ago
Seems like it, because the reveal scene the first time she detransformed was re-filmed, so they were shocked that the kid was so young, instead of that it was a girl under the mask.

GunAboutKing 14 minutes ago
I remember looking up talon rangers and thinking it was so stupid. Nice to know it did at least one good thing.

MagicLoveline04 9 minutes ago
I love this channel so much! I watch every video when it comes out! It’s the best!

BallisticsGecko 9 minutes ago
wtf is this channel. why did my kid subscribe me to this.

JunSuou 8 minutes ago
I remember watching the original airing of Featherman R as a child… I hope you find joy in rewatching it.

MotorcycleNoises69 7 minutes ago
There are a lot of good memories in the original R. This channel is a nostalgia trip.

JusticeAndStrength 8 minutes ago
This channel is so cool. You should interview the cast!

ThiefofHearts 4 minutes ago
Sorry for messing up the banner, hon. Great video, as usual. <3

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