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Victoria Chase's Special Presentation

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Maxine Caulfield observed the dorm with quiet trepidation. Nervously, she gently bites her lip. She looks to her side, and sees her friend, punk, and dropout of Blackwell Academy, Chloe Price, gently nibbling on her thumb as she rests her elbows on the steering wheel of her truck. She looks to the dorm with nervous blinking though Max was almost certain she was looking to the dorm with a dead set mind on following through with a plan Max was already starting to regret suggesting. It’s not like she thought Chloe would hop on it, and refuse to let go.

“This is stupid, Chloe. We should go back.”

Chloe looks to Max with an irritated side glance.

“No fucking way! This was your idea!”

Max nods with quiet uncertainty. She still wanted to follow through with her plan, though she wasn’t sure if it was enough to overpower her reluctance.

“Yeah, and it was a dumb one. We’ll be in so much trouble if we get caught.”

“It’s only dumb if you don’t plan it, and we did. Warren came through with the drive, and we’re already here,” said Chloe with a confident smile. Max was a little surprised to see her friend’s expression change from the quietly frustrated kind. She must be trying her best to be convincing.

“Yeah and we’re not in there yet. We could drive.”

Chloe sighed. She quietly thinks to herself before looking to Max with a disappointed shrug.

“Well, just so you know. If you back out, you can go back in your room, but after a few minutes, I’m going in there.” declared Chloe with defiant determination. Max sighed as she looks away from the enthusiastic rebel to the side with a gentle nibble on her bottom lip.

“Look, the Queen Bitch has it coming to her. Kate was wasted, she knew it, and she made it viral anyway. We’re just making sure she gets a good humbling experience. If she doesn’t get one sooner, who knows where her attitude gets her. Not the kind of modeling she expects I bet.”

Max felt herself get a little heated when she thought of the video now stuck in the world wide web’s legacy, and Kate’s reaction to it. The devout Christian was going to have a hard time wiping that stain away. If that was even possible. After listening to the shy, blonde-haired student’s quiet weeping from her room. Max wasn’t certain that Kate herself was going to recover from it. Not for quite a long time.

Max looks to Chloe with a cold, furious glare. Not that she meant for it to be directed to Chloe, yet, Chloe seemed a little intimidated by it as her uncomfortable shuffling, and downward gaze show.

“Fuck her. Let’s do it.”

Chloe excitedly smiled at Max’s newfound enthusiasm.

“Now, that’s the Max I love most. Got the key?”

Max reached into the pocket of her dark blue jeans, and presented her dorm key to the blue-haired ex-student. Chloe smiled deviously.

“Well then, super criminal. Let’s get ready.”

Max nodded. She pulls out two pairs of translucent latex gloves and gives a pair to Chloe who slowly pulls them over her hands with a snapping sound. Max’s own dressing of her hands make the same snaps. She could feel her heart steadily beating faster as her breath hitched. The brunette wondered if Chloe felt like this whenever she snuck out at night to play with a boy or fill a bag if her stories were to be believed when Max brought up her plan. Maybe it was the punk image and dropout background that made it easy for Max to picture her friend as a crook.

She was about to exit the car when she felt a gloved hand on her shoulder. Max stopped and looked to Chloe with a questioning expression. She began to wonder if it was Chloe who was having second thoughts. She knew that to be unlikely.

“Hold up. I ain’t goin’ in there bare and neither are you,” she said as she reached a gloved hand into the pocket of her black leather jacket that made her look just a little bit more intimidating. Max couldn’t help but make a note to suggest black hair dye at some point later.

“Here,” said Chloe as she took a long, folded, sheer garment from her jacket. She dangles it in front of Max as it unfolds. Max could now clearly see that it was a nude stocking. She observed it with a raised brow.

“For your head,” she explained. Max nods as she takes it from her while Chloe pulls out her own stocking. Max had to use a little force to pull it over her face. She felt her face getting squeezed down as her perception of the world became shaded over to match the stocking’s colour.

“It’s tight!” exclaimed Max while Chloe pulls her own down over her face after taking off her black beanie, and setting it on the dashboard.

“If it weren’t, we might as well put saran wrap around our faces. Pull it up if you can’t see.”

Max follows her advice and pulls at the foot of the stocking atop her head. She felt her eyelids, nose, and lips being pulled up. She could now see quite a bit more clearly without her eyelashes in the way. She looks to Chloe. Her partner in crime was hardly recognizable with her distorted, ghoulish face.

“How do I look?” asked Chloe.


“Good. Let’s go.”

They both exit the truck and quietly begin to walk toward the front steps of the academy. Max briefly admired the shining stars in the clear night sky before focusing her attention to the dorm for Blackwell’s female student body on the left side. She gently taps her hand on the pocket of her black, zipped up jacket. Her heart begins to viciously race in her chest as she and Chloe approach the dorm while making sure to avoid any lamplights.

She felt the key ingredient to her revenge on Kate’s behalf safely tucked in. She smiles a twisted, toothy smile in relief.