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Hit or Miss

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“This is who you are now. You have a duty to fulfill.”
“Yes Sir.”
“You owe it to your parents, and you owe it to us. It’s what’s right. I have high expectations from you Chan. I sincerely hope you don't disappoint me. ”
“I won’t Sir.”
“Very well, you’re dismissed.”


It was all he knew. Ever since he could remember, he had been surrounded by guns and task forces. He fired his first gun at age 7 and killed his first man at 16.
‘Raised by the Company’
That’s what they said about him. His parents had been agents who died on a job and their colleagues had considered it their duty to take care of him.
It had been inevitable.
When the words prodigy and asset had started floating around, PD demanded that he be trained properly and be sent on a mission as soon as possible.
There had been no turning back from there.


‘Take the next door to your right, but keep low. He’s just around the corner”

Chan murmured his assent and advanced, flicking the safety of his gun off. Peeking around the corner of the hall, he saw his target in all his slimy glory.

Yang Hyun-Suk; Billionaire, pedophile, criminal and a larger than life, grade A asshole. Chan couldn’t help but grimace at the sight of him. He had two guards accompanying him, and a giggling, clearly drunk woman on his arm.

“Jae, talk to me about the girl”, Chan whispered.
“Civilian, innocent, clueless. Just don’t let her become a witness, but otherwise leave her alone.”

The blonde cursed under his breath. Liabilities made everything harder. This was the only place where he had access to Yang where there was no crowd. The hotel corridor was empty and his target was approaching fast. He was left with no choice.

Tucking his gun into his waistband, he straightened and walked straight towards the group with a frown marring his face.
“What are you doing with this man sweetheart? I’ve been looking for you all over.”

He could see the guards tense as both Yang and the woman looked at him with confusion.
“Excuse me, who are you?”the intoxicated woman slurred.
Shaking his head and grasping her arm, he yanked her towards him. As she let out a yelp of protest, he quickly got out his gun and brought it down over head. She crumpled to the floor before the guards could even get their weapons out.

It would leave a nasty bump, but it was for the best.

Looking up the two men with Yang, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Such a rich man, but he couldn’t even get himself some decent protection. They were still fumbling for their guns as his target stood dumbfounded, but Chan had put a bullet in their chests before they could be a nuisance for any longer.

“W-what do you want from m-me?” the dirtbag stuttered out, raising his shaking hands in the air as a show of surrender.

Raising his gun and smirking, Chan just winked before pulling the trigger.


“You did well Chan, get some rest. Go to bed early, PD wants to have a talk with you tomorrow.”

Raising his eyebrows, Chan gaped at Jae, who was sitting in front of a monitor, typing away, apparently unbothered by the fact that Chan’s evening had been effectively ruined.

“A talk with me? Tomorrow? Why? What the fuck.”

Turning around in his chair, the older man chuckled lightly, shaking his head. “Why are you so worried. All your missions have been successful and you record is practically glowing. There’s no way you're in trouble.”
Blinking owlishly, Chan pursed his lips. Jae was right, he couldn’t possibly be in trouble. However, the heaviness in his stomach didn’t dissipate. He couldn’t help but be nervous in front of his boss.

“I’m sure he’s just gonna tell you how proud he is of you or something mushy like that. After all, you’re his favourite”, Jae said, breaking his train of thought.

The tech expert was stuffing his face with chips and shaking his head in annoyance. Scoffing he muttered under his breath, “i mean i just don’t get it. We work our butts off but do Day6 get told we’re a ‘incredible asset to the company’? Nope. not even once. I just don’t get it.”

Snickering, Chan wiggled his eyebrows teasingly. “Get on my level Jae, then we’ll talk.”

He distantly heard his friend’s shout of indignation from behind him as he ran out of his office.

Still laughing, Chan made his way to his room. He couldn't remember what he had been worried about.