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It really probably wasn’t a great idea to sleep with your constable. It really wasn’t. And yet…

Miroslav kissed Thomas while being pulled into the younger man’s flat. Miro didn’t take the time to look around to see what the décor was, or the state of cleanliness, or anything like that. He was a bit preoccupied with the rough hands and desperate kisses that Müller was currently giving him.

He lifted a hand to loosen his tie a little before moving his hand to put a firm grip on Thomas’ shoulder to calm him down a little. He could feel the younger man’s erection against his thigh and Miro was more than a little aware of his own need. He groaned a little as Thomas broke the kiss to move his lips down Miroslav’s neck. Fuck.

Thomas started to unbutton Miro’s shirt, his knuckles ghosting along the fabric of Miro’s undershirt. Miro pulled Thomas’ shirt from his trousers and shifted to get Thomas to look into his eyes.

“We have all night.” Miro murmured, eyes darker than ever with lust. Thomas seemed to growl and Miro swore he felt Thomas get harder.

“So…what did you want to do to me, Sir?” Thomas asked, grinning mischievously while his eyes sparkled with delight.

Miro shook his head and watched Thomas seriously. “Are you sure you want to play this game?”

Thomas continued to grin. “I was sure the moment I saw you.” Thomas took the moment of Miro’s silence and opened his shirt all the way. He pouted. “Why did you have to wear an undershirt?”

Miro shook his head and pulled Thomas in for another kiss. It seemed like the easier thing to do than explain his fashion choices. Thomas seemed happy enough to comply; his mouth opened almost instantly under Miro’s lips. The older man kissed him deeply before pulling back again.

“Show me to the bedroom, Müller.” Miroslav ordered in his gentle tone. Thomas nodded and frantically grabbed Miro’s hand and led him towards his bedroom. Miro only had a moment to realize how clean everything actually was before Thomas was kissing him again. “Sit on the bed.”

Thomas groaned a little but did acquiesce without hesitation and he watched Miro impatiently as he came nearer to the bed. Miroslav reached forward and slowly started to unbutton Thomas’ shirt slowly. Where he had worn an undershirt, Thomas hadn’t and this was a fact that Miro was extremely grateful for in that moment. The smooth, pale skin of Thomas’ chest revealed itself to his eyes and Miro was right all along. The boy was very well muscled.

“If you want to stop, you tell me. No second thoughts or hesitations. Understand?” Miro asked and Thomas nodded enthusiastically. Was everything about this boy so energetic? Guess we’ll find out…

Miro watched as Thomas licked his lips as Miro started to undo his belt. Miro straightened as Thomas took over and helped lower his trousers and his briefs in one move. Balancing himself by placing his hands behind his back, Miro watched as Thomas leaned forward and took him into his mouth with no encouragement needed at all.

Once his cock was swallowed by Thomas’ mouth, Miroslav groaned. God, it really had been too long since he’d gotten laid. Thomas’ head moved along the length of his shaft with hardly any effort at all; he’d also moved his hands to hold Miroslav’s thighs and only his head was moving, bobbing up and down as he sucked hard around Miro’s shaft.

Fuck,” Miro breathed as Thomas swirled his tongue around the tip of his cock.

Thomas seemed to laugh a little around his cock and Miro groaned again. He felt himself getting close, so he brought his hand forward to run lightly through Thomas’ hair before he tugged lightly. He felt Thomas moan around his shaft. Making a mental note of that, Miro shifted back a little to let his cock slide from Thomas’ mouth.

“Finish undressing and lay back.” Miro ordered, voice a little deeper than when this evening started. He watched as Thomas pulled his clothes off quickly and did exactly as Miro asked, laying back on the bed. Miro looked over his body slowly, taking his time to look over the boy.

Smooth skin. He waxes, how delicious. Freckles covered his skin occasionally and he obviously went to the gym. Miroslav was definitely impressed by the definition he was seeing. This was going to completely fuck up things at work, but at the sight of the hard cock currently resting on Thomas’ abdomen, Miro had already mentally thrown any concern about work out the window. He only had his body’s advice in mind and his body, particularly his loins, was reminding him acutely he hadn’t actually had sex in forever.

