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But It's Not a Foursome

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It’s been a few months since the chaos has subsided.  Wynonna has been busy sending revenants to hell. Purgatory is slowly getting back to a seemingly normal rhythm, as normal as it can be for a town overrun with demons and curses.

Nicole has never been this happy. Things with Waverly have settled down and they’re in a good place in their relationship.  They make a great couple, which is pretty incredible considering everything they’ve been thru in the short time they’ve known each other. The week has finally ended and she can’t wait to get out to the homestead. She has a little surprise planned for her girlfriend. As she packs up her things to leave the sheriff’s office behind for a few days, she hopes that Waverly will be open to a break from this place.

She pulls up to the old farm house and parks the cruiser next to the little red jeep. She practically lives here. It feels more like her home than her apartment does. Waverly likes having her here and makes a fuse when Nicole has to leave for work or to get clean clothes or feed Calamity Jane, but it’s far too early for them to be living together. Nicole doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as her last relationship. They haven’t talked about it, but for now she wants to keep her own place.

Inside the farm house the sisters are arguing.

“I’m just saying you look tired Wynonna. Can’t you take the night off?” Waverly shouts into the next room. Her back is to the door, she doesn’t see Nicole slip in.

“I’m fine. I don’t need sleep. Naps are my bitch.” Wynonna shouts back.

Nicole slides up to Waverly, wrapping her arms around her waist. She whispers, “Hi cutie,” and kisses her cheek.

Waverly giggles, “Hi sweetie pie. How was your day?” Before Nicole can answer, she spins around in her arms and kisses her softly. They stare achingly into each other’s eyes. It’s as if they haven’t seen each other in years. They stay frozen like that for a minute, holding each other, no words needed.

Wynonna rushes into the room. “Haught pants, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Hey Wynonna,” Nicole greets the older sister.

“Ok, you guys do that and I’ll go get the bike ready.” Wynonna is out the door in a flash.

“What is she doing now?” Waverly asks.

“Baby, I’ve got a little surprise. I thought we’d take an overnight trip. I booked us a room at the Green Arrow Spa over in Haven for the night. It’s less than an hour’s drive from here. Wynonna’s gonna let us borrow the motorcycle.” Waverly is usually the planner, but Nicole hopes she will go along with it. “I know you like to be in charge. I really wanted to do something nice for you, for us. It’s been so crazy. I wanted to spend some time alone with you.”  Still holding Waverly, she bends down and kisses her. She’s prepared to do some persuading if needed. She knows Waverly doesn’t like to leave Wynonna alone.

Waverly breaks free from Nicole’s arms and paces the floor. “Oh wow, well I’ll need to pack and who’s gonna look after Wynonna?"  She stops dead. “Wait, you can ride a motorcycle?”

Nicole is relieved at the response. “Well, it’s just one night. She’s having the boys over for poker anyway. You know how that always ends. You won’t need much in the way of clothes.  And, Yes, I can. Does this mean you’re ok with it?” She sits down at the kitchen table and looks up at Waverly flashing a grin and then pleading eyes.

Waverly can’t resist that look. “Well, you are being very sweet. And a spa sounds romantic,” She slides onto Nicole’s lap, wraps her arms around her girlfriend’s neck, and looks deep into her eyes as they kiss again.

Nicole runs a hand up Waverly’s thigh and places the other on the small of her back pulling her in, deepening the kiss. Sudden intense desire has her momentarily regretting the plans. It would be so easy to carry Waverly up to bed right now, but she’s already paid for the room. Besides, they’ll have all night to enjoy each other.

The door flings open and Wynonna appears once again. “Still at it I see. Have you told her Haught? Or have you just been in here making out this whole time? You’d better get moving before it gets too late.”



After much reassurance from Wynonna that she will be fine, and a few panicked moments over the amount of clothing and accessories Waverly is allowed to take, the pair is finally ready to go. Nicole slips on the borrowed leather jacket and gloves which brings a smile to Waverly’s lips. She loves Nicole in uniform, but the smell of the leather and the way it looks on Nicole…she can’t help but whisper damn.

