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and then came you

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The humid air of the spring and its wild flowers set upon the air and wind that hit Jungkook's cap. Jungkook was the “it” boy of the school, having being part of the baseball team giving him lots of perks. One of which it being him being the most popular guy in school- the jock of all jocks. He got along with everyone, not caring about social status but about personalities of such. It was known for him to be the social butterfly of the school, always being the teacher's favorite through his humor and generosity.

The students in his classes would swarm around him, hearing about his silly and goofy stories along with the prideful achievements that came along his path. If there ever was a perfect guy to crush on, then it would have most definitely been Jungkook.


He hit the baseball, the crowd gathered themselves up and clamored out in screams- sounding as if they were in the times of the roaring 20’s. The boy ran in bolt speed to first base, the ball still unnoticeable as to where it had landed in the vast, dirty field.

His heart was pounding like a mad man, the shouting of the people from his school getting louder by the second. Hearing those sounds, knowing so many people relied on him, he continued at a pace past his acceleration point, the wind brushing the wavy curls that had once covered his forehead.


Drops of sweat covered the small of his neck, as his body ached to get to the final base. Passing the second without yet a touch of the ball on his body, his leg muscles building a stronger fricting on the dirt as he sped up. The atmosphere was like no other for him, and he absolutely fell in love with it. The paints, and cries, and sweat was made moments like this unforgettable. The sensation of his heart beating hitting every inch of his body, including his throat, neck, and chest.


And within seconds reach, Jungkook sonic speeded towards the the final base. His legs slipped on the musky dirt, making his white pants to a shade of brown and orange. The whistle blew, but all jungkook could hear was the sound of his heart pounding out of his chest, setting the boys head bonkers.

Moments after the referee yelled “home run” and the crowd roared. Jungkook was taken by his teammates in their arms as they pushed him forward into the air. Chanting what was now known as the golden cheer for the golden boy Jeon Jungkook. “Jeon Jungkook! Jeon Jungkook! Jeon Jungkook!” raising him higher in the air because of the victory. With his scrunched up nose, and bunny smile Jungkook accepted the trophy, still in the arms of others, both of his fist bumping into the air.

The climax for the game settled and Jungkook was being put down, all of the students still celebrating as they made their way towards the locker room.

“Hey man! You’re a fucking star.” Up came his teammate Jin who was his older. “My bones are crippling, I don’t know how you do it.” Jin chuckled, taking off his baseball uniform. Jungkook shook his head and spoke, “Hyung, one day I’ll be just like you-old and with crippled joints.” The younger laughed, his hair moving along the same rhythm as his knod. “Very funny.” Jin dramatically says, now dressing himself into a long T and some sweatpants. Jungkook however, doesn't even bat an eye towards his locker.

Keeping on the uniform until he gets home had been a signature tradition for the season, ending almost every single game with a homerun. “Anyways, why don't we go over to mine and have some fun playing some video games.” Jin later said. Playing at his best friend's place was also something that would often occur as Jins way of having fun was to just sit at home and game all day. “You know I gotta go home and change Jin, c’mon now.” Shaking his head jungkook stood around, getting many congrats and loud cheers from the other teammates who were also changing.

“Eh, it's whatever just come over and I'll let you borrow some of my clothes while your uniform gets washed.” Jin persisted, really craving the need to play something on his ps4. Once finished contemplating, Jungkook gave in with a big sigh. “I’ll tell you that if I lose it’s because I’m very tired.” Jungkook yawns and leans over the lockers, waiting for Jin to put on his shoes. “By the way, did your brother come?”

Jungkook remembers of the small and tiny boy that follows Jin around to most places. “Yoongi? Yeah he did- he’s somewhere right now waiting for me.” Jin finishes up, patting his knees from being kneeled earlier tying his shoes.

“Why don’t you just game with him- he’s only a year younger.” Jungkook's back finally pulls from the locker and both boys head up their way towards the parking lot. “He’s just… I don't know Koo, you see him.” Jin lightly laughs sticking his hands into his pockets. “Weird?” Jungkook finished off Jins thought process, shaking his head at how his best friend ranted on about his younger brother.

Yoongi for Jungkook was someone who he always watched out for. Even though yoongi was his hyung, he couldn't help but to have a parental guiding over him. He cared for him like his own family, and protected the little hyung since they could walk. Jin and Jungkook lived on the same street, starting their friendship off the very moment they came into kindergarten class. The boys had an eerie connection and despite their competitive and snarky comments as children, they managed to grow into each others liking and eventually became best friends.

