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Darla and Amber's Adventures with iCarly

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About a week after Darla and Amber both helped the Sailor Guardians in Japan against Snow Princess Kaguya, the two best friends planned to meet up at the Fudo household so that they could make their own web video to send to their favorite web show: iCarly, starring Carly Shay and Sam Puckett. Darla paced around for a bit as she waited for her best friend to come over so that they could get started.

"Don't worry, Darla, she'll be right over," Atticus smiled as he kept her company until Amber would come over. "Any ideas on what you and Amber might do for iCarly?"

"We're thinking of maybe brainstorming ideas before we get started." Darla replied.

"That's good." Atticus smiled.

"I'd like to do a tribute to the Sailor Scouts, but I'm not sure if Carly and Sam would understand." Darla said.

"Hmm... Probably not," Atticus shrugged. "I'd also help you show off some of my moves as Saiyaman."

"Yeah, a superhero appearance would totally blow their minds." Darla smiled.

"Heh, maybe next time." Atticus chuckled.

"Aw, come on, Atticus, please?" Darla asked.

"...I'll think about it." Atticus soon said so not to upset his little sister.

"Aw, alright." Darla said.

Atticus soon heard his adventure call watch going off. "Aw, come on... Five more minutes..." he then said, trying to put it on 'Snooze'. "I promised Darla I'd stay until Amber came over."

"What's that?" Darla asked.

"Ah, Drell gave us these special watches to call for us to go and see him for important news or adventures," Atticus replied. "It feels like I'm in a superhero cartoon."

They soon heard someone knocking at the door.

"That must be her." Atticus smiled.

Darla soon came to the door to open it, finding her best friend before they hugged. "Amber."

"Darla." Amber smiled, hugging her back.

"Friendship!" Atticus cheered before laughing. "I gotta go."

"See ya after your adventure then." Darla smiled at her big brother.

"You kids have fun." Atticus smiled back as he went off.

Darla and Amber then came to the living room where Darla left her laptop computer to discuss ideas for their web video.

"Oh, Carly and Sam make it look so easy... I really wanna meet them..." Amber sighed a bit.

"I know, so do I." Darla said.

They soon saw Mark walking by and which gave then an idea.

"Hey, girls, playing some games?" Mark smiled.

"Actually, we're gonna make a video to show to this web show we love called iCarly." Darla smiled.

"And you just gave us an idea." Amber added.

"I did?" Mark smiled. "What is it?"

Darla and Amber began to whisper to him their idea.

"Mm... Hmm... Mm-hmm..." Mark nodded as he listened closely with a small smile. "You sure I'm worthy enough to help out?"

"Oh, Mark, you're family now!" Darla beamed. "Of course you're worthy."

"Well, alright." Mark smiled.

Darla and Amber beamed as they soon began to work on their video to show to Carly and Sam to hopefully meet the two web show stars out of excitement since they were such big fans.

Atticus blinked as he soon appeared in The Other Realm, coming into Drell's office with Cherry, Mo, and Patch as this seemed important, though they were now waiting as the warlock left the room.

"He had to get a book." Cherry told Atticus while filing her nails.

"He'll be right back." Mo added.

Atticus soon sat down in the other chair while Cherry continued to file her nails.

"How's Dimples?" Cherry asked.

"Making a video for iCarly." Atticus smiled.

"Oh... Those two..." Cherry replied. "Never got the big fuss over those kids, but everybody seems to love them."

"Haven't you seen their videos?" Mo asked.

"Meh." Cherry shrugged.

"Aw, come on, Cherry, even you could laugh at some of these," Atticus said, taking out a computer with magic to show her something. "Here. You'll love this one. They call it 'Messing with Lewbert'."

"Alright, I'll give it a shot." Cherry shrugged.

Atticus chuckled a little already.

"The Lewbert skits?" Mo asked.

"Oh, Cherry loves it when other people are suffering for other's amusement," Atticus said between chuckles. "She'll love this one, I know it."

"This should be good." Patch said.

