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Bandori: Lost Hope

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Aya slowly opened her eyes, her back ached like hell, her eyes were sore, her feet felt like she had walked on legos for hours, and even her mouth hurt like a bitch.

Overall she felt like complete crap. Slowly she raised herself into a sitting position. Her sight was blurry at first so it took her a while to realise where she was.

Well this definitely wasn't her bedroom, or her house at all. She didn't even regocnize this place.

"W-Where the hell am I...?" she managed to say even though it was hard to talk with how badly her mouth hurt and it caused her eyes to sting with tears. However she looked around some more and saw another person awakening.


"Hey! Tsugum--!" Aya suddenly started coughing. A lot. She held her chest to try and calm it down but it seemed to be no use.

Suddenly Aya could feel a hand patting her back, and Aya leant forward, clutching her stomach as she coughed up a strange liquid. She turned around to see Tsugumi staring at her in worry.

"Aya... A-are you okay?" Wiping her eyes Aya nodded "Y-yeah... I am now, thanks for that!"

Tsugumi smiled as she sat down next to Aya "Do you have any idea what's going on?" Aya looked down at the floor... "No.... I'm sorry"
"No its fine! It's not your fault" Tsugumi reassured Aya

"Anyways, what should we do Aya, unless you wanna rest for a bit longer?"

"I'm fine, why don't we look around Tsugumi?"
"Sounds good Aya-chan!"
Tsugumi stood up and offered Aya a hand, once the 2 were standing they started looking around.

After looking around they realised that they were in a massive hall of some sorts and that there was a door leading out of the hall, however it was locked tight.

Another discovery they made was that there are 3 other girls inside this hall, those 3 being:

And Rinko

Aya and Tsugumi walked over to the other 3 girls who had already started conversing with each other, they all had the same worried look on their faces and each one of them seemed to be in slight pain or discomfort.

"Hey guys" Aya spoke up, drawing the other girls attention to her and Tsugumi.
"A-Aya!" Rinko surprisingly yelled and quickly apologised for yelling.
"I saw you two looking around, did you happen to find anything?" Saaya questioned them, and all 3 of them looked at the 2 of them quizzically.

"W-Well, we found a door but it's locked tight and that's about it except from the stage but I don't really think that's important" Aya explained to them.
"I see... Well do you think there's any way we can unlock the door?" Saaya spoke up yet again, even in a situation like this she seemed to have an understanding and motherly attitude. It was kind of calming.

"E-Excuse m-me... Not to I-interrupt... B-but, do you t-think there some sort of s-special way to unlock the d-door, l-like a kind of code or p-puzzle?" Rinko spoke up nervously probably doubting her own idea but it was actually a very good idea
"That's a good idea Rinko" Tsugumi reassured her.

Then Kanon, after being quiet for ages, finally spoke up "Uhm... I agree with Rinko but how are we supposed to find the way to unlock the door?"

"Well, why don't we start searching around for a clue to open the door? I mean... We could start with the backstage" Aya offered her idea to all the girls and they nodded in agreement
"Sounds good" Saaya said as she started heading backstage, shortly followed by all the other girls.

Once they got backstage they were surprised by how empty it was, there was only a vanity, a clothing rack, a box full of props and a dressing room, along with the stage mechanics

Looking over at the prop box, Aya slowly approached it and started shuffling through it. Inside the box though... Wasn't actually props...
It was items like:
And some other stuff the girls weren't familiar with, but still... They all seemed like they could be used as weapons...

Looking through all the weapons Aya suddenly reached her hand out and took one, it was a sharp knife that she had found in the bottom of the box. She stood up carefully knife in hand.
"Aya! What are you doing!?" Saaya suddenly shouted at her, her face was angry but also filled with worry and fear.
"S-Saaya! It's not what you think! I just thought it could be useful incase someone tries to a-attack us... It would make sense considering the situation we're in..."

Saaya laughed embarrassed "That's actually a really good idea Aya, well then I think we all should grab a weapon just incase something does happen". After hearing Saaya's words, Kanon, Rinko and Tsugumi took a weapon each, shortly after, Saaya took one too.

Aya then went over to the vanity, the mirror was super dusty with lights all around it, it reminded her of some of the movies she watched. Shaking her head from her silly thoughts she started looking through the draws on the vanity, there seemed to be only 3 draws so it shouldn't take too long to look through them.