Wynonna hands Waverly a helmet. She protests that it will mess up her hair. “Baby girl, you have to wear it. I won’t have my little sisters brains splattered across the pavement if tater Haught here wrecks my bike. Besides it’s the only way to talk to each other.” She taps the side of the black helmet, “These babies are wired for sound.”

“Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence Wynonna.”  Nicole huffs as she straddles the bike. Her long legs keep it steady as she guides Waverly onto the back. “Waves, you’ll have to hold on to me pretty tight. Wrap your arms around my waist and balance with your hips. Relax and just let me do all of the work.”

“Mmm, my kind of ride,” Waverly purrs. “Sounds like fun.” She winks at Wynonna as she pulls the helmet on.

“Ok you two, save it for later. And be careful,” Wynonna yells over her shoulder as she heads back to the house.

Nicole starts the bike. It rumbles under them as she pulls the throttle a few times. She puts her own helmet on and they head out. She learned to ride a motorcycle while living in Nevada. She’s taken this one out a few times in the recent weeks to get familiar with it. Everything she knows about riding came back to her quickly. She is feeling confident as they ease onto the main road. The bike hums as she shifts the gears. They reach a good cruising speed and she relaxes a little.

They ride in silence for a few miles, enjoying the scenery.  Waverly seems comfortable, her arms wrapped around Nicole as instructed. Riding has always been a rush. Nicole was excited when Wynonna agreed to let her take the bike. It’s the best way she has found to clear her mind. Traveling fast with the wind at you, nothing between you and the road ahead, it’s practically spiritual.  This break will be just what they need after the year they’ve all had. It’s a chance to relax and just connect with the woman she loves.

“This is nice, kind of thrilling really.” Waverly breaks the quiet. She’s been deep in thought. Recalling everything that has happened and how remarkable it is to be in a relationship with an amazing woman. She never imagined love could be like this.

“I’m kind of surprised you agreed to such a spur of the moment thing.” Nicole realizes that she probably shouldn’t point that out to her girlfriend, she may change her mind if she thinks about Wynonna all alone on the homestead. She envy’s their closeness but sometimes it can get in the way of their own relationship. The sisters are close now, but she knows it wasn’t always that way for them. They spent years apart after things went to shit for the family. And she really is grateful that Waverly has someone to watch over her when Nicole can’t be there.

“I mean, why not. You obviously planned this in advance. The Green Arrow Spa sounds like an interesting place, and what better way to spend a night away with my honey.”

“That’s my girl.”

“I had no idea you liked motorcycles, at least you have that in common with Wynonna.”

“Yeah, Shae and I used to ride sometimes.” Waverly relaxes her grip for just a second. “Baby, don’t be jealous. We were never as close as you and I are. You’re my world.”

“Oh I know Nicole. It was just a surprise. You never mentioned you were married. I was shocked when she showed up at the hospital after Mercedes…well the Widow, bit you. I looked like an idiot. And you were all in a comma and nearly dead. I had to make conversation with her. And she was hot! I mean…come on!”

“I know baby.” She lightly touches Waverly’s hand. “I’m really sorry you had to go thru that.” She chuckles at the sarcasm and hopes Waverly doesn’t hear it. Honestly, she shivers at the thought of her ex-wife and her girlfriend in the same room together. It’s probably a good thing that she was unconscious. One wrong word and either of them could go ballistic. She apparently has a thing for fiery women, she chuckles to herself.

“I can’t be mad at you mon amour.” Waverly smirks. She knows that speaking French will drive Nicole crazy. “Tu es mon doux bébé.”

“Hey now, don’t start that Waves,” She grins and gives Waverly’s hand a squeeze. “You don’t want me distracted while I’m driving.”

“So I shouldn’t tell you that I can’t wait to get you au lit et te faire l’amour.” She slides a hand down and unzips Nicole’s jeans. She hears Nicole take a deep breath. She whispers, just loud enough to be heard over the buzz of the engine, “Je veux te faire mouiller.” The steady vibration of the bike and being so close to her girlfriend has her feeling wicked. “How much longer ‘til we get there mon amour?”