Cherry began to watch, looking a little bored at first, before she soon saw the doorman of Carly's apartment who was known as Lewbert who was soon being messed with, so she cupped her mouth a bit with a stifled snicker.

"Go on, you know you want to laugh." Atticus told her.

Cherry shook her head. Atticus looked with her before laughing himself as Mo and Patch joined him.

"Gosh... Darn it!" Cherry choked a bit before she laughed with them as it was contagious now.

"That is so funny!" Patch laughed.

Drell soon walked in with a book as the group continued to laugh and came to his desk to set the book down. Atticus, Mo, and Patch soon stopped laughing once they saw him while Cherry kept laughing for a while. Drell soon clapped his hands hardly to make the laughter stop, almost sounded like a firecracker. Cherry soon stopped laughing.

"Are you ready to act like young adults?" Drell asked.

"Yes, sir." The group replied.

"Good... Now, this isn't so much as an adventure mission, but just a little information for when it comes up," Drell said, bringing out his book before cracking it open. "It's about a very special magical element called Mew Mew Power."

"Sounds like an anime." Atticus said.

"Heh... Yes... I kind of expected that reaction, especially with the magical girl themes." Drell replied.

"My friend Cathleen thinks they're a rip-off on Sailor Moon." Cherry spoke up.

"Your friend Cathleen needs to work on her social skills," Drell replied before showing them pictures which floated out of the book to show a seemingly normal girl as an example before she suddenly had cat ears and a tail. "It's complicated to explain, but a girl who's born of Mew Mew Power, it infuses her human DNA with an animal's DNA while they must defeat an enemy alien force known as The Chimera Animas."

"Ooh." Patch smiled.

"Do you know where these girls might be?" Cherry soon asked the warlock.

"According to my research in Tokyo." Drell replied.

"Tokyo, of course..." Atticus said. "So, uh, will we need to meet them?"

"Not now as far as I know," Drell replied. "There's one girl in America somewhere with her own Mew Mew Power, but it hasn't been unlocked yet, but it transferred to her sometime after she was born before the death of her mother."

"At exactly what year?" Atticus asked.

"Let's see..." Drell paused a bit as he looked up more information. "I believe the young girl was around eight when her mother died."

"Poor dear..." Mo frowned.

"Yes, so she should probably be about showing signs of her animal DNA, probably about now if I had to guesstimate." Drell replied.

"I bet it'll be a surprise." Mo said.

"Oh, I'm sure," Drell replied. "Now, if I could just track this American girl down."

"Okay, we'll just leave then, and-" Cherry stood up.

"Sit down," Drell said, making her sit back down. "You guys can help me. You don't have other plans, right?"

"Well... I was gonna watch TV for a while..." Cherry rubbed her arm bashfully.

"Other than that?" Drell asked.

Cherry paused for a bit before holding up a finger and opening her mouth, though nothing came out.

"Good... You have time to help out." Drell smirked a bit.

Cherry let out a small groan as she began to help with Atticus, Mo, and Patch as they looked through the Mew Mew Power book to learn more about the magical girls who had animal powers.

"This seems kinda cool," Mo smiled. "Uh, aside from the animal puns maybe."

"Yeah, and they seem pretty cool too." Patch added.

"I just can't figure out where to find the American girl and who she even is..." Drell replied. "So that's why I wanted to tell you about Mew Mew Power now while I still had the chance," he then sighed a bit as he stroked his own hair, seeing another gray hair. "I'm not getting any younger."

The others frowned a bit as Drell seemed to be fearing about getting old and eventually retiring and especially even his upcoming death.

"Drell..." Cherry called softly.

"It's okay... I know I'm not as young as I used to be..." Drell told them. "You'll all probably feel better once I'm gone anyway and out of your lives."

"No way." Atticus shook his head.

"Drell..." Cherry said before she suddenly gulped and looked sick as she seemed to throw up in her mouth. "We're gonna miss you... You've watched us learn and grow like we were your own children. We... We... We love... We..."

Drell looked almost hopeful to her.

"We... Love... You..." Cherry forced herself to say before cracking a smile to show him sincerity.

