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All of me (Peter Parker x Reader)

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The moon shone a bright white in the sky, radiant stars accompanying it as pale light covered the surface of the desert terrain. Cactuses and rocks cast dark shadows in their wakes on the sand and dirt, the biggest shadow being drawn from a small mountain, covering the surface of the small cliff in darkness. It made sight a problem, as anyone could easily walk straight to their death without a source of light. But to a certain young man, it was the perfect cover. He sat in his old and broken-down jeep in silence, looking over at the faint light coming from the small town. It was by no means a great place to live, with crumbling buildings, water unfit to drink, and drugs and alcohol running rapidly through its streets. But it was home. A piece of shit home, yes, but it was all there was for miles on end.


The young man sighed, raising the lit cigaret to his lips before taking a long drag and blowing it out the glassless window. He had been sitting here the cliff since sundown, as per the request of his customer. They had insisted he follow the exact instructions given to him or it was his head. Once again checking the clock, his anger raised as it read midnight dead on. He heard a rustle in the back seats, causing him to turn around. His brows scrunched together as his eyes focused into the seats, his heart skipping a few beats as he did. When he heard nothing, he settled down, relaxing in the worn driver's seat, taking another drag. Relief crossed his face, thanking God it didn’t wake up.


His short-lived relief was killed as a black car rolled up onto the cliff alongside his own. Jealousy bubbled within him as he gazed upon its sleek metal surface, shining even in the non-existing luminosity of the night. The young man watched a figure stepped out of the car, clad in black. He was just barely visible due to the bright headlight of his car, the young man's eyes burning as he adjusted to the sudden light. “Finally. I thought you’d never come. I’ve been waiting here for hours” he said bitterly. The figure laughed, deep and masculine. “All you’ve been doing is sitting there and smoking. It’s not like that’s very back-breaking,” they said, stepping close to the jeep in slow steps. “Stright to business. Did you bring it?” he asked. “Yeah, I did. Allow me” the young man said as he opened his door and stepping out, flicking his cigaret bud into the dirt. As he stood, his knees cried happily at the feeling of being able to stand straight and stretch after hours of sitting. The black clad man took a step closer, as if wanting to follow, yet keep his distance. He watched as the young man opened the door to the back seats and leaned it. A second later, he leaned back out, holding a basket by both handles before turning around giving it to the mysterious man in front of him. The black clad man looked down into the basket, a scowl on his face. “What's got you so pissed, asshole?” the young man asked him, hissing as he spoke in irritation. “Nothing. Just pissed you decided to use a basket instead of something more proper” the black clad man said as he reached into the basket and pulling out a small baby.


The small baby fit perfectly in his arms as he replaced the basket, which was dropped and forgotten on the ground the instant it was securely in his arms. It slept peacefully, wrapped in a tattered old blanket covered in dirt and grime. It only stirred for a moment, it’s small face scrunching together before relaxing once again.


“How old?”


“Only three weeks”


“Boy or girl?”




Both men stared at her, their attention focused on the small babe in silence. “So, about these powers you mentioned, are they even real?” the black clad man asked. “Yeah. It gets crazy when she cries. And she’s always fucking crying. Almost killed me with a knife, and destroyed a building already. Heard about you’re organization and contacted you guys. Never heard of HYDRA before though” he answered. The mysterious man smiled, his grin hidden in the darkness. He had heard that line hundreds of times by now, being a HYDRA agent. Lots of illegal deals and meetings with people who didn’t even fully know who they were. Fools making deals with the devil. “Did she get her powers from you?” the HYDRA agent asked, turning his head to face the young man. “No. She got them from the bitch of a mother” he replied. “And where is she now?” the agent asked. “Spread over the sand in ashes. Died in labor. We already planned to get rid of the welp long before she was born. But this is a good pay” he said, smirking at the thought of the money he was owed. “Or not,” the HYDRA agent said, pulling out his gun, pulling the trigger. A gunshot rang through the air, echoing in the desert. The Young man dropped to the ground, blood seeping from the large hole in his head as he dropped to the ground, his eyes wide open. A look of shock stained on his dead face. 


“Can’t have someone like you wandering around knowing about us” the HYDRA agent mumbled. As he turned around to walk back to his car, he froze in place as he heard the quiet sounds coming from the baby in his arms. “Shit,” he whispered, the baby breaking out into a cry. Her wailing cut through the air, filling the space with loud cries. The HYDRA agent rocked her in his arms. And then he felt it. Raw magic flowing through the air like radiation. He could feel it, emanating from the baby, never once faltering as it flowed from the source. The agent watched helplessly as the ground shook, cracks forming into the mountain. Rocks began to tumble from the top, crashing down as the wind picked up, almost blowing them both away. He had to stop this before they both got killed. He may not have had experience with babies, but his girlfriend did teach him a few lessons back at their base. He took a deep breath, holding the baby close to his chest, protecting it from the bone chilling wind.


You are my sunshine… My only sunshine, you make happy when skies are gray,


The baby in his arms opened her eyes, his voice cutting through the wind with ease as it died down some. The agent smiled, happiness and relief taking over his heart. Knowing that he was doing something right, he kept it up.


You’ll never dear, how much I love you, so please don’t take my sunshine away,


He watched in fascination as the destruction around him grew smaller and smaller with each word he spoke. It was as if he seemed to be casting a spell, hypnotizing the small babe with his voice.


The other night dear, when I was sleeping, I dreamed I held you in my arms… And when I had awoken, I saw you smiling, so I laughed alongside with you,


Bit by bit, everything had stopped and returned to what it was. The wind had ceased, and the tremors that had cut into the mountain stopped spreading. But he didn’t stop. He kept singing, not in fear that she’d start crying once again (though, it was great motivation), but rather because he didn’t want to stop. Something kept him going like it was his job. The HYDRA agent gazed lovingly into her open eyes as she did. They were curious, as she stared up at the strange man holding her so securely. She had never been held… At least, not like this. Not like she mattered. 


Because you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make happy when skies are gray, you’ll never know my dear, how much I love you, so please don’t take… My sunshine, away,


The HYDRA agent smile as the baby laid in his arms at ease. Her hands fidgeting as she cooed up at him. “There we go. Oh, you need a name. I know I promised Kate that she would name you, but I can’t help it… (y/n)”.