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Featherfans Unite!

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Post-Season Discussion - Part 3
Streaming live on Jan 14, 2018

“Good day, Featherfans. My name is Goro Kurusu, and welcome back to Phoenix Talk. Our special guest today is Morgana, who has decided that he’s occupying my lap for the time being.” Goro gestured to the black and white cat curled up in his lap, then scritched under his chin, earning a grumbling purr. “Last weekend, we discussed the way the individual character arcs played into the strength of the finale, as well as the foreshadowing that unfortunately seems to point towards Akira’s headcanon that Kiri Aizawa is going to end up as Feather Magenta Hummingbird, once they figure out how to fix the broken stones. This weekend, I want to talk about the character dynamics and how they relate to each other, because I would argue that these characters have some of the strongest relationships in the series. Except, of course, for Red Hawk and Black Condor. There is no greater ship to be had in any other series so far.” The LEDs on his wrist faded between Red and Black’s morpher symbols as he spoke, as if to back him up.

Morgana meowed, and Goro glanced down at him. “Of course I’m biased. I never said I wasn’t. But it’s miles better than shipping Gold Osprey and Crimson Robin. We never even saw Seiya and Kiri interact when they weren’t transformed.”


“I suppose that was a bit mean. I wouldn’t condemn someone that shipped them; I just don’t see any romantic chemistry there.” Goro shrugged. “Anyway, relationships. In my opinion, the strongest relationship in the series is Princess Luminaria and Ryxoru. It’s apparent from as soon as episode two that they have a strong bond, and it’s even more apparent when the secret base is broken into. She’s devastated when she thinks he might have been killed in Navy’s trap. And when she becomes Violet Cockatoo and can fight alongside him, it only makes their bond even stronger. Black and Violet is a solid color combination.”

He skimmed the chat, nodding as he took in the majority opinion. “No, Ryxoru’s relationship with Zen once he becomes Feather Red Duke is definitely good, but he and the princess just have something special. Zen’s strong bond is with Mayaru and Nakato. They were the first three rangers other than Ryx. Red, Pink, and Yellow are a classic trio.”

Morgana meowed loudly. Goro frowned. “Yes, I know that Akira ships Red and Gold, which honestly feels strange to say, but I guess it’s fine since they’re not Hawk and Condor. However, we’re talking about regular friendship, not romance.” He looked back at the chat, then laughed. “Yes, we do always talk to Morgana like he’s a person. Why would we not? He’s part of the family.”

Assorted members of chat almost immediately chimed in to point out that they talked to their own pets just as much. Goro and Morgana exchanged a look that seemed almost smug, and Morgana purred audibly before settling back into his lap contentedly. Goro grinned and pulled his keyboard closer. “Okay, since Morgana brought it up and I know all of you probably want to talk about shipping now… I hope you all saw the link I posted to the survey. I’ve got a pie chart I’m going to put up on the screen of the top five responses.” He clicked around a bit, and the graph appeared beside his head on the video. “Seventy-five percent of the answers were these five ships. The most popular are RedPink, RedViolet, RedGold, IndigoViolet, and RedYellow. I misjudged my time a little and didn’t have time to fully graph all the responses, but I’ll have a proper graph up for the Youcube video, right… here.” He held up his hands, gesturing to the opposite side of the screen. Nothing appeared on stream, and he laughed to himself. “I know that looks weird without the editing. Don’t troll me about it, please. In the meantime, I’d like to say that AquaGreen and YellowPink both had a chunk of votes, and shoutout to that one person who responded with IndigoGreen.”

The chat appeared skeptical, but a discussion slowly began to pick up steam as they compared Indigo and Green’s opposing personality types. Goro watched with amusement for a minute, letting them get their ideas out in the open, but before he could comment on any of them, the front door opened and the sound of slow, shuffling footsteps came from the entryway. Morgana jumped from Goro’s lap to investigate, and then meowed urgently.

“What?” Goro asked, turning to face him. Louder, he called, “Akira, is everything okay?”

The answer wasn’t audible onstream, but Goro pulled away from the table completely to head for the door, only to meet Akira just as he entered the dining room. “What’s wrong?”

Akira dropped the convenience store bag he was holding. Goro didn’t even hesitate, just scooted forward in his chair and pulled him down until he was on his knees and could lay his head on Goro’s lap. Goro frowned, running his good hand through his hair. “Hey. What happened?”

“...guy grabbed me,” Akira said. “By the arm. Thought I was someone else, from behind.” He sounded so flat. “It was a mistake, I… I shouldn’t be this freaked out… But he was in a suit, and he looked… I thought he was going to call the police...”

“Takemi-sensei did say it doesn’t just go away,” Goro said, soothing. He seemed to have completely forgotten that he’d left the stream running, and the chat was freaking out. But then Morgana hopped up onto the dining room table and peered at the screen. It almost looked like he was reading the comments. But then he sat down right in front of the camera and microphone, completely blocking the view of the rest of the room, and began to purr. Right next to the mic, it was enough to obscure the conversation still going on in the background, and the cat blinked lazily as the increasingly confused chat wondered if Morgana was doing it on purpose.

After about ten minutes of watching Morgana clean his paws and purr, Goro returned to the table and lifted the cat into his lap. “Thank you, Morgana.”

Morgana meowed. Goro nodded. “Yeah, I will. Go with Akira, I’ll be there in a second.” He shifted to let Morgana jump to the floor, then smiled at the camera. “My apologies,” he said, and it was the stiff, fake-friendly tone from his very first video, before he’d gotten properly settled. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to end the stream for today.”

The comments flew past, and Goro shook his head. “Akira is fine, don’t worry. I’m going to make sure he gets some rest and calms down. Thank you for your concern and understanding. Akira might not have robotic limbs or blatant scars, but...he didn’t come out of the accident completely unscathed either.” He smiled softly as the comments slowed down. “Thank you, all of you. I’ll tell him. Until next time.”

Akira was in bed when Goro wheeled into the room. Morgana was curled up beside his head, but he was just staring at the wall. Goro carefully pushed himself to his feet, climbing into bed behind him and wrapping an arm over him so he could be the big spoon.

“You didn’t have to stop streaming for me,” Akira mumbled.

“Of course I did,” Goro replied, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck. “You would have done the same for me. And the chat completely understood. They don’t know what’s wrong, but they said to tell you that they hope you’re okay.”

“I thought I was,” Akira said petulantly.

Morgana reached out to bat his nose with a paw. “You got grabbed by someone that reminded you of something awful that happened to you. Of course it scared you. You don’t have to be okay.”

Akira said nothing, and Goro slipped a hand under his shirt to press it over his heart. “Morgana’s right, Akira. You’ve spent so much of your time taking care of me. Let me take care of you once in a while,” he teased softly.

There was still no response, but then Akira rolled over and latched on, burying his face in Goro’s neck. He was still shivering, but Goro just kissed the top of his head, holding him tight. Just because his scars were more physical didn’t mean that their impossible year hadn’t left it’s mark on Akira, too. But they were getting through it, with support and love and safety. One day at a time.