"I love you kids too." Drell smiled.

"I'm sorry I'm a terrible student so you have to be tougher on me." Cherry sighed a bit.

"I just want you to learn some independence for when you all grow up," Drell replied. "I just want your fighting skills to be as sharp as your tongue, though you were amazing with that time with the Samurai Sword."

"Thanks to Chun-Li." Cherry smirked.

"Yes, thanks, Chun-Li." Drell nodded.

"I kicked your butt." Cherry smirked.

"Only because Chun-Li kicked yours to make you learn." Drell smirked back.

"Over actor!" Cherry yelled.

"Jezebel!" Drell yelled back.

The two soon looked to each other before laughing as they got along a lot better than they used to.

"Okay, now, back to a little work." Drell then said, adjusting his glasses.

"Right." Cherry nodded before she and Drell saw Atticus, Mo, and Patch jaw-dropped.

"What?" The two then asked.

"You two... Are getting along...?" Atticus asked.

"When did THIS happen?!" Patch added.

"Eh... We kinda hang out when it's just the two of us, like that time Atticus had to go in that tournament after accidentally getting killed." Drell replied casually.

"Ohh." Atticus, Mo, and Patch smiled.

"So glad you're being nice to Cherry now." Atticus told Drell.

"Eh, I can be nice," Drell replied. "You guys have seen it."

"Yeah, but that's mostly around Hilda." Cherry smirked.

"She's not wrong." Mo added.

"Hm... Indeed..." Drell replied.

They soon began to look over the books on Mew Mew Power which would take a while.

In the Fudo backyard, Casper helped set up the video camera while Darla and Amber wore costumes while Mark got himself ready.

"Whatcha guys doing?" Annabelle asked, peeking her head out.

"Oh, hi, Annabelle," Darla smiled. "We're making a video for iCarly to win a fan contest."

"What's your video going to be?" Annabelle asked.

"A bit of a funny video, but with a superhero saving the day," Amber said. "Probably like DarkWing Duck."

"Funny superhero video?" Annabelle asked.

"We think it should be funny for Carly and Sam, plus Uncle Mark and Atticus gave me an idea for superheroes." Darla explained.

"Both of us had the idea." Amber added.

"Think maybe I could watch?" Annabelle asked.

"Sure, Annabelle," Darla smiled. "Casper's gonna film us, and Uncle Mark will be out in a minute."

"All right, I'll be right over." Annabelle smiled back as she went to go to the door to come into the backyard, leaving the fence.

"This is so going to be much fun." Darla smiled to herself.

"I hope it wins," Amber smiled back. "It'd be so cool to meet Carly and Sam."

"Tell me about it." Darla giggled.

Annabelle soon came over and found a place to sit so that she could watch her friends' video for the two web show stars who lived in Seattle.

"Alright, you girls ready?" Casper asked Darla and Amber as he had the camera ready.

"Ready!" Darla and Amber replied.

"Okay, in 5... 4... 3... 2..." Casper said as he turned on the camera to film them.

"La, la, la..." Darla sang innocently. "Such a lovely day for a picnic."

Annabelle was seen just watching.

"It's such a beautiful day... Without a cloud in the sky..." Amber then added to what Darla said.

Casper then shook the camera to make it look like something bad was happening. "Now... Act like there's a monster on the loose... Like Godzilla..." he then told the girls.

Darla and Amber screamed before running all around the backyard in terror like they needed a hero to save them.

"And cue the hero." Casper whispered.

The backyard doors soon opened up before showing Mark as he appeared.

"Here I come to save the daaaay!~" Mark soon sang almost in a Mighty Mouse voice.

Annabelle giggled a bit from that.

'Good, good.' Casper thought to himself.

Mark soon pretended to fight a monster while the girls stayed put until he flew back. "You're safe now." he then smiled.

"Yay!" Darla and Amber replied.

"And now, I must go because duty calls, and-Whoa!" Mark smiled before making himself trip and fall into their picnic ground, landing face-first into a pie on the ground.