“I think I’m already there.” Nicole gulps. She can feel the heat from Waverly’s strategically placed hand.  She tries to move it away while doing her best to stay focused on the road.

“Don’t you need both hands to steer, or something?”  Waverly giggles. She’s pleased with herself for making her girlfriend uncomfortable.

“Yes I do, which is why you need to behave. We don’t have much farther to go.”

Ignoring Nicole’s protests, she purrs. “Good. Parce que je veux te sentir en moi.”

“Please baby,” The tables have turned. It’s usually Waverly begging and Nicole in the driver’s seat, at least when it comes to sex.

“Do you wanna know what I said?” She grins and giggles.

“I understood bed, make love, wet and in you. That’s pretty much all I needed to hear.” Nicole can feel her own warmth spreading under Waverly’s hand. The last time Waverly spoke French to her, they had to duck into her boss’s office. It was an intense twenty minutes.

“Mm, that’s my girl, belle et intelligente.” She pushes her hand farther down into Nicole’s jeans, if only she weren’t wearing panties. Pressing her fingers in, applying just enough pressure, she can feel the wetness already. Nicole rocks forward in response. She’s always amazed at how easy it is to get her going. Just a few words, a touch, and she’s there. She loves that about her girlfriend.

“You are so bad.” Nicole groans. She wants to keep going but knows she has to pull back in order to balance the bike and prevent a crash. Wynonna would kill her if anything happened to Waverly or her bike.

“I am…so…very…very…bad.” Waverly beams devilishly and removes her hand. “I should be punished.”

Nicole breathes a quick sigh of relief when she sees the sign for the hotel up ahead. It’s a good thing. She couldn’t have taken much more teasing. Waverly loves pushing her to the limits and judging by the mood she’s in tonight, it’s going to get steamy.



They arrive at the hotel. Nicole parks the bike and gathers herself before helping Waverly jump off. They secure their things and make their way inside. Neither woman has spoken, both are flushed, their faces moist from wearing the hot helmets and Waverly’s antics.

They stand close to each other while the clerk checks them in. He is saying something about elevators and breakfast and wakeup calls, but Waverly isn’t paying attention. She hasn’t taken her eyes off of Nicole for one second. She loves looking at her, she loves how strikingly beautiful she is. Wynonna calls it googly eyes, but she calls it pure love. It’s easy being with her, the opposite of how it was with Champ, and for more than just the obvious reasons. She’s never felt this way about anyone else. They are intense and explosive together, but at the same time, gentle and passionate.

She smiles, thinking about their first time, she was so nervous. Nicole was loving and sweet with her from the start. Waverly didn’t know what she was doing, she was a bit scared, but Nicole was patient. Tonight, however, she’s feeling very adventuress, she can hardly wait to find out where this night might go.

“Are you hungry, baby? Should we grab something to eat before we head up to the room?” Nicole looks down at her girlfriend who suddenly looks so small standing beside her. “Waves…everything ok?”

“Hmm, yes, food sounds great.”

“Where were you just now? You looked like you were deep in thought.”

“Ah yeah, I was just thinking about the first time we…you know,” she blushes and grins.

“Hmm, well I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it.” Nicole winks.




The hotel’s restaurant isn’t crowded. They pick a corner booth towards the back of the room so they can sit next to each other without being too obvious. Being out is not new for Nicole, but Waverly hasn’t had much experience being in a relationship with a woman. They have been relatively safe in public in Purgatory, but this town is new to them and they don’t know anything about it or the people around them.

The waiter takes their order and brings their drinks to the table. Waverly is content, sitting next to the love of her life. She puts her hand on Nicole’s thigh. She feels a spark as her mind wanders to their bike ride.

They glance at each other and Nicole scans the room making sure no one is watching them. Once she is sure they are safe, she leans in to quickly kiss Waverly. She smiles and softly touches her cheek.

