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They say Ushijima Wakatoshi’s spikes can break arms but no one ever talks about how gentle his hands really are.

He stares at Tsukishima’s hand in front of him with an intense expression on his face, focusing on taping up his fingers meticulously -- and Tsukishima momentarily loses himself to the sensation of Ushijima’s thumb holding his wrist, his pointer finger tracing Tsukishima’s fingers, his palm closing around his fingers tenderly. 

“You should do finger push-ups to strenghten your fingers more,” Ushijima says, his soft voice a deep rumble, reverberating in the cave that is Tsukishima’s heart.

“Ugh,” Tsukishima responds, earning a strict glance from the captain of his university team. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not like you.”

Ushijima is feared on the court. If he’s honest with himself, Tsukishima remembers his own fear, too. But high school had been so long ago. That match against Shiratorizawa in his first year, seems more like a strange dream than reality.

Because reality is, that this giant volleyball dork, so ill-fitted on the narrow bench, radiates nothing but warmth now, scolding Tsukishima gently -- and he presses a kiss on the tips of Tsukishima’s fingers once he is done with the taping.

“I know,” Ushijima says then, smiling that small, soft smile of his that always manages to encourage Tsukishima to do incredibly stupid things. “But you are still playing with me.”

“What else should I do?” Tsukishima asks. “Cheering for you from the sidelines doesn’t sit well with me.”

“Finger push-ups then,” Ushijima nods, standing up from Tsukishima’s side, ready to walk back on the court. “I will speak with the coach to create a work out programme for you.”

“I love you, Ushijima-san, but that’s really not necessary.”

Ushijima gives out a sound somewhere between a deep growl and a funny little yelp. From this angle, Tsukishima can’t see his face, but his ears are red. 

“We can’t have you injured,” Ushijima says. He walks to the edge of the court without looking back, but his hand reaches out, and he makes an awkward little wave behind him. 

Tsukishima can’t help but smile. “Good luck,” he says, looking fondly after his boyfriend.

They say Ushijima Wakatoshi is the strongest ace of his generation. No one ever mentions that he is also the biggest dork.