Thomas’ fingers twitched and his hand moved slightly, first to his thigh then to his stomach. Miro knew exactly where the boy wanted to rest his hand and Miro shook his head and tut-ted softly.

“Don’t.” He ordered softly and finished removing his own clothes as much as possible. “Where’s your lube, condoms?”

Thomas pointed to the drawer in the nightstand next to the bed where Miroslav moved over to once he was shown where to go. He walked calmly and he hoped that he exuded confidence as much as he hoped to relay. Internally, he was anything but calm. He wanted to fuck Müller as badly as the boy wanted him to. However, he was going to draw it out. Miro wasn’t a young boy any more and he could be patient, even if Thomas couldn’t be.

Miroslav opened the drawer and took out the things he needed, raising his eyebrow when he saw something else that Müller kept in his drawer. He looked over with the arched eyebrow.

“What?” Thomas asked at his expression.

“A cock ring? You are a naughty boy.” Miro smiled slowly and shut the drawer without removing the ring. That would definitely come in handy later. Thomas was grinning but there was a red tint to his cheeks.

Miro moved onto the bed and leaned down to kiss him. Responding at first touch, Thomas shifted up onto his elbows and leaned up into the kiss. Miroslav kissed him harder, controlling the kiss as Thomas’ hands gripped at his wrists.

“Please?” Thomas begged after the kiss ended. Miro shifted and kissed the boy’s cheek, then up to the smooth skin right next to his ear. Softly, breathing over his skin, Miro asked.

“Please what?”

Thomas groaned and shifted to kiss Miro again, harder than before.

“Please fuck me. I’ll do anything. I’ll let you do anything. Just please? Please fuck me.” Thomas begged, the grip on Miro’s wrist had shifted to hold the other man’s hand. His eyes were wide, staring pleadingly into Miro’s and Miro smiled a little, knowingly.

“You beg so nicely.” Miro murmured, kissing Thomas softly again before he shifted to lean on his arm on the bed. “Turn over.”

Thomas shifted into position and crossed his arms underneath his head to support himself. He kept his head looking in Miro’s direction, hopeful look still in place. Miroslav slowly moved his hand down Thomas’ spine, feeling very vertebrae underneath his fingertips. He then moved over Thomas’ body and kissed down the boy’s spine until he reached the rounded flesh off his ass.

Miroslav ran his tongue along the small of Thomas’ back before he kissed both of the man’s cheeks, his fingers prying him open as he did so. He wasn’t going to rim him, at least not yet. He moved back up Thomas’ spine again, hearing a groan of frustration. Miro smiled a little and pressed his chest against Thomas’ back as he kissed the younger man’s neck slowly. Thomas tilted his head and Miro kissed him hard. Thomas pressed back into his body, his ass pressing against Miro’s cock. Miroslav hissed when Thomas started to roll his hips a little.

“Please?” Thomas begged again. Miro pulled back, causing him to whine a little and he moved his hands from underneath his chin so that he could press his face into the comforter. His hands fisted it as Miro shifted away to start to prepare him, having poured a little lube onto his fingers and had started to tease Thomas’ ass with his finger. “Fuck, Miro, please!”

“I like your manners, but you must learn patience, Müller.” Miro slipped his fingers into Thomas’ hole and slowly started to stretch him.

“There’s still so much you need to learn.” Miro’s voice lowered sexily and he heard Thomas gasp, whether it was at his words or the fact his fingers found his prostate or a heart-quickening combination of both, he wasn’t sure. “Patience, Thomas.”

“Fuck patience. You’re driving me crazy, Sir.” Thomas emphasized the last word as he pressed back into Miro’s fingers. “Fuck me, please? How many times do I have to beg you?”

Miro shook his head, but Thomas couldn’t see it. Instinctively, Miro smacked Thomas’ ass, the crack echoing in the quiet room. For a moment Miro paused. Should he have done that? Was that a little too much? Thomas didn’t seem to mind though, his hand shifted underneath his body to stroke himself a little. Kinky little boy. Miro shook his head and hurried his preparations along.