Annabelle began to giggle at the scene. Darla and Amber gasped before laughing to Mark. Casper tried to hold in his own laughter.

"Mm... Chocolate... My favorite." Mark smiled to the girls.

Annabelle began to laugh at the scene.

"And... We're clear." Casper said as he stopped filming.

"Oh, that was short." Annabelle said.

"It's meant to be a short video, but we're glad you liked it." Darla smiled.

"It sure was funny." Annabelle smiled back.

"Let's just hope Carly and Sam like it." Amber said.

"I'll edit it up a bit before you guys send it out," Casper smiled. "Thanks for letting me help."

"No problem." Darla smiled back.

Casper went to hook up the camera to his laptop computer to edit the short video a bit to make it look more convincing such as a monster attacking the backyard.

"Any Halloween plans?" Darla asked Amber and Annabelle to pass the time.

"Um... Maybe we could dress as the Powerpuff Girls?" Annabelle suggested. "Have your brother and his friends ever met them?"

"Not that I know if actually." Darla replied.

"So then who should be which?" Amber asked.

"Hmm..." The girls paused in thought of that possible Halloween costume idea.

"I'll be Blossom 'cuz I'm the leader." Darla smirked.

"Since when?" Amber smirked back.

"Since forever." Darla replied.

"Alright, fine, I'll be Buttercup then." Amber smiled.

"I guess I could be Bubbles." Annabelle smiled back.

"We'll be the Greendale Puff Girls!" Darla proclaimed before they all fell with a laugh in excitement.

Mark soon came by, smiling to them as he wiped some chocolate pie off of his face.

"Thanks for being in our video, Uncle Mark." Darla smiled.

"Thanks for letting me be in it," Mark smiled back. "I had a lot of fun."

"You were great, I liked your Mighty Mouse voice." Annabelle giggled.

"Thanks, I learned it from a certain little visitor." Mark said as he showed Mighty Mouse.

"Mighty Mouse!" The girls gasped in surprise.

"Hello there," Mighty Mouse smiled. "I was just passing through. You all know Robyn Starling, right?"

"Yeah, though she's more of Patch's friend than she is ours." Darla smiled back.

"Why do you ask?" Amber added.

"I was just wondering how you all knew me." Mighty Mouse smiled bashfully.

"Patch told me about your guys's adventure with Jerry's cousin Muscles." Darla replied.

"Oh, I see," Mighty Mouse then said. "I was just in the neighborhood, and I ran into Nuclear Man here."

"And when he bumped into me while I was on one of my patrols, he thought I was a threat." Mark told the girls.

"That must've been a funny image..." Darla giggled, unable to resist picturing Mark being stopped by Mighty Mouse since the latter was a tiny mouse and the former was a big human male.

"Yeah, speak for yourself." Mark smirked teasingly, knowing what she was thinking.

"So, what are you girls doing?" Mighty Mouse then asked.

"Making a video for a show we like to win a fan contest." Amber smiled.

"Well, you're sure to win with that video." Mighty Mouse smiled back before smirking up at Mark.

Mark recognized Mighty Mouse's smirk and already knew why he was smirking like that. "All right, all right," he then chuckled. "Let me get the girls some lunch, and we can have a little competition with each other. Uh, Amber? Annabelle? Have you girls eaten yet?"

"Nope." Amber and Annabelle replied.

"All right, I'll make everyone some lunch." Mark smiled.

"And by little competition, I think I already know what he means." Darla whispered to Amber and Annabelle as she flexed one of her arms, pretending to show some muscle.

Amber and Annabelle nodded.

"Family out?" Mighty Mouse asked.

"Patrick and Emily are shopping." Mark replied as he cooked grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls.

"And Atticus had to go see Drell." Darla added.

"Probably for an adventure." Amber said.

"That's my guess." Darla nodded.

"Grilled cheese okay?" Mark smiled to the girls.

"Oh... Definitely..." Annabelle smiled back softly. "My mother used to make the best grilled cheese sandwiches on rainy days. Something about them always cheered me and my brother up when we couldn't go outside and play."