Aya opened the first draw to find a bunch of makeup and hair products, doesn't seem like it would be useful in this situation. She then looked through the second draw, there was a strange looking note book or maybe diary sitting there.

Aya slowly took the strange looking diary/notebook out of the draw and examined it more closely, it had a strange symbol on it that she recognised from somewhere but couldn't think of where she had seen it before.

The other girls came over and looked at it as well "T-Thats a v-very strange looking book A-Aya-chan..." said Rinko she still seemed quite shy and nervous but atleast it seems she's starting to warm up to her and the other girls, "I know right, I just found it in this draw"
"Is it safe to be looking through that? Uhm... I mean not to interfere or anything! It's just, is it really okay to be looking through someone else's belongings?" Kanon spoke, she was clearly worried, I mean it's hard to blame her, I don't think very many people would like someone looking through their things.

"Don't worry Kanon, this might help us find a way out of here, so think of this as a one off" Aya reassured Kanon, which caused Kanon to feel atleast a little bit less guilty. Aya then started looking through the notebook/diary. From the looks of it, it appeared to be a diary, it had some really fancy diary entries in it but it was too fancy for Aya to make out.

However when Aya turned to the next page, all she could see was blood splatters along with a bunch of symbols on it. She screamed and the book fell to her feet. Next thing she knew she was hunched over, covering her mouth, she felt sick.

Rinko quickly picked the book up and reopened it to the same page, although it was horrible to look at the symbols could be a clue. And so she neatly ripped out the page and held it by her side.

Meanwhile Saaya was trying to calm Aya down.

Taking deep breaths, Aya managed to finally calm down, "Do you feel better now?" Saaya calmly asked Aya, who responded with a small nod "Y-Yeah, I'm better now, thanks Saaya", Aya replied turning to Saaya and giving her an embarrassed smile "I just kinda overreacted I guess hehe"
"No no, it was a completely reasonable reaction, I probably would've reacted the same anyway". The two girls smiled at each other and then turned to the other girls.

The other girls seemed to be gathered around the 3rd and final draw, Aya and Saaya slowly approached them and looked inside the draw as well. Inside was a disturbing drawing of a girl with shoulder length hair, there was tears running down her face, along with a giant, creepy smile spread across her face, and some writing above her head saying: "Play my game". But the most disturbing part of the drawing was that it was drawn in fresh, dark red blood.

Fear and shock covered the girls from head to toe as they continued to stare at the drawing as they were drawn into a deep sleep. And then the game of insanity begun. Although it had started the moment the girls were placed in this building.

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Sayo slowly opened her eyes, yet again she had another headache and found herself in another unknown room. "Again? Why? I was just searching around with Eve, Hagumi, Tomoe, and Tae". As she sat up and looked around her, she noticed that there was a lot more of the girls this time, in fact this was probably all of them.

Sayo slowly walked over to Rinko "A-Ah! Sayo, your here t-too" Rinko reacted suprised but it was reasonable as Sayo didn't know that she would be here either. She just thought that only herself, Eve, Hagumi, Tomoe and Tae was here but obviously not.

"Yes Rinko, were you seperated into a group aswell?"
"Y-Yes, I was with Aya, Saaya, Tsugumi a-and Kanon"
Sayo looked at the floor in deep thought "It seems we all were seperated into groups of 5, in each group there was 1 person from each band"
"I-I see... W-well s-should we go find the other Roselia m-members?" Rinko asked Sayo in a shy manner, she probably felt safer with people she was more familiar with.

Sayo suddenly raised her voice and made an announcement "Excuse me, can all Roselia members come over to me and Rinko as soon as possible" and then the 2 of them waited. After a few minutes Ako came stumbling through the crowd "Rin-Rin! There you are!" Ako lept forward and hugged Rinko tightly "I was worried I'd never see you again" Rinko gently hugged Ako back with a smile on her face.

Soon after came along Yukina and Lisa, who were talking amongst themselves. "Ah, here you guys are!" Lisa shouted happily as she pulled all 4 girls into a hug, Yukina broke up the hug shortly after.

