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Wings of fire

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The car was quiet.

After Amara, God...the mark,him almost being killed by evil was nice, the silence, the feeling of safety, not a single strip of tension in the air.

Sam was smiling, looking outside the window, he was admiring the landscape, the was safe, and none of them died. Nothing horrible had happened...maybe except the sudden nausea he experienced.

- Dean, stop the car.

Dean didn't had time to ask any questions because Sam was already opening the door, so he stopped.

Sam ran out on the side road, leaning forward, vomiting his breakfast and what it felt like his stomach itself.

- Sammy?

He hears his brother's concerned voice, but didn't managed to say anything until a few seconds later.

He lifted his head, and turned around to face Dean sitting near an equal worried looking Castiel.

- Sam, are you ok? Let me heal you.

- I'm fine, probably ate something bad.

Dean lifted his face, placing a hand on his shoulder and with the other rotating Sam's head, analysing him for other symptoms.

- We ate the same things and I'm fine.

- Really guys, I'm good, don't worry.

Sam smiled sincerely, sincerely enough to make Dean believe him and not argue about it.

They arrived at the bunker a few hours later.

Dean was still eyeing Sam, but didn't said anything as his brother passed near him, heading for his room.

- I'm sure he is fine, Dean.

Castiel touched his shoulder, squeezing it gently.

Dean was looking at the direction Sam was walking.

- I'm just waiting for the next bad to happen, and I don't want it to be a Sam thing.

- Dean, it's just food poisoning, Sam is fine.

Castiel pleaded, almost amused by Dean overprotective nature.

- Yeah, you are probably right.

Sam was brushing his teeth, looking at himself in the mirror.

His good mood didn't faded, still happy about another apocalypse avoided.

,, I'm sorry".

Sam jumped up, looking in every direction, taking his gun out.

- Who's there?!

He demanded, but got no answer.

The hunter put his gun back, leaning on the sink, his hands gripping the cold surface thight

- Come on, you can't go crazy...not again.

,, You are not crazy"

- Sam!

He felt a hand on his shoulder, turning him around.

- What's the matter with you? I'd say you look like you saw a ghost, but that would bore you.

Dean giggled, placing Sam's hair from his face behind his ear.

- Are you ok, Sammy?

Sam noded, he didn't wanted to worry Dean, not again.

- Yes, but I'm never eating tacos again.

He tried to laugh, curling his lips into a smile.

- Come on, Castiel got an S.O.S. on angel radio.

- What?

Sam asked and he went with his brother to the kitchen, seeing the angel ancoring himself with one hand at the wood table, other on his forehead, massaging it.

- Cas, what happened?

- A nephilim... Lucifer child became aware.

Dean looked at the angel then at his brother.

- What? Lucifer is dating?

- Dean.

Castiel eyes him, this was serious.

- This child could destroy the planet, the energy i felt it's like... ripping to the fabric of the universe.

- Awesome, just awesome.

Dean sits down on a chair, sighting

- It hadn't even been a day since the last apocalypse.

Dean drags his face across his face.

- So who is Rosemary? What should we do?

- I don't know, but we need to find them before it's too late.

- We should start doing some research.

Sam said, thinking not only he is going crazy, now Lucifer will have his own evil universal destroyer.

He sighs searching though books, trying to keep the mood lifted. He was happy, they still managed to avoid an apocalypse, they will do it again.

The next week not so much, he continued having nightmares about Lucifer, about every twisted thing he did to him, in the cage, and a few weeks ago in hell, tricking him he was God, touching him...and the voice, it wasn't Lucifer, not always, it was another one too, it wasn't even a bad voice, but the idea alone of hearing voices is bad enough.

Sam was curled near his brother, sleeping.

Castiel was watching over them, entering the room sometimes,trying his best to keep their nightmares away, sometimes he could, sometimes he did not.
Tonight was one of those times.
He didn't had a choice so he woke the younger Winchester up.

He looked confused, scared from whatever he was dreaming, probably involving Lucifer, he never wanted to talk about what happened to him.

- Sam, are you ok?

Castiel's concerned voice was greeted with a soft smile, Sam dimples showing in the dark, making Castiel smile too.

- Yes, I need a drink and I'll be fine.

Sam announced and Castiel was ready turn but he stopped him .

- I got it, Cas.

He said getting up from the bed.

When he said drink, Castiel probably thought water, or milk but...
He thinks of drowning himself in the alcohol Dean has bought a while ago for black days. He goes into the kitchen opening a drawer and getting the bottle of whiskey.

Sam places the bottle on the table, not bothering to take a glass, he just sits down and lets the brown liquid down his throat directly, Dean would be mad at him for doing this, but he needs it more than him. He continues drinking and after a warm feeling settles inside of him, he feels...better.

"I don't like this"

Sam jumps out of the chair, breaking the bottle while doing so. He sighs, leaning down and starting cleaning the bits of glass. The stress, lack of sleep and the crazy have a word to say in the situation so Sam manages to cut his palm while cleaning. Blood starts dripping on the floor, and Sam is quick to apply pressure on the wound, squirming because of the little pain the cut was causing.

Great, he thought, not only that Dean will kill him for drinking his whiskey, he cut himself too.

"I can fix this"

The voice said and the piece of glass started to glow orange, gravitating back to the table, adjusting themselves in the shape of the bottle, but without any crack, even the whiskey he consumed, was back, brown liquid glowing in the artificial light of the kitchen's bunker.

The hunter looks down, his hand, veins more exactly, glowing the same orange, the blood from the floor traveling back in his cut then it closed, leaving nothing, not even a scar.

He raised from the floor looking around, he was hallucinating, he thought, or Lucifer was messing with him again...the cage could still be broken? So that must be it, he's messing with his brain, he still has the cut, he is sure of it.

-Lucifer, at least mess with me like a real man! Come out!

" I am not Lucifer"

Anger begins filling him.

-Then who are you?!

,,Your son"