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You take a shaky breath as you step out of your cab, it had been three days since you had moved out of your parents to get a better job at Ebott city. you had been staying at a hotel near your workplace while you search for a new place to live that is when you found the online flyer posted by a skeleton named papyrus! It had said that they had one room left in their house and it was bothering the skeleton, he wanted someone to fill the space. 

and you were willing to fill that space, looking up at the house was causing your nerves to go on edge though, what if they didn't like you? what if you were kicked out? thoughts such as this flew through your head as you walk up to the front door.


and stopped as soon as it swung open and you saw the tall scarf-wearing skeleton beam down at you. " YOU MADE IT" he had grabbed your hand

and shook it with a wild and firm shake. "I, yes!!" you return the shake with a quarter of the excitement of the skeleton in front of you.


"COME IN AND MEET THE OTHERS AS YOUR NEW HOUSEMATE I- THE GREAT PAPYRUS WILL TAKE IN YOUR THINGS!!" he softly pushes you through the door grabs your things and runs off.


you stand there for a good minute before realizing that, yes that had just happened. you look around before spotting three skeletons lounging on the couch two of them were eyeing you before they had noticed you had looked over, you hesitantly step over and waved.


"Hello! it is nice to meet you three, I'm (y/n)! I uh..guess from papyruses reaction will be your new roommate." you had a smile forced on your nervous face, god you didn't want to mess this up.

the first to stand was one of the two smaller ones, he wore a light blue jacket and a lazy smile. he put out his hand 


"the names Sans, Sans the Skeleton. nice to meet you kid." you take it quickly wanting to get this awkward meeting section over already but the sound that happened when you had grabbed his hand had caught you off guard, was...was that a whoopie cushion???

you fight a laugh feeling your fears from before role off your back.


"heh, the old whoopie cushion in the hand trick." he pulls his hand away and puts it in his pocket.

"never gets old." he winks at you.

this time you let your giggles let loose. Oh, thank god this isn't as awkward as you thought it was going to be. 

"heh, that's better you were wound up like a spring kiddo."  sans says his lazy smile making you feel even more pressure leave you.

he then points behind him and states " that's red" he points to the edgy skeleton in a black coat and sharp golden teeth, he just mutters a hello before going back to ignoring you. 

"and that's stretch" the orange sweatshirt wearing skeleton waves at you with both eyes closed, he seems half asleep.


"it's nice to meet both of you!" you beam at them. 


you knew there were a lot more skeletons then just these in this house, it seems that three more of your new roommates are in the kitchen

you wave goodbye to sans and head off to the kitchen  peaking in and spotting them, a small blue skeleton was fighting with a tall red skeleton

while the tallest skeleton you've seen so far waves their hands around frantically trying to break them up from their fight.


"uh..." they all stop talking and look at you. "hello, my names...(y/n)..." the tall red one stares you down causing your tension to build right back up.


"OUR NEW HOUSEMATE!?" the small blue one bounds towards you with excitement. 


"yes! sorry if I was interrupting something.." 


" YOU SHOULD BE, WE WERE TRYING TO PICK OUT DINNER BEFORE YOU BARGED INTO OUR VERY IMPORTANT CONVERSATION." The tall red one growled at you. you feel yourself sink into your sweater.


"NONSENSE!! THIS MAKES THINGS MUCH EASIER!" the tallest one places his hands on his hips and you notice..... his teeth, oh dear what happened to him? you don't stare you feel like it would be really rude to stare.  so you look up to his forehead. 




" YES!! NOW OUR NEW HOUSEMATE MAY CHOOSE WHAT WE HAVE TOO NIGHT! I WANT TO MAKE MY SPECIAL SPEGGETTI!!"  you notice the other two skeletons seem to flinch at that looking uncomfortable. 



" LIES ONLY LASAGNA IS FIT FOR A DINNER FOOD! WE HAD YOUR "BURRITOS" FOR LUNCH!" he scoffs, you can sense this may end in another fight so you step in.


"well, I've always been a fan of spaghetti, and if you already had burritos today we can wait till tomorrow to have some more." you nod to yourself feeling that had been good reasoning but both skeletons seem to tense as the happier tall boy picked you up into a hug. 


" OH THANK YOU! I WILL GET TO WORK NOW!" he ran seeming to get things together while the other skeletons looked defeated and very antsy.


" well, am I going to get names?" you ask trying to lighten their mood.


the smaller one snaps to attention " OH HOW RUDE OF US!! MY NAMES BLUEBERRY! THE OTHER SKELETON WHO WAS IN HERE WAS CROOKS AND THIS-" " I CAN INTRODUCE MYSELF, I AM EDGE." they both glare at each other before the smaller one broke it first and looks back at you. 


" I LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING TO KNOW YOU (Y/N)!!" he beams up at you 


" me too! you guys already seem like a fun group to hang out with, I wanna go say hi to the rest of the people that live here, I think I have about one person left?" 


" OH YEAH! HE WILL BE BACK AROUND DINNER, HES UH, WORKING AT THE MOMENT" you nod at blues response and make your way out of the kitchen with a wave when you hear papyrus call for you.


" Yeah?" you ask stepping into the living room.


" I HAVE SET MOST THINGS UP FOR YOU IN YOUR ROOM, BUT I LEFT YOUR CLOTHING FOR YOU TO DO!!" he grins down at you and grabs your hand dragging you to your bedroom...yep most of your things had been set up even most of your clothes were folded on your  bed ( your undergarments where left untouched.)

"aw, papyrus you didn't have to do this for someone you just met!" 


" WHY NOT?" he looks genuinely confused and that makes you smile


"just not what a lot of other people would do...thank you though that was very kind of you." you smile as you sit down on your bed


" YOUR WELCOME!! ILL LET YOU GET ADJUSTED TO YOUR NEW ROOM!" he steps out the door with a smile and wave. 


you sigh leaning back into your bed, this is going to be a good home, you can feel it.