"Well its a good thing you made that announcement Sayo, otherwise it would probably be even more chaotic then it already is" Yukina said acting like her usual strict self, but she seemed more relieved now that she was with her fellow bandmates. "Anyways, we shouldn't just stand here, so does anyone have any ideas as to what to do?" Sayo questioned, earning a nod of approval from Yukina.

"Well first of all, why dont we discuss what happened?" Lisa suggested in her usual happy and kind tone and the others nodded in agreement. "Good idea Lisa" Yukina praised her and then the discussion began.

"I-I'll s-start so I can get it o-over with..." the others turned to look at Rinko, waiting patiently for her to explain what happened to her. "W-Well I woke up in a room a-along with... Saaya, Aya, T-Tsugumi and Kanon, they were all n-nice aswell which was g-good, after a while we w-went and looked backstage coz it was t-there..."
"Did you find anything cool rin-rin?" Ako interrupted her with a sparkle in her eyes. "U-Um y-yes... Not a-anything particularly g-good though". Rinko looked to the floor feeling kind of sick from remembering the diary and the bloody drawing.

"Hey Rinko, are you okay?" Lisa put her hand on Rinkos shoulder and flashed her a worried look along with the other Roselia members. "Y-Yes... I'm fine... J-just trying to... R-remember..."

Rinko took a few deep breaths and continued "W-When we looked backstage w-we found this p-prop box... B-but instead of props it was f-full of w-weapons... W-We took some for s-self defence a-and then looked at this v-vanity..." Rinko still felt sick thinking about it but she carried on anyway.

"In the vanity we found a b-b-bloody diary... A-and also t-this bloody drawing of a girl s-smiling whilst c-crying and there was writing s-saying "play my game"... A-and then we passed out and woke up here... " Rinko took another deep breath and finally looked up again.

"No way! The exact same thing happened to us!" Ako suddenly burst out with, causing the girls to turn their heads towards her. "You see, me along with Maya, Misaki, Ran and Kasumi had the exact same thing happen to us! Except we looked straight at the vanity so we didn't look at the prop box!"

"Actually the same thing happened to me along with, Chisato, Kokoro, Moca and Arisa" Lisa spoke up, with a confused expression planted on her face. "Same here, but I was with, Hina, Kaoru, Himari and Rimi" Yukina also spoke up.

The girls came to the realisation that they had all been placed in the exact same situation. "This is pretty weird huh?" Lisa said, she was still confused about the whole thing.

And then a loud buzzing noise filled the room.

Sayo suddenly shouted out for everyone to just stay still and put up with the noise. She managed to say it loud enough for everyone in the room to hear and so they all followed her instructions.

And then a loud Bam noise came from the roof, which caused all the girls to look up. The buzzing noise then stopped, only to be replaced with a crash and a cloud of smoke. Once the smoke had dispersed a familar looking person was standing there with a smirk on her face.

"Marina" everyone said in their own ways, which caused her to laugh. But her laugh was different from usual. It wasn't the kind, friendly, welcoming laugh she normally had but more of a brutal, psychotic, menacing laugh.

"Marina, what is the meaning of this?" Sayo questioned her whilst the others were still in shock. Marina let out another psychotic laugh, sending chills down the girls spines. "This? Oh this is just a little game I thought I'd put together" She smirked at all of us, she looked... Pure evil...

"A game!? That sounds like lots of fun!" a loud, happy, friendly voice emerged through a crowd of girls. Kokoro Tsurumaki. Of course she was as happy as ever, no worries, no sadness, no fear, just pure happiness. You would expect Ako to react like her aswell but Ako still seemed shocked about how Marina was acting.

"Yes, yes, a very fun game indeed, I'll tell you all the rules and what the game is about right now" Marina announced, she cleared her throat and then continued. "This is a game, my game, in this game you will be presented with a weekly challenge. Now the thing about the challenge is that if you mess up, you will most likely die"
"What was that!?" someone shouted out, which started a bunch of people shouting and panicking aswell.

After a while the shouting and panicking slowly died down and Marina continued talking "Yes, you heard me correctly, also whoever is chosen for the challenge must participate in the challenge otherwise there will be consequences, also if you get really bored you may kill someone, you may even get a little reward from me" She let out a small giggle.

"But now that all that's out of the way... You may explore to your hearts desire but since its already 10pm you might want to head over to your dorms for now, they're just out the door and around the corner, enjoy your stay" And then Marina disappeared for the night...

