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The Creator was alone, had always been alone.

He'd create and watch the new AU's new awe, he loved them all but he couldn't connect to them.

He didn't have a name, but some of his creations had nicknamed him Ink when they met due to the fact he usually focused his power through Ink and paint.

Not that they knew he was there god.

Make a note of that little g, as he was only the creator of this multiverse and there were higher gods.

He used the anti-void as a staging area, as it contained any mistakes he made.

Sighing he concentrated on his next creation, he wanted a friend to stay with him but he couldn't seem to make it quiet right.

Maybe he needed a soul to start with to make it work.

It was when he was concentrating on the type of soul he wanted that he made a mistake.

The soul was too close to his own, it exploded.

But the magic as still in effect, and his soul was the only one near enough the spell detected.

Lets just make it clear, the only reason Ink survived his soul being ripped from him was due to his godhood, but the backlash banishing him from the anti-void.

Ink landed in an unfinished world he'd been working on on the side, soulless and the shock stealing the memories from him.

The thing is, the soul was still in the anti-void.

It needed a shell, a place to keep it safe till it could be returned to Ink.

Return to sender one soul please.

A new monster was born, a new god.. of what hadn't been decided yet. The form was warped, as the anti-void caused his form to.. error.

"Creator?" Error said bewildered, he had a duty but clue where the now soulless being was.

Of course Ink began to create again, but with his memories sealed from the shock of soul loss and no soul he had no reason to stop creating, not remembering that the multiverse had limited space.

He couldn't even remember how to enlarge the multiverse.

"Aw come on, you making so many and I can't enlarge the multiverse. Don't make me to this creator," Error said annoyed.

The thing is while Error was a Shell, he was the part of the creator Ink lost, while he didn't have teh memories he still knew the Duty.

"Gah.. fine I'll be the Destroyer you idiot," Error grumped, at this rate he'd never get themselves back where they belonged.