"Well, how can they not?" Amber smiled back.

"Just make sure they're extra cheesy, Mr. Nuclear Man!" Annabelle said.

"Call me 'Uncle Mark', I'd really appreciate it." Mark smiled.

"Okay then... Uncle Mark." Annabelle smiled back.

The girls soon began to enjoy the sandwiches. Mark smiled as he sat with him, giving Mighty Mouse his own grilled cheese sandwich as he ate one he made for himself.

"Mm... You can never go wrong with cheese." Mighty Mouse approved.

Once they finished their sandwiches, it was now time for the competition.

"Okay, Mighty Mouse, I'm gonna do my best not to squish you." Mark told the superhero rodent.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine, it's you I'm worried about." Mighty Mouse smirked playfully.

Mark was soon seen as Nuclear Man. "Let's do this thing." Nuclear Man smirked back playfully.

Mighty Mouse nodded with a smirk. The two soon flew against each other while Mighty Mouse scampered around like a normal mouse would to tease Nuclear Man a bit with a chuckle. And where Nuclear Man chuckled back even after Mighty Mouse tried to tackle him down by his chest. Darla filmed some of this to show to Atticus and Patch for when they would come back home.

"Not bad for a little mouse." Nuclear Man smirked to Mighty Mouse.

Mighty Mouse shook his head to wear off his dizziness from the impact to see Nuclear Man's finger before getting flicked away and into a tree.

"Ooh!" The girls winced a bit from that.

"Heh. Not bad." Mighty Mouse chuckled from the tree.

"You were so small and weak, I could!" Nuclear Man retorted, though teasing and not actually making fun of him for being small.

The two of them continued to go on until it was shown as Nuclear Man as the winner.

"Congratulations." Annabelle smiled to him.

"Aw, thanks, little lady," Nuclear Man smiled back to her. "That was pretty fun."

"I recorded it for Atticus and Patch." Darla beamed.

"Great match." Mighty Mouse told Nuclear Man as he changed back to Mark.

"Great match." Mark nodded in agreement.

"Also good to see you reformed, even if you nearly killed Superman and Atticus." Mighty Mouse said.

"I put it behind me." Mark smiled.

"Well, I better get going." Mighty Mouse told them.

"Aww..." The girls pouted.

"Sorry, but my home needs me," Mighty Mouse replied. "I'll be sure to come back to town sometime though when I have enough free time. I might even bring Scrappy along."

"You know Scooby's nephew?" Amber asked.

"Oh, no, no, not that Scrappy," Mighty Mouse chuckled. "My #1 fan and adoptive son, but you didn't hear that from me," He soon heard his baby girl causing some trouble back at home in his and his wife's home. "Excuse me, I must go." he then told the girls.

"Thanks, Mighty Mouse, it was good seeing you!" Darla smiled.

"See ya!" Mighty Mouse smiled back as he flew back home.

"Something tells me he'll have his hands full back home." Mark said.

"I'm sure of it." Darla giggled.

Casper soon came out to the girls. "Your video is edited and finished up and ready to be sent to Carly and Sam." he then told them.

"Thank you so much, Casper," Darla beamed. "I don't know if we'll win, but I feel so proud of myself for making my very own video."

"Don't you mean our own video?" Amber asked.

"Oh, right... Heh... Our video." Darla giggled bashfully.

"I hope they like it." Annabelle smiled.

"Thanks, Annabelle," Darla smiled back. "You're so sweet."

"I have a feeling they will." Casper smiled back.

They soon went back inside.

Eventually, Atticus, Cherry, Mo, and Patch looked exhausted.

"No, that's not either..." Drell said, going to bring out another book. "Maybe this is the one."

"Ugh!" The adventure group groaned.

"Drell... Please... We've searched 10 books cover-to-cover..." Cherry begged. "Can't we just go home... PLEASE?!"

"I have to solve this mystery!" Drell replied. "Nobody goes home!"

"Look at these bags under my eyes!" Cherry pointed out to him. "Even my BAGS have bags!"