"W-What is this?" Rinko questioned no one in particular, the rest of Roselia looked at her, she hadn't stopped crying since Marina started her announcement about this sick "game". Ako and Lisa comforted Rinko, whilst Sayo and Yukina looked at her with worry filled faces. "Well, we should find our dorms... Atleast then we can rest" Yukina spoke up and then lead the girls out of the hall.

They soon later came across a bunch of dorms, 25 to be exact, there was nameplates planted onto the doors and it seems they were arranged into bands. "Well, let's go into our separate dorms and rest, we'll need it" Sayo said, even though she was putting on a confident act... She was also scared, just as scared as everyone else here. The girls nodded and headed into their dorms. Sayo took a step into her dorm and shut the door, she could see a lock on the door and so she did herself the pleasure of locking it.

Sayo then turned to face her new room, tears stung at her eyes as she thought about the game and how she had to live here for who knows how long. She didn't even know if she would survive or not... It was a scary thought and she quickly shook it off.

Looking around the room, there wasn't much, just a vanity, a bedside table, a wardrobe, and of course the bed. She searched the vanity and bedside tables draws but they were all empty, however there was a note on top of the vanity.

Sayo hesitantly picked up the note and started reading it: "Dear Hikawa-san, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here, you already know the rules so I'll just get this out of the way! Every day I will be presenting you with a weapon or reward, I suggest you use them wisely. Also you may notice that your room is kinda plain at the moment, so if you want to change that head over to the shop, of course you'll have to find it. That's all for now. Have a great stay"

Sayo scowled at the note and ripped it up, unfortunately there wasn't a bin in this room so she would have to throw it away tommorow. So she left it there and fell onto her bed, letting her thoughts wander. Soon later she fell asleep with nothing but worries filling her head.

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Hina slowly awoke, she still had a headache from yesterday but she arose from her bed as energetic as ever. "Ah! That was a surprisingly good sleep!" Hina was aware of what happened yesterday but she was trying to ignore it as best as she could and so she jumped out of bed and stretched. "Hmmmm, much better, now now, what should I do?"

"Ah, I should go find Aya chan along with Eve, Maya and Chisato!" After announcing that to herself she sped out of her room and went knocking on the rest of the Pastel Palletes doors.

A door slowly opened in front of Hina "Ah, good morning Hina Chan" it was Chisato who looked amazing even in the morning. "Chisato Chan! Hehe I didn't expect you to wake up before the others"
"Of course you didn't..." Chisato stepped out from her room and closed the door behind her. Almost exactly after, opened another door "Good morning Chisato chan and Hina chan! I-I'm sorry for answering the door a bit late! I just didn't want to leave until I was dressed" Said Aya as she came outside her dorm and joined Chisato and Hina.

"About time Aya-chan! Jeez you're slow ahaha"
"Ooooo.... I said I was getting ready..." Chisato giggled at the two and then looked towards Maya and Eve's dorms.

Chisato shook her head and turned back to Hina and Aya, Hina of course still teasing Aya. "Excuse me, Hina, Aya, don't you think Maya and Eve are taking a long time"
"Hmmmm, your right. Well let's knock again then!" Hina announced walking up to the door. She reached her hand out and just as she was about to knock on Maya's door the door slammed open, hitting Hina in the face.

"I'm sorry I'm late! I couldn't find my glasses, yknow since I couldn't see without them heh hue hue hue" Maya loudly made her presence clear, her hair was messy along with her outfit, she must've been in a rush to open the door. Meanwhile Hina was rubbing her head. "Ah! Hina chan! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to slam the door on your face!" she quickly apologised to Hina after realising what she did.

"Ahaha, don't worry Maya chan, but you sure are a lot stronger then you look!" Hina yet again low-key insulted another person without realising it. "Eh heh, of course..."
"A-Anyways, I still wonder whats taking Eve so long..." Aya said clearly worried.

"Yeah, I understand Maya chans reasoning but it shouldn't be taking Eve chan this long to open the door..." Chisato stated whilst looking down at the floor, worry filling her face. "Hmmmm, maybe we should force the door open" Hina offered her idea to the girls. "I-Isn't that a breach of privacy!?" Maya shouted "Y-Yeah, do you really think that's the best idea?" Aya agreed with Maya. They were all worried but forcing the door open seemed a bit dramatic.