Comes the first time Jungkook meets Jins younger brother as he renders himself ready for a sleepover. It was the summer of fourth grade when Jungkook took an in depth look at Yoongi, seeing as Yoongi had always been closed off, always in his shell or little safe bubble.

Back in elementary Jungkook never once saw Yoongi, and was told later on by Jin that it was because of his social anxiety. Jin and Yoongis parents decided it were better if Yoongi stayed homeschooled and rather live a peaceful life closed off from anyone.

Thanks to this, Yoongi would spend his free time learning to play the piano on his own. Never once leaving his room, afraid of the outside world.

On the day of the sleepover, Jungkook was lying on Jins floor, both boys talking about the cute exchange girl from germany, when the door broke open and a screaming tiny boy cried, “Jin hyung! I-I tried swinging a bat to hit a baseball outside, but I hit my f-face.” The dainty boys face came into view with a small cut near his forehead, trickles of blood forming around the wound.

Hiccuping, Yoongi trampled his legs towards Jin who was sitting across from his desk top, minecraft being put onhold as Jins concerned expression took over.

“But you don't like baseball? Jin tilted Yoongi's head, taking a closer look at the slit before deciding it'd be easier to treat it with the proper medications.

Yoongi scowled, “Brother can’t you at least be happy that I finally tried something new and outside of my room.” He tried holding himself together as tears threatened to fall down the ten year olds chubby cheeks.

“I just- I know you don’t play sports yoongi, don’t do that unless I'm there with you just so you don’t get hurt.” Jin got up from the chair and exited out of the room giving a small shout, “I'll go get the first aid kit, its downstairs.”

That afternoon, Yoongi was left alone with Jungkook. The younger boy whose eyes were open wide, watching as Yoongi sat down on the bed, scratching at the cut.

“Don’t do that.” Jungkook quickly got up from the floor, taking Yoongi's small wrist away from the wounded area.

“J-Jungkook.” Yoongi gulped, his cheeks pink in embarrassment as he didnt realize his brothers best friend had come over.

“Yes, it is I, the infamous Jeon Jungkook, now please don't scratch it. er...your name is?” Jungkook's hands were still wrapped around the smaller boys wrist slowly falling down

Yoongi's eye had a glint of sadness as he heard Jungkook’s words.


“M-min yoongi.” He stuttered, fixing the glasses that were too big for his face.

“Min yoongi. That’s a pretty name.” Jungkook thought out loud, looking straight into the boys droopy eyes.

Yoongi's fragile body shuddered as Jungkook had gotten closer, only being mere inches away. Not knowing what to say, Yoongi sucked in his breathe, taking in the cute sight that was Jungkook.

Both in their own thoughts, the silence was interrupted by the door opening suddenly, “So I couldn’t find the kit, i’ll have to wipe it off with a tissue or something.”

“I’ll do it, you can go back to your game hyung, I'll take care of him.” Jungkook perked, smiling with his bunny teeth fully exposed.

From that moment onwards, Yoongi became someone Jungkook treasured, and someone who he’d protect.






When high school fell upon the boys, it was an immediate growth spurt for Jungkook. Being the most attractive guy in school, while also the most outgoing and friendly made him stray further from Yoongi. Especially because Yoongi was still home schooled, seeing him on game days and whenever Jungkook would hang out at Jins place. But even then, Yoongi always kept quiet.

It wasn't as if Jungkook wanted to detach from Yoongi- after all, he was his best friends brother. But it was as if Yoongi didn't want anything to deal with him.

“Alright bro, see you at mine?” Jin waved before turning his back around, heading towards his car in the parking lot full of cheering students.

Jungkook nodded his head, chuckling as he watched through the windows of the car, a sleeping Yoongi.

Hopping onto his car, Jungkook breezed his way through the back roads of the small town behind Jin.

These were the second type of moments the boy loved. Nothing but the sound of the blaring noises of the radio, the organic wind peeking its way to disrupt Jungkook's hair, and the state in which Jungkook felt at peace cruising down the bumpy roads.


He didn’t have to worry about keeping up his image, or making sure he stays top athlete of the school. He was just jungkook, nothing else, nothing more.

Upon arriving down at Jins place, he parked his car in the driveaway and stepped foot outside. Making sure to pat his pants down that fit rather tightly he waved at Jin's mother who had been outside maintaining her garden.

