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if some night you’re free, wanna fight for me?

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“we really need to stop meeting like this, tae.”

taehyung lets out a pained chuckle as jimin presses the soaked alcohol pad to his bloody knuckles.

“i’m serious.”

kim taehyung isn’t a violent person, not by any means.

park jimin can defend himself perfectly well, thank you very much.

but when someone touches jimin without his permission, or talks about him less than appropriately when the shorter boy isn’t around to hear, taehyung simply sees red, and before he knows it, he’s swinging at whichever jackass who decided to mess with his jimin.

“i know, baby. i’m sorry.”

jimin wishes that the petname meant something. he really does. but.

the two have been friends since they were kids, the nickname ‘baby’ coming about when they were 16, when taehyung was making fun of jimin’s height, and eventually, the name became a sweet nickname taehyung used to persuade jimin into just about anything.

“i know you are, tae. please just. please promise me that you’ll try to keep it under control. please?” jimin looks up at taehyung from where he’s kneeling on the floor, first aid bag open next to him.

“i promise, baby. i’ll try to keep my temper under control as best as possible.”

jimin’s holding out his short, chubby pinky then, putting the now bloody, wet alcohol pad in the wastebasket next to jimin’s bed.

“pinky promise?”

taehyung sticks out his longer pinky, dwarfing jimin’s significantly.

“pinky promise.”


jimin knew it was a mistake to walk past the frat boys in the quad, knew that he should have suggested that they should go across to the other side of the bell tower.

it’s hot out, sun sweltering down on his exposed skin. taehyung has a protective arm around his waist, the skin to skin contact where his crop top exposes his midriff making jimin’s throat feel like it’s slowly constricting.

jimin’s wearing shorts. short shorts. short, high-waisted, shorts. he knows it’s a recipe for disaster as soon as he sees the frat boys on the lawn, blasting music and fucking around.

his back stiffens as he hears a low wolf whistle coming from the lawn.

“hey, sweeheart! wanna come over here, baby? we’d show you a good time!” taehyung has stopped walking beside him. jimin knows that he’s about to turn around, and desparately tries to cling to his white t-shirt before the same voice comes from that direction.

“i’m not a fag, but-” the guy doesn’t have enough time to finish his sentence before taehyung is jolting out of jimin’s grip, storming over to the source of the voice.

“the fuck did you just say to him?” taehyung is in the guy’s face immediately, standing in his space as the guy attempts to push him back.

“why, are you his boyfriend? you really let him leave the house like that?” the guy smugly raises his eyebrows, puffing his chest out despite being clearly shorter than taehyung.

“you fucking-” jimin tries to hold him back. he really, really does. but then, taehyung’s arm is swinging out of his grasp, and his fist is colliding with the guy’s jaw, a crack sounding loudly.

“tae! fucking- enough!” jimin is pulling at taehyung’s waist as hard as he can, the other guy’s frat brothers coming over to pull him away as well.

one of the bigger guys finally gets between them, pushing his frat brother back towards the lawn, standing between him and taehyung.

“i apologize for him, he’s been drinking. we all good here?” the guy asks. jimin is still tugging at taehyung, trying to get him to drop it. taehyung finally looks at jimin’s face, sees the tears welling up, sees the blood oozing from his lip where he’s clearly been biting down on it, and suddenly, his train of consienceness shifts.

“yeah. sorry, man.” he almost misses the ‘it’s alright, bro,’ the guy says, before he’s pulling jimin along, away from the lawn, and through the quad.

“tae, slow down.” jimin hiccups, trying to keep up with taehyung, before the taller slows down considerably, mumbling an “m’sorry, baby,” before he continues to walk towards jimin’s apartment.

he unlocks the door with his own key, one that jimin had given him months before when he moved in, and immediatley sits down on the couch, burying his head in his hands. jimin stands in the doorway, not knowing what to do. taehyung’s shoulders start shaking with sobs, and jimin’s eyes glaze over.

“tae?” he closes the door gently, crossing the room to the couch to sit beside the other.

taehyung doesn’t say anything.

“taehyung? love?” jimin reaches out a hand to rest on taehyung’s shoulder.

“what, jimin.” comes taehyung’s voice, thick with tears and monotone.

“why did you do that, tae?” jimin’s voice is still soft, concerned.

“god fucking damnit.” taehyung’s on his feet now, pulling at his hair in frustration.

“tae, are you alright?” jimin doesn’t quite know what to do, hasn’t ever seen taehyung this distraught and angry.

“no, jimin, i’m not. i fucking promised you that i would keep my shit under control, and i broke it. i’m pissed at him, for being a gross piece of shit, and i’m even more pissed at me for being a total fucking jackass and just - fuck!” taehyung slams a fist down on the coffee table. jimin jumps in his seat at that, eyes wide as he looks up at taehyung.

“tae, please calm down, you’re scaring me.”

“god what the fuck is wrong with me! why the fuck do you stay by me, min, fucking-”

“because i’m in love with you, dumbass!” pain’s exploding through jimin’s mouth and chin, and for a second he thinks that taehyung has hit him across the face before his brain is registering his hand clapped over his mouth, completely in shock that he’d just said that.

“what did you just say?” jimin shakes his head, eyes wide and downcast, unable to look up at taehyung.

“no, baby, please, what did you just say?” taehyung is sitting back down next to jimin, gently this time, placing a hand on the shorter’s knee.

“i’ve been in love with you, for so, so long. i understand if you don’t want to be friends anymore after this.” jimin lets out a sniffle, small hand coming up to wipe at the wetness leaking from his eyes already.

“baby, you have no idea how happy i am to hear that.” taehyung’s voice is vulnerable, raw as jimin looks up at him, eyes wide as he looks at his best friend.

“wh-what are you talking about?” jimin sniffles again.

“i’ve loved you for as long as i can remember. i literally cannot remember a time that i wasn’t completely in love with you, baby.” jimin’s eyes are welling up again, and he’s completely unable to breathe or move properly.

“mean it?”

“mean it.”

jimin’s sniffling again, shyly rubbing at his puffy eyes as he sticks out his small pinky finger.

“pinky promise?”

taehyung wetly smiles, sticking out his own pinky.

“pinky promise.”


jimin squirms in the warmth of his bed sheets, the weight of arms wrapped around his waist bringing a sleepy smile to his face as he snuggles into the body behind them.

“baby, quit wiggling your butt on my crotch, you’re gonna get me excited and i’m exhausted after last night.” taehyung says sleepily, smushing his face into jimin’s hair.

“you’re the one who was determined to keep me up all night.” jimin says, rolling around in taehyung’s arms to face him. taehyung’s eyes are still closed, but he opens an eye lazily at jimin’s words.

“you do know what you looked like last night, right?”

jimin sleepily smacks taehyung’s bare chest at that, cheeks reddening.

“shut up.”

“you looked hot. like, so hot. please wear those jeans more often, baby.” taehyung yawns, arms tightening around jimin as he nuzzles into the older’s blonde hair.

“god- goodnight, tae.”
“mmfh. goodnight, baby.” taehyung grabs a handful of jimin’s ass lazily, squeezing before finally closing both eyes and drifting back off, after jimin smacks his hand away.

jimin rolls his eyes, and closes his eyes again as well. he can’t believe that he’s in love with this dork.

he can’t believe that this dork is his dork even more, though.