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Let the news sink in

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Yes, I got worried about Bakugou. But at that exact moment, my brain didn’t digest the recent news. I was hoping he’d come through that door and explain the situation, but he never did.

It wasn’t until I returned home that I realized what had happened. I entered home, quite unamused, which was weird for me. I left all my things in my room and then proceeded to shower. I took off my clothes while the hot water ran, the steam from the hot water fogged the mirror, blurring my view. I cleaned the mirror with my t-shirt and stared back at my reflection for a moment. The sound of the shower calmed me, but the reflection staring back agitated me. I snapped back to reality when the reflection began to blur again. I took a deep breath.


Not wanting to be alone with my thoughts, I decided to play some music before walking into the shower. 

I felt the hot water run through my body, my hair got wet slowly. I tilted my head slightly to the left, and then to the right. One song I didn’t pay attention to later, I ran my fingers through my hair, letting it free from its usual spiky texture. Bakugou has spiky hair. His hair is like his personality, explosive. It really makes his face stand out, his angry yet fearful eyes, his tiny cute nose, and his soft lips that only spit resentment and fury.


I ran my hands through my face, cleaning my face with the running water. But honestly, all I was doing was trying to hide the fact that I wanted to cry. I tried to trick myself into believing that the water on my face was from the shower and not tears. I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t worried about Bakugou. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t love him. But, I failed.


My legs felt weak, and breathing got harder. I kneeled, as the water kept on running and the music kept playing. I felt that I was drowning, drowning on air, so I gasped loudly. I placed my hands on my face, covering it again, ashamed. I could’ve done more, I could’ve helped rescue him, but I didn’t. I stayed there, shocked. 

I sat on the floor, naked, thinking about him. Considering the fact that perhaps I would never see him again. I would never get the chance of holding his hand, and kissing him. I would never get the chance of telling him how I feel.


The last song on my playlist finished. At that moment I realised that maybe I had wasted a lot of water. I stood up and turned the shower off. I grabbed my towel and dried myself a bit, and again, I was in front of that mirror. The steam was still fogging most of it, but I was able to see myself staring back, and I couldn’t ignore it. My eyes were red and bloated, I had really cried a lot. 

I walked out of the bathroom and into my room. I put on some pants and then called Todoroki. I would’ve called Midoriya, but he was unable to do anything. 


“I must rescue Bakugou,” I said through the phone. My voice cracked, but maybe he didn’t notice. 


Todoroki stayed silent, making me feel like I shouldn’t have called him to inform him that I was planning on rescuing him. My concern could be felt over the other line, and he noticed it. Because, to my surprise, he agreed.