“Hello Ms Kim Min.” Jungkooks blissful and alluring smile creeped its way as he bowed.

“Hi there you good ole jungkookie. I’ll go get the food ready, you boys must be hungry.” Her silky hair swayed to the side, her youthful face beamed with joy as she watched her sons head towards the front door-jungkook included, considering him as part of the family.

“Mom, doesn’t yoongi have an appointment today?” Jin said as he was the last to go in, having numerous bags hanging over his broad shoulders.


“No, that’s until next week.” She hurried Jin inside, setting her garden tools down by the front porch.

Jungkook didn’t know much about Yoongi when it came to his health. He only knew that Yoongi was constantly having check ups at the hospital. He was, however, curious to know why but respected Yoongi to ever intrude in his private matters.

Entering the house, Jungkook took his dirt covered shoes off, placing them near the entrance, sighing as he watched Jin head upstairs. “Aye koo, I already had the clothes for you ready to change into in the laundry room.” Jin knowingly smirked, viewing Jungkook's eye roll.

“Of course you did asshole, you knew you’d end up dragging me here.” Jungkook chuckled, before making his way over to grab the clothes Jin had lent him to change into.

Yoongi disappeared into elsewhere as Jungkook subtly took his shirt off in the laundry room, making sure to place it into the washing machine. Unbuckling his pants, as he was certain no one was to enter he took the uniform off.

He slipped into Jins pants and shirt, that perfectly outlined his muscular build. Turning on the machine as he placed all the dirty clothes in he finally jogged upstairs.

Crashing into the olders bed as he massaged his temples. “Hyung, why’d this shirt have to be so damn tight, I know you have baggy clothes somewhere you little bitch.”

Jin-who was currently sitting at his desk chair suddenly rolled around giving in a smirk, “We’re going to a party later today.”

From those words alone Jungkook bolted up, too perplexed to form a sentence he stared at his best friend wide eyedly.

“You set me up- fuck you man I don’t wanna attend anything Hyung, I’m tired as shit.” Jungkook rolled back over onto the bed, his body fully exhausted from the long day.

“You are way too fucking young to be this tired Jungkook. Literally every time we come home from a game you don't even celebrate with the team. Have some fun for once.”

“Thats nonsense! I do have fun hyung! I have fun out there... in the field, where I belong. Not some stupid high school party.” Jungkook rubbed his eyes, his mind angry and worn out.

People were always in a hurry to get Jungkook to one of their parties, as it was known he rarely attended any. It was kind of weird that him- being the biggest jock, didn't like to party.

Jungkook was barely listening to Jin ramble on about the younger boy when he suddenly had the perfect idea. “Tell you what hyung, you manage to get Yoongi to come and I’ll definitely go. If not, then you know I’ll just head back home and sleep.”

Jin eyed Jungkook, knowing exactly why he had thought of that offer. “Jungkook, you fucking know Yoongi doesn’t go to parties.”

“Exactly.” Jungkook knowingly smirked, mentally give him a score of Jungkook-one ; Jin- zero.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re making me, the old man, stress!” Jin dramatically sighed, gesturing his hands to his heart.

“Well Jungkook, get your ass to the car now because this is certainly a bet you’re losing.” Jin walked out of the room, leaving Jungkook in a silent room.

Walking over to look at himself in the mirror, he wandered off into his own bubble. Jungkook had his reasons for most things, one of the main ones being that he just didn’t want to get drunk and become a douchebag in front of everyone.

Jungkook wasn’t that type of guy and he’d never be that type of person, or else he’d be afraid of losing those who he valued.

Another reason was because of girls. This may have seemed dumb, but Jungkook, as much as a social butterfly that he concedered himself to be, was never the best at talking to girls. Maybe it was the way most were seen in cat fights, arguing over who’d be the prettiest prom queen for Jungkook, as it was certainly something that didn't go unnoticed.

He dreaded the thought of ever going out with one, as it’d only bring more stress to his life than good.

The door to the room suddenly opened with a loud bang, “guess what star athlete! You’re going to the party.” Jin spoke, his eyebrows raised as he patted his own shoulders.

“I know you didn’t get Yoongi to agree, stop shitting me.” Jungkook’s eyebrows were perked in disbelief, trying to make sense of Jins snarky look.

“He agreed. He said to give him a minute to fix himself, the little bro wanted to tag along.” Jin prideful stated, plopping himself down onto the bed.