"Aw, quit belly aching, Cherry," Drell shook his head. "You don't hear Atticus, Mo, or Patch complaining, do you?"

"Please make the torture end!" Atticus, Mo, and Patch begged.

Drell raised an eyebrow to them. "All right, you can all go home now," he then said. "But I want you back here same time tomorrow!"

The others just groaned before they soon went back home.

"He is going to torture us until we've found the right book." Mo groaned.

"To find this missing... Mew Mew Power girl... I'm starting to lose interest." Cherry added.

"I feel like the answer might be right under our nose." Atticus said as he turned iCarly off of his laptop on the way back home.

"At least he can't come out of our bedroom closets to drag us out of bed since they aren't magical." Cherry said.

"Actually, because of my magic, I can do that, so I might have to do that to solve this mystery." Drell said right behind them before they left.

Cherry bit her lip before shaking Atticus. "Get us out of this!"

Atticus soon used his magic to teleport them back home. Once everyone was back in their own beds, they collapsed and groaned a bit tiredly into their beds, back home, safe and sound, and decided to go straight to sleep.

"What am I missing?" Drell groaned to himself, pacing a bit as he soon came out of his office, going into his gym. "Guh... I just feel like I'm gonna feel so stupid once I realize who the missing Mew Mew Power girl is and what her animal form is. Think Drell, think!" His answer soon came as his crystal ball showed an iCarly episode.

Carly was seen to be making a music video with her friends Sam and Freddie while a young adult man who was known as her brother joined them a bit as she sang a bit.

"Ugh! Blasted pop stars..." Drell grumbled, about to turn off the crystal ball, thinking it was just an annoying song. "Hey, that's not Hannah Montana..." he then said before taking a look to see Carly having fun with her web series known as iCarly.

"I know you see, Somehow the world will change for me, And be so wonderful, Live life, breathe air, I know somehow we're gonna get there, And feel so wonderful~," Carly's voice sang over footage of the web show, focusing mostly on her as the crystal ball was trying to give him an answer. "I will make you change your mind, These things happen all the time, And it's all real, I'm telling you just how I feel, So wake up the members of my nation, it's your time to be, There's no chance unless you take one and the time to see, The brighter side of every situation, some things are meant to be, So give me your best and leave the rest to me, Leave it all to me, Leave it all to me~"

"That girl... It's her... She's the one!" Drell soon realized. "How did I not realize this sooner?!"

The crystal ball soon seemed to zoom in on Carly before the video ended.

"Hmm... Let's see here..." Drell said, finding a personal file on the web show starlet. "Carlotta Taylor Shay... Lives in Seattle, Washington with her older brother Spencer Gerald Shay, and is the daughter of Colonel Steven Shay and the late Taylor Dorfman-Shay. Haha... Now I got ya, you missing little Mew Mew Power girl with that cat DNA... Hmm... I wonder if she's experienced it yet or not? SKIPPY!"

Skippy dashed over with a silent salute.

"Could you direct this to where Carly Shay lives so I can check on her?" Drell asked, giving him his very heavy crystal ball.

Skippy nodded before going off to do just that. Drell soon sat down and waited as he looked at Carly's personal file, picturing the girl with cat ears, as it also seemed a bit familiar to think about especially with the case of Mew Mew Power which had affected only a certain amount of girls, such as what he had told Atticus, Cherry, Mo, and Patch about the ability. Skippy held out the crystal ball to get a connection until he soon found a spot and gestured for Drell to come over.

Drell came beside him to take a look as the crystal ball showed an apartment complex known as Bushwell Plaza as it was late at night over there and Carly was shown to be fast asleep in her bed, though she seemed to be tossing and turning. And where she began to have a dream unlike anything else she's ever had. Drell snapped his fingers and held out his hand. Skippy then put a special tube in his hand, making Drell take it and add it to the crystal ball so that he could look into Carly's dream. And where inside her dream, he could see what was going on.

"This should be interesting." Drell said as he appeared, though no one would see or hear him.

"Mom... Mom... Where are you...?" Carly called out, her voice sounding echoey and sad.