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Through the Eyes of A Child

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Jack pulls out the metal from his skin. It's sticky with something red, and warm. He looks up to Sam- Sam, who killed an angel for him. Sam, who apologized. Sam, who asked him questions. Who seemed to want him safe.

There's a quiver of lips, wide eyes that look a little disbelieving but there's also an intake of breath and it seems like there is... relief? Or something warm enough that he's glad Jack isn't dead like the burnt out angel with it's ember-hot imprints on the hard, cold floor.

At least, Jack vaguely thinks that is what the word is called, what the swooping feeling he thinks he can hear because Sam thinks very loudly, thinks-

Thank God, he's not dead, but he's bleeding, let him be okay...

(The words don't hurt inside his head as much as the angels do.)

Dean, the other one- the one he's still afraid of, just looks at him in shock. And his heart beats fast, like Sam does. But there's a sharper edge to it, a feeling Jack is scared to name even though he's not sure what that feeling is, entirely.

Jack does not quite have the name for things down yet. He remembers some things, from Kelly, from the way she felt- but it's slippery. Remote. Like a dream, or what he thinks he remembers her telling him a dream is, since Jack has not seen the night and does not know what it is she meant yet. He has not lived long enough.

Jack isn't sure if he should be as worried as Sam. It's uncomfortable- bleeding, that was the word Sam thought- but it mends fast, and Sam is dabbing the wound with some fabric and asking him questions and keeping his slight waver of his voice as level as he can- Jack can tell because Sam is a little breathless but he's trying to stay as soft and even with the words as he did when asking Jack questions.

When he tried to understand-

When he said he's just a kid and Jack heard him whispering, like a promise to protect him.

And Sam did.

And even though Castiel, his chosen father, is dead, and Jack is still reeling from the blank non-understanding of him not being there when he could feel him, before, when his mother promised him he would be here-

Sam seems to be willing to let Jack in. To keep him safe.

And that's the only kindness Jack has known, save for the kind people of this place who gave him nougat and clothes and promised to help find his family.