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Death Has Lost Its Sting

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Wei Ying wasn't scared of death. He didn't remember dying. He remembered the fall and the sudden sense of peace, his mind calm, knowing that he was fulfilling the fate he'd been hurtling towards ever since he'd been dropped into the Burial Mounds for the first time. He did not remember hitting the ground, and for that he was grateful.

He also didn't remember what had happened between the moment of his death and waking up in Mo Manor. One moment he'd been falling, the next he hit the floor in the middle of a summoning array. He wasn't sure if he was glad or disappointed not to know what came after.

No wonder cultivators strove for immortality. It was a path Wei Ying had never particularly sought out, too caught up in the present.

However, waking up from another nightmare he couldn't remember, Wei Ying rolled over and burrowed into Lan Zhan's side, tension dispelling immediately when his husband tightened his arms around him, protecting him even in his sleep. Heart overflowing with tenderness, Wei Ying whispered, "You're not allowed to ever die, Lan Zhan."

Wei Ying wasn't scared of death, but he'd found his reason to live forever.