When Thomas was adequately stretched open and ready for him, Miro leaned over him again, kissing him hard. Thomas responded as he had all night, eagerly.

“You want me to fuck you?” Miro asked with another slap to Thomas’ rear. At his quick nod, Miro smacked him again. “Would you enjoy that?”

“God, yes,” he purred and bit his lip after another few spanks.

“Lift your ass for me.” Miro said before he kneeled up behind Thomas and took hold of his hips. Thomas did as he asked while Miroslav put the condom on. Lubing the outside of it just to be extra safe, Miro slowly started to push into his partner.

His eyes closed once he was in all the way to the hilt of his cock. God damn. Why was he going celibate for so long again? Miro slowly moved his hips backwards to thrust back into Thomas.

“Fuck, Miroslav.” Thomas groaned, his hands fisted the comforter even more than before. He was meeting each thrust with a press back into Miro’s body. Miro quickened the pace between them and he felt the pleasure building in him. He kept a firm grip with one hand on Thomas’ hips as he fucked him and his other hand moved around to slowly stroke Thomas’ cock.

Thomas groaned and timed it so that he could thrust into Miro’s hand while Miro fucked him.

“God you feel so good.” He meant to say, but his words died in a moan as Miro hit his prostate again. He didn’t really care how much of that came out before he lost the ability to speak.

Miro sped up his movements, sweat slowly rolling down his cheek from his temple at the effort. Thomas kept moaning and that deliciously dirty sound was going to be the undoing of him, never mind the tightness around his cock and the feel of a heavy, hot cock in his hand. The combination of all three things in addition to Thomas swearing under his breath was too much. Miroslav came, pitching forward as he did so so that his chest was pressed against Thomas’ back. Somehow he remembered to keep moving his hand because Thomas came around his fingers a moment later.

Breathing heavily, Miro sank onto Thomas’ bed and he waited a moment before he could summon the energy to remove the used condom and dispose of it properly. Thomas had lowered himself back to the mattress and had shifted so that he was on his back. Miro could tell from the rapid rise and fall of his chest that he was having a moment or two to recover also. Miro felt a little better that it wasn’t just him that had gotten winded from their joint venture.

Miro leaned back onto his arm and shifted closer to Thomas. He leaned down and kissed the boy’s temple, only to be pulled into a kiss. It wasn’t chaste. Miro didn’t think Thomas would ever be a person to kiss someone so lacking in passion as a chaste kiss. This kiss was sweet, though. Miro felt himself smile into it. Once he realized that he was smiling, Thomas also began to smile. This wasn’t a cocky grin or a smirk; it was a genuinely happy, sated, wonderful smile.

“Stay?” Thomas whispered and chewed his lip. Miro thought about it. There was breakfast with his boys that he’d been looking forward to. But he could set an alarm for that. He could wake up, rush through a shower at home, perhaps maybe shower with Thomas here to save time and water? Conservation was important after all…

Miro nodded slowly and Thomas’ eyes sparkled with delight.

“Perfect.” He shifted closer to Miro and Miro recognized his intent immediately. Opening his arms, he welcomed Thomas closer to hold their bodies together. Thomas made a contented sound and he closed his eyes. “I thought you were going to make me beg all night.”

He said it with amusement. Miro stroked his back slowly, calmly.

“Well, not all night…” Miro started and felt Thomas nip at his neck, the closest part of him that he could reach without really moving. Miro chuckled softly and closed his eyes, holding Thomas close.

He refused point blank to think about their future beyond this moment and the morning immediately following it. For once, he wasn’t going to think about work or the fifteen different rules they’d just broken by having a night in like this. He wasn’t going to let logic fuck with something that just felt good for a change. There would be time for that later.

Thomas’ breathing slowed after a few moments and Miro also felt himself getting drowsy. The alcohol from earlier mixed with their exertion now, it would be enough to make anyone feel sleepy. More than just a little contented, Miroslav fell asleep holding Thomas in his arms.