“Why did you keep your marriage a secret from me?” Waverly has been wondering about it for a while but there never seemed to be a good time to bring it up. Not that a romantic getaway was the perfect time either.

“I knew you weren’t done with that,” Nicole drops her head. “It wasn’t on purpose. I kind of forgot about it to be honest.”

“I’m not mad about it…any more. I mean Shae told me that you got married in a fever, but then it cooled down.”

“It wasn’t one of my best decisions. We barely knew each other. We were good for a while. I was busy trying to make it thru the academy and Shae was just finishing up med school.  We hardly saw each other. I guess that worked for us until it didn’t. After I graduated, I got a job offer to come back to Purgatory and she wanted to stay in Nevada, so we split up. It was all very businesslike, unemotional…you know.”

“Did you love her?”

“Yes, I mean I think so. I felt love for her but I don’t think either of us was truly in love.”

“And it’s different with us?”

“Baby, I can say without a doubt, that I have never ever felt this way about anyone in my entire life. I would do anything for you. Don’t you know that?”

“I do. I guess I’m just feeling a little insecure. I mean you could have any woman you wanted, go anywhere you wanted. I don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck here with me because I won’t leave Wynonna.”

She touches Waverly’s face. “There isn’t anyone else in this whole world I would rather be with, and no other place I’d rather be than right here with you.” She softly kisses Waverly. They look into each other’s eyes as they both smile.

They’re interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat and look up to see a tall blonde woman standing at their table.

“Good evening ladies, how’s everything so far?”

“It’s great, we’re great…um thanks.” Waverly pulls her hand away from its resting place on her girlfriend’s thigh.

“Good.  Is this your first time here? Can I get you anything? Are you staying the night with us?”

“Um, yeah it’s our first time. It’s seems like a lovely place.” Nicole tells her.

“Well I’m Ava.” She extends a hand towards Nicole.

“I’m Nicole and this is Waverly.” She replies, shaking Ava’s hand.

“My wife, Sara, and I own the place. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to let us know.” Ava nods and quickly walks away.

Waverly gives Nicole a sideways glance, raising her eyebrows in surprise and mouths the word wife. They giggle together. 




They finished their meal and the waiter is clearing their table. “Can I get you ladies anything else?”

“No, we're good thanks.” Nicole tells him.

“Very good, I’ll be right back with your check.”

As he is walking away, a shorter blonde woman approaches. “Bring their check to me please, Gary.”

“Yes Captain…I mean…boss, as you wish.” He replies.

Waverly looks up, “Is there something wrong?”

“No not at all. Sorry to startle you. I’m Sara. You met my wife Ava earlier. We’ve sort of been watching you.  I promise we’re not stalkers or anything like that. We couldn’t help but notice how sweet you two are together. Kind of reminds us of ourselves, anyway we don’t get many other lesbian couples in here…long story short, dinner is on us.”

“That’s sweet but you really don’t need to…” Waverly says.

“Never mind, it’s done.” Sara insists.

“Well that is very kind, thank you.” Nicole smiles and glances over at her girlfriend.

Ava approaches the table and slides an arm around Sara’s shoulder. “I see you’ve met Nicole and Waverly, babe. Did Sara tell you we think you are the cutest couple ever?”

“Well, I didn’t say that exactly. They probably already think we’re creepy or something.”

“Oh babe, only you are. I’m perfect, remember?” Ava nudges Sara just hard enough to knock her slightly off balance.

“Alright, let’s let these lovely ladies get on with their evening, unless you’d like to have a night cap with us?”

“Um…well, it’s up to you sweetie.” Waverly nods at Nicole.

Hoping she is reading her girlfriend correctly, “Sure we’d love too.”  Nicole answers for them.

“That’s the spirit.” Sara cheers. “We’ve got a few things to wrap up here. Come up to the penthouse in about half an hour. The code for the elevator is 2827272. If you can’t remember that, it’s just our names – avasara, get it?” She grins proudly.