“W-why.” Jungkook gulped, being taken aback as he hadn’t attended a social event like the wild high school parties since freshman year and now he was a junior.

“It’ll be fun, c’mon kook. Don’t tell me you don’t get turned on by the thought of hot girls making out with you, there's practically a line already waiting for you.”

“A line?” Jungkook tilted his head, his words coming in a distasteful way.

“Texted the team you were coming, now everyone’s psyched.” Jin explained, his pitch sounding excited.

“Ughhh Jin hyung, I hate being treated like this celebrity.” Jungkook moved beside Jin, wanting to punch the older boy.

“But Kook, you are one. Don’t you also want to get into the major leagues in baseball?” Jin watched as Jungkook brought up his fist towards his shoulders, slightly punching him in a brotherly way.

“I hate you.” Jungkook plumped his back down on the bed, ruffling his sweaty hair in defeat.


“But you also love me.” Jin playfully teased before getting up and grabbing his keys that sat on top of his desk.

“Not in the slightest.” Jungkook rolled his eyes, forcing himself up as he headed out the door.

Once stepping foot in the hallway, he accidently bumped into no one other than Yoongi, making the sibling fall to the ground.

“Sorry tiny, didn’t mean to startle you with my beauty.” Jungkook reached down to pull the other boys hand, yanking yoongi up with his strength.

“I-i was just passing by to tell hyung that we can leave now.” Yoongi spoke quietly, his cheeks turning a pretty peach color, as he had always had this reaction when talking to people.

“He’s coming right behind me, want me to walk you to the car? Or you prefer waiting on your brother?” Jungkook leaned close, it was a habit he made of himself whenever he talked to the younger brother.

Stepping a foot backwards, Yoongi stumbled on what to say. His face rather looking flattered of Jungkook's offer and also probably because... Jungkook hadn’t let go of his hand since the fall.

“S-sure.” Yoongi's voice cracked out, watching Jungkook's fingers lace into his as they both walked down the stairs, Jungkook being in the lead.

Yoongi starred from behind, Jungkooks broaden back being his view. To say Yoongi’s cheeks were burning red would be an understatement. He hated and would get extremely mortified whenever Jungkook pulled a stunt like this one.

Since they were young, Jungkook always teased Yoongi, taking his glasses away and running with them only to gently put them back on Yoongi, softly feeling the other boys fluffy hair.

Yoongi was used to seeing Jungkook being a big goofball, but no matter what Jungkook did, he’d always treat Yoongi with tenderness, as if the older boy were a delicate flower.

And francially, another big reason on why he hated Jungkook's playfulness was because of the simple crush that Yoongi grew for him.

Yoongi recalled the time where saw his older brother playing in the baseball field for the first time, Jin was cool but what amazed Yoongi more than anything was the small, and bunny looking boy, who’d run at the speed of light as the crowds cheered a homerun.

That boy, he later found out to be named Jungkook. Yoongi was only in fifth grade when he, for once in life, decided to step outside and tried being like most normal boys. So he grabbed Jins bat from down under in the garage and slipped to the backyard without anyone noticing.

The baseball was already ready to be picked up as it was lying on the fresh and cut grass that glowed from the afternoon sunlight.

Throwing the ball in the air, Yoongi wasn't able to hit the ball on time as gravity pulled it down. Swaying the bat into a void of plain air, he then found himself plastered on the ground.

Getting up feeling lightheaded, Yoongi saw a small scrap of blood trickling down to his fingers as he had touched his forehead.


Shifting his fingers back abruptly, he shuddered at scene and whimpered, not being used to get hurt.

Yoogi seeked for comfort, and that was at the hands of his older brother. He ran through the garden and into the house, trying his best to hold back his tears. Busting the door open, he watched Jin as he pulled a concerned expression.

Then came Jungkook, the reason why Yoongi did what he did. It was all because seeing Jungkook in the field, was something that deliberately made Yoongi fall into a state of awe.

The cool boy who was good at talking to anyone, the one who made Yoongi's heart pound.

Ever since, Yoongi couldn't help but to fall in love with the boy, only daydreaming about his brother's best friend. It was a feeling to him that came like fireworks upon a plain sky. But of course, Yoogi knew to distance himself because of the mere thought of not having Jungkook around terrified him.


He hated Jungkook.

He hated jungkook because he knew he could never have him.

He hated Jungkook because of his stupid smile, and kind heart.

He hates himself because he is madly in love with him.