"Come on guys, it's Eve chan, she would've opened the door by now" Hina backed herself up and slowly the girls eventually decided to go with Hina's chaotic idea. They all nervously walked over to the door and started pushing it with all their might.

After a few minutes of pushing and barging into the door, it finally slammed open only to reveal Eve. But it wasn't a nice sight...

She was laying in her bed, head in her pillow, that was recently covered in tear stains. She sniffled as she turned to look at the door, her eyes were tainted a bright red, her hair was all messed up, her mouth quivered as she tried to stop the tears but they continued pouring down her cheeks.

"Eve chan..." The girls said in synchronisation. "You... Weren't supposed... To see me like this... I-I-I!" Eve tried to speak but it was hard considering how much she was crying.

"It's just... Not... Fa-- ir!" suddenly Maya ran up and hugged her tightly "Eve... Please don't cry... You have to stay strong! I know you can get through this with your bushido ways" Eve let out a loud sniffle "Maya... Chan..." Hina, Aya and Chisato smiled at the two, Maya is always there for Eve, it was kind of admirable.

Chisato cleared her throat to get Maya's attention, she then motioned her head towards the door, signalling they were going to leave the two be. Maya smiled slightly nodding and mouthed a simple "thank you". The three girls quietly left the room.

"Alrighty, well now that that's being sorted out, we should go explore right?" Hina suggested and Aya and Chisato agreed "Yes, that sounds like a plan" Chisato replied, followed by Aya "Mm! I mean I'm still worried about Eve chan but atleast Maya's helping her out"
"Then let's go!" Hina grabbed the twos hands and started dragging them off followed by them shouting her name, which only caused Hina to laugh.

Hina continued running and dragging them along until they reached the Dining room, "Alright let's look here first" She said already beginning to look around. It was just an ordinary dining room by the looks of it. There was 2 massive dining tables, both being able to seat 13 people, and that was about it. Hina let out a loud sigh "This room is boring..."
"Well maybe the kitchen will be more interesting" Aya suggested and the three walked into the kitchen that was just through the door at the back of the dining room.

Inside the kitchen there was, a microwave, an oven, cutlery, cooking knifes, chopping boards, a kettle, and all the other cooking essentials, including a fully stocked fridge, freezer and cupboard. "Jeez, this room is boring too"
"Well, it is just a kitchen and eating area, there's no reason for anything else to be added to it" Chisato replied "Well, I guess we're done here so let's go find another room to search!" Hina said grabbing the twos hands yet again and dragging them off somewhere else.

The girls then reached the shop, "Aha this seems much more interesting!" Hina announced running inside and looking at all the stuff. This shop had all kind of stuff, decorations, snacks, candy/sweets, various anime/fandom merch and a bunch of other stuff, basically everything. "Wow... There's so much stuff here" Aya chanted amazed, she seemed to have her eye on all the idol magazines. "Well we don't have money so there's no point in just staring, let's go look somewhere else" Chisato said leaving Hina and Aya sighing. Chisato lead the two out of the shop and they headed somewhere else.

Chisato stopped at the storage room and the girls investigated it. It just seemed to have food and drinks, again not much here either, which resulted in a sigh from Hina "The only interesting place around here is the shop"
"We still have one more place to go" Chisato replied with "Ah, your right Chisato San! It's the living room right?" Aya said and Chisato nodded with a smile on her face.

"Well let's not just stand here then! Let's go, then after we can relax and do whatever we want" Hina chanted regaining her excited composure and running off to find the living room, Chisato and Aya unwillingly running behind her.

Once they came to the living room Hina almost immediately jumped onto the sofa, leaving Chisato and Aya to search, there was just a TV along with a sofa, a mini table, and some cupboards which just had some boardgames in them. "Well atleast we have board games and a TV that should make things less boring" Hina brought up "Yeah! In fact should we play one right now?" Aya asked Chisato and Hina.

"I think that's a good idea Aya Chan" Chisato said whilst smiling and Hina quickly agreed in her own way "Yeah! It's better then being bored anyways" and so the three played Monoply together, laughing and joking around.

A few hours later, more girls joined them in the living room, some watching TV and some joining the girls in playing board games. It seems everyone had explored this place by now and so they spent the rest of the day relaxing. Little did they know that